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Teddy Lupin-Potter groaned as he grabbed his head. What happened? Where was he? He took a deep breath and tried to focus around the pounding in his head. The pain started to fade as he expanded his senses. He could feel he was sitting on something soft, and he could smell dust in the room he was in indicating the room wasn't in use at all or hasn't been in use until recently judging by the thinness of the dust layer. He heard a rustling and opened his eyes. He blinked a few times to get into focus. His eyes focused and the first thing he saw was large brilliant orange eyes. He stiffened immediately but forced himself to relax. He bowed his head but kept eye contact with the hippogriff in front of him. He fought back the urge to blink as he waited for him to bow back. Eventually he did and Teddy stood up to approach him and stroke his feathers. Buckbeak leaned into the touch and Teddy smiled at the familiar sight. He liked the hippogriff, always had.

He finally looked around and saw that he was in Grimmauld Place. It was weird because he hadn't been here since he was really little before his Gran passed. He gave the hippogriff one last pat and slowly opened the door and walked out into the vacant hallway. He strained his ears to listen as he heard rising voices. He followed the familiar voices down a flight of stairs and down a few hallways. The voices got louder as he got closer.


Teddy immediately recognized the familiar voice of that of Harry Potter. He slowed down as he got closer to the door.


Teddy watched an owl soar out of the room, completely distracting him from what was going on in the room in front of him, and he recognized it as the owl that had died. Hedwig. He automatically put his arm out for the owl to perch on. He watched as the owl regarded him with her yellow eyes. He watched her take in his black hair and green eyes and the similarity between his looks and her human's. He lifted up his other hand slowly, the one that gripped his wand that he had drawn from the holster without noticing. He hastily put it back into the holster and held the hand up to his scrutinizer. She stared at him for another moment then nibbled on his finger in acceptance. He smiled and stroked her feathers as well.

"You beautiful girl," he whispered. Either he didn't whisper as quietly as he thought or Harry had good senses because the teenager whirled around midsentence, with his wand immediately drawn, pointing at the unknown man in the hallway. Teddy belatedly released that the yelling had stopped and that's probably why they heard him.

"Who are you?" Teddy looked at his godfather in shock at how young he was. This was not right. What is going on? "How did you get in here? What do you want? Who are you? ANSWER ME!" Teddy put his hand up in a do-no-harm gesture. Hedwig flew up to Teddy's shoulder and nibbled on his ear then flew over to Harry and pecked at him irritably. "Ow! Hedwig stop! Ow! Ron! Go get Dumbledore! " Ron immediately followed orders and kept a careful eye on Teddy as he made his way to the stairs.

With two loud cracks, Fred and George, Ron's elder twin brothers, had materialized out of thin air in the middle of the room. Teddy's eyes immediately traveled to the twins and was surprised to see not just George but Fred. But he really shouldn't be surprised. He figures that he was in the past judging by how old they all looked. He heard footsteps behind him as his attention went back to Harry.

"I'm only going to ask you one more time. If you don't answer me, I will hex and answer out of you."

"No need to hex!" Teddy said in alarm. He knew how his godfather was with a wand, especially when angry, and he did not want to be on the receiving end.

"Then answer my question. Who. Are. You?"

"Teddy," He said hastily. He quickly glanced at the stairs and saw the Order coming up them Dumbledore and Sirius in the lead.

"Teddy what?" Harry asked as Dumbledore assessed the situation.

Teddy hesitated, unsure of how to answer. "Answer the question," Dumbledore spoke. Teddy turned to look at the elder wizard. He met the eye of the wizard, knowing that legilimency would be used to find out if he was lying.

"Potter," Teddy answered with as steady a voice as he could muster. "My name is Teddy Potter." He heard gasps around him and saw Harry's wand arm falter. He also saw Sirius pale. "And you," he said as he looked at Dumbledore. "Are Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore, Supreme Mugwump and Head of the Wizengamot. And the Order of the Phoenix," he tacked on. He turned to Harry next, "You're Harry James Potter, son of Lily and James, Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Potter, Heir to the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black, defeater of Voldemort, Gryffindor seeker, and seriously pissed at Dumbledore at the moment." He turned to the stairs and paused as he caught sight of his parents. He turned his attention to Sirius and pushed up his sleeves. "Sirius Black, Head of the Most Ancient and Noble House of Black, best friend to James Potter, owner of this-" he looked around. "-Not-so-fine establishment, godfather to Harry Potter, animagus who's form closely resembles the Grim, and innocent of all crimes."

"Tell your friend a lie," Harry said suddenly.

Teddy smiled as he recognized the quote and why it was said. "If he keeps it a secret, tell him the truth," he finished.

"Anything else?" Teddy asked. "Dad," he smiled.

"He's telling the truth," Harry told the group. "He is who he says he is."

