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Chapter 6

"We're finally here?" Eren towered in his seat and turned to Levi.

"Yep," He replied. He jerked the keys form the ignition and unlatched his seatbelt. "I did say that I didn't live too close to the school."

The drive from the mystical creature event to Levi's house ran on for roughly 30 minutes. Eren thought they would never make it.

Eren pressed on his seatbelt and stepped out of the car as Levi did. He gawked at the area and hesitantly followed behind Levi. "What kind of place is this?"

"It's an apartment." Levi fiddled with the set of keys in his hands and settled for a small silver one.

"I've never seen an apartment like this before."

"That's because it's paid for by the military in a way," Levi twisted the key in the lock and propped the door open for Eren. "Almost everything I own was granted by them."

"Really?" Eren stepped inside the dark room and blinked quickly when the lights flashed on. The room was brighter than a normal one, it came close to bothering Eren's eyes. It was all black and white. Eren walked over to a painting of a flower. "Even your decorations are black and white…"

"Does my place look bad?" Levi locked the door and lifted off his sweater to neatly fold it over the black couch.

"No, it's fitting," Eren answered after scanning a few other trinkets sitting around. "This place is really nice, are you glad you get benefits like this?" Eren asked. He only half paid attention to his own question since his interest fell on wondering what the rest of Levi's apartment looked like.

"Not particularly," Levi headed for the kitchen and opened the fridge to pull out a bottle of ginger ale. "Are you good with ginger ale?" He turned to Eren before closing the fridge.

"Y-Yeah I'm good with anything," Eren finally looked back at Levi. "Wait, you said you don't care for this kind of place? Why not?"

Levi sighed and tip toed to reach the good glasses he saved on the top shelf of his cabinet. "It's just not what I had ever wanted. I'd give every rich tasted item I own back to the military if they could give me back the life I had before this."

That stung Eren. He didn't understand what there really was to hate about any of this. It seemed nice.

Eren watched Levi pour the two glasses. He thought more about what Levi had said. Each word came packed full of hidden emotion.

Levi opened the fridge again to replace the soda bottle. Eren stared inside and noticed how little was actually inside of it. He glanced around the room a second time and noted how many details made it seem like only one person lived here. It's one thing if his parents were gone for business often but there was no trace of them ever being in that apartment. The two pairs of shoes by the door, both belonging to Levi, the one coat hung up on the rack that was clearly recognized as the coat Levi wore when he had first met Eren, and then the amount of items in the kitchen would amount to a useless attempt at making any decent meal.

"Levi, where's your family?" Eren asked. Maybe Levi just didn't live with them. "I know you said my chances of meeting them are basically zero but will they be around at all?"

"They're not here and they won't be here." Levi slid a glass across the counter to Eren and took a sip for himself.

"Where are they?" Eren didn't bother to pick up his drink. He barely noticed it was there.

Levi chugged the rest of his drink down and placed the glass in the sink. "I don't want to talk about that Eren." He walked past Eren towards the door to another room.

"Why not?" Eren asked. The anger was piling up and twisting with the confusion that caused it.

"Why do I need to?" Levi turned the door knob and began opening the door to what appeared as a bed room.

"Because I'm in a relationship with you," Eren's voice became strained. It took a lot to not raise his voice. "I want to know more about you. I don't want to try only to run into secrets every time."

Levi stopped in front of the door that he left ajar. He didn't turn around. "Alright Eren. My parents are both dead. Does that explain why you won't see them? Does that help you get to know me better?" Eren could see Levi shoulders raise up slightly and fall back down. "I'm going to take a quick shower. The remote is next to the TV. Find something interesting to watch." Without turning around, he went into the room and closed the door behind him.

Eren blankly gaped at the door. He didn't say anything to Levi, but what could he say? He had no idea that Levi's parents weren't alive. If anything Levi had made it seem like they were really gone for business. Eren was expecting that, he was hoping for a simpler answer.

Eren blinked and went to sit down. He didn't feel the need to turn on a TV. His attention wouldn't be able to focus on a show if he tried. Question after question demanded his attention now.

'What actually happened to his parents? Is this why he had become a jaded person now? How fragile is he really? Can I make this right?'

The questions repeatedly filtered Eren's mind and not an answer was to be found.

Eren strung his hand through his hair and buried his face in his hands. He couldn't have felt worse.

The door creaked open to reveal Levi in black and blue checkered pajama pants and a black long-sleeved top.

"Levi, I'm sorry for earlier I-" Eren began.

