Chapter 3:



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Last time...

"Come with me." His voice was little more than a growl at this point.

He wrapped his hands around her waist tightly, almost as if to erase all traces of Zabini's taint and dragged her to their private quarters. Giving the password to the smirking portrait that guarded their shared common room, he allowed her to step inside first and then followed. Once inside, he pulled her into his room and closed the door. Inside, he turned to face her.


Hermione was panting. Her breasts heaved from both arousal and from climbing three floors worth of stairs. Her nipples showed clearly through her dress and beads of perspiration ran down her neck. Harry followed one such drop of sweat with his eyes as it trailed from her hairline, down the side of her face, as it caressed her neck and collarbones and disappeared into the valley between her breasts.

He wanted to lick it up, to devour her, to ruin her for other men and to make her his, forever.

He removed his tuxedo coat and his bow tie as they faced each other, the material falling to floor in a muted whisper. They were expensive, but he couldn't care less.

She removed her gloves in return, beginning the night-long dance of seduction and sex. Harry's heated glare had her shivering in anticipation. Tonight, they would give themselves to each other. Of that she was sure.

Hermione started when he groaned and clutched at her, spinning her around to face the full length mirror in his room, pressing the full length of her backside against his body. He ground himself against her ample arse and squeezed her belly through the dress, the touch rough and sexual. Her arms involuntarily curved around his neck, clutching into his ebony curls, leaving her vulnerable to his caresses. When she saw them in the mirror, she moaned with abandon.

Oh God. He was going to make her watch. Make her watch as he seduced her, loved her and ravished her.

"Does this feel good Mione? Does it feel better than Zabini's touch?" he growled, dropping steamy kisses against her neck as he circled her navel through the satiny material of her dress with a finger.

"He's nothing compared to you, no one is." was her breathy reply, barely whispered even as she threw her head back against his shoulder and moaned.

His arousal, already at full mast, was becoming painful as her pressed himself against her, slipping his manhood between the crevice of her buttocks. She gasped.

"See what you do to me? Feel this?"

He sucked at a patch of soft skin on her neck, pulling the flesh between his lips and devouring it, intent on branding her. Her fingers in his hair tightened.

Oh god. This was more intense, more erotic, more heated, beyond anything she had ever fantasised. And they were only getting started.

"I've been in love with you for ages, Hermione Granger and tonight, I'm going to take you on my bed. Seduce you completely. Take you hard and fast. Slow and loving. Leave you breathless and sated like I have wanted to forever. You are mine, only mine."

Harry's hoarse growl of a confession had her spinning around in his arms and capturing his mouth in hers. She devoured him with all the urgency and alacrity her desperation and arousal had spawned. She whispered her love, her devotion to him between kisses as he reciprocated with interest.

"I love you too Harry James Potter. And tonight and for the rest of our lives, I'm yours. Mind, body, heart and soul, I'm all yours."

Every sentence was punctuated by a bruising kiss.

"There has never been anyone else in my heart, not now, not tomorrow and never again. Others can only look, but never touch."

His hands tightened around her waist, kneading the slim curve with a vengeance even as she removed his shirt. He was bare chested underneath.

Delicious, she thought.

"Make love to me Harry, take me, and all that I am."

She removed her earrings and the necklace and set it upon his dresser.

Harry's response was to pull the clip holding her hair together. Her curls cascaded down her shoulders, looking like a halo in the firelight, golden highlights shimmering through her hair. He could smell a hint of her hair product, it smelled like vanilla. It was the quintessential Hermione fragrance.

He moaned, slipped his fingers in her hair and turned his back on the mirror, so that their profiles were facing it. He pulled her head down, baring her throat to him, all soft skin, vanilla and creamy. His mouth watered.

Without further ado, he descended upon her exposed flesh with the fury of a starving man.

Her body and heart were his sustenance.

Her fragrance his air.

Her essence his drink.

His quest started at her earlobe as he pulled on it with his teeth and sucked. He was being a touch rougher than he would normally be, but the cocktail of jealousy and desire cooking in him had reduced his inhibitions.

