Beyblade Metal Heroes: Season 1-Darkness Transcends

Hello everyone! I'm deciding to do an OC story because I've never tried one before. Anyway, the OC form is at the end of this chapter. Please read and review. Also, this story takes place in-between Metal Fury and Shogun Steel. It acts as sort of a bridge between the two series. Something was bound to happen in-between right? I don't own beyblade but I do own my OC's and this storyline.

Warning: Rated T for high violence and swearing. This is a very dark toned story compared to the anime once we move further into the story.

NOTE: The chapters will get better as they go on as my writing improved as I wrote it. GREATLY! Max really borders close to being a Gary-Sue right at the start but becomes more grounded as the story goes so don't get to bogged down because the story get's really good once you get to some of the newer chapters.

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This summer.

Cue suspenseful music.

The starry sky is suddenly filled with fire and a meteor comes down and shoots off into the distance.

"Soon, everything will change."

A new battle is here.

The meteor from before crashes down onto sand and explodes.

A new evil is here.

From the fire of the meteor emerges an explosion of dark energy with blood red eyes.

"Soon, everyone is going to know what true suffering is."

A new age is upon us.

A boy with brown hair wearing a red jacket and black jeans looks out into the distance to see only destroyed buildings and fire.

A new hero will rise.

A group of kids, silhouetted, emerge from the fire at a building. The one at the front holds up his hand and it glows red in an omega shape.

"They will all scream for mercy."

A new war will be waged.

Shots of a mystical gold realm and shots of a dark purple realm are shown.

Two cloaked people with triquetra glowing scars stand at one side of a bey arena.

A new destiny is at hand.

The boy with brown hair from before steps up to a bey arena and readies his bey. As he launches, he declares "Let It Rip!"

New beys.

Cue action music (Duel of the Fates).

A red and a black bey clash in an arena before creating an explosion.

A red armored knight appears and slashes at a fox.

A phoenix composed of fire rises into the air and shrieks.

Two beys spring from launchers and clash mid-air.

"Many will fall. Many will die."

New heroes.

The boy with brown hair shouts, "Let's heat this up Swordsman!" He throws his hand into the air and a red armored knight bursts from his bey.

A girl with shoulder length black hair emerges from a black cocoon with red armor on. She cries, "Believe in yourself and you will always win!" From her bey appears a golden brown lioness with a pendant with a ruby jewel in it.

Another girl appears, this one with red hair. She exclaims, "Show them who's boss!" as a phoenix bursts out of her bey.

This time a new boy appears, one with silver hair, standing with two spirits. He declares, "Burn them up Gryphos!" as a griffon/dragon hybrid appears in the air and roars.

"Those who resist will suffer for eternity."

New enemies.

A blue angelic man holding a staff with two snakes coiled around it flies through the air before growing demonic features.

A bey battle is suddenly surrounded by a shadow dome.

A dark figure laughs malevolently as a purple bolt of lightning bursts from his bey.

A girl with silver blond hair is surrounded by jade green energy and a serpent like creature appears in front of her and hisses.

New powers.

The boy with brown hair generates an orb of red energy and throws it at something unseen.

Two girls battle, one in red armor and one in black armor. Both have swords and are in an intense sword fight.

An explosion of black energy causes a building to crumble.

A wall bursts open with blue energy and kids inside the classroom scream as the ceiling collapses and the windows shatter.

"The dawn of evil is here."

There's action.

A stream of fire shoots up into the air.

A light in a bey arena blinds the crowd.

The red knight and the blue angle clash with their weapons, a sword and a staff.

A dark blizzard blows around the arena, causing destruction.

A tempest of winds surrounds an arena, blowing everyone back.


A king falls to the ground, a sword sticking out of his back.

The boy with brown hair launches himself through a window.

An assortment of soldiers and knights stand ready for battle.

The top of a tower breaks off and falls towards a group of screaming people.

A couple of kids leapt across a ledge as the building they were just standing on explodes.

Two beys clash with full power, sending sparks flying in all directions.

"Soon the world will be ushered into darkness."


An entire castle crumbles to the ground.

A classroom explodes.

A couple of kids, screaming, are sucked into a giant tornado.

A group of bladers turn around to face a giant spider.

A hallway is flooded by tones of water.

This time, they'll need everything they can get to win.

