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The Poodle-Incident of 2012

Rose left the bar quite quickly after handing out the (magical) calling cards. There was nothing she wished more rather than to escape the compassionate-pity from the so-called Avengers.

Giving them her real name had been a stroke of genius which she congratulated herself for considering Stark's hacker-tendencies. After all, every single one of her old files - the mundane, computer-accessible files, at least - had been either deleted or altered to avoid connection between Rosalie Evans and Rose Potter.

Moreover she was equal parts curious about whatever Fury wanted to tell her and anxious too.

According to the redhead's experience, it was always better to get those kind of summons over with as soon as possible.

Especially when they came from the Director.

Therefore Rose Apparated into her small, lifeless office (which she had been issued for this simple reason, mostly), not expecting someone to notice anyway. Other agents tended to avoid her after the attack on the Helicarrier.

The witch walked briskly down the corridors towards the bridge, ignoring the whispers as she went by. If they didn't even have the guts to come out and tell it to her face, they weren't worth getting riled up over.

Or so Rose thought.

Her hazel eyes drilled into Fury's when she entered the room.

"Director," she acknowledged reluctantly respectfully - although none of her emotions actually shone through her icy mask.

"Agent. Follow me."

Fury led her into a small office, down the corridor, even opening the door for her.

Behind said door, someone waited.

Before Rose could even contemplate giving in to this itching urge to throttle Fury or that someone, she clenched her fists, mentally focusing on her old broom-kit. She didn't want to regret anything later.

"Talk. Now," the witch ordered, barely restraining the rage in her voice. Her tone thankfully implied the 'or I'm going to kill you' well enough.

"Loki did kill Agent Coulson - for approximately three seconds. A team of SHIELD medics was able to revive him which a Healer that owed you a favor completed. Agent Coulson woke five hours ago, forcing me to contact you," the Director cautiously (if you knew what signs to look out for) replied.

Phil had not looked away from her face once as if he was drinking all of the details. Like a starving man inhaled food.

Rose decked Fury, rage finally winning over.

"'Forced' you? Forced you! I thought Phil died, you prick! Grieved for him! Have you any idea what emotions actually are or do you just pretend? For fuck's sake! I know you know we've been sleeping together for years now. You bastard! Are you even planning on telling Hawkeye or Black Widow? Probably not. Do you know how much they are grieving? Barton couldn't even look me in the eye, because guilt is eating him up inside you...! Urgh! I can't even find words to describe you!"

The witch decided then and there she should have been punching the Cyclops straight from the start. It was too satisfying.

She grabbed Phil's arm, sending a few well-placed curses at Fury, then she Apparated them to her apartment.

"I'm sorry for..." her boyfriend began before Rose kissed him fiercely. Afterward she slapped him lightly.

"That's for doing something stupid. I'm the one in this relationship to get herself landed in the hospital due to reckless behavior on missions. There can only be one or we're both gray before our time. Understood, Coulson?"

"Yes, ma'am," Phil smirked slightly.

"Wonderful. Now snog me silly, you prat. Then we can discuss whatever we'll do next," Rose ordered. "Or else I'm really going to hex you."

Laughing relieved, her favorite agent proceeded to do just that.

Maria Hill searched for her boss, slightly worried. (More for the mountain of paperwork another attack would produce than her employer. He could look after himself well enough.) Fury hadn't been seen in half an hour - nothing to worry about, certainly - if he didn't plan on returning twenty minutes ago.

Apparently Agent Evans had been the last one seen with the Director - leaving to a private room, no less.

Finally a pimply techie pointed her towards an abandoned office close to the bridge, mentioning that neither Fury nor Evans had been sighted out of the room ever since entering it.

Squaring her shoulders in determination, Hill cautiously knocked on the door.

No one answered.

Ignoring standard protocol, the second-in-command, entered guardedly. Agent Evans' temper became something of a legend at SHIELD over the years.

Although Hill knew about the Wizarding World, she had never suspected the redhead to be a part of the secret society. Until discovering her...present.

To the spy's understandable surprise the whole office was empty, except for a dog.

A poodle, to be more exact.

A poofy*, pink poodle with a yellow, polka-dotted eye-patch yipped helplessly up at her.

The magenta collar around its neck read: Nick Fury 2.0.

At the same time, Clint Barton received a very curious message on his phone. It included a picture of a pink poodle which was glaring at the camera, sent by a certain redhead.

'Tell Nat that Phil is alive and well. I might have kidnapped him, for a while, after turning Fury into this delightful pet. Love, R
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* I meant 'fluffy' but it sounded better