Hermione gasped. His mouth was gradually tracing a hot trail from her earlobe to her cleavage, his tongue and teeth working magic on her. Her back arched involuntarily, letting him access to more of her. Her eyes fell on the mirror and she gasped. The erotic picture that they painted, with him feasting on her and her breasts heaving against him with her hands in his hair, had her sighing brokenly.

His hands were squeezing and tracing the contours of her arse. He could only feel the thin satin gown. It meant that either she was going commando, or she was wearing a thong. Both appealed to him, a lot.

"What's underneath there, Mione? Are you wearing anything under your dress or was it all a plan to tempt me?"

Harry's unexpected question had Hermione blushing. She had gone out and bought the lingerie at Christmas and it had cost a lot. It was something of a guilty pleasure. She loved sensual underwear. This one consisted of a very sheer silk bra and a thong. She shivered at the thought of Harry actually seeing in her in those, him stripping her naked.

"Why don't you find out yourself?" She whispered in his ear accompanied by a nip to the lobe.

"Bad move love." Harry growled against her.

He buried his face into her curls, taking a whiff of her fragrance.

And it was back to the mirror.

Hermione was forced to watch as Harry fondled her all over, him standing behind her. His hands were everywhere at once. They ran over her slim waist, from there on to her face, to her chest, over her thigh, his erection rubbing against her.

All the while he kept up a running commentary, whispering into her ear.

"God, I love you so much, Mione. So much." His mouth was on the delicate shell of her ear, nibbling at it. "I have been dying to touch you, love. For months, I've lusted over you."

Hermione arched herself into Harry's hands, her mouth pressed into his Adam's apple as she breathed, "Touch me where, Harry? Show me what you crave."

The question was accompanied by a lick to his throbbing pulse.

Her tongue, wet and seductive, set him on fire.

His hands shot to her breasts, cupping her, cradling them as he kneaded the delicate flesh.


He rolled her nipples – very prominent through the bodice of her gown – between his fingers. It had her arching into his touch as moans issued from her parted lips.


A single finger set her on fire. Caressing the gorgeous curve of her neck, from earlobe to shoulder.


She kissed his fingers as they traced her lips, as pliant as rose petals.


Harry cupped her core, her arousal evident to him. Her heat, moist and tempting, called to him through the layers of clothing.

"And here."

She sighed in surrender, her voice a trembling murmur.

"Oh Harry. Yes. Touch me all over."

Merlin, he had to get to get her out of her clothes. Immediately. His self-control was already well and truly fucked.

As Hermione watched in the mirror, Harry's fingers pulled the straps of her gown down her shoulder. She did a little shimmy, and the satin slithered down her body. It caressed her soft skin before falling to the floor, pooling around her feet in a soft puddle.

It also left her vulnerable to Harry's predatory gaze.

Harry couldn't think he could admire her more, but the vision in the mirror actually had him gaping, like a moron.

She was wearing a sexy little number in white. The straps of the demi-cut bra were transparent, while the garment itself showed her bosoms off spectacularly. Her nipples were hard and poked through the fine silk. A single areola peered out above the edge of the bra, a delicious contrast of alabaster and rosy pink that had his mouth watering.

And that thong.

It peeked out from between her creamy thighs and consisted of a slight triangle of silk that protected her modesty. It was held up by thin strings tied up in bows at her hips. From his vantage point he could see how soaked she was. Her inner thighs glistened with her arousal.

Because of him.

It was a feast to his hungry libido.

Hermione went completely still, watching and feeling, as a single, long finger traced her eyes, her cheekbones and her lips. She moaned softly as her eyes dropped closed. Harry's finger left a trail of over sensitized skin as it lightly skimmed her throat and her soft cleavage, even as it brushed past her left nipple, the silky curve of her breast, and her belly button - teasing her - on its journey.

Then the other digits joined in.

Harry pulled Hermione into a voracious kiss while his hand wreaked havoc on her. His fingers pushed her thong aside as they encountered her wet core, all ready for him. She let out a throaty sob when Harry fingered her, teasing her clit, softly petting it. Almost as if he was caressing a precious jewel.

And it was, to him.

The mouths were fused, their tongues hungrily delving inside the other's mouth. Each was fixated on tasting every nook and cranny of their lover's mouth during the oral feast, their tongues moving, plundering and caressing each other. Each was set on committing their first kiss to memory.

