I finally found time to write again and I'm starting it with a Hobbit fanfic because I really loved the movie! So this is my first Hobbit fic and it is for Cas!xoxo

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Chapter 1

A loud shout roused me from my long-awaited sleep. I have traveled too long and too far to be deprived of sleep. I am too tired to deal with such ruckus. I tried to ignore it but the noise only increased as my curiosity did. Grumpily, I gave up sleep and let my curiosity be sated. This was something I would definitely regret later on. Silently, I followed the noise until I found myself gazing upon three horribly looking but surely dumb trolls. I wondered; why are trolls down here? Not in the mountains where they usually dwelt? Looking more closely, I saw that they were cooking…cooking a band of dwarfs! I crept more closely, close enough to hear. There, I saw a hobbit, trying to outsmart the three idiots.

How queer, a hobbit out in the woods like this! I thought, interesting.

I looked up to see the first light of dawn creeping up above. I am not a woman of pity and it was their own stupidity that got them where they are now, but there was something about these dwarfs that compelled me to help them. Quick on my feet, I scurried over to the large boulder that blocked the light of dawn from turning these idiots to stone. I listened as the hobbit suggests that the dwarfs are better eaten if skinned. I could not help but laugh. A shadow moved around the corner and I saw a grey hat—one awfully familiar. If that man is here, then he is helping the lot down with the trolls. Near the boulder, wild berries grew. An idea had come into mind. I plucked a few berries and squashed them in my hands. With the mashed berries, I wrote blocked sun.

I left the boulder and walked back groggily to my camp. Since it was already dawn, I decided to pack up ad head to my destination.

After I prepared my horse, I placed my pack behind me and slipped on my cloak, drawing my hood. It was dangerous to wander the woods as a man, let alone to be a woman. Gathering my weapons, I set to leave. There was a rustling among the leaves, someone was walking towards me. I slowly reached for my sword but I was too late, a blade was upon my neck. If I wasn't lacking of sleep, I may have killed this fellow a second ago. Kill before you are killed.

"I wouldn't pull that sword if I were you. A voice said huskily, obviously belonging to a man. I withdrew my hand from the hilt of my sword.

"Turn around." He ordered. I obliged, slowly turning to face my assailant. "Show me your face, fiend!"

"Show me your face!" He insisted, pressing the blade toward me more. I raised my hands to my hood and discreetly reached for the dagger hidden near my shoulder. As swift as I could, I thrust the hilt of the dagger forward to loosen his grip on his blade. As expected, he did not anticipate my attack. I brought my knee to his gut and pushed him away. I kicked his blade away as he fell to the ground. Then, I reached for my sword and aimed it to his chest.

I have not regarded his face until now. He was one of those dwarfs, one of the noisy ones—well all of them were noisy. He had unruly dark brown hair that fell to his shoulder and matching dark eyes, beautiful they are. Judging from his beard or the lack of it, he was a young one. He was tall for a dwarf, he may had been taller than me.

"Fili!" He yelled. "Fili!"

I ran to my horse and mounted it quickly. In my haste, my hood fell and my face was his to see. I turned for the last time to see surprise painted upon the dwarf's face and to hear his companions yell his name.