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Warnings: implied Character Death, Fem!Harry, established Phil/Rose

This is just a short little scene that has been circling in my head. It's not related to Petal, but it wanted to get out. So there you go. I might add chapters if you want me to and I know how I want them to continue.

Hope you enjoy!

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The Avengers gathered for Phil Coulson's memorial service in a still standing bar near Stark Tower. Pepper had organized a private room for them, as well as the attendance of the cellist from Oregon the agent had loved. Clint and Natasha had insisted she would want to be included even if they never met beforehand.

Thor, Steve, Bruce and Tony were already there, waiting for the assassins and the mystery woman to arrive.

Five minutes after the eccentric billionaire, two redheads and Hawkeye entered the bar, looking for their group. The unknown woman gently squeezed Clint's hand who seemed quite guilt-ridden. She had a look of sad acceptance on her face, obviously not very surprised about her boyfriend's demise. However, there was a definite note of love mixed in too.

Steve and Thor stood respectfully, followed soon by a nervous Bruce and finally Tony. Natasha nodded approvingly.

Or as approvingly as she would get.

"Rose, this is Thor, Steve Rogers, Dr. Bruce Banner and Tony Stark. Everyone, this is Rose Potter," Clint introduced with forced cheerfulness.

"It's nice to meet you, although not exactly the best circumstances," the newly-identified Rose replied politely. There was a distinct British accent ringing through her words.

"So, you are Agent's cellist?" Tony asked curiously.

Rose smiled slightly. "Yes. You must be the kiddies Phil babysat at one time or another?"

Natasha's lips twitched upwards as a small appreciative smile appeared on Stark's face.

"He watched too much Super-Nanny," Clint grumbled under his breath in an attempt to diffuse the awkwardness.

"What is a 'Super-Nanny'?" Steve asked confused.

"It's a TV show. A family contacts the channel because they need help with child-rearing and she most often solves their problem within one episode," Natasha explained patiently.

Steve, Tony and Bruce blushed in varying degrees but laughed nonetheless.

Thor chuckled: "The Son of Coul wished to enact such a show?"

Rose nodded. "Phil always used her tricks on his underlings. They always listened in the end."

"Is there anything we can do for you?" Bruce inquired shyly.

The Brit smiled kindly but shook her head. "No, you already have done all you could by stopping the alien invasion and avenging Phil's death. I just wanted to thank you all for that. If there is ever a time you need help or just somebody who is willing to listen without immediate judgement, please feel free to contact me."

Rose reached into her small black purse and pulled out several calling cards, handing them to each Avenger. Natasha said something in Russian before thanking her in English, stowing away her card very carefully. Clint followed suit, gingerly handling the piece of paper as if he was afraid of it exploding anytime soon.

"I've not always been a cellist, so you will find I might be more useful than you imagine now," the foreigner admitted with a small grin.

Tony checked his card over. Only her name - Rose Potter, on the front - and an elaborate coat of arms (on the back) had been printed on the paper.

"How are we supposed to call you if there is no number on here?" the billionaire asked intrigued.

The petite redhead simply smiled. "It's a calling card, Mr. Stark. Trust me, I will receive your message when you need my assistance. However, I have to leave now. Fury wanted to talk to me about something."

"But... How?"

Rose turned around in the doorway. Her hazel eyes still glazed with sadness but now also sparkling with a newly kindled mischievous twinkle.

"Magic, Mr. Stark. Magic."

With those ominous words, the redhead turned around, vanishing into the night. She left a group of mostly confused Avengers behind.

However, they would soon find out Rose Potter was as good as her word.