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"You ready?"

Teddy looked up to see his godfather standing in the doorway of the room they shared. Last night they had moved Harry to a different room- one that Sirius had prepared for him originally- and Harry had offered to share with Teddy rather than making him share with Ron. Teddy had readily accepted.

He looked down at his watch and then frowned at the other teen. "I thought we weren't meeting with Dumbledore until eleven, it's only ten."

"I need to talk to you," Harry said simply. Teddy made a face. He knew by the look in Harry's eyes that he probably wasn't going to like the conversation. Twenty years did nothing to change the way he looked when things needed to be done.

Teddy sighed; he wasn't going to like this conversation. "Give me a minute." Harry nodded and left the room. He had to go find Sirius and Hermione. Teddy sighed again. Then he went into the closet to pull out Harry's trunk. Both of them had recently gone through a growth spurt and were roughly the same size. He moved the books to one side and looked down. He frowned as he saw Dudley's cast off that Harry wore. From what he could remember, Harry wore them to give off the impression that he stayed with the Dursleys, and for the most part he had. But he did have other clothes that he wore at home and when he went out with friends. He angrily shoved the clothes out of the trunk at the thought of the Dursleys and continued to feel along the bottom of the trunk.

"Where is it?" He murmured to himself. He lightly brushed along the sides and if anyone was watching they would've seen the relieved look as found the latch on the inside of the trunk. He put his fingers in the grips and turned until he heard the click. He pulled his hand out. He waited patiently as he heard more clicking and the trunk slowly gained more compartments. He smiled. He loved these things his aunt and Harry had invented. He enter the code into the lock to open the department that were dedicated to clothes. He pulled on a pair of black jeans, a black t-shirt, a white hooded vest, and blue converse high tops. He looked in the mirror and fought against the urge to scrunch up his face as he changed his hair color to match his shoes. He did the same with his eyes but he kept some green in them. He smiled, satisfied with how he looked.

He opened the door to see his godfather leaning against the wall across from the door, looking to the side. He did a quick survey of his surroundings and saw Ginny peeking around the corner. She was looking at Harry with a hungry look to her eye. He let loose a growl before he could help himself and saw her flinch and look at him with wide eyes. He bared his teeth and she ran back to her room. Harry, having noticed him since the door opened, didn't even blink. But he did turn his attention toward the other boy.

"Hey Dad," he greeted the man he considered his father.

A ghost of a smile flickered across the raven haired teen's face, "Hey Theo."

Teddy looked at him in surprise. When he had been little, Harry had called him Teddybear, when he had gotten older and thought he was too big to be called Teddybear, at least in public, Harry had started calling him Theo. Everyone else called him Teddy or Ted except for his dad and siblings, Lily called him Teddybear, Al and Jimmie called him Theo, and Cassie called him Dorie. But how had Harry known that he liked to be called Theo?


"Where'd you hear that name?" He questioned sharply.

Harry looked taken aback for a second but then he pulled a blank look over his face. He shrugged. "I was gonna call you Teddybear but considered that would be weird because we're the same age. So I came up with Theo instead. If you don't like it, I can just call you Teddy."

"NO!" Teddy said hastily. He cleared his throat. "I mean I like it. That's actually what you call me back in my time. How'd you even know my name was Theodore. It could've just been Teddy, or Tedmond, or Edward."

"Why would I call you Teddy if your name is Edward?"

Teddy shrugged. "Dunno."

Harry shook his head as if he was shaking away thoughts. "Let's just go." He held out a nail polish bottle and Teddy saw Harry take a steadying breath as he activated the portkey. He knew how much he hated these.

They landed in the Charms hallway. Harry looked around then shoved Teddy into an empty classroom. Harry pulled put his wand and wordlessly cleaned a desk and two chairs. He sat facing Teddy and gestured for the blue haired teen to take a seat. After Teddy sat, Harry leaned back in his seat in what was not quite a slouch but it wasn't like you would sit at a dinner. It was relaxed, indicating that it was an informal setting, but it wasn't so relaxed that you would think it wasn't a serious conversation because that's what it was.

"So..." Teddy couldn't take the silence any longer. He knew that's why Harry was waiting for him first. He also knew that Harry wasn't doing it on purpose either, it was just a hard habit to break in their line of work.

"Sorry," Harry said as he realized what he had be doing.

"No worries, Dad," Teddy smiled. "It's effective, especially when one of us gets in trouble and you want to know what happened."

Harry's eyebrows rose in surprise, "Really? I figured you'd be used to it."

Teddy smiled wickedly. "I'm used to it and so is Cassie. Jimmie, Al, and Lily on the other hand are not. Neither are unsuspecting friends."

Harry couldn't help it, he laughed at the look on Teddy's face. His face became serious.

"Teddy," he hesitated. "You're not really my son, are you?"

We're just going straight into it, huh? Teddy thought. "No," he answered aloud.

Harry nodded. "I thought as much. I'm not gonna ask you who you're parents are because there's gotta be a reason why you call me Dad. But I'm going to guess that Tonks is your mother because I know of no other metamorphs. You don't have to deny or confirm though," He hastily added. "I have no idea if you have the knowledge to help us change things or not or if you'd even want to. But-"

"I do, Dad. I do want to help. So many people die and if I can stop that, I will," Teddy reassured. It was true. He really did want to help. There are some things that he did want to change, like the death of his parents, but if he changes that, would he still be the same person he is now. If his parents didn't die he wouldn't of been raised by Harry and he probably wouldn't of had siblings, he wouldn't have known Cassie or Jimmie or Al or Lily or Aunt Jamie. Things would be so different and he wasn't exactly sure he would want to change that.

"Dumbledore will probably ask you questions about that when we go see him. I have a question for you now though."

"What is it?"

"What do you know about Luna Lovegood?"

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