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Chapter 1

'Not good, I'm going to be late again!'

Eren sprinted across the freshly trimmed grass of Wall Rose University, tracking green footprints after he reached the sidewalk and darted for building B. He rummaged his hand in his sweatshirt pocket and pulled out his phone to check the time. 10:10 am.

"Are you serious!? It was only 10 when I got here!" Eren cried to himself, still running for the same building. "This school is way too big." He sighed as he opened the door to building B and ran down its first hallway.

'It's already over for me. Professor Shadis is gonna kill me for sure this time.' Eren gulped as his mind flickered over the various punishments Shadis could have in mind for him this time.

He turned another corner.

This time it wasn't really Eren's fault for being late. Sure he came late several times before because he'd fallen asleep under a tree, fallen asleep on the train, or had just fallen back asleep at home in his cozy bed. It had always pertained to sleep. But this time it was the train that made him late. 20 minutes late to be exact. That knocked out his usual leisure time in the morning before class and replaced it with an overexerting run for class.

Eren ran as fast as he could without disturbing the other classes in that building. He harshly bent around each corner and within seconds of entering the building he was almost at his classroom. Just one more corner and he'd be-

"Ouch!" Eren held his hand as it stung from the burn of a hot liquid. He let out a desperate wince before opening his eyes to see a dark haired man on the floor peering down at his leaking coffee cup. "O-oh! I'm sorry! Let me help you up!" Eren exclaimed now frantic as he noticed the cup's contents dripping down the man's black coat. The man looked up at Eren and narrowed his eyes.

"I'm fine. I can get up on my own." He said, his silver eyes leaving Eren's and looking back down towards the newly made mess on his coat. He reached a hand into one of his coat pockets and pulled out a seemingly conveniently placed bundle of napkins. The man stopped as he noticed a hand still reached out in front of him. He trailed the hand up until he met those same worried green eyes.

"Hey, I said I'm fine. Don't you have somewhere to be anyway? I could hear you breathlessly panting like a filthy animal before you even turned the corner." The dark haired man said now leaving his attention on Eren, the annoyance lingering in his voice.

Eren shot up at the question and pulled out his phone again. 10:15.

"Darnit! I'm definitely dead!" Eren reached down quickly and picked up the binder he'd thrown to the ground on accident and adjusted his backpack correctly on his shoulder.

"I'm so sorry again! I'd stay and help but I'm really late right now!" Eren maneuvered around the sitting man and paced again down the hall. "I hope your day gets better!" He yelled over his shoulder before gripping a door handle and taking a deep breath.

'That was embarrassing, and now there's this.' Eren meekly opened the classroom door and slowly inched in. All eyes were on him.

"Finally Jaeger. We've been waiting for you to join us so I could start the class." Professor Shadis spoke surprisingly quietly. "Arlert informed me that your "train was late". Right"

"But my train was late this time!" Eren argued, now a bit angered at the accusation.

"Doesn't matter. Look over at your classmates Jaeger. They don't care and I most definitely don't care what your excuse is. Point is, since we've waited all this time for you, we'll need to make up that time by adding an extra 30 minutes to the class."

Groans and complaints filled the classroom. Eren looked over at the rest of the students, then at Armin who glanced back shyly, regretting that he'd tried to help at all.

"Way to go Eren." Jean scoffed from the back of the classroom. "Yet again, we have to take blame for Eren's screw up."

"What do you mean again? When have I ever gotten any of you in trouble?!" Eren lashed back.

"Huh? You don't remember? God I hate people like you. Two weeks ago you-"


"Waaaa I'm getting hungry just thinking about the food I'll be missing out on for 30 minutes!" Sasha wailed, dramatically bringing her hands down to hold her stomach.

"What the hell Sasha? We just ate a breakfast big enough for an entire family! Actually you ate most of it, how are you even hungry again?!" Connie exclaimed wide-eyed.

"YOU ALL NEED TO BE QUIET NOW!" Shadis was furious. The bickering of first year college students was his least favorite part about his job. "I used to teach such smart, mature students. Why in the world am I stuck you with all? And you wonder why I treat you all like high schoolers." He remained there rubbing his temples as the silent class stared at him, afraid to even move a muscle. "You know what? We're doing the quiz now. The lesson plan for today was going to be a movie on the human mind, but forget it, forget the extra 30 minutes, you guys have given me a headache before class even began."

