Friends, Lovers and Companions

Disclaimer: Obviously not mine. I had to write this since J.K.R did not give H/Hr any thought. But she should have!

A.N: Stationed at the end of fifth year, after the debacle at the MoM.

Summary:Hermione finds Harry in the Gryffindor common room a few days after the DoM debacle. She comforts him and things just... take off from there. Contains nudity, lovemaking and the usual stuff that M rated stories are comprised of. This is not hardcore smut, though. Give it a read and please review. Note the rating, please as it's not for minors.

It was approaching midnight as flames roared in the fireplace in the Gryffindor common room, casting wavering shadows and bringing warmth, somewhat, to the form huddled into the chairs. A broken and despairing Harry Potter sat on one of the couches by the fireplace, his eyes unseeing and blank. Normally bright emerald eyes now were glazed a dull green as he contemplated what had happened over the past week. His face was thrown into sharp relief as the flames illuminating showed a boy who had aged almost ten years in a day. The lines on his face and dark circles around his eyes depicted the true anguish of a person who had lost almost everything and had come close to losing just that bit more in a single day.

Harry's thoughts were centered on two things. Sirius and Hermione. Two of his anchors to sanity and he lost one and come very close to losing another. Sirius was gone for ever, with not even a body remaining for a burial while Hermione almost had a funeral.

Fortunately due to Madam Pomfrey's delicate machinations, Hermione had recovered somewhat and was out of the Hospital wing after four days. She was recovering quickly and it brought some measure of comfort to Harry's tortured soul.

Hermione, said his mind. God, he was so foolish! His haste and incompetence had almost cost her life, and Harry had been beating up himself mentally since that day. He could never have forgiven himself if something had happened to her.

Yes, Ron was his best mate and his first friend. But Hermione had proven to be his best friend and his closest confidant. She had proven herself multiple times, when she braved the basilisk's stare to solve the clue, when she had hugged him in the potions chamber before he had faced Voldemort, when she had gone behind his back for the firebolt, inviting his anger to ensure his own safety, when she had thrown herself in front of him to shield him from Snape, Sirius, Pettigrew and Remus, when she had ridden Buckbeak with him to rescue his godfather even with her of heights ,when she had practised with him for the tournament without regard for her exhaustion and when she had brought murtlap juice for his hands, which were scarred and bleeding from Umbitch's blood quill. She had stuck to his side over the last year, even after the school had deserted him. Even Ron had been a little distant.

The aftershocks of the battle had brought some things into sharp perspective for Harry. Firstly, his actions over the year had been shameful, to say the least. He kept ignoring Hermione and went after Cho – Cho - who blamed him subconsciously for Cedric's death. His teenage mind had been so caught up in fantasies and puppy love that he had not even considered the amazing woman who had kept him company all the way.

He realised his feelings for Hermione just after she had seemingly fallen in battle, only relaxing after Neville's assurance that Hermione had a pulse. He felt as if someone had just torn his heart out through his mouth, he was that scared. He was in love, and with a woman who might want nothing to do with him after all that she had to bear because of him. He realised that the feelings that resulted due to seeing her in Krum's arms at last year's Yule ball were not that of a protective brother, but that of a jealous suitor.

He was broken out of his reverie as he heard the soft, feminine voice that haunted him these days.


Hermione Granger stood there at the top of the stairs to the girl's dormitories in a skirt and top as she looked at her friend and secret love worryingly. Harry seemed a lot more distant these days, she noted. He had been avoiding her after the battle, unable to look at her in the eyes. Whenever he thought she wasn't looking at him, she had noticed that there was an incredibly tender expression on his face as he gazed at her. Honestly she did not mind, she had often dreamt of that expression directed at her, not Cho. Like he was doing now.

"Harry, what are you doing here? It's past midnight, aren't you going to sleep?"

Harry looked at Hermione, he couldn't help but notice that she looked beautiful in the firelight. Masking his emotions he replied,

"I couldn't sleep Mione. What are you doing here? And why aren't you dressed for bed?"

"I was just going to, when I noticed the fireplace still alight. I had no idea it was you."

Looking at his haggard face, she made a decision.

"Let's go to the ROR. We'll have some privacy there."

Not in a mood to argue, he stood and silently followed her as they made their way to the seventh floor corridor. Once there, Hermione did the customary walk past the blank stretch of wall. Harry opened the door, his eyes widening as he beheld the room.

A warm fire roared in the fireplace while a queen size bed with red satin sheets was stationed in the corner. The table beside the bed held a tea tray with biscuits. It looked like a setting for an intimate night between lovers, not a discussion between two friends.

