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Lucy's eyes opened and stared up to the ceiling.

The sun's rays had peaked through her curtains and entered her room, giving it light as the darkness that surrounded her had diminished by the bright gleam. She had stayed in this position for a few minutes, but then decided to get up.

As she began getting ready, in the back of her head she was reminded herself that it had been three weeks since the Darach had been killed. Three weeks since the terrors and the foul stench of death had plagued their hometown. Three weeks since her dad had returned and is still here much to her dismay on it.

But it had been three weeks since she and Isaac had agreed to go on a "break". Lucy was upset about this, she knew that Isaac was too, but they both agreed it was for the best of them. It was especially needed for Lucy as she had so many things to do on her own. So many things she had to learn on her own.

That and she needed to clear her mind just like he needed to clear his mind.

Letting her fingers dust down her smooth red blouse, Lucy had backed away from the mirror to view her reflection. Her deep brown eyes gazed at the person in front of her, the same person who looked normal on the outside. Just a regular teenage girl headed off to school and then returning home with her family.

That was just the outside.

The inside told a completely different story about her and her life. The struggle with the supernatural world that has invaded her sanity in many levels and many times. The memories of blood, screams and pain locked away while popping up in her eyes during her dreams and daydreams. The fight to just make it through the day with death looming over her shoulders.

That was inside of her, but no one knew it except the ones who know about the madness that had happened before. Sometimes Lucy wondered if her inside would one day break through and be seen on her outside reflection.

She wondered if that would ever happen.

Sighing quietly, she grabbed her bag and quickly went to her door to leave. She was surprised to see Isaac standing there, his fist in mid-air which was a sign that he was about to knock. Isaac quickly placed his fist down and Lucy stared at him with Isaac shuffling his weight on his legs.

Lucy decided to break the silence. "Did you wanted to see me?"

"I just, um," he scratched his head. "I just wanted to know if you were going to school."

"Oh," she pulled the strap on her shoulder. "Well I am. Lydia should be here any minute, but are you going to school?"

He nodded. "Okay. I just wanted to know and I asked Scott as well."

Lucy took note on that and said goodbye to him. The werewolf moved to the side so she had space to leave, but there was a part of him that didn't want their conversation to end. They always talked before, it wasn't any different, but Isaac just wanted to be close with her again. She was the best thing that ever happened to him and although she wasn't fully gone, she was somewhat gone in his life. With that in mind, he had no control when his hand lightly grasped her wrist as it made her stop. Lucy whipped her head around as her eyes glanced at Isaac, then his hand on her wrist, and then back at him again. His blue, ocean eyes seemed to be in a daze and Lucy tried to pull away from the grip. It wouldn't move and Lucy decided to call him out.

"Isaac," she softly spoke as she shook her arm, but nothing happened. "Isaac…Isaac!"

Her voice was enough to make him jump and eyes blink rapidly with his fingers slipping away from her heated skin. His ears caught the sound of her heartbeat and noticed how quickly they were. His nose caught the scent of her aroma that made it easy for him to know it was her and her only. He finally took a good look at her face, the same face he would gaze at lovingly before.

Lucy became nervous and worried for him. "Isaac, are you okay?"

The honk of a car caught both their attention, but she remained focused on the werewolf. Isaac slowly nodded as his hand slipped inside his pocket while the other rubbed his forehead.

"I'm fine, just go," he honestly told her, but the look on her face spoke to Isaac. "Lucy, I'm fine. I'll be at school in a few minutes."

Lucy gave him a weak smile. "You better be."

She then turned around and left.

"I'm worried for Allison," Lucy confessed to Lydia who she was walking besides with. The two girls were entering the school with Lydia touching up her face before putting the makeup away.


Lucy glanced at her before pushing a strand of hair behind her ear. "Well for one, she hadn't answered to either your text or mine."

"Maybe she woke up late?" Lydia suggested and Lucy frowned for a second. It was reasonable, but it still hadn't soothed the nervous that were building inside of her. She was waiting patiently beside the redhead girl as her friend was going through her locker. Lucy merely leaned against the wall with her phone on one hand, the screen blank with no new messages. The brunette was so focused on the phone that the sight of another hand taking the phone away made her head snap up. Lydia gripped the phone while staring at Lucy. "Don't worry about it! I'm sure Allison is fine."

"How do you know?"

Lydia placed the phone back on her palm and curled Lucy's fingers against it with her own hand. "Because I just do."

Lucy rolled her eyes. "That's not really a good reason."

