"I can't…." Chizuru's mind was all hazy as well as her vision. She was trembling from the cold rain that drenched her whole being. "I don't think I can go on" dropping on her knees, she clenched the soft soil near her as if to try and get a grip of herself. She attempted to stand up, but failed hopelessly and fell face first on the muddy ground. She rolled over, allowing her to face the gray lamenting sky, she smiled. "Even the skies are crying for you and everyone else… I will be too….for a very long time.." Slowly she closed her eyes, the tears she sheds mixed with the raindrops on her face. She felt like drowning but more like dying, till finally she lost consciousness.


She felt a dark void sucking her in, she tried to resist but the gust is just too strong and she was swept away into the seemingly endless void. She wasn't sure what happened to her but all she knows is that she was in a really dark and eerie place. The only light illuminating the vast space was from the big furnace in the distance.

"Hello" she called out with a trembling voice. Her voice just echoed. She attempted to stand up but was pulled down by something, chains. She was chained to the ground, both her hand and her feet. Panic kicked in, she started sobbing and calling for help but there was no reply. As she was looking around her she got a glimpse of her hair. "My hair, it's white" she thought. With the enough slack provided by the chain she touched her hair instinctively and as she did so her hands felt something on her forehead. "I've got small horns. Did I just turned into a demon?!" she thought. Her hands started to tremble. She was aware of what she was but she have never transformed before.

She then felt a presence behind her, she turned around to see what or who it was but there was no one there. Then someone touched her cheek.

"Just as I thought a young demon" said a coarse voice. "This seems like the first time you've transformed into your demon form. Don't worry, it suits you just fine. It's probably because your in the demons realm."

Chizuru turned to see who it was and removed the hand from her face at the same time. Upon laying her eyes on the creature or man in front of her, she felt unsure whether to be blinded by his beauty or be scared to death, if she wasn't yet.

"Where am I?" she managed to say.

"My place. Cozy, right?"

"What do you want? Why am I here? Who are you anyway?" she asked. There was a spine-chilling laugh and then he stared at her. His hand, grayish with pallor, with long silver nails, played with his silvery hair, twisting it in a finger. His eyes were golden but piercing.

"You ask a lot of questions. Well just so you know, I don't exactly want anything from you. That depends on your resolve. You're here because of a wish and I'm Lord Kei."

"My resolve? A wish? I don't understand?" Chizuru said utterly confused. Lord Kei closed his veiny wings that seemed to be made of skin. He sat casually in front of her and rested his face on his hand.

"You wished to be with someone who is already part of the netherworld, remember?" Lord Kei said with a smile as he ran one of his long nails down Chizuru's cheeks. Chizuru looked away from him and remembered that she did wished many times and swore to do anything just to be with Hijikata once more.

"Demons like you who spend years with humans become soft. How cute. Love, is that why you're in your current state, all lost and miserable. You should've known that you'd be left alone sooner or later by that human you loved. Humans just fades away. They're are weak, didn't anyone ever told you that?"

"That's not true!" Chizuru exclaimed. "They might not heal or be as fast or even as physically strong as demons but they have an unbreakable spirit."

"What is an unbreakable spirit anyway when you're dead?" he said with a small laugh. "Now how about we get to business? You see I can grant your wish, you were lucky I was passing by when I heard your lamentations and pitied you."

"I didn't need your pity" Chizuru mumbled. Lord Kei lifted her face, making her look at him in the eye, with a finger.

"Really? But you did say that you'd do anything right? So how about listening to this offer?" He said with a sly smile.

"He can grant my wish, but it has a catch." Chizuru thought. With the raging sadness, anger and frustration inside her she decided to take a chance on this one. "I might regret this but it would be worth a shot"

"Looks like you've made up your mind. Now lend me your ears for a while. Listen very carefully, because I hate repeating myself." He said moving his face closer to hers. She can see his fangs but she dismissed what she saw and looked up his eyes.

"If I don't want to go through with your offer, would you let me go?" she asked putting on a brave face.