"Mione what is thi—"Harry began before he was interrupted.

"Don't argue Harry. You honestly need some rest. I thought you would get some here, away from the snoring cacophony that is your dorm."

Harry blushed inwardly, chastising himself for thinking lewd thoughts.

Hermione smirked inwardly, this was her chance to let Harry confess up to her if he held any feelings for her. If he did, she would be over the moon, if he didn't, then at least she had tried. Hence, she had asked the ROR for a comfortable and intimate setting. That and she honestly wanted him to sleep.

She had a crush on Harry since she was in third year. It had begun as they had rescued Sirius and her feelings had translated into love at the end of fourth year, which was why she had kissed him on the cheek at the train station as they had broken up for the summer. Krum was just there to make him jealous, and it had delighted her to see the brief flash of jealousy that had darkened his face at the Yule ball, before he had masked it. It had hurt her deeply to see him run after Cho like a lovestruck fool. She had kept her feelings close to her heart though, giving him advice inspite of her heart breaking. Now it seemed that he might just return her feelings. She was willing to take her chances tonight.

She led him to the bed, smiling inwardly as Harry seemed to stumble in after her in nervousness, acting jumpy and all cute. It made her yearn for him even more.

She sat on the bed, motioning Harry take his shirt off to lie down. He did so nervously, not trusting himself to be so close to his beautiful friend. She took his head on her lap, running her fingers through his hair and savouring his closeness. It felt so soft, just as she had imagined.

Harry was panicking now. His head was on Hermione's lap as she ran her fingers through his hair. He was extremely aware of his closeness to her. They had never been this close to each other, especially with Ron acting like a buffer. An unneeded buffer at that. He looked her, admiring her form in the golden light from the flames.

She had truly grown up, he mused. There had been a change in her bearing since the yule ball in their fourth year. Her hair had settled into lovely waves framing her beautiful face perfectly. Her lips were cherry red and they seemed to glisten in the firelight. Her milky skin seemed to glow in their intimate surroundings. Her form had developed a lot since third year, she filled out in all the right places. A lot of people couldn't tell of her lovely figure since the bulky Hogwarts robes hid a lot, but he had caught himself and many guys staring at the gentle sway of her hips as she had walked past them. Only he, Ron and the Gryffindor house had seen her without the Hogwarts robes and many entertained less than brotherly thoughts about her, of that he was sure. The thing he most admired about her was her heart though. Beautiful, gentle and giving, just like her. He truly couldn't have found a better friend than Hermione Granger. He was broken from his state by Hermione's sweet voice.

"What happened to you Harry? Why aren't you sleeping well these days? Apart from Sirius, I mean."

All lascivious thoughts fled at the question as he shot upright from his position on her lap. The heavy, thick guilt that had settled in the pit of his stomach returned in full force to constrict his heart. He felt himself losing control and tears spilled from behind his closed eyelids.

Hermione seemed to notice as she hugged him to her tightly. Her soft form surrounded him like a security blanket as he clutched her desperately and hid his face in her neck. His body shook with sobs as he repeated over and over,

"Merlin Mione! I'm so sorry, please forgive me."

Hermione gave him all the comfort he needed, she had expected something like this. Her heart went out to him as she clutched him to her chest.

"I almost got you killed Mione, it was all my fault. If you had died with Sirius, I would have died with you."

His body jerked as he heaved with great sobs.

"I can't live without you Hermione, I simply can't. When you fell at the ministry, it felt like someone was tearing my heart out. I love you too much to let-"he abruptly stopped as his heart hammered with what he had almost admitted.

Hermione was delighted inside. Harry loved her! She felt guilty at taking advantage of him in the vulnerable state of mind he was in, but she was not going to let this opportunity slide.

"What did you just say Harry? I don't think I heard you. Please don't dodge the question."

Harry felt incredibly nervous as he answered in a tiny voice "I love you, and I'm sorry for that. I know you do not have any sort of feelings towards me. I just hope that you don't stop being my -".

He was cut off as he found his arms full of soft, curvaceous witch. He had to hold her waist as he supported himself and her from overbalancing. Hermione was smiling ear to ear as she exclaimed. "Oh Harry I love you so much. You don't know I long I have been waiting for you to return my feelings."

Harry was stupefied, Hermione loved him back! His Mione loved him back!