"Wooh! Now I can eat even earlier! Yaahoooo!" Sasha yelled, almost jumping up from her seat in excitement. Shadis and the rest of her classmates looked at her through bewildered eyes. Was she always this much of a fool?

"Braus." Shadis spoke without removing his gaze from the abnormal girl.

"Yes sir?"
"You can leave earlier if you decide to fail this test now to go eat instead. So much enjoyable food is waiting for you. Pizza, fries, hamburgers, it's all waiting. Outside of my classroom." His eye twitched as he waited for her to reply. He'd never wanted a student so far away from him in his life. Her daring personality irked him with every thoughtless word that formed from her mouth.

A drop of drool slipped from the gawking girl's mouth and formed a puddle upon her desk.

Comments of "oh geez" and "are you kidding me Sasha?" bubbled from her classmates throats as she further considered the idea of leaving early to eat.

"Sasha cut that out." Connie lightly slapped the back of Sasha's head, bringing her back into reality. "Going to eat isn't worth a test grade right now." He sighed and shrugged at Shadis. "She's not going anywhere for now."

Shadis turned around and grabbed a stack of test papers. "Can't say I didn't try." He mumbled to himself. "Here Jaeger, since you're still standing there for whatever reason, pass these out." Eren turned and began passing out the papers down the rows one by one. "The test is 50 questions based on last week's lecture. Take it, turn it in, and leave."

After finishing his paper run, Eren took his usual seat in between Armin and Mikasa in the third row. "Thanks for trying to cover for me Armin." He whispered to the blond boy on the right of him.

"Sure, too bad it didn't help any though." Armin whispered back.

"Yeah, but did we really expect him to go easy on us? Thank god he hates Sasha or else we'd be stuck here even longer. That asshole Jean made it blatantly obvious that everyone would hate me for that." Eren grumbled at the thought of Jean's arrogant sounding voice.

"Who cares about him? We get to leave early now so he should be grateful. Anyway why'd you get here so late? The walk here from the train is only about 10 minutes."

"Oh right! I was running so fast that when I turned a corner I accidently bumped into this guy and sorta spilled his coffee all over him. I tried to help him out but he didn't care for the assistance." Eren explained suddenly feeling bad all over again about the encounter. "I've never seen him before but I wish I could make it up to him."

"Well what did he look like?" Armin asked, knowing that this would bother Eren until he really did make it up to the man. "We could help you look for him."

"Well he had black, short hair. Umm he wore a long black winter coat today and he was awfully sho-"

"Can it Jaeger, I'll fail you for cheating if you don't be quiet." Shadis barked. His eyes fixed on Eren.

"Yes sir." Eren replied aloud over a couple of snickers from his classmates. "I'll finish telling you later." He whispered once more to Armin who only nodded his head in reply.

'Uhg I'm finally done with this test, I know I didn't fail at least.' Eren slouched against his chair and laid his pencil down. He looked from side to side to see Armin and Mikasa still working. Eren rested his head down on his desk to wait for his friends before turning in his own paper and leaving.

"I almost forgot," Shadis' voice sparked the attention of each student whose minds long drifted into the world of PSY 101. "Your papers are due today, the ones issued a few weeks ago. Since you're all still here, make sure you turn it in before you leave."

Eren lifted his binder up from under his desk and opened it on his desk. He skimmed through it a couple times but he couldn't find his essay.

'Huh? I know it's in here.' He thought as he took a gracious amount of time going through each paper binded in the book along with the ones overflowing in the side pockets.

The classroom door opened but Eren was too engulfed in his scavenge for his paper to see who came in.

"Sir, I think this belongs to one of your students in this class." A barely familiar voice rang through Eren's ears. His eyes glanced up quickly and he unconsciously shook Armin's arm next to him.

"That's him," He hissed, not letting his eyes leave the shorter man whose black coat was replaced with a grey sweatshirt. "He's the one I knocked over."

