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Doctor John King, you're needed in OR. Doctor John King, to OR.

The monotone voice of intercom crackled. The waiting room of the hospital was filled with a strange, heavy silence before more members of the family showed up.

Claire and Phil were the first to arrive. They were without their kids as they had felt the kids didn't need to be here.

"Cameron!" Claire said running up to him. "Cam, what happened?"

Cameron turned to face them both. "Mitchell, he-he..." Cam's voice shook. He was on the verge of tears. He took a deep breath and tried to explain, ignoring the few tears that managed to escape.

"Mitchell, he tried to kill himself. I came home and he was in the bathroom. I knew something was wrong. I heard him say something about being free or something. I heard him fall down and I had broke open the door. Blood was everywhere. I knew he was in trouble before, but I could never have imagined he'd attempt suicide..." Cam explained shakily.

Cameron felt sick after explaining this. He sat down in one of the hard plastic chairs. He buried his face in hands and cried. How could Mitchell have done this?

Claire was shocked. Had she heard correctly? Could this be a mistake? Her mind was racing. And tears streamed down her face. She suddenly felt dizzy and sat down.

Phil was as shocked as Claire. He didn't say anything, but sat down next to his crying wife. As he put his arm around her, he bit his own lip to keep from crying until he could taste the metallic flavored liquid.

Jay and Gloria arrived a few minutes later. They rushed in, frantic.

Gloria mumbled something in Spanish then said, "What happened?"

Phil, Claire and Cameron looked at them. Suddenly, Cam stood up and walked over to them. Wiping away the tears, he walked them away from Phil and Claire and explained to them in private what had happened.

"Oh my god, Phil. Please tell me this isn't happening." Claire cried.

Phil hugged his wife. "I'm so sorry, honey." his voice cracked with sadness and he let the tears stream down his cheeks. He couldn't hold it in any longer.

"Should we call the kids?" Claire asked.

They had left Alex, Haley, Luke and Manny at Jay and Gloria's house and had put Haley and Alex in charge. Claire, Phil, Jay, Gloria and the kids were still trying to get over what happened in the kitchen when the phone rang. It was Cameron, his voice filled with panic and worry. Cam said to meet him at the hospital as soon as possible, something happened to Mitchell.

"And say what?" Phil asked.

"I don't know. I think we should both go over there and explain what's happening. Then we can drive back here to the hospital." Claire said.

"But our car can only fit five people and we'll have six when we pick them up." Phil pointed out.

"We'll ask my dad if we can use his and Gloria's other car. I'll drive the girls, you'll drive the boys. Deal?"

"Deal." Phil agreed.

Cameron told Gloria and Jay about Mitchell's suicide attempt. Gloria started to cry. Jay just stood there as if he couldn't process what was going on, only he could. There wasn't a word to describe how Jay felt at that moment. He knew that Mitchell tried to kill himself over what he had said. It was his fault Mitchell attempted suicide. Jay was a failure as a father. His son tried to end his own life because of him. Jay tried hard to swallow past the hard lump that formed in his throat. He couldn't cry, god damn it.

The three of them walked back over to Claire and Phil. Both of their eyes red from crying so much.

Nobody knew what to say to each other. I'm sorry? Sorry for what? Sorry for being so blind? Sorry for not seeing how broken Mitchell was? I'm sorry could mean so many things and it could mean nothing. Those two words had a lot of power.

They stayed in the waiting room for about 20 more minutes until a doctor moved them to another room. The room was small and had plain white walls. There were three brown couches and a brown chair.

After the family sat down on the couches, the doctor, sitting the the brown chair, introduced himself.

"Hi, I'm Dr. Lance. I understand you're all relatives of Mitchell Pritchett?" the doctor said.

"Yes. I'm his partner, actually. Cameron." Cam said.

"And I'm his father, Jay, and that's his sister, Claire." Jay spoke, pointing to Claire.

"And I'm his brother-in-law, Phil." Phil said softly.

"I'm his mother-in-law, Gloria." Gloria replied in her thick Colombian accent.

The doctor quickly tried to memorize all the names.

"You have a large family, I'm guessing?" Dr. Lance said.

They all nodded slightly.

"About Mitchell, he is still in surgery, but he is doing fine so far. And I'm going to explain what happened. Mitchell had cut the veins in his wrist in an apparent suicide attempt. This is rarely fatal as the vein goes into spasm and blood pressure lowers to cease bleeding. Mitchell did lose quite a bit of blood, however. He also did cut fairly deep. We are suturing the vein and he might have some damaged nerves and tendons even after surgery."

This was beyond belief. It was still sinking in that Mitchell attempted suicide. Suicide.

"When the surgery is finished, you will be allowed to see him." The doctor stood up and left the family to grieve.

Jay couldn't take anymore. He stood up, excused himself, and walked out the second door in the room. It lead to an empty hall. It was probably there so people could have privacy to talk to friends and family.

Jay was hysterical. The lump in his throat dissolved and he cried. Tears streamed down his face like a waterfall.

"God dammit!" he exclaimed in a whisper. "God fucking dammit!"

Jay punched a wall, but not hard enough to leave any marks, much less a hole. He sobbed uncontrollably. He regretted saying everything he said to Gloria and Mitchell.