And then his finger dipped into her wet heat.

They both groaned out loud. Hermione was overwhelmed by the sensations that he was causing in her and Harry shivered as her channel gripped his digit tightly. The heat, moist and inviting, was irresistible. He started thrusting his fingers into her and Hermione squealed in surprise.

He added another finger and her squeals turned into moans. "Oh God! Harry, w-what are you doing to me?" She asked brokenly, grinding against him wildly.

"Like that, do you Mione? Is this wetness, this arousal all for me?" Harry growled as he pressed his thumb to her clit, skilfully manipulating her with his fingers.

"Yes Harry, all for you. I almost came just from dancing with you all evening."

Her mouth was glued to him and his other hand was at her breast, kneading it with gentle caresses.

She knew that she wouldn't last for long. The trifecta of sensations that Harry had set loose on her was rapidly dragging her to the precipice. Moans issued unabated from her mouth.

"Oh god this feels so g-good! Just like that!"

Harry added another finger, increasing the pleasure.

"O-oh! This is too m-much! HARRY!"

True to form, Hermione felt her climax hit. It hit her hard and fast, leaving her completely boneless and a pile of relaxed limbs. She had masturbated before, but it had never been this intense. Harry had her completely helpless and at his mercy.

"That's only the first one, Mione. The first of many."

Harry's voice, thick with sex and arousal, penetrated through her pleasure induced haze. She gulped.

I should NOT have teased him.

She squeaked as Harry lifted her into his arms, smirking broadly. He looked very pleased with himself. She buried her face in his chest, blushing.

In a single night, they had gone from friends to lovers. It had her mentally squealing in joy.

Harry carefully deposited her in his bed, propping her up against the pillows. She was a sight for sore eyes. A fantasy of many a boy.

Hermione Granger, his childhood friend, lay all sexy and dishevelled on his bed. Waiting for him. That piece of carnal knowledge caused him to growl in pleasure.

He was startled when Hermione spoke.

"Harry, have you done this before?"

Harry lay beside her, gathering her into his arms.

"Yes, I have. Does it bother you?"

Hermione bit her lip, kissing his chest as she answered.

"Yes it does. But it's not my first time either."

Harry breathed deeply. He knew he shouldn't be selfish. Still, it troubled him that Hermione had given herself to another man. The question came tumbling out before he could help it.

"Who was it?"

"First you. It troubles me too." Hermione's admission had him holding her tighter.

"I'm so sorry. Together?"

She nodded.



They turned to look each other in the eyes, both now faintly amused. Harry spoke.

"That was a stupid question."

Hermione quirked an elegant eyebrow as she spoke, cuddling against him.

"Yes it was. But I can tell you, there was no spark between me and him. After that one foolish act, Ron and I knew that we could never be together. He was as remorseful as I was."

Harry sighed in resignation.

"Same here. Ginny insisted. I figured I had no chance with you, so I gave in. Once. A week later she and I broke up. But I digress."

The heat was back in his voice. Hermione shivered.

Here we go again.

"That doesn't matter anymore. What matters is that I have you, Hermione Granger, the love of my life and the desire of many boys, in my bed tonight. For the rest of our lives, I will spend my time showing you how much I love you. You can be sure of that."

Hermione blushed softly at his words.

"I love you too. But Harry, really? Desire of many boys?"

Harry looked her straight in her eyes.

"One word." Hermione looked inquisitive.


Then she looked disgusted.

"Please Harry. No mentioning other people. I still feel unclean from earlier this evening. Sorry for that, by the way."

Harry growled with protectiveness. He couldn't help it. No one apart from him, was going to touch Hermione any more if he had a say in it. He nipped at her pulse.

"Did it feel good when you were watching us in the mirror, love?"

"Mmmmmmmmmmmmmm." She shivered and he knew. It had aroused her, watching him play with her body.

"Watch the ceiling Hermione. There's going to be more."

As her eyes lifted up, Harry wiggled his fingers.

She gasped.

A large mirror had materialised on the ceiling. It was framed in gold and was positioned perfectly above his king sized bed. She could see every detail of themselves in it.

