Chapter- Hurt to Love!

PAUL POV: (When Bella left for Italy)

She left. Left me. Didn't want me. Those were the only thoughts going threw my head when I phased. Confused? Well let me back track I'm Paul Lahotte and I imprinted on Bella when she slapped me. Why I'm such a mean person towards her? Well after that leach left her she has been all depressed and she's only "alive" when she's annoyed. When she's annoyed talks more than she usually does and she's pretty hot when she's mad. Well al least she was before she left with that BLOODSUCKING LEACH. I can't breathe when she's not around. All I do is think about her. (I know I made him sound weak, but it's the only way I can explain the imprint and how serous it is.)This is why I didn't want to imprint. The imprint makes you weak. It takes away you choice. Well if you're a wolf. If you are a wolf you can't see or have feelings for anyone else…there it. There all you leave for. Now all I can do is think about her.

I've been running for a whole 24 hours and I know the pack is worried they tried to talk early but I didn't want to talk, so they gave up. I ran back to Jake's, where I was bombarded with questions. Everyone knew that I imprinted on Bella. Jake just didn't care. That's o.k. she left us for the leach so it doesn't matter. Just then I heard it, the sound that made me the happiest man/shifter/wolf in the world…the roar/squeak of Bella's beast of a car and the smell of her vanilla freesia sent that drives me crazy.

Thousands of questions were going through my head. Did she dump the leach? Does she feel the imprint is that why she came back? Why is here?

Billy wheeled to the door and opened it to reveal my Bella but she looks better than ever. Not that she looked took bad before…you know what I mean, but her face who ever did that I will personally rip them apart and go wolf on them.


"I'm fine Billy, Never better." she said back

"What are you doing here leach lover? Your precious bloodsucker didn't want you?" I said. I feel like the only reason she's here is to say goodbye.

"PAUL!" Sam commanded.

"Actually flee bag I didn't want him there's a difference. Call me leach lover again and I'll make sure you never have children." She said back. Look like she grew hair in Italy.

"Whoa! She told you Paul. Oh and what happened to your face are you o.k.?" Quil asked.

"I'm fine you know the average Mike Newton and his crew. Guess being rejected so many times you got to force yourself on people." She said in what sounds like a joking mood.

"HE TRIED TO RAPE YOU! I'LL KILL HIM AND HIS SORRY CREW! Tell me exactly what happen." Screamed me and Jacob. He made me want to pound his face in. The only reason he wants Bella is because I want her. He didn't even want to help her after the leach left, Charlie had to practically beg him. She told us the story and by now everyone was shaking.

"Look I'm fine now see. You don't have to go and kill everyone till you find his sorry crew. Besides I took care of it " she while smirking.

"What you do?" Asked Sam.

"I kicked their sorry behinds to back where they came from." She said with another smirk.

"I'm sorry are we supposed to believe that you took down 4 guys on your own?" Jared asked.

"What is that so hard to believe? I could take you any day." she said with a determine look on her face. I know I should tell her o and that she could hurt herself, but she's just do it any way/

"I would like to see you try." He said.

"Challenge accepted. Backyard in five minutes! Try not to phase." Bella said.

"Bella are you CRAZY you could get hurt." Jacob said.

"I want to see this." Billy said.

"I'll be fine. Trust me being the Chief's daughter has there perks." she said. Then she left and came back 5 min later with the shortest shorts I've ever seen. When did she get the tattoo ad piercing?

"Wow! When did you get that?" Sam asked, looking at her tattoo and pierced belly button.

"Today, I got my tongue pierced, my belly button, and I got this tattoo to and a new wardrobe." She said I am one lucky wolf.

"Whoa! You were Hot before now your DROP DEAD GORGEOUS and now cool and carefree!" Said Quil, trying to make her blush.

"Well I'm ready you ready to get your butt kicked Jared." Bella asked.

. Everyone moved back to the porch and watch as they circled each other. Looks likes there were sizing each other up. Jared lunged and tied to punch her but she ducked under his arm and kicked him in the back. He fell to the ground. They were so into the fight that they didn't notice that the imprints had showed up. He tried to punch my Bella again but she blocked it but didn't see his right hand and got punched right in the face. I growled loud scaring the imprints and starting shaking so bad I had to leave. When I came back 10 minutes later I seen Jared trying to CHOKE MY IMPRINT I growled again. It's so hard trying to protect your imprint, who the girl you used to hate, and you can't even explain why you're protecting her because she still thinks you hate her.

After they were done, Bella won by the way, they were talking about how she should teach the others imprints how to fight them she took Jacob into the woods.

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