"We stand as one," says the brown haired boy as he and a group of bladers put their hands together.

A line of beys spins towards an unknown object.

A demonic shadow beast lunges towards a bey and a boy.

"We are cancelling the apocalypse!" declares the voice of a spirit.

The brown haired boy holds up a sword with an army of kids behind him.

The Prince of Fire.

The brown haired boy runs on top of a building with his bey spirit, the Red Knight at his side.

"I'll fight till the last breath leaves my body!" he cries as his bey explodes into flames and launches itself towards an opposing bey.

The Goddess of Light.

The girl with black hair from before falls downwards with her bey flying next to her.

"Believe in yourself and you will always win!" she exclaims as the Lioness roars at an opponent.

The Spirit Caller.

The boy with silver hair is on his knees, injured and stares at an opponent with fiery eyes.

"I'll never stop fighting!" he declares as his bey, while on fire like a supernova shoots downwards.

The Fire Breeder.

The second girl from earlier fights against a powerful wind with a phoenix at her side.

"Let's raise the bar shall we!" she shouts as her bey speeds forward while on fire.

And the Queen of Ice.

Another girl wearing a black dress and standing with a white alicorn in an ice field is shown.

"It's now or never!" she cries as the alicorn unleashes a blue energy stream from its wings.

The thrilling sequel to Metal Fury.

The boy with brown hair throws his hand out as he is surrounded by a red aura.

A bey smashes into another bey from above, creating an explosion.

"Evil is upon us. The end is near."

And the epic prequel to Shogun Steel.

The crowd watches a battle in suspense.

A scorpion spirit and a wolf spirit clash with each other.

A vortex of fire surrounds a battle and creates a blast.

Some kids run from explosions with many falling down and screaming.

"It's here. It's time for…"

A giant explosion appears before everything immediately becomes black and silent.

"…Darkness to transcend."

Cue epic music.

Beyblade Metal Heroes

Season 1: Darkness Transcends.

From the sky shoots down a red supernova/meteorite.

"Darkness doesn't die. It just evolves."

Out now! A new epic beyblade tale begins. For more info go to the profile of Siderisn or read on.


Once, before there was light, before there was darkness, before there was order, before there was chaos, before existence itself lay nothing but a mystical embodiment. The Creator. Eventually, the Creator created the plane of existence that the world and everything evolved from. However, in order to maintain the perfect world and the perfect balance, the Creator decided that only the balance could exist to sustain this. However, the first form of "life" was created, and in turn destroyed the perfect balance and began the time of the universe. Thus, creating light and darkness, and chaos and order.

Many millions of years later, humans began using the power of order and chaos for themselves Creating the original Order-Chaos War where the two powers fought for control of the other. Eventually, the power was passed down from Father to Son and Mother to Daughter. Eventually, the war erupted into a final battle for control, where the two core powers were sealed away. Until now. The awakening of an age-old evil will bring them back and begin the war again. And this time, there is more at stake then ever before.

Previously on Beyblade:

Beyblade. The game that has gripped the entire world. Bladers battle it out with metal spinning tops using special moves and their experience to defeat their opponents. But not all wish to use these for good.

The Dark Nebula headed by the twisted Doji steal the Forbidden Bey Lightning L-Drago and give it to Ryuga, apparently killig Ryo Hagane in the process. Ryo's son Gingka takes up the challenge to defeat the Dark Nebula and reclaim the Forbidden Bey. While on his journey, Gingka fights many battles and gains many friends, rivals and enemies. Despite a crushing defeat at the hands of Ryuga, Gingka fights his way to the top of the Battle Bladers tournament to face him in a furious final battle. Despite Ryuga's dark moves crippling Gingka's tactics, he uses the power of friendship to unleash Galaxy Nova and free Ryuga from L-Drago's dark power. However, at the cost of this was Gingka's precious bey Storm Pegasus.

However, Gingka manages to discover the Legendary Bey Galaxy Pegasus and tame it, intending to continue his journey. After meeting blader Masamune, Gingka puts together Team Gan Gan Galaxy for the Wold Championship Tournament. Quickly, the team discover that there is more behind Team Star Breaker then they realize. Leading this team is Dr. Ziggaraut, who has created the Spiral Core, a weapon of mass destruction and intends to sell it to the highest bidder. However, Gingka and his friends manage to infiltrate Hades City and manage to stop Ziggaraut with the help of a redeemed Ryuga.