"Eh? Really? Well now's your chance, turn in your test and apologize properly. We'll catch up to you." Armin smiled.

"Thanks Armin." Eren closed his binder and began putting his stuff away.

"One of my students? Fantastic, it's the paper that's due today. Let's see which of my airheaded students messed up this time." Shadis' eyes roamed to the top corner of the paper where the student name, date, teacher, and classroom number remained. "Of course." He sighed and looked up at Eren. The shorter man's eyes followed and a grimace formed on his face. "Jaeger, what were you planning on doing if this man didn't return your paper?"

"I- Um I actually hadn't realized it was gone until a few minutes ago, so I'm not really sure what my plan was yet." He gulped feeling the stares of the dark haired man resting on him. "Well since it was found, I'll be turning in my test and taking my leave heh-heh." Eren laughed awkwardly and got up from his seat to turn in his test. He smiled faintly at his scornful teacher. "S-Sorry Sir." He smiled hesitantly before tapping the unamused short man next to him and gesturing for him to follow him out of the classroom.

"Who is that?" Mikasa whispered to Armin over Eren's empty desk.

"It's someone that Eren inconvenienced earlier so he's going to apologize properly now." Armin replied straining his body to the side so Mikasa could hear him clearly.

"Oh…I see." Mikasa quietly said.

"Arlert, Ackerman! Quit walking in the footsteps of Jaeger and take your tests." Shadis yelled massaging his temples for the second time that morning.

The two nodded their heads and continued with their tests.

"I'm really sorry again for knocking you down earlier…and spilling your coffee." Eren spoke quietly outside of his classroom.

"Tea." He replied.


"Tea. I was drinking tea. Anyway I said I was fine. Didn't you hear me?" The man spoke sternly, a rough voice not fit for a man of such a size.

"Yeah I did but it's not like that makes it okay…And then you even returned my paper, I think I owe you one." Eren smiled down at the glaring man.

"I think not." He replied, his lips curling downwards.

"Why not?" Eren asked confused. "I'll buy you another tea. It's the least I can do."

"I don't need you to buy me a drink. Accidents happen and if you'd really like to make it up to me, let me leave now so I can get to class on time, preventing another incident like this." The man said his voice beginning to air of impatience.

"That's harsh," Eren sighed. "Well at least consider it. I noticed your cup was from the school's personal shop, so tomorrow morning I'll stick around there and if you'd like the free drink then come by. Please?" Eren clapped his hands together in a begging form and a smile grew on his face.

The shorter one eyed Eren's hands and lifted his eyes to meet the glistening innocence above him. "…Maybe. But it's completely unnecessary so I probably won't come. Don't count on it at least." He grumbled before turning to walk away.

A flicker of happiness sprung against Eren. He'd felt horrible before but a chance to mend it made him feel all the better.

"W-wait though!" Eren stuttered now that it occurred to him. "What's your name?"

The man sighed and turned just enough to see Eren. "It's Levi."

Eren watched Levi turn around again and move forward to leave. "I'll see you tomorrow Levi!" Eren called without receiving a reply in return.

Levi rolled his eyes. "I never said I was going to go idiot." He mumbled under his breath and quickened his pace to head to class.

"How'd that go?" Armin asked Eren once he and Mikasa had left the classroom.

"Swell, I might be able to make it up to him tomorrow at the school café." Eren smiled. "He didn't really say if he'd show up or not but if he does I'll buy him another tea."

"Might?" Mikasa chimed in. "He looked rude and he didn't even accept your offer. It's not even worth it to try with someone like that."

"You don't know that!" Eren shot back, his eyebrows furrowing. "He's being nice by not wanting me to go out of my way. You can't always immediately judge everyone I talk to without talking to them yourself." Eren frowned at the dispassionate girl.

"Okay guys, I swear you fight every chance you get." Armin chuckled. "Anyway let's go get lunch, I'm starved and now we've got an extra 45 minutes added to the hour we usually have until our next class starts."

"Yeah you're right huh?" Eren said checking the time. "Don't we have a project due in that class as well? We can eat, then add any finishing touches if we need to."

