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Chapter 23: Dark Order

Everyone in the room gasped as they examined the O scar on Max's right hand. It was no longer glowing and radiating energy, but it still looked impressive without it.

"What is it?" asked Blaze.

"They called it the crest of order," replied Max quietly as tried to comprehend what was happening to him.

"Crest of order?" Kiara had a puzzled look on her face.

"This is messed up," interrupted Aiya. "First people start using dark moves! And then Max is attacked by assassins with weird powers! It just doesn't make sense!"

"Calm," said Kiara as she went over to Aiya and comforted her. Tears sprung from Aiya's eyes.

"And look what happened to Frieda." She turned towards the sleeping Frieda, whose strange black dot disease had spread to her skin.

"You said they had they had their own crests," interrupted Simon as he caught Max's attention.

"Yeah," replied Max. "They had a C instead of an O. I think it stood for chaos because all of their moves had chaos in them."

"Chaos and order huh," commented Simon as tapped on his laptop. "Here it is. Order and Chaos are the basic components of light and darkness. Basically the modern day term for Yin and Yang. Order represents Yang, the light and good or justice of the world. And Chaos represents Yin, the darkness and evil or injustice of the world. It also says that Order and Chaos have battled for years on end. Most of the time, Chaos attempts to break the delicate balance by consuming the world in chaos, although Order has sometimes also attempted to break this balance."

Simon looked up to see everyone listening intently. "Some believe that the power of order and chaos still exist in the modern world, but in strange forms that we can't guess or comprehend."

Max examined his crest again before saying, "bingo."

"So are those assassins Hermes and Athena the people behind this?" asked Blaze.

"No," answered Max. "They said that their master, gave them their power and that their master is working for this Dark Lord."

Kiara sighed in annoyance. "Two steps forward. One step back."

The students entered the repaired arena. It had taken a beating after Frieda had faced Artemis and Aiya had been defeated by Regina.

In fact, Regina had been avoiding people ever since. She had been absent from a lot of classes and was becoming very cold and mysterious. In fact, she was stealing the spotlight from Artemis who had been hanging with the rest of her team. Not that anyone thought that this made sense however. Everyone knew that Jaden and Luke were total bullies, and Artemis was originally nice. But after her first appearance in the tournament, she was now seen as a dangerous nut. That was how everyone was describing her. But more people were focused on the latest "incident," as Mr. Jones put it. The battle between Aiya and Regina was the latest gossip. Especially how Regina was creating blasts of dark energy and stuff. Some people had even caught it all on their phones and posted it on YouTube. It went viral pretty quickly. Some people are even comparing it to the footage of Gingka and Ryuga's epic battle during Battle Bladers.

"Alright kids," announced Jones from his stand. "After a delay, we are proud to restart the Battle of the Dorms Tournament! First off, let's introduce back the members of Team Power Burst! I give you Linh Tuan and Taylor Prince!"

The two bladers entered the arena and waved to the cheering crowd.

"And from Team Crimson!" continued Jones. "Give it up for Morgan Blue Robinson Abyss, Regina and Unmei!"

Morgan appeared first, shortly followed by Regina who had dark circles around her eyes and a twisted smirk across her face. Like last time, Unmei didn't appear.

In fact, Unmei hadn't been showing up for any of her classes. Supposedly for health reasons and she would only be seen entering and leaving her room.

"Because of the set back from the last battle," explained Jones. "We will be proceeding with an all out battle. The winner of this battle will move onto the next round! Because Aiya and Unmei are unable to attend, the match ups will be Morgan Abyss and Regina versus Linh Tuan and Taylor Prince."

The crowd cheered as the bladers stepped up to the bey arena. Taylor continued to wave to the crowd and noticed Linh looking uneasy.

"Something wrong?" asked Taylor.

"Crowds can put me off sometimes," replied Linh. "And I can't get that battle between Aiya and Regina out of my head."

Taylor had to admit, it wasn't the prettiest battle. Regina went crazy and hospitalized Aiya in a single move in a similar fashion to Artemis. A shiver went down Taylor's spine.

"I'm sure everything will be fine," assured Taylor and Linh smiled in response. But he wasn't so sure himself.

As Team Crimson approached the arena, Morgan was eyeing his teammate suspiciously.

"Is there something on my face?" asked Regina coldly.

"It's nothing," answered Morgan.

"Just stay out of my way in this battle," spat Regina as she turned her head away.

'What is her problem?' thought Morgan. 'She was nice the first time we meet, and now she's extremely stuck up. And what did she do to Aiya?'

The bladers came to the stadium and took out their beys.

"Now," announced Mr. Jones. "I want a nice clean battle. There will be no extremely rough battling that creates holes in the stadium. And I do not want to see dark energy. Is that clear?"