"No, it's fine," Levi left his door open and held up a hand. He walked around the couch and sat with both feet on the couch, leaning his back against the armrest. "I apologize for telling you like that. It's just…" Levi's eyes drifted to a portrait that could be seen through the left open door of a man, woman and a baby. The man was wearing a camouflaged uniform and the woman who was likely to be his girlfriend or wife was wearing a blue squared dress while holding an infant wrapped tightly in a light blue blanket. Levi closed his eyes and took in a heavy breath of air. He looked at Eren. "It's not my favorite subject but I'll tell you anyway."

"You don't have to." Eren looked at Levi wearily.

"I do." Levi propped his elbow on the couch's back and rested his head on his hand then closed his eyes. "You're right, we are in a relationship and I don't know how the hell this works. I think I've read something about sharing yourself with the other person in a few books and I'm assuming that's what you want from me."

Eren bit his lower lip. Levi made him sound like an annoying brat. He felt shameful and embarrassed for being the one who wanted clichés. He wanted to let Levi know that he didn't need that. Time would tell and he could wait. "I'm okay with the way things are now." Eren's words sounded rushed. "I can-"

"But…" Levi cut him off, still without opening his eyes to make any contact. "The idea of sharing yourself with someone else doesn't sound half bad."

Eren sat wide-eyed as Levi spoke. He hadn't expected that either.

Levi's voice was soft and quiet. "I would be lying if I said I didn't want to know everything about you as well. This is your chance to hear sentimental nonsense leave my lips so I suggest you pull out a tape recorder." Levi sighed. "For whatever reason, I'm drawn to you. I've never so inexplicably been interested in someone like I am right now. What's even more confusing is how I yearn so strongly to be closer to you. It's weird. A good weird, but still weird. You're the weird I needed. When my life fell to shit, there were only down sides from there and I eventually gave up in ever seeing a positive light again. But these emotions you've given me…they've made things different. The dull blacks and whites that I have been succumbed to only being able to see have brightened. Dimly though. Over the past week, they've brightened dimly. Dim is good as well. Dim is better than the faded colors I struggled and failed so hard to get back. And it's because of you Eren. It's because there's someone here that I actually want to have in my life. So giving in and telling you about my hardships and losses are small prices to pay to become even closer with you don't you think?" Levi remained with his cheek pressed against the palm of his hand, waiting for Eren's response. Nothing came out.

'At least I don't hear him laughing.' Levi thought. He opened his eyes to look at Eren. Now it was Levi's turn to look shocked. Tears fought the temptation of dripping down Eren's cheeks. His lower lip was being pressed against deeply from before now to prevent it from quivering.

"What's wrong? Why do you look like you're going to cry?" Levi moved closer to Eren urgently. Confusion twisted in his expression. "Eren?"

Eren opened his mouth to say something but instead he lifted his right hand and brushed it on Levi's cheek. His thumb smoothed over Levi's lips briefly before it was replaced with his lips. Eren's eyes closed shut. Levi followed and let Eren lead him wherever he had wanted.

Eren slinked a hand over the fabric of Levi's shirt and coiled his fingers in the man's black short cut hair. His other hand pressed against Levi's thigh and slicked up and beneath his shirt. The brisk contact of Eren's fingers on Levi's back made the latter silently gripe. Levi's hushed protest left his mouth open just enough for Eren to slip his tongue in.

Soft moans escaped from the two as Eren explored both Levi's mouth and body. His hand traveled every inch of Levi's back and his tongue grazed every nook in his mouth. Eren kicked off his shoes and raised his legs over the edge of the couch. He used the advantage of this position to slowly push Levi beneath him without breaking the kiss. Eren held a knee down on either side of Levi. His hand roamed around Levi's torso and fumbled across his toned chest. He dragged his thumb across the intimate areas of Levi's chest and pushed his tongue in deeper as Levi groaned from the touch.

"Mm…E-Eren…this is…" Levi attempted to talk but was given little room while Eren handled his tongue with his own.

"What?" Eren finally asked during one of their quick pauses for air.

Levi's face was flushed, his hair was a mess and his black shirt was raised well above his abdomen. "The couch isn't very comfortable…" His voice faded as his head tilted to look at his bedroom. That was the only clue Eren needed. He got off of Levi and stood up, smiling at the full view below him. Eren could have left his eyes there for much longer but decided that the bedroom had much more in store for him.

Eren hoisted Levi in his arms. He ignored the curses, struggles and weight that didn't give credit to the man's short physique. Eren hauled Levi into the bedroom and let him down on the full sized mattress.

"Don't do things like that." Levi growled though his sheepish expression could hardly intimidate Eren now.

Eren loomed over the bed and pressed his palms against the sheet on each side of Levi. "Are you going to give me any rules?" He asked, smirking deviously. Levi didn't know such a decisive Eren existed.

Levi turned his head to break the eye contact with Eren. "No, do what you want."