He found himself staring at her lovely face, free of any sort of marks or blemishes. He put up a hand as he cupped her face, running his thumb over her cheek, marvelling at the silkiness and softness of her skin. Hermione closed her eyes at his caress, leaning towards his palm. They faces grew closer as their lips met in a delicate, and slightly awkward kiss. It quickly magnified into a hungry kiss between two lovers.

Hermione almost sighed out loud at the feeling of Harry's lips over hers. His lips were soft and slightly chapped as they gently massaged hers. He tasted of tea and treacle tart, just like she had thought. She pressed herself closer, wanting to feel all of him.

Harry couldn't believe his luck, his Hermione was kissing him. Her lips fluttered like petals as he kissed her hungrily, his hand holding her delicate jaw for greater access. He ran his tongue over the seam of her lips, seeking to explore her more. She answered, opening her mouth as he entered her mouth with his tongue massaging hers. Harry almost moaned out loud. She tasted of Hermione, only she could have a unique taste like this.

His hand found purchase on her hips as their tongues fought for dominance. Finally Hermione gave in as she surrendered to him. His hands slipped under her top to caress the soft curve of her waist, and he found himself getting incredibly hard as Hermione gave the most erotic sound he had ever heard in his life.

"Oh Harry….."

He pulled back from her as he took in her form. Her lips were swelled from all the kisses, her eyes half open and her hair was opened from its ponytail as her chest heaved from the passion.

"Are you sure Mione? Once we do this, there'll be no going back"

In response she pulled her wand out and cast the anti-pregnancy charm on herself as she looked at him half in lust and half in love, her doe like eyes tempting him and her soft tones called out to him.

"I've had a crush on you since our third year and have loved you since our fourth. Make love to me Harry."

Merlin, how could he resist?

He took hold of her lips again as he slipped one of his hands under her top and the other caressed her calf, feeling the silkiness of her flesh. She smelt like books, parchment and uniquely Hermione as he let go of her lips and took a deep breath. Her groan of disappointment due to their kiss being ended turned into a moan as he bent his head and caressed her neck with his lips.

He left hot open mouth kisses on her neck as she arched her head back, giving more of herself to him. His hands caressed her soft skin of her stomach under her top as kissed his way to the soft skin of her chest, Hermione whimpering as he gave little bites to her collarbone. Her whimpers turned into moans of ecstasy as he found her pulse point and sucked on it as his fingers ran delicately around her navel, teasing and tempting her. One of his hands eventually found the luscious curve of her breast and he caressed it intimately, looking into her eyes all the time, wanting to see how aroused he had gotten her. He finally cupped her breast over her bra, teasing the nipple as it hardened under his fingers.

His hands had gradually gotten a grip on her top as he looked at her, pulling off her top when she nodded. His breath caught in his throat.

She looked like a goddess given living form as her form glowed in the firelight. Delicate shoulders were each framed with a bra strap while her lacy red bra covered the creamy skin of her breasts which filled out their prisons exceptionally well. Her nipples stood out peeking through the thin silk of her bra. The cleavage her bra displayed was deep, dusky and looked so soft in the firelight that he almost groaned. It made him want to run his lips and teeth there, wanting to see her reaction. There was the slightly pink skin where her scar had almost healed. Her stomach was slim while the flesh of her waist looked incredibly soft, flaring out into hips which were hidden by her skirt. Her soft, creamy thighs disappeared beneath her skirt, his mouth watering as he thought of what awaited him under that skirt.

Hermione moaned as Harry pounced on her, his mouth devouring hers. He gradually licked and sucked his way to her neck and from there on to her cleavage. Her hands came around his head as she arched herself into his mouth. She held him to her as he ran his tongue on the edge of her bra, giving little kisses and licks to the satiny soft flesh there.

Hermione could not believe how good this felt. All of her most intimate dreams and fantasies consisted of giving herself to Harry, losing her virginity to him and yet, they could not compare to the real thing. He was wreaking havoc in her body and she was not even naked. Seeking to remedy that, she put her hands behind her, unhooked her bra and flung it aside, leaving herself bare waist up for Harry.

Harry looked at her in awe. Her breasts were perfect globes of flesh, very well proportioned for her age. Her cleavage called out to him, her nipples were a soft pink and to his surprise, there were no tan lines either. She looked into his eyes and answered the unasked question.

"Topless sun bathing at my home and the French Riviera."

Harry kissed her gently on her lips. "Merlin, Mione you are so beautiful. I'm so sorry. It's my fault for not noticing you earlier."

She smiled shyly as she reciprocated the kiss. "You can make up for the delay now."

