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Teddy blinked. What did he think of Luna? How is that relevant? "Um…why?"

"We're thinking about recruiting her," Harry answered seriously.

"Oh." Teddy thought about it. "Well, she sees things differently than most people. She was affected by the explosion that killed her mother and can see things on a different plane. She incredibly intelligent, like seriously, scary brilliant. Um, in my timeline she's Lil's godmother, and you're Lorcan and Lysander's godfather. You two are pretty close, this is actually the age that you guys started to hang around each other."

"Do you think I should approach her?"

"Definitely," Teddy nodded his head forcefully. "But Dad, you have to be serious about it. She- She's not- She's-how do I say this?" He muttered. "She's like you, Dad, except for the fact that she doesn't have a Jamie or Ron and Hermione or Cassie. All she has is her dad. You can't offer her friendship and then not be serious about it. I know," he raised his hand to stop Harry's protests. "I know how you are about friendship and that you don't take it lightly, but don't break this girl's heart," Teddy pleaded. "She's one of the most amazing people you will ever come in contact with. From what I remember of the stories, she's one of the few people you trust implicitly. You trust her more than Ron, maybe even Hermione, and just as much as Aunt Jamie."

"Teddy, I get it."

"Do you?" Teddy asked softly.

"Yes, Teddy, I do," Harry replied just as soft.

"Oh, thank god," Teddy breathed in relief. "I don't know what I would do if you didn't."

Harry smiled and Teddy chuckled. "I won't try to recruit her right away, I'll be her friend first. From what you said it sounds like she needs them."

"Okay, but you have to be upfront about it. You have to honestly want to be her friend."

"I do," Harry reassured his son/godson. They sat in silence for a minute. "So tell me some of the things that you and Cass have done to drive me and Jamie nuts."

Teddy immediately began to laugh. "The shit the two of us have done. One night you left Zar in charge of the two of us while you and Aunt Jamie went out with Luna and Rolf, that's Luna's husband, and we hid in the Tank. It took Zar awhile to realize then when he came looking for us, we ran from room to room. When he started to catch up to us we ran into his room and we ended up accidentally on purpose turning everything purple."

"Really?" Harry grinned.

Teddy laughed. "Yeah. Then we locked him out of the room until you guys came home. You and Jamie thought it was hilarious and Luna thought the color suited him," Teddy grinned. Zar, one of Harry's friend's, hated the color purple. Hated it. When Zar was little his mom had him and his sister pick what color to paint their rooms, he chose dark blue and his sister chose yellow. Instead of the pint that his mom bought being blue, it was purple. His mom bought the wrong one. He spent the majority of his childhood with a purple room and his sister and Harry and Jamie never let him forget it.

"How old were you?"

"I was about four and Cass was six about to turn seven I think."

Harry laughed. "Oh God that's- that's perfect."

Time Travel, You Say?

Dumbledore, the Headmaster of Hogwarts, sat behind his desk waiting for the Potter teens to come to his office. He looked up as the alarm on the stone gargoyle was triggered. He filled up the bowl he had with lemon drops. He hastily vanished the bag at the knock on the door. "Enter," he said. The two teens came in, he didn't even bat an eye at the blue hair the future teen was sporting. The elder wizard gestured toward the seats. "Please take a seat. Lemon drop?" He offered. Harry rolled his eyes and declined while Teddy jumped slightly. Dumbledore filed that away later, wondering why the boy would startle when he asks that every time someone enters his office. Unless he'd never heard it before… Dumbledore pushed that to the back of his mind.

"How are you both?"

"Fine," Harry said.

"And you, Teddy?"

"Adjusting," Teddy shrugged. It was true, he was adjusting as best he could given the givens.

"Mr. Potter," Dumbledore turned to address Harry, never looking him in the eye, "when Mr. Potter arrived, you said what seemed to be the beginning of a phrase and Mr. Potter finished it. You knew who he was telling the truth immediately. Please tell me how exactly you knew that."

Harry shifted in his seat and glared at the Headmaster, that wasn't a question. He closed his mind while making it seem as if he wasn't and said, "My apologies, Professor, but I'm not allowed to do that. I have to receive permission first."

"I'm sure you understand, of course," Teddy interjected. "After all, there are certain…things…you don't tell people. As well as the fact that you are only my father's Headmaster, not his guardian, ergo his private life does not concern you. Or am I wrong?" Teddy's eyebrow raised as he calmly looked at the man in front of him. Harry glanced at Teddy in interest and Teddy knew his father wanted to know what he knew. And he would know. In due time.

Dumbledore's eyes lost their twinkle. "You are of course correct, Mr. Potter. But considering Voldemort's return and his…" Dumbledore paused, searching for an appropriate word, "…interest in Mr. Potter, I was only concerned for your father's safety."

"About that interest," Harry leaned forward. "Why exactly does Voldemort want to kill me so badly?"

Dumbledore avoided Harry's eyes and looked over his shoulder. "You, a mere baby, had defeated him. Then again when you were a first year. That hurt his pride."

"But why did he try to kill me as a baby? Why me?" Harry pressed, ignoring Dumbledore's refusal to look at him.

"We can only guess," Dumbledore said. Harry glared. Dumbledore was keeping information from him. Important information that his son apparently knew, if the way he was fidgeting was any indication. Harry leaned back in his seat. He would find out from Teddy. Soon.

"You said you attended Hogwarts in your time, correct?" Dumbledore focused on Teddy again and changed the subject.

Teddy nodded. "I'm a fifth year. And a Gryffindor."

Dumbledore's lips twitched and his eyes twinkled again. "I wouldn't expect anything else, you are a born Potter after all. They've always been Gryffindors."

Teddy had to keep himself calm. He wasn't a born Potter. Meanwhile, Harry blinked in interest. He hadn't known that. He didn't really know anything about his father's family actually. He'll have to talk to Sirius.

"You'll be joining your father and his friends in their classes when term starts since you are fifth year. We just need to give you a different surname."

"Greyson," Teddy said immediately. The other two looked at him in surprise, for two completely different reasons. Teddy looked over at his godfather and when Harry caught his glance, he smiled in reassurance, letting him know that using the name was okay.

"Is that all Professor?" Teddy was suddenly anxious to leave and apparently his godfather could sense. Just as perceptive as Teddy remembered.

Dumbledore nodded and picked up a broken teacup. He cast the Portus spell and handed it to the boys. "Look out for your letters. In 3…2…1…" Teddy felt Harry tense as they were portkeyed back to Grimmauld.

Once the two Potters were gone, he called a house elf. "Tippy, could you inform Severus that he is needed in my office."

"Of course, Professor Dumbledore. Tippy's be right on it."

"Thank you, Tippy." When the elf left with a POP, Dumbledore rubbed his temples. It was going to be a long term.

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