"Oh hush-hush and follow me," she lightly pulled Lucy with her. As they began to walk down the hallway, they noticed from a distance Allison standing in the middle. Her body was shaking as her arms were wide apart. Lucy nudged Lydia before nodding towards Allison and the two quickly rushed down the hallway.

Lydia let her eyes wandered on Allison with uneasiness. "Allison, are you okay?"

Lucy frowned deepened at Allison's quick nodding although her eyes spoke a different answer. They held the emotion of fear and her skin was ghostly pale. "You're not okay. She's not okay, Lydia, I told you something was wrong."

Allison held both Lucy and Lydia's hand for balance and the girls quickly held the distressed huntress. The girl was shaking underneath their arms and the two dragged Allison to the side where she could lean against the wall for support.

"Tell us what's wrong, Allison," Lucy quietly begged at the pained-looking girl. The huntress' chest heaved heavily, her pupils wide and her breaths became shallow as she tried to control herself. "Calm down, Allison. Just breathe and calm down, you're with us at school. You're safe here."

"It was her," the frighten teen breathed out quietly with only their ears being able to hear it. Allison gripped hard on Lucy's arm as she began to tell them. "I saw my aunt…I was at the hospital and I saw her and she was trying to get me and…and-"

Lydia quickly rubbed her shoulder. "Sweetie, everything is fine. Like Lucy said, you're at school and your aunt isn't here."

Lucy decided on something. "We have to find Scott and Stiles."

When the girls had finally found the two boys outside, Lydia was the closest one to overhear them and realized that they were all dealing with the same situation. They soon followed her back inside, much to Lucy's annoyance as they just got outside and now heading inside again, and Lydia couldn't help to make a comment on all this.

"Well, well," she happily began with a hint of a mock tone as she opened the doors. "Look who's no longer the crazy one."

"We're not crazy," Allison huffed out.

"Way to show some sensitivity, Lydia," Lucy sarcastically point out at the beauty queen. Lydia spun around to face the four teenagers that were walking behind her.

"Hallucinating? Sleep paralysis?" She listed off her questions at the three who were affected by them. "Yeah, you guys are fine."

Scott shrugged as he spoke. "We did die and come back to life. That's gotta have some side effects, right?"

Lucy bit the inside of her cheek. "Well Deaton said it would be dangerous…"

Stiles sighed as the bell rang and looked at Allison and Scott. "We keep an eye on each other, okay?" He then eyed at the redhead girl. "And Lydia, stop enjoying this so much."

"What?" She feign innocence and Lucy shook her head as her and her brother made their way to history class. The twins were walking in silence, but Lucy wanted to know what was happening to him. Allison said that her aunt was haunting her, but she wanted to know her brother's threat.

"What's happening with you?" She blurted out the question in mind and Scott rose an eyebrow at her. "Something is happening with you, Scott."

The alpha could only look away, but his sister's fingers on his shoulder-blade made his gaze return to hers again. "I can't control myself. Well…I think I can't."

"What? I thought you were able to control yourself, Scott."

Scott scratched his neck. "It's just every time I see my shadow I see a werewolf. An enormous, monstrous werewolf with claws out and everything."

"You're afraid that you'll become that. That you'll unleash it," she explained her thoughts and he nodded in agreement. The twins remained quiet for a few seconds before Lucy said something again. "Well…you're not going to lose control. You're not going to be that monster and I'll make sure of it. Now let's head to class before we're late."

Scott chuckled but did as told. They had reached the class with minutes to spear, the teacher standing in front with his back facing the full room. He was writing the lesson on the board and Lucy slithered her way down the aisle and into an empty seat in the back. Before sitting down, Lucy caught a glance at a Japanese girl who stared at her pencil. She was new since Lucy would have seen her before in school. As if the girl felt the gaze of Lucy on her, she shyly eyed Lucy while giving a weak smile which Lucy returned in seconds although hers was stronger and confident.

The bell rang and everyone in the room opened their notebooks. Lucy turned to a fresh page, her fingers gripping her pencil as she was ready for the lesson. Her brown eyes looked up to see the teacher turn around.

"Good morning, everyone," he greeted to them with a smile while maneuvering away from the desk and board. "My name is Mr. Yukimura. I'll be taking over for your previous History teacher. My family and I moved here three weeks ago. I'm sure, by now, you all know my daughter, Kira," he took a quick pause. "Or you might not since she's never actually mentioned anyone from school. Or brought a friend home for that matter."

A loud thump was made behind Lucy and she turned around to see the same girl, now named Kira, she greeted silently with her head down against the desk. Everyone's eyes were on her and Lucy felt somewhat bad for her since this was possibly the most embarrassing way to get noticed.