Gingka's greatest challenge was just about to begin however. When the Star Fragments land on Earth, Gingka's bey is transformed into Cosmic Pegasus and Gingka must find the remaining legendary bladers to stop the malicious Nemesis. In a furious and epic final battle, Gingka faces the reborn evil and defeats it with the help of every other blader in the world, apparently vanquishing the darkness for good.

But the darkness doesn't play fair. It doesn't stay down for long. It's never gone, it just evolves and get's stronger. And soon it will rise again, wanting revenge for its predecessor's downfall. But more then one new enemy awaits, all biding their time, waiting for the moment to strike.

With the word of beyblading shattered after the Nemesis crisis, the WBBA had attempted to keep the game going and have opened numerous beyblade academies around the world in order to train the next grenration of bladers in case a new evil would to rise up. One of those academies, is the Beyblade Legends Academy.

This is the story of a young blader who never realised how important he was. Who never realised how much power he held. Who never realised that the world rested on his shoulders. His name is Max Smith, and this is the beginning of his story.

Chapter 1: The Letter

"Max! Max! Max! Max! Max! Max! Max! Max!" cheered the crowd.

Max was in the final round of the bey tournament that would decide who the best blader in the world was.

"Attack now!" cried Max as his bey smashed his opponent's bey out of the arena, making him the Number 1 blader in the world.

"I did it!" cheered Max. "I'm the best in the world!"

"Max! Max! Max! Max! Max! Max! Max!" cheered the crowd.

"Max! Max! Max! Max! Max! Max! Max!" screamed Max's Mum right in Max's ear.

Max's eyes burst opened and he quickly covered his ears.

"I'm up!" cried Max.

"Hurry up and get dressed young man," said his Mum as she went down stairs.

"I don't understand why Mum doesn't let me sleep in on weekends," whined Max to himself.

Max got out of bed and changed into a red jumper, white and black t-shirt, blue jeans and white sneakers. He went to the mirror and picked up a comb. He looked at how messy his light brown hair was and decided he could not be bothered combing it.

Max went downstairs and took out a bowl and filled it with cereal.

Max scooped some up and was about to eat when his Mum said, "Max, could you go get the mail."

"No I can't get the mail," replied Max.

"It wasn't a question, it was a demand," replied Max's Mum sternly.

Max sighed as he sat up and went to the door. He opened it and walked to the mailbox. He ever so slowly opened the lid and took out the letters.

He waked back inside and sat down. He began to sort through the letters.

"Bills, said Max. "Garbage. Party invitation for Mum. Garbage. Flyer. Garbage. Letter from the Beyblade Legends Academy. Garbage. Wait! That's not garbage!"

Max threw all of the other letters onto the table and ran up to his room while his Mum shouted at him. Max ignored her however. Once he got into his room he shut the door behind him and jumped onto the bed.

He took a deep breath before opening the letter.

To Mr. Max Smith,

We are glad to inform you that you have been chosen to be one of this years attendees at the Beyblade Legends Academy. As you may have already heard, the Beyblade Legends Academy's goal is to train the next generation of beyblade legends.

We monitor bladers all around the world, and only the ones that we think that have potential of becoming a champion are accepted into our academy.

We have been monitoring you for a while now and we believe you have the skills capable to be at our academy. You will also be attending with many other great bladers and we hope you have a comfortable stay.

Your boat will be leaving in a week. We expect to see great things from you.

Chancellor Jones of Beyblade Legends Academy.

Max must have read over the letter fifty times before jumping up and down in joy.

"I can't wait until then!" cheered Max as he went to get ready.

Unknown Location-

The full moon rested in the night sky, bringing light to the Earth. Surrounding it were dozens of beautiful sparkling stars. Standing at the window and looking at the majestic Moon was a figure. In hand was a glass of red wine, he sipped it a bit before placing it down on the desk behind him. On the desk was a file with names of the latest and best rookie bladers all over the world. Next to them were ticks that showed whether or not they would be attending the Beyblade Legends Academy.

"Soon," chuckled the figure. "Soon the pieces shall come together. And the Dark Lord shall rise and cloud the world in eternal darkness."

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