"Right," Armin replied. "I need to take that from my email and place it on my flash drive now that you mention it."

"Where are we eating?" Mikasa asked interrupting the boy's talk of their projects as she tugged on the red scarf wrapped around her neck.

"Dunno, but let's make it cheap. I haven't gotten paid yet." Eren answered, pondering the cheapest place.

"Let's eat at my place then." Armin suggested.

Armin only lived 5 minutes walking distance from the school. When his parents decided to move a couple years back Armin wasn't all that happy to be separated from his friends but when their friendship never broke and college came around, the move proved to be extremely convenient in the long run.

"I always sorta forget that you live so close to here now." Eren mentioned to Armin with Mikasa nodding her head in agreement.

"Me too actually," Armin admitted. "My mom should be home now, I'll text her and ask her to make us something for lunch."

"Yessssss!" Eren exclaimed. "Even your mom's snacks are delicious! Come on let's hurry it up guys!" Eren urged his friends by pushing on their backpacks. "I'm getting hungry talking about this."

"Okay, okay." Armin laughed, lengthening his strides.

"Wow that was great Mrs. Arlert." Eren commented as he held his full stomach. "Your sandwiches are well more worth my money than the ones at any place around here."

"Thanks Eren," Mrs. Arlert chuckled, sweeping her blonde bangs away from her face. "You guys can always come by for lunch, it's cheaper. And besides, I miss seeing your and Mikasa's faces, it's been so long!" She said as she lifted the empty plates from the table and brought them back to the kitchen.

"Well looks like it's time to go back now and finish up our projects right?" Armin asked eyeing each friend. Mikasa shook her head in agreement and stood up. "Mom we're heading back now! I'll see you when I get back!"

"Alright, take care you guys!" Her voice sounded from the kitchen in mixture with the running sink water.

"I don't wanna go back." Eren sighed. "Mrs. Arlert I'm going to just stay and live here if that's okay with you!" Eren called, his eyes closed, not wanting to be disturbed just yet.

"That's fine with me Eren!" She giggled and continued scrubbing away at the dirtied dishes.

"Right, as fun as it sounds to live with you, I just don't think I can do it." Armin shook his head and picked up his bag. "Come on Eren, let's go."

"Uhg fine," Eren grumbled before taking one last deep breath and finally picking up his own bag to head out the door with.

Eren opened the door and slugged. It's not that Eren hated school, but leaving such a comforting environment to return to projects and later on his part time job, wasn't exactly as fun to deal with as it was to lounge around and eat tasty sandwiches all day. And to top it all off, it was only Monday.

The day was finally over. Just a train ride home and finally he could sleep again.

"Can I clock out now?" Eren asked his boss Pixis while untying his apron. "I finished my closing duties."

"Go ahead Eren, good job tonight. Now go home, you're off tomorrow, so rest up." Pixis said, giving Eren a couple pats on his shoulder.

"Thanks," Eren smiled. "I'll see you Wednesday."

Eren worked part time as a waiter at a restaurant close to his school. Shina was an older restaurant that'd been ran by the same man for over 30 years after having been passed down to him from his own father of course. Eren was lucky enough to get a job there while the rest of the employees were either family members or close friends. But for some unknown reason, at least to Eren, Pixis hired Eren and hasn't regretted it since.

"I'm so tired." Eren trudged towards the train station, gliding a finger across his phone screen to reply to recent text messages and check email alerts.

'At least this train isn't late.' Eren thought as he looked forward with darkened eyes to see the train waiting in position before it was set to leave in 10 minutes. He yawned and stepped on board before taking his seat and giving his eyes a chance to rest.

Eren's eyes fluttered open as familiar buildings passed through his line of sight. The usual voice became apparent to him as he stretched out and yawned again, preparing to get off at his stop soon.

"Now approaching the Shiganshina District. Now approaching the Shiganshina District."

The doors opened and Eren lazily limped through them, trying subtly to wake up his sleeping leg when a phone vibration jolted it back to life.

"Hello?" Eren spoke into the receiver.