Fuck. I think I know him, and here he goes and surprises me even more. Merlin, I love this man so much!

She moaned as she watched Harry crawl over. His frame almost covered her. He had removed his glasses and pants somewhere in the meantime and just like that, he was directly on top of her. Emerald met cinnamon. There was love, there was lust, and there was trust in their gazes.

"Soul mates. You and I."

Hermione's whisper to him rekindled his arousal, not that it had settled down that much.

"Yes. You're mine and I'm yours, forever."

Her legs fell open as he settled in between them, their hips were cradling each other's. One hand stroked her silky skin and hitched her leg up to wrap it around his waist while the other slipped behind her to unclasp her bra. She moaned, soft and keening as it came loose.

He rocked against her. She gasped. It felt too good, his hardness against her. Her head fell back and her body arched into his embrace. He threw her bra somewhere, taking in the newly revealed flesh.

He had looked at her cleavage - silken, alluring and mysterious - many times while they had danced. The mystery notwithstanding, reality did not disappoint. Soft, perfect globes of creamy flesh, more than a handful, called out to him. They were topped with a pretty shade of pink. The only blemish there was the one she had gotten in their fifth year in the battle at the DoM. A thin, pink discolouration amidst the lush, dewy flesh.

He felt blessed. She had sacrificed so much for him, this beautiful, sexy woman.

Desire and anticipation were cooking in Hermione's belly as she watched Harry gaze upon her with love and lust in his eyes. His eyes had darkened to a forest green. She felt loved. She felt blessed.

Still, her eyes kept going to the mirror above them.

Harry noticed and chuckled, a low, throaty sound that made the knot of arousal in her belly tighten even more.

"How do we look, love?"

Their reflections were in the classic missionary position. Her legs around his waist and her vulnerable underneath him, as he rocked against her.

Harry and Hermione.

Potter and Granger.

The Ultimate Team. She was captivated by the image. It would stay with her, forever.

Only one word came to her mind.


He laughed in that same low tone as he descended upon her to attach his mouth to her neck. Her hands shot to his hair, holding him tightly as he pleasured her body. Her gaze was still fixed on their reflections as they moved together. The contrast of her creamy white complexion against his light tan was intensely erotic. Harry was sucking her flesh into his mouth with every kiss, suckle and nip he gave to her body. Her eyes tracked him as he took his fill of her, she giving him all that he wanted from her without restraint. He was literally branding her, setting her ablaze with every pass of that talented mouth of his.

Harry's mind was whirling as he dined on her. Her lips were opened just a fraction, her eyelids heavy as she watched him. Her skin was so soft and creamy and it tasted heavenly. It yielded easily beneath his lips as he blazed a path to her chest. He knew that he would never get enough of her. Her long legs were wound around him and she writhed beneath him, grinding against his thigh as moans issued out of her parted lips.

Eventually, after leaving two or three hickeys on the graceful column of her neck, his mouth was hovering over her breasts. He breathed on the rosy peaks of her breasts, a gush of hot, moist air and she arched herself in response, seeking the wet heat of his mouth. He cupped the soft curve of flesh and angled it towards his face.

He was done waiting.

"Ever dreamed of this Mione? My lips on every delicious curve of your body, bringing you pleasure. All night long."

Harry's sudden question had her shifting her eyes from their reflections to him. She just got a glimpse of the pink hue of her right nipple before it disappeared into his mouth.

She stifled a gasp.

It was intense. It was erotic. All she could do was writhe and moan as Harry feasted on her supple flesh.

Harry was no less affected. Hermione Granger's breast was in his mouth and it was the sweetest flesh he had ever tasted. His fantasies paled in comparison to this. Her body had arched off the bed in response and her hands were fisted in his hair as he took in the silkiness and the softness of her breast. He gave her tortured nipple a slight scrape of his teeth and her back arched even more, driving more of her delicious flesh into his mouth as she gave into him.

"Harry! O-Oh! This feels so goooooooooood!"

Hermione's mind had stopped working. Every stroke of his tongue, every nip of his teeth and every suck of his lips had her thrashing about on the bed as he ravished her. Meanwhile, one of his hands was kneading the neglected twin and the other caressed the curve of her waist. She knew that her breasts were sensitive and Harry was making good use of the knowledge to drive her insane.