"How do you know?" Ginny asked as she crept closer. Teddy glared at the redhead. She had caused his family so much pain.

"None of your business," Teddy snapped. Just seeing her made him so angry. The others around him looked at him in surprise. If he was a Potter, Harry's son at that, why would he react that way to Ginny? He caught Harry's look and shook his head to indicate he didn't want to talk about it now. He blushed as his stomach grumbled. The Weasley matriarch immediately came forward and grabbed the teenager by the shoulders and led him down the stairs for dinner.

"So tell us a little about yourself," Remus addressed the teen. Teddy glanced at him then at his mother then Harry. The other teen nodded in encouragement.

Teddy licked his lips, "What do you want to know?"

"Let's start with your age and birthday."

"I'm fifteen and my birthday is April 2nd."

"Ours is April 1st!" Fred told him. Teddy smiled at him, it was still weird seeing him.

"I know."

"Do you have any siblings?" Sirius asked with a smirk directed at his godson. Harry blushed as Teddy laughed.

"Yeah, I do actually. Two brothers and two sisters and someone I consider a brother."

"Younger or older?" Hermione asked for clarification. Harry dropped his head into his hands as they questioned him. Teddy smirked.

"I have an older sister Cassie, and then after me is Jimmie, Al, and Lily. And I have a very suspicious feeling that I'm not the only one that you're going to meet."

"Why do you think that, Mr. Potter?" Dumbledore spoke up.

Teddy shrugged. "Dunno, just a feeling."

"You said you're fifteen?" Harry came to his rescue. He knew how Dumbledore could get and he was still pissed at him. At Teddy's confirmation, he continued. "Do you go to Hogwarts?"

Teddy nodded. "At the current moment, yes."

"Does that mean you didn't always go to Hogwarts?" Hermione's eyebrows furrowed. Teddy smiled at the witch.

"I used to go to school in Salem but I transferred to Hogwarts for my fifth year."

"Salem?" Sirius was confused. "Why would you go to school across the pond?"

"I probably wanted him to go to school with Cassie," Harry answered for him. "Am I right?" he asked Teddy. The metamorph nodded.

"Why would his sister go to school in Salem?"

"Because she lives near Salem," he answered in a 'duh' voice.

"I don't understand," Sirius and Ron muttered at the same time. Ginny and a few others nodded their agreement but Remus and Hermione had a calculating gleam in their eye. The table descended in silence. Teddy began to fidget slightly in the tense atmosphere. He felt eyes on him and looked up to see his mother, the twins, and Harry staring at him.


"Your hair just changed," George said bemused.

"Are you a Metamorphmagus?" Tonks asked interestedly. Her question caught the attention of the others and they all leaned forward waiting for his answer. He nodded slowly. "How are you one? It can't be learned, it's only hereditary."

"Through me, obviously," Harry said, rescuing him again. He shot his godfather a grateful look.

'Thanks,' he mouthed. Harry just shrugged.

"How is it through you?" Tonks asked him.

"How are you one?" He retorted.

"Answer my question."

"Answer mine."

"I asked you first."

"If you answer mine, you'll have the answer to yours. How are you one?"

"It's a Black Family gene," she frowned. "That still doesn't answer my question."

"Yes, it does. My grandmother was a Black." Tonks humphed as he stuck his tongue out at the pink-haired Auror. "I'm one too," he added.

"Really?" Hermione asked excited. She was slightly upset he hadn't told her but whatever. Harry smiled at his best friend and nodded. He focused and his hair turned red, then orange, then purple, then dark blue and back to black. "That's so cool," she whispered. She shoved him. "Why didn't you ever tell me?"

"Because I knew you'd nerd out on me," he teased.

"Shut up," she shoved him again. Harry laughed and Sirius smiled as he watched the teasing. He saw Ginny frown but he ignored the youngest Weasley. Teddy also grinned as he watched the man who raised him act like a normal teenager.

Dumbledore stood up. "I bid you all a goodnight. I will be enrolling you into Hogwarts Mr. Potter. If you and Mr. Potter-" here he smirked a bit 'cause really, that was weird to say "-could come by my office tomorrow and we shall sort you," Dumbledore suggested gently. Teddy looked at the headmaster and knew that he would be truly questioned tomorrow.

"Of course, Professor," Teddy and Harry answered together then exchanged smirks. Oh the fun they could have with that.

"I looked forward to seeing you two, and only you two, tomorrow. Goodnight everyone."

"Where do you live?" Dumbledore heard as he left the kitchen and he paused to hear Teddy's answer.

"We call it the Pottery. It's a Potter estate in Wales." As Teddy began to field questions about the 'Pottery' as he called it, Dumbledore left completely.

The * indicates something taken directly from Order of the Phoenix.

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