The younger one's smirk remained. He leaned down so his face was inches from Levi's. Eren closed the gap and placed a limp kiss on Levi's forehead. Levi quickly faced Eren with abashment. He didn't know what to say. He didn't predict such a soft kiss from someone who looked so lustful a second ago. Eren's face had softened. It was peaceful. "Thank you," Eren mouthed. He then climbed completely onto the bed with Levi.

Eren straddled Levi's hips and focused his attention on the waistband of Levi's pants as his fingers brushed just beneath it. Levi flinched and stared at Eren with half-lidded eyes.

Eren held each side of Levi's pants and pulled them down to his ankles. He took the time to ease them over Levi's feet though his eyes were preoccupied elsewhere. Eren found his hand subtly reaching for Levi. He caressed the bulge beneath Levi's black boxer shorts and outlined the shape with his fingers.

Levi released low moans that he tried to bite back. He cursed Eren in his head for taking his time and leaned his head back to hide any more signs of embarrassment.

The boxer shorts were tugged down and left to form a pile with the pajama pants leaving Levi bare for Eren to see. Eren's hand trembled as he reached for Levi and made contact with his skin. The erection pulsed against Eren's fingers. He wrapped his hand around it and pumped up and down slowly. Levi winced, running his fingers through his own hair. Eren glanced at Levi. "Are you okay?"Eren asked without stopping the slow rhythm he had built up.

"I'm..uhg fine..d-don't ask questions like that!" He glowered at Eren through his embarrassment.

"A-Alright." Eren gulped.

The precum drizzled down Levi's shaft and Eren took the opportunity to stroke faster. He gripped Levi tightly and jerked his hand like mad. He could feel the climax building, provoking him to move faster.

"Come for me Levi," Eren said breathlessly. Eren gave the final jerks of his hand and cum began streaming down his arm.

Eren released Levi who breathlessly panted against the bed. By now Eren could feel his own erection throbbing in his pants. He reached a hand down to pull on the zipper but another hand beat him to it. Levi sat up while Eren's mind was phased on his own painful heat.

"It's your turn." Levi pulled the zipper down and removed Eren's clothes similar to how Eren did his.

Eren fell onto the pillow leaning against the headboard.

"I didn't really notice how comfortable your bed was until now." Eren mused. He snuggled against the white fabric of Levi's pillow and closed his eyes.

"It only feels amazing because a quick hand job tired you out." Levi yawned and stood up from the bed. He knew Eren's face was gushing with color from that statement but he decided not to turn around as he entered the bathroom.

Eren shook his head in disbelief.

'He just says anything he wants doesn't he?'

Eren rolled onto his back and smiled at the ceiling. It's not like the two went all the way or anything but Eren was satisfied with being able to see Levi so honestly releasing his emotions and the fact that Eren was the one who caused the pleasure made him grin all the more. He sat up when he heard the bathroom door open.

Levi frowned. The boy looked like he had just woken up from the greatest dream he would ever have. Anything could make him happy. Levi shrugged to himself. He could empathize with Eren's happiness. Levi pointed his thumb behind him towards the bathroom. "Go clean up, I left clothes in there for you earlier so you won't have to wear your jeans to bed."

Eren gave Levi a cheeky smile. "Will I reeeaalllyyy fit them?"

Levi's expression darkened. "It'd be a shame if you didn't. In that case you can just sleep naked. Preferably, on the porch outside."

Eren laughed at the dry humor. "Fine fine, I'll try my best then." He rolled lazily to the edge of the bed and stood up. He stopped next to Levi before entering the bathroom and briskly leaned down to kiss his cheek. "Thank you," He smiled then stood straight and closed the bathroom door behind him.

"What a brat." Levi grumbled. He walked over to bed and crawled under the sheets. Even he found them comfortable at this point. The entire day had been tiring and the small tension between him and Eren from earlier only managed to wear him out further. Levi sighed and pulled the blanket up until it tucked beneath his nose. He closed his eyes and smiled. Beneath a blanket he could smile as much as he wanted to. No one could see it there. It wouldn't look unfitting there. His pride wouldn't suffer beneath the covers. Levi rested in content until the door creaked open and Eren returned to the bedroom.

"This shirt isn't a bad fit actually," Eren said while tugging the sides of it. "It's even a little loose and it doesn't rise up unless I hold up my arms." Eren demonstrated by lifting his arms in the air to give Levi and example.

"How short do you think I am anyway? I'm not a midget," He growled and pulled the blanket beneath his chin. "I did look for my largest shirt though…So it fits well?"

"Definitely, I'd wear this at home if I owned it."

"Good. That'll be your shirt every time you stay over then okay?"