Regina looked up at Jones and smirked twistedly. "Of course Mr. Jones."

Jones stepped back with an uneasy look on his face.

"Let the match begin!" cried Jones.

"Prepare to lose to my Dark Flame Scorpio," declared Morgan as he held up his bey.

"That's nothing compared to mine," retorted Regina as she held out Amazonian Atlanta.

"Get ready to feel the power of my Armor Quetzalcoatl," added Taylor as he held out his bey for show.

"I'm going to give it my all with Tempest Archangel," finished Linh as she held out her bey. The fusion wheel was shaped so that it had seven hook-like edges that appeared similar to angel wings. It's yellow and white energy ring was round and shaped like a halo while it had a white version of the upper wing spin track. The performance tip was a gold eternal sharp.

"Ready your beys!" declared Jones.

The four bladers set their beys in their launchers. Taylor had a happy grin on his face; Morgan's was a bit more serious; Linh had a determined expression and Regina had her malicious smile on.

"Three!" cried Taylor and Linh.

"Two!" continued the crowd.

"One!" finished Regina and Morgan.

"Let it rip!"

The four beys spun into action, quickly landing and then racing around the arena.

"I'm going to get this party started!" cheered Taylor. "Attack Quetzalcoatl!"

Quetzalcoatl charged forward towards Atlanta and Scorpio, but was surprised when Regina simply commanded her bey to dodge the attack and allowed Morgan's Scorpio to be hit.

"Strike one!" cheered Taylor.

Morgan looked disturbed for once. He turned to Regina with a grumpy expression on his face. "Why would you let him hit me like that?"

"So I wouldn't get hit," spat Regina in reply. "Duh. Do you not understand the principals of this game?"

"This is a tag-team match," replied Morgan angrily. "Were supposed to work together. Not go solo!"

"I don't need your help to win this," scoffed Regina.

Morgan just growled in frustration.

"Special move!" interrupted Taylor. "Venom Fang Strike!"

Quetzalcoatl shot towards Scorpio and then began to circle it at high speeds. It slowly edged itself closer and began to slash at Scorpio.

"Oh no," panicked Morgan.

"I got you now!" cried Taylor in triumph as a two-winged golden serpent with sapphire eyes appeared and used its fangs to attack a scarlet scorpion.

Morgan watched as Taylor's bey wiped the floor with his own.

"That's it!" snapped Morgan, really losing his temper. "Special move! Flaring Claw!"

Scorpio managed to get away from Quetzalcoatl and spun near the edge of the stadium before vanishing.

"Hey," piped up Taylor. "Where did he go?"

"Right here!" replied Morgan with a fierce roar as Scorpio reappeared and smashed into Quetzalcoatl, sending it flying back.

"Hit him again!" ordered Morgan as his bey shot forward.

"Now Linh!" interrupted Taylor.

"Huh?" questioned Morgan.

"Special move Archangel!" cried Linh. "Crushing Light!"

Archangel shot forward and intercepted Scorpio's attack. It used the hooks on its fusion wheel to trap Scorpio before a tall, armoured archangel with flowing golden hair appeared and charged at the scarlet scorpion.

Morgan could only watch as Archangel sent blow after blow against his bey.

"A little help here would be nice." Morgan turned to face Regina who had her arms crossed and eyes closed.

"Bite me," Regina spat.

Morgan's eye twitched before he turned his attention back to the game.

"Scorpio!" exclaimed Morgan. "Super Stab Attack!"

Scorpio managed to evade Archangel and retreated away from the opposing beys. It fusion wheel glowed a scarlet red before it charged forward with maximum power.

"Full speed ahead!" roared Morgan.

"Not so fast!" interrupted Taylor. "You're not the only one with a fancy move! Quetzalcoatl! Hit him with Venom Fang Strike again!"

The serpent appeared and charged as the scarlet scorpion did also with its tail raised.

"Gooooooooooooooooooooooooo!" exclaimed Morgan and Taylor at the same time as their beys clashed.

Neither bey appeared ready to budge, but then Scorpio pulled back slightly and sent a bump at Quetzalcoatl, knocking it back.

"No!" panicked Taylor.

"I got you now!" cried Morgan in triumph as the scorpion came upon the serpent.

"Special move!" interrupted Linh. "Heaven's Protection!"

Archangel once again jumped in front of Quetzalcoatl, and a huge angelic shield appeared and deflected Scorpio's attack.

"Whew," sighed Taylor with relief. "Thanks for the save Linh."

"No problem," replied Linh.

'Darn it,' thought Morgan. 'Their teamwork is very good. And because I'm battling them by myself, I can't keep up. Regina is refusing to help me. But what can I do?'

"Time to attack," declared Linh. "Special move Archangel! Golden Light Shower!"