His lips left hers and captured her earlobe as a soft moan escaped her. He gave a nibble to the soft and apparently very sensitive skin behind the soft shell of her ear and her moan changed into a whimper. His tongue gradually traced a wet, torturous trail down her neck that had her gasping and reaching for his hair to tangle her fingers in, giving her a nip here and there, and finally came to a rest between her breasts. He teased her, licking and sucking the soft flesh of her breast in ever decreasing circles, deliberately avoiding her nipple. Hermione moaned, gasped and tried to guide his mouth to where she wanted it the most while Harry teased her relentlessly.

"What do want Mione?" Harry asked her as he breathed on her perky nipples, which were already aroused.

She replied, her words slipping out as moans and pleas. "Please Harry, you know what I want, don't tease me."

"I need the exact words, Mione. What do you need?"

"Gods, please Harry I want you."

In response, Harry just brushed his lips against her nipples making her strain towards his mouth. "Not enough my love. Tell me."

She sighed brokenly, surrendering to his touch. "Merlin, Harry. I want you to touch me everywhere. Kiss me, suck me, love me, please."

Harry had reached the end of his patience too as he took her nipple in his mouth. Hermione cried out at the moist, seductive contact as he sucked her nipples voraciously, nipping at them and stroking them with flat, broad strokes of his tongue, relentlessly alternating between them. She held his head to her chest as she was ravished by the man above her.

"Oh Gods yes! Harry! Yes!" Moans slipped past her lips and she writhed against the silk sheets as Harry took his fill of her, sucking the whole of her breast into his mouth, not leaving a single inch untouched.

Meanwhile his hands were toying with the hem of her skirt, slipping underneath. Hermione arched off the bed in invitation as Harry slipped his fingers closer to the juncture of her thighs, feeling the heat. He stroked her upper thighs before he cupped her arse through her underwear. Her buttocks were firm and well-rounded and she sighed as he squeezed and massaged the perfect globes of flesh.

His hands then moved towards the juncture between her thighs and near the gusset of her panties. He took in the scent of her arousal before rubbing her most intimate part through her silky panties, feeling how wet and aroused she was. She gave a long, keening moan that had Harry ready to take her at once. His digits slipped into her cunt, brushing aside her panties and her cries rose in volume. After a few moments of plunging into her with repeated strokes of his fingers, he removed them from her wetness and meeting her eyes, sucked his fingers and her essence into his mouth, moaning at her taste. She tasted sweet and sour and unique. Hermione felt herself gush once more at the sheer eroticism as she met him with another searing kiss.

He unzipped her skirt and she lifted her ass up as he slipped it of her, taking her panties off as well and leaving her completely naked. Before he could do anything more she pounced on him reversing their positions, removing his jeans. Her eyes widened a little at the more than substantial erection that was straining against the fabric of his boxers and her hand. She grinned deviously as she slipped his boxers as well leaving him bare to her gaze.

He was not overly ripped, though Quidditch had provided him with enough definition to hold her interest. His strong arms flexed as he leant upon them, staring at her. The thing that had her attention was his manhood that was in her hands. He was may be eight, eight and a half inches in length and thick and pre-cum was already oozing from his slit. She began to stoke him with her hands, trying to bring him pleasure, at least to pay back some of what he had made her feel. Judging by his grunts and moans, she was doing pretty well.

"Ugh, Mione, that feels so good, please, oh God!"

Smirking, she took a long swipe with her tongue, running it from base to tip in one slow, exaggerated motion.

Harry nearly came undone. "Mione!" She continued her ministrations, hell bent on making him loose control.

Harry was half in hell and half in heaven. Hermione's inexperienced but talented tongue had him ready to come on the spot. Not yet, he reminded himself. Somehow gaining control, he flipped her, exchanging their positions. The sudden movement left Hermione startled and wide eyed.

He kissed her cute pout as he said, "That felt so good, Mione."

"Then why did you stop me?"

"Because tonight is all about you. We can do what you want another time. Besides, the first time I want to come would be within you." Hermione blushed.

He said nothing more, but the feel of his cock against her silky skin had him going crazy. He pressed gentle, loving kisses to her eyelids, lips, cheeks and forehead and had Hermione sighing at the loving gesture. He trailed his mouth to her soft belly, paying special attention to her breasts on the way. He scattered butterfly kisses across her stomach and waist and dipped his tongue into her navel, which left Hermione giggling.