His mouth was voraciously sucking her nipple and a good portion of the breast with the hunger of a dying man. Quite possibly as if she was the last thing he would ever taste. He then shifted his attention to the other breast, giving it the same erotic treatment.

She was ready to come apart.

But then, Harry stopped his ministrations. Hermione's eyes popped open as she looked at him.

He had stopped just moments from her climax and was smirking at her. That cocky, assured, damnably sexy smirk of his.

"Harry? Wha-"

He silenced her with a finger to her lips. His smirk softened to yearning.

"I need to taste you, love. Will you let me?"

She wondered what exactly he was asking for. Then her face reddened.

This would be a first. She replied softly with a hint of shyness, "Harry, no one has ever done that to me before."

A surge of manly pride washed through him. He would be the first and last man to feast on her, to get to taste her lovely essence, to make her come. He spoke in a low, seductive tone.

"I'm going to ravish you love. I'm going to feast on you and make you fall apart." He gave her breasts a single lick, bathing the nipples with his saliva and then blowing on them to emphasise his point.

She was panting with him now. The picture he painted, his head between her thighs while he devoured her core was deliciously erotic. Pleas slipped past her lips.

"Yes Harry. Take all of me. I'm all yours now."

He didn't waste time. Planting suckling kisses all down her body, playing with her belly button on the way, he eventually arrived between her thighs. He nuzzled at the soft silk of her thong and breathed a rush of air on her core, which was absolutely drenched by now. She smelled delicious.

Hermione couldn't help it, her hips arched of their own accord, seeking the heat of his mouth.

"Harry, please…."

His lips made trails up and down her inner thighs, ghosting over her soft skin, teasing her continually. All the time she shifted and moaned restlessly as she pleaded him to end the torture.

In response, he tugged the ties to her thong with his teeth and they fell open. She lifted her ass off the mattress invitingly and he slipped the thong off her. The sight before him had him drawing in a shuddering breath. Her core was completely bald and dripping with her arousal, small streams of her juices soaking the sheets below her. He grasped her hips ad arse and pulled her towards his waiting mouth.

She drew a gasping, tortured gasp of anticipation as he licked his lips.

The next moment, she was crying out in rapture as he completely devoured her delicious flesh. His mouth was opened wide and completely covered her core. She literally shredded the duvet with her nails as he took a long suck of her pussy. His teeth were nibbling at her clit and his tongue was tracing the lips of her womanhood, collecting her juices and drinking them in.

"Oh Harry! Mmmmmm, Merlin that feels so hot!"

"You taste delicious, love. Merlin, I could spend my life drinking you in."

His groan from between her legs put the situation for her in stark perspective. Harry Potter, the reason for her daily fantasies was servicing her orally. Their reflections on the mirror above were absolutely enchanting. Harry's head was directly over her groin, her thighs over his shoulders and she was helplessly writhing in desire. It made for some really sensual fantasies.

Hermione's mouth was open and she continually moaned as he feasted on her. His long, dexterous tongue had slipped past her inner lips and was slithering in and out of her slick channel. It felt so good that she barely had a moment to take a breath.

All too soon, she felt her belly tightening in tension. She was sobbing by now.

"M- more! Yes love, more! I'm going to come Harry, please make me come."

A few more seconds of his talented mouth and she came in a long cry of his name.


He gave her a moment to come down from her high as he drank in the last of her juices. She looked sated, satisfied and incredibly graceful as she lay in his bed.

"Did it feel good, Mione?"

A lazy smile spread across her lips at his question. She stretched languidly as she answered him.

"Oh yes, Harry. It feels damn good." A coy smile was playing around her lips. "Does this mean you are finished with me?"

His answer to her question was to slip his boxers off. Hermione gasped as she beheld his erect manhood. Thick and circumcised, there was no doubt how much their coupling had affected him. He was larger than Ron, she was sure of that.

"Does this look like I am finished, love?" Harry ground against Hermione, her thighs cradling him. Both took a sharp breath. This felt incredible. His hardness against her soft warmth was torture for both of them.

"I can't wait any longer, Mione." Harry whispered to her.