"Will you be home soon?" The voice answered. It was Mikasa. She had been living with Eren and his family for the past 10 years and worried over Eren like an older sister with each and every passing year. Mikasa had been adopted into the Jaeger family when her parents died in a plane crash on their way to another country for a business trip and no other immediate family members could be gotten ahold of. Eren found her one morning in her house alone and shivering, tears streamed down her face and she kept a wired telephone close to her ear. She whispered "mom" and "dad" countless times, sniffling every so often when no reply was given and only the dial tone resounded through her ears. Eren ran to her immediately and lifted her into his arms rubbing her head and frantically asking her what was wrong. She made no attempt to tell him what had happened, all she could do was shiver and stare absent mindedly at the wall and call out for her parents. Eren took off his red muffler and wrapped it around Mikasa, covering her neck along with her face in hopes of drying the endless downpour of tears. He cradled her in his arms until the crying stopped and she could actually focus again. He helped her up as she stood and grabbed her hand, leading her to the door to bring her back to his own parents next door. No words were spoken. Eren soon realized that words weren't necessary at this moment, what was important was for Mikasa to not be afraid and not cry anymore. He didn't like to see anyone cry.

"Yeah, I'm almost there, I'll be there in 5 minutes tops. I just got off of the train." He replied, reaching a crowd of people waiting for the crossing sign to change. "You shouldn't be up anyway, it's almost midnight and you go to school earlier than me. Go to sleep Mikasa."

"I don't like sleeping until I know you're safe." She said. The tiredness in her voice was evident.

Eren sighed into the receiver. "Alright I'll be there soon, then go to sleep as soon as I get home okay? You've slept before I've gotten there plenty of times before."

"Okay Eren." She answered and then hung up from her end.

"Mikasa is a riot." Eren spoke aloud and scratched the back of his head. He slid a hand into his backpack and felt around for his keys while heading down his street. His fingers finally met the sharpened edges as he reached his doorstep. The key was deemed unnecessary though as the door swung open before the rigged end even grazed the lock.

"Welcome back." Mikasa greeted him at the door, shocking Eren with her unexpected appearance.

"Don't do that," He hissed. "Why do you think I have a key?" He walked through the door and pulled off his coat worn for the colder nights. "I'm pooped," He whined, flopping onto the soft tan couch. "I'm going to bed so you go too alright?"

"Okay, but Eren I need to talk to you first." She said sitting on the edge of the couch closest to Eren's feet.

"Sure, what's up?" He asked with his head buried into a red pillow.

"I was thinking about going out with Jean sometime." She said as a pink tint spread beneath her tired eyes.

"No way Mikasa! Anyone but that horse faced asshole!" He sat up and glared at her. "Why him anyway? He'd probably treat you like crap and not even find a problem with that!"

"That's not true," Her words slowly edged through her muffler. "He drove me home today after class. He's actually really nice and shy in an honest way. He also aces most of his tests while still managing a side job."

"Great. Do what you want Mikasa, but don't expect me to accept that right away, or at all for that matter. He's always a jerk to me; I'm surprised you're even okay with that." He said stretching out in front of the couch and walking towards the hallway.

"I'm not…But I would speak to him about it." She said standing up from her position on the couch.

"Right, well goodnight Mikasa. Good luck with that animal of a human." Eren reached for his door handle and stepped into his room.

"Goodnight Eren." Mikasa smiled underneath her scarf and headed for her own bedroom.

Eren stripped off his clothing and made way to the bathroom within his bedroom. He brushed his teeth and used the toilet, saving the showering for the next morning. He anxiously climbed into bed and shut his eyes. He wondered what it would be like for Mikasa to date someone. He'd thought about it before and actually hoped for it from time to time seeing as how she was so stuck on him, but he never imagined she'd go for someone like Jean. He'd give the guy a chance. But one chance was all he'd get.

'He better not screw up.' Eren thought as he let his mind wander again. The next thing that flashed in his mind was Levi. 'I wonder if he'll show up tomorrow. I hope he does. It's really the least I could do.' The image of Levi sitting flat against the floor with tea dripping down his coat formed in Eren's head. 'That was pretty bad, he really should let me make it up to-" Eren's thoughts were cut off and replaced with soft inhales as his tired mind drifted on to something new.

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