The Archangel with golden hair appeared and looked up at the ceiling. Suddenly, there was light raining from the sky, and it smashed right into Scorpio while Atlanta dodged the attack.

Morgan could only watch as his bey was trapped in the storm of light-like hail that sent his bey spiraling all over the arena.

"There's no way I'm going down like this," groaned Morgan. "I refuse to lose like this! Scorpio!"

Managing to recover from the attack, Scorpio made its way to the edge of the stadium, seeking cover from the opposing beys.

"Special move!" ordered Morgan. "Poison Fury!"

The scarlet scorpion appeared and charged at the opposing beys, using its claws to knock them aside into the stadium.

"It's now of never," commented Taylor. "Soar Quetzalcoatl!"

Quetzalcoatl using the momentum from Scorpio's attack rushed towards the edge of the arena and shot up into the air.

Everyone in the stadium gasped as Quetzalcoatl soared high into the air, preparing for its attack.

"Special move!" cheered Taylor. "Quetzalcoatl Wing Smash!"

Quetzalcoatl soared down towards the scarlet scorpion and the serpent appeared, readying its wings.

Morgan watched awestruck as the serpent rammed its wings into his bey beast, sending it crashing into the ground with a crash.

"Oh yeah," cheered Taylor. "Finish him off Linh."

"Right," answered Linh with a smile. "Ready Archangel?"

"Don't even think about it!" interrupted Morgan. "I got one more card to play! Flammable Flames!"

Scorpio was suddenly engulfed in flames and charged towards Archangel, preparing to have its revenge.

"Not if I can help it!" cried Linh. "Archangel! Heaven's Circle!"

The golden haired archangel appeared once again, and then there was a rumble, and 1000 blades o flight rained down upon Scorpio.

Morgan cried out as his bey was struck down by the blades, knocking it all over the arena.

"No!" cried Morgan before turning to face Regina, whose bey was dodging the attack. "This is all your fault!"

Scorpio did its best to dodge the blades and made its way over to Atlanta.

"Eat this!" roared Morgan in anger as Scorpio charged at Atlanta, completely confusing Taylor and Linh.

"You dare attack me!" snapped Regina and her eyes burst opened. They were pitch black.

Scorpio clashed with Atlanta, but the latter easily overpowered the other. Atlanta sent a crushing blow at Scorpio and knocked it back.

"You think you can actually deal me any damage?" snorted Regina. "What a wimp."

"I'm not a wimp!" exclaimed Morgan in fury. His eyes were full or rage. His shoulders were hunched and his veins were popping out.

"Yes. I sense anger and fury. All the power I need in a good pawn. Morgan Blue Robinson Abyss, you will make a perfect new pawn in my game. Do it now Regina. Mwahahahahahaha!"

Regina turned to face Morgan, and held out her hand, in a single moment, dark energy shot out of her fingertips and hit Morgan.

In that moment, the lights in the stadium went out and it went extremely cold and silent as well.

Morgan's screams were the only thing that could be heard as the dark energy picked him up and forced its way inside him through his mouth, eyes and nose. It was a horrific sight as his veins went pitch black and he twitched and screamed non-stop.

Max watched horrorstruck as Regina began to laugh malevolently, when suddenly, his crest glowed a bright orange red colour.

'What in the world is happening?' thought Max.

Then all of a sudden, there was an ear piercing SNAP! And Morgan was lowered to the grand.

Taylor and Linh's eyes were wide open in horror, and neither dared move.

Morgan suddenly smiled, and opened his eyes to reveal nothing but the colour black.

"Dark move," chuckled Morgan maliciously. "Poison Sting Strike!"

The scarlet scorpion rose from the stadium and dark red energy poured from it and began to attack the beys. Next, it rammed its stinger into the center of the stadium, and that's when things got REALLY scary.

Dark energy shot from the hole the stinger had made like a bullet and began slashing as Quetzalcoatl, smashing off its parts and leaving the deepest scars.

"Stop!" begged Taylor. "Please stop!"

"Never!" barked Morgan gruesomely as the dark energy slashed Taylor across the chest and his legs before throwing him against the wall and then pounding his bey straight into the ground.

"Oh my gosh," commented Max in horror.

"My turn!" chuckled Regina as she set her sights on the petrified Linh. "Dark move! Pitch-Black Chaotic Attack!"

The black lady with the arrows and a bow appeared and sprouted wings of darkness. In a single moment, darkness spread across the arena and plunged Archangel into the ground. Then, the darkness formed a hand and picked up Linh, and plowed her into the ground with a sickening crunch.

Everyone just watched horror struck, unable to say anything. Morgan and Regina recalled their beys and walked off, laughing as they did it.

Max felt something inside of him. Anger, rage and a lust for revenge.

'Whoever you are,' thought Max as he clenched his fist. 'Whatever you are. I promise you, you'll pay for this.'


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