Eren blushed at what he took as an invitation to come again. Levi rolled his eyes and sat up.

"Come sit down. I'm going to tell you about my parents like I said I would." Levi patted the spot next to him for Eren to come and sit.

"O-Okay," Eren sat on the bed and looked at Levi. Waiting.

"I'm going to summarize this for you okay. There's no need to tell you everything now," Levi pulled his knees against his chest and folded his arms on top of them. "I told you how I'm part of a military family and all right?" Levi didn't look to Eren for a reply. His gaze unintentionally lingered on an outlet plug behind Eren. "Well, my father was the one in the army. He wasn't a big shot or anything but he was good. Good enough to be recognized wherever we went. He was friends with the big shots but never really a part of them. We always maintained regular living arrangements that weren't any better than those of the working class'. My father was strict on not using the army's benefits to our advantage so he only used the money that was needed and provided us with what we needed. My mother and I had no complaints towards it, we were all…happy. But then when I was 14…" Levi blinked and exhaled quietly. "My father died during a battle. It's almost as if I saw it coming. He was gone so often and fought so much it seemed inevitable that he'd get killed. The thought always lingered in the back of my mind and I thought I would be prepared but when the time came I was far from it. Any ounce of happiness that had ever glinted in my eyes faded away, just like my mother's had. When the doorbell rang and she opened the door, her whole world changed. We were much alike, my mother and I, and with that being said, I know that the color in her life had all reverted to black and white when the words were pieced together in her head. After that, my mother barely spoke a word. Not to her friends, not to her parents, not even to me. We moved into an apartment together and lived off of a small income granted to us by the military. It was even small compared to what my father gave us. I knew he could have provided much more before. I knew how much he really made but I hadn't the faintest idea as to where that money all went, until later that is. Anyways, I decided, after growing up in a home where the military was our life, to join the military. With it being the only thing I was accustomed to, such a job didn't seem like a bad idea. I was scrawny and weak but I worked and worked and worked. Giving up never even crossed my mind. Nothing could compare to the pain of coming home every day to that lousy apartment and my mother who didn't look at it any differently than she did her own son." Levi bit his bottom lip and narrowed his eyes on the same outlet. "I didn't want that for her. I didn't want her to see everything the same with dulled colors and little enthusiasm. I wanted her to be happy again, I wanted us to be happy. Together. But first, I needed money. I needed to rebuild what we at least had before and give something back to her that could possibly remind her of anything even remotely related to joy. Something. Anything. So after two years of training and two years without a glint of happiness I was strong enough to join the military. I left the house with determination and a strong sense to fix everything. It was finally the day that I'd be officially admitted into the military. I stood in line with taller and broader men all of which I felt I could crush beneath my feet with the power that swelled inside of me. That was until I was navigated out of line by a man in a black suit. He had whispered something in my ear that extinguished the fiery flame that fueled me moments before." Levi was silent for a second. "He had told that my mother had killed herself. I was taken to the police station immediately after and was briefed on what happened. It's all still a blur to me but I specifically remember the note that she had left behind. It said "not again. I can't go through this again." That was the only thing I had known my mother to say after more than a year's worth of silence. And when she finally does speak up, I can't even hear her voice. I could only feel the guilt. I was rational enough to know it wasn't completely my fault but like with my father's death, I wasn't prepared for that. I was never really prepared for any of that…" Levi looked up and met Eren's eyes. Eren gulped and his mouth struggled to find a comfortable stance. He wouldn't cry in front of Levi, he would be strong for him instead and prove to him that he wasn't alone anymore. "The rest isn't worth talking about now. Erwin's family took me in, they being one of the big shot families that my dad was acquainted with, and they're the reason why I still receive military benefits. And later I received every saved penny that my dad had stowed away once I turned 18."

Eren scooted closer to Levi and slouched against his shoulder. "I love you," He repeated the words again and again. "I love you. I love you." He reached beneath the blanket and felt for Levi's hand, clenching it as he found it and holding it as if it was his last lifeline. "I'm sorry you had to go through that, not that my apology can change anything but I'll always stay with you. I'll never leave you. I love you."

Levi closed his hand over Eren's and looked down at him. Eren's face was pressed against Levi's shoulder. "Good," He whispered. He blinked his tired eyes and nudged his head against Eren's. "Let's go to bed okay?" The conversation didn't need to be pushed any further.

Eren nodded against Levi and stretched his legs beneath the covers. Levi did the same and turned onto his side facing Eren. He closed his eyes and slipped his fingers between Eren's. Eren smiled as much as he could after what he had hear and moved closer, pressing himself against Levi in an effort to make up for even the tiniest bit of comfort that Levi had lost over the years.

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