He then looked into her soft eyes and spread her legs, settling himself between her thighs. His lips brushed against her bikini line, her inner thighs and it had Hermione nearly lifting herself clean off the sheets with an aching cry. He settled her slender legs in either side of his head on his shoulders as he inched towards her nether lips.

Hermione's breath caught in her throat at the sheer eroticism of the picture that Harry's head between her thighs created. She tried to rise up but ended up arching off the bed as Harry's tongue began to work on her. He licked her inner lips with big swipes of his tongue, occasionally dipping into the gash. She was already moaning, thrashing around as he settled his mouth fully over her cunt and began tongue-fucking her. After a few minutes, she was ready to come and she did, climaxing in a long, drawn out moan as Harry manipulated her clit with his fingers. Harry cleaned up her nectar and settled against her, his cock brushing against her groin.

"You ready Mione? It might hurt."

"I was a gymnast, Harry. Lost my hymen when I was thirteen."

She looked deep into his eyes, love shining in them as she said. "I was always ready for you Harry. Please make love to me."

He nodded and pushed against her, gradually easing her manhood into her willing softness. They both moaned in ecstasy at how good it felt. Hermione felt as if an empty part of her had been filled, an emptiness she didn't even know existed. Harry on the other hand, was moaning at the vice like feel of Hermione's vagina. She ground against him, encouraging him to move.

He did so, thrusting, going gently at first to ease her into the act. It took a lot of restraint from just fucking her senseless, but he angled himself this way and that, trying to hit her special spot. As she cried out at a particular thrust, he knew he had just gotten it.

"Oh Harry! Just there. Yes! Yes! Oh God, that feels so good."

Harry was ready to come apart at her moans and grunts. How many times had he dreamt of this, making love to Hermione Granger, listening to her moaning and crying out his name as he ravished her completely? It was happening now, Hermione writhing beneath him in absolute abandon as he took her.

Hermione could not believe how good he felt, inside her, around her, possessing her as she cried out in ecstasy. Harry Potter had just taken over her, heart, mind, body and soul. She let out moans, locking her legs and digging her ankles into his ass as she egged him on with impassioned cries.

"Harder Harry, faster! Take me Harry, make me yours for all eternity. Oh I love you so much! Yes! Yes!"

Harry, hearing her declaration of love, looked straight into her doe like eyes. She was looking at him, too. Her eyes had darkened with the passion of their lovemaking, going from their usual warm amber to a dark, chocolaty brown. He sped up, now literally fucking her into the bed, sheets all askew as he drove himself into her with all his strength and passion. Her cries egged him on, lending to the frenzy of lust and love.

"FUCK YES! Harry, just like that! I love you, so much. Oh! Oh! Oh!"

He sensed that he would soon come, it was taking a lot to control himself, so he bent down and sucked her earlobe while hotly whispering in her ear and rolling her clit between his fingers.

"I love you too, Mione. Come for me, love, come for me."

Harry soon felt her tightening around his length, as she cried out, angling herself to meet his hips.


She climaxed with a long cry of his name, taking him along with her.

"Oh Mione! I'm coming toooooooooo!"

He shot his cum into her depths, emptying himself and collapsing on top of her as they fell together into the bed, boneless and exhausted.

Hermione stroked his unruly hair as he rested his head on her soft bosom, nuzzling her nipple in affection. She could feel her heart literally swelling with love for the dark haired, emerald eyed boy. Harry lifted his head from her breast and looked at her, love shining in his eyes for this incredible woman he could call his friend, companion and after tonight, his lover and hopefully, girlfriend.

He reached up to softly kiss her, Hermione responding in kind, nibbling at his lips in an affectionate caress. After their impromptu kiss, he murmured,

"I love you Mione. I'm so lucky you decided to love me in return. Thank you so much."

She smiled softly, "Was there any doubt, Harry?"

He made his decision then and there. Looking deep into her soft, brown eyes, he spoke.

"I know that I'm a bit too late for this, but will you be my girlfriend, Hermione Granger? My love, my partner, and my one and only?" And someday my wife and the mother of my kids, he added mentally.

A single tear dripped from the corner of her eyes as she replied in a whisper so quiet, he had to strain to hear it. "Yes Harry, I'll be your girlfriend." And someday the mother of our kids, if you'll have me, she thought in kind.

With that, he gathered her to his chest and cuddled with her, drawing the sheets around them and shielding them from the world.

Voldemort, their friends and the world could come later, but for now, they had each other. And for them, that was enough.


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- I had to write them a loving union. My thoughts since I first read Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone in 1997 would not sit quietly otherwise.

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