" Yes, I mean if you survive the path back to the other world" he said with another devious smile and with a click of his hand a huge door opened in the dark revealing a dark world, with red skies and creatures not known to Chizuru walking around and even flying. One of the flying creatures, a flying fish, with bones for tail swooped into the door entering the place they are in. Chizuru was paralyzed with fear as the creature was nearing them but without moving from his place, with a flick of his hand, Lord Kei killed the creature.

"How's that for a sample of what's out there?" he said and then closed the door her opened.

"Okay so tell me what the offer is" Chizuru said still trembling in fear.

"You get me a hundred souls from your world, using this" he said lifting a dagger with a violet gem stuck in the middle. "You kill a hundred and their souls would collect in this gem here and then when you die, you'd meet me and give this back with what you collected."

Chizuru froze at the part of killing, a hundred people nonetheless. "I don't think I can" she thought and then Lord Kei started to explain something more.

"Aside from that you'd come here and serve me after you die. Also the only time you'd die is after you collected the hundred I'm asking from you. I'd grant you with stealth and speed, to help you out a bit since I'm aware that you can barely fight. Also I'm doing you a favor for your afterlife. I mean when demons roaming the earth die they all go here and they have to be with the creatures out there. You on the other hand would have a place to stay as my servant nonetheless." Lord Kei said with another small laugh.

"What if it takes me a hundred years or so to collect the hundred souls?" Chizuru asked, she can't even believe that she is considering the offer. She must be so desperate.

"That's not a problem, a hundred years in that world is like a minute in here but don't worry I'll return you to your time when you make the deal." He said. Noticing that she was getting more conflicted he decided to leave her a while. "I'll be back in a while and when I return I wish to know your resolve."

It has been like days before Lord Kei returned. He was surprised to see that the fear stricken and confused girl he left now looked decided and unafraid.

"Looks like someone has decided to take the offer." He said with a laugh as he held her face with a hand.

"I will do it." She said. It has been a tough call for her but she wanted to be with him again so bad. She felt like she lost a reason to live when he died. She doesn't know what he'll think of her decision, he would probably tell her she's stupid and scold her but it was a stupid that would make her feel whole again.

Lord Kei pulled out the dagger with the gem and grabbed Chizuru's arm. He can feel her trembling with his touch despite her show of bravery. With the tip of the dagger he carved his name in her. She screamed and whimpered in pain. He then moved his face closer to her arm and started licking the wound he just inflicted.

Chizuru watched in horror as Lord Kei started cutting her up. The way he licked the blood from her arm made her shiver in fear but upon licking her wounds the bleeding stopped and after a while not even a mark was left.

"Now you are my property. You'd surely see me after you pass away in that world." He said with a grin on his face. He then held her face with a hand and kissed her. She didn't expected it and she tried to push him away but he was a thousand fold stronger that her. He pulled away from her and placed the dagger in her hands.

"I just passed on some abilities to you, stealth and speed, remember? Please get me souls worth consuming, strong ones and full of life." He said as he removed the shackles from her. "Now you shall go back to that other world." He then lifted his hand to the skies and started to open a vacuum.

"Wait! About him! How can I know that he's already back to life?" Chizuru asked holding on to Lord Kei's arm to keep her from getting sucked in right away.

"Oh I forgot! He may come back to life but he'd still die. He's human anyway. He might have no recollection of you or anything from his past life. So it's all up to you. You'd find him somewhere in his place of birth" Lord Kei said as he removed her hands from his arm and send her flying off to the void.


"A dream…. A very bad dream" Chizuru said as she slowly sat up. She was in the middle of a field which surprised her because she was in a muddy mountain path when she fell unconscious. She slowly stood up and to her surprise something fall from her lap.

"A dagger…. No way….. So that was true?!" She said in surprise and then she felt a pulsing in her left arm and remembered that thing Lord Kei marked her with, saying that she was his property. "So that was true….and with this" she said lifting the dagger to her eye level "I shall take a hundred soul" She dropped on the ground and started crying. Her crying went on for almost an hour and then she stopped. With no more tears to cry, feeling all numb but brave, she got up and started walking.

"I said I'd do anything to be with you and I will be with you. I'll find you and I'd make you remember me…" She thought as she stopped on a crossroad. "To Edo I shall go then"

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