Chapter .1.

Charles Emerson Winchester III House

Charles had just got home after a long shift at the Boston General. He got his mail. There was a special envelope with an Army. Winchester wanted to throw it out but decided to open it.

He was surprised to find an invention to a 4077 M.A.S.H reunion on the 27th of July 1963 in New York, New York at the Plaza a 5-star hotel. He thought about it and decided to go in was in 6 weeks so he would go. He never thought he would say that but he missed them. So he was going…

Klinger House

Klinger and his wife Soon-Lee and two child just got home to find a letter from the army in his letter box.

"If I have to go to war again. I am cutting my leg off", Klinger says to his wife opening the letter.

"What is it?" Soon-Lee asks

"They are having a 4077 reunion. In New York in 6 weeks. Do you want to go?" Klinger asks his wife

"The question is do you want to go?" Soon-Lee asks

"I do. I want to see everyone again. Wait too they see we have 2 children", Klinger says

Soon-Lee laughs and kisses him. They were going. It would do them good…

John Patrick Francis Mulcahy

'You have a letter', signs Lauren his wife

Mulcahy opens it surprised when it said for a reunion. He wanted to see his old friends again.

"I want to go", Mulcahy says loudly

'Then we will go', Lauren signs

Mulcahy smiles he can't wait to see the old team again…

Franklin Burns Home

Frank was depressed he couldn't find Margret anywhere and his wife left him. He loved Margret still after all these years. When the letter came for the reunion he was excited finally he would see Margret again and hope to get her to be his again.

"I have to shave. Don't want Margret to see my beard", Frank says running to the bathroom

Even if he had 6 weeks he wanted to be perfect to see Margret again…

Trapper John House

"John you have a letter from the army", Rose his wife says

"Great", Trapper says taking the letter, "Looks like we are invited to a Reunion for the 4077. Do you want to go?"

"I guess. You need to see your friends again", Rose says kissing him

"I owe Hawkeye an apology. So we are going", Trapper says

"I am looking to meeting 'Hawkeye'", Rose says

"He will love you", Trapper says smiling

Rose laughs as the kids come in the door. Trapper hope Hawkeye would come…

BJ Hunnicutt's House

"Dad you have mail", 12-year-old Erin says

"It is from the army", BJ says opening it, "Peg we have been invited to 4077 reunion"

"I know you want to go. So we all will", Peg says kissing him

"Thank you. I want to see Hawkeye again", BJ says

"I know. Let's go", Peg says

"WOOH", BJ says spinning her around

Radar O'Reilly's House

Rader had gotten a letter to the reunion too. Himself, his wife and children were going to go. He missed everyone and wanted to see them again. He was really looking forward to see Hawkeye, BJ, Klinger and Colonel Potter again. Really looking forward to them telling stories of the old 4077…

Sherman T Potter

"Mildred a letter came today", Potter says

"What was it about?" Mildred asks

"The 4077 is having a reunion in New York. I want to go. It is up to you if you go", Potter replies

"I know how much those people mean to you. Of course we are going", Mildred says

"How lucky am I to have married you?" Potter asks kissing her

Pierce House

Margaret limbs to her 3 month old son Henry Walter Pierce. She had 5 children all together. She loved them all and Hawkeye. He gave her shelter when she needed it after being injured in the Army. Her leg was bad so she limbed a lot and had to rest a lot. But she managed with the help of Ben. She also worked but was off at the moment to be a mother to her children.

"Mar I am home", Hawkeye calls coming over to her and Henry with the mail in his hand

"Had a good day?" Margaret asks kissing him

"Been good. We got a letter from the Army inviting us to a 4077 reunion in New York", Hawkeye says giving her the letter and taking Henry from her

"It's in 6 weeks", Margaret says reading it

"Yes. Do you want to go?" Hawkeye asks

"I guess. But what will they say about me?" Margaret asks looking worriedly

"I will pound them one if they say anything bad about you. How is that?" Hawkeye asks with a smile

Margaret whacks him.

"It's a suggestion", Hawkeye says in his defence

"Fine we will go. I am looking forward to seeing everyone again", Margaret says sitting down

"So am I. It has been a decade", Hawkeye says

"I know. I wonder what has changed but us", Margaret says

"I wonder too"

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