I Dreamed of Angels

I Dreamed of Angels

Part One A

Further down, in the dark recesses of the street, was a building standing tall and proud amidst the chaotic air that surrounded it. From afar, it seemed that it was glowing orange and yellow as if on fire. Upon close observation, though, one would conclude that the orange and yellow glow was coming from carved pumpkins lining the different windows. Through the thick glass of the windows, cobwebs and skeletons could be seen surrounding children of different ages and sizes. They were dressed in imaginative clothing of various colors. Several adults could also be seen running around, making final adjustments to each child's clothing. On the far corner of the room though, a child not more than five was sitting, watching the commotion going on around him with uninterested, beautiful green eyes.

"Hey Trowa, What are you doing hiding all the way over there?" asked one of the adults gently with concern written on her face.

"Nothing." the child answered.

"Well, you don't seem excited at all. It's Halloween night and everybody else is getting ready for 'trick or treat'."

"That's okay. I don't want to go anyway."

"Why not?"

"I just don't." The last statement was said with such a sorrowful pout that almost made the lady before him cry.

"Now Trowa, you know we're trying to find you a family." The child did not respond so she decided to continue.

"It's not just that, is it?" This time, she received a nod.

"So, I'm assuming that nobody will take you in their group for the rounds we are having tonight?" The child remained silent but gave another nod.

Looking closer, one could see the sadness that filled his entire being. Trowa, unlike the rest of the children in the orphanage, was very quiet. Having this quality gave him an air of mystery that the other children did not bother discovering. They had long since decided that they would rather find fun things to do other than disturb this boy who seemed to dislike their attention. Trowa was unknowingly warding off everyone around him. It was not his fault but the caretakers in the orphanage couldn't do anything about it. All of the children were afraid of him and they just preferred to avoid him.

"Don't worry about it Trowa. I'll find you a group for tonight's activity."


"Yes. Now, get in your costume so that we could start early. There are quite a number of houses in the other side of town that are willing to give out lots of candy. Wouldn't you like that?"

Trowa didn't answer, but as he was getting into his big, baggy, green pants, he suddenly stopped as if remembering something. He knew that he would be an outcast again just like he had always been.

Sensing his distress, the kind lady comforted him. "You're not alone, honey. It just seems like it. I know that there's an angel out there watching over you all the time."

"An angel?"

"Yes. Everyone has a guardian by their side. You can't see them all the time but they're always there."

Trowa listened intently, digesting everything that he heard. And so she continued with her tale of angels, almost causing an entire group of children to cry out with complaints. These kids were obviously getting impatient by the minute.