Hermione smiled at him, a smile filled with love, warmth, gentleness and all things Hermione.

"Then don't, love. Make me yours."

Bit by bit, Harry slipped inside her with excruciating slowness. His intention was to allow her to adjust, but Hermione had other ideas. Hooking her heels behind his arse and her hands around his neck, she pulled him close. The result was his member sheathing itself inside her in one long, smooth stroke.

Hermione's back arched and she almost came at how good this felt. Harry stretched her in ways she didn't know were possible. He was hitting all the right spots within her, pulsing inside her.

"O-ooooooh Harry! That feels so good." His name slipped past her lips, almost in prayer.

He had never felt so at home before. Her inner muscles were squeezing him just right, giving him more pleasure than he had ever experienced. They fit like two pieces of a puzzle. It was a clichéd thought, but nothing truer could be said for this .Ginny had been nothing compared to this.

Harry looked at her in the eyes as he began to move. Her eyes had darkened to black in lust. They were moving together in sync, her nails leaving shallow trails across his back as they writhed together in the throes of passion. It only served to spur him on.

"Oh! Oh! Harry! Faster, love. Fuck me harder!"

This night was about her. He had to demonstrate how much he loved her. They had wasted almost three years with other people because of their blindness.

Well, no more. He was hers and she was his.

Harry whispered into her ears as he pounded into her. "God, it feels so good inside you, love. Does it feel as enjoyable to you as it does to me?"

Hermione clutched him closer. His face was in the crook of her neck as they moved together. Her eyes on the mirror, she answered him.

"God Harry, that mirror is torture. We look so good together on it." Her eyes shifted to his. "It feels like heaven, having you in me. I love you so much."

Harry thrust faster into her, hell bent on making her come before he did. His pride and love were at stake here. He shifted into various positions, trying to find her g-spot. At one particular angle, her cries increased in volume.

"Yes! Harry, right there! Oh Merlin!"

Harry kept at it, driving himself into her for all he was worth. Her moist, warm, slick channel was going to be his undoing. He didn't know much more he could hold out, it was becoming increasingly difficult. He whispered in her ears.

"Come for me, my love. Surrender to me. I'll catch you." This beautiful woman under him was his love, his life and his brightest spot of the day. He could never love a person any more than he did to her.

Hermione chose that moment to let go, his words proving too much for her.


He had not come yet, so he shifted into behind her and lifted her to her knees. Hermione let herself be handled, too weak to disagree. Besides, he had not come yet. She had to admire his stamina. They were kneeling down on the bed, he behind her, still connected as he resumed his thrusting. The pleasure was exhilarating.

"Mione, I'm going to make you come for the last time tonight. You ready?"

She turned to him and graced him with a soft smile.

"For you? Always."

Harry's hands were on her breasts, his lips feasting on her neck as he fucked her senseless with hard and fast strokes. He was letting go of all his restraints for what was most likely to be their final coupling of the night. He wanted to bring her maximum pleasure, to imprint himself on her for all eternity. Judging by her cries, he was succeeding.

"Fuck, Harry. Fuck! Oh god, Oh god, Oh god, Oh god!"

She let go of him and slumped against the mattress as he pounded into her from behind. Already having come three times, she was sure the fourth one was on its way. She increased the pressure on his member, her muscles meeting him thrust for thrust.

"Come with me Harry, fill me up." She had to take him down with her. "Inside me, my love."

Harry felt it. Her channel had become tighter all of a sudden and all that extra pleasure was going to take a toll on him. His climax was fast approaching.

"I'm coming, Mione. I'm coming! FUCK!"

Harry erupted inside, filling her with his seed in large spurts. The sudden warmth inside her was all she needed to climax herself, as she writhed around her bed.

They slumped to the bed in unison. They had spent almost two making love and it had left them tired to the bone. Harry cuddled her soft form against his chest and smoothed her sweaty locks away from her face. He grinned adoringly at her.

"How was that? Are you mine now?"

She smiled at him and nodded. A slow, sated smile that had him falling in love with her all over again.

"As I said before."

His look changed to inquisitive and she quirked her lips in a teasing smile.

"Orgasmic, my dear."

- The End -

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