In days of yore when times were old,

I was young under the sun.

Now I am old and you are not,

Your journey's just begun.

Into my fabric and my seams

Was mighty magic wrought.

The proper way to find a house

For each new student sought.

In Gryffindor the brave will go,

The chivalrous and true.

If courage is your boldest aim,

the Lion is for you.

In Ravenclaw the intellect

Is deemed a mighty prize.

If wit and knowledge are your love,

The Eagle will arise.

In Hufflepuff the patient ones

Persevere within our walls.

If you are unafraid to toil,

The steadfast Badger calls.

In Slytherin, that canny house,

The cunning achieve their ends.

If a deep ambition drive you on,

The Snake will find you friends.

Divided like the compass rose

To North, East, South, and West,

Apart and yet we make a whole;

United we are best.