"Either way," her teacher, Kira's father, added. "There she is."

Kira lifted her head with a struggle. There was no use on hiding in the shadows since her dad had exposed her to the class and she was greeted with soft giggles and rapid whispers. She wondered what her classmates thought of her, the new girl in school, but she her eyes landed on someone who was a few desks down.

It was a boy with a short, dark hair and tan skin. The sunlight that burst through the shades caused him to glow and Kira thought that was beautiful. She realized he was staring at her and Kira's heartbeat picked up by this. Moving her gaze away, she pushed aside her hair all while trying to take another peek at him.

"Psst," a sound was made and Kira turned her head to the side to see it was the same girl she smiled at. The friendly girl stuck her hand out and Kira reached for the handshake. "My name's Lucille, but everyone calls me Lucy."

"Kira," she spoke for the first time and Lucy nodded. "Although you already knew that by my dad…I'm sorry."

Lucy giggled. "Don't worry about it. I know it's hard being the new girl, but it will go away."

"Thanks for the heads up," Kira said as Lucy turned her attention back to the board. The Japanese girl then eyed her pencil. "But I doubt that will happen…"

Isaac sat on the other side of the room.

He was holding the paint brush, the tip lightly caressing the paper. The werewolf noticed the odd behavior coming from Allison as well as overhearing the conversation between the two. He didn't want to intervene so he stayed put to where he was and focused on his painting.

"She looks beautiful," a voice murmured beside Isaac and the werewolf looked up to see another person sitting next to him. He had a light tan skin, more like an olive complexion, with dark hair like Scott and eyes brown like Lucy. The stranger was brushing away, his attention focused on the white paper filled with color. "I'm just surprised to see you're here and not with her."

Isaac narrowed his eyes on that statement, but realized what he meant. "I'm not her boyfriend."

"Oh," the boy spoke again. "Forgive me for my mistake. I thought since you were watching her with so much attention, I thought you two were together."

Isaac shook his head. "Trust me, not in a million years."

The boy chuckled at that statement as he placed his brush down. Extending his hand, Isaac reached over for the handshake. "Name's Cesar. Cesar Santos."

"Isaac Lahey."

"Nice to meet you, Isaac," Cesar said to him before pulling away and picking up the brush. Isaac noticed how focused the boy was into his painting, how much dedication he was putting on to it that the werewolf couldn't help but point it out.

"You seem to love art, huh?"

Cesar snorted as he turned the board around to show him the mixture of random streak lies on the white paper that seem to belong to a first grader. "I have no idea what I'm doing."

Isaac laughed. "I can see that."

"Don't worry, I've never been an artist," he confessed to Isaac as he turned the board around and continued his brushing. "But do you know anything about her? The one in the blue shirt?"

Isaac glanced at the huntress. "Her name is Allison Argent."

"Allison Argent," Cesar repeated as he dipped his brush into the water before getting the red. "Has a nice ring to it."

Lucy stood in the middle of the woods after school.

She decided to tag along with her friends since Lydia had told her about Allison's struggle with her hands. She couldn't hold the paint brush normally without shaking and Lucy knew this was a problem. Allison needed good hand coordination since she dealt with the arch which is why they were out in the woods.

To help Allison out.

"Do you really think this is going to help?" Allison asked Lydia as she was marching toward her and Lucy. Lydia had plastered a paper with a target circle against the tree and it reminded Lucy about the target practice she had with Allison one day.

"I know that if you think it's not going to help it definitely won't," Lydia stated with a knowing look and Allison sighed as she grabbed an arrow from Lucy's hand.

"Can you at least try this out?" Lucy asked her with a sincere tone. "What's the worst thing that could happen out here?"

Lydia stood on the other side of Allison, her face filled with determination. "Exactly! You're here with us and have nothing but the vast space of this forest, so get your head into it," she cheered on. "Shoot a few and see what happens."

Allison gave them a soft grin for their encouragement. As she placed the arrow against the string, she carefully pull back, but her grip was wobbly and Lucy observed this quietly. Allison let go, the arrow had flew across the ground, but it landed way off target and landed on the soil floor. This was really bad considering Allison was an expert in archery and to see her miss a simple target made Lucy nervous. Lucy was so in focus that she didn't see Allison take another arrow from her hand to try again.

And again Allison had missed.

Lydia frowned by this. "Maybe hold the string a different way. Try the Mongolian draw." Both girls snapped their heads at Lydia and the girl shrugged at their expressions. "What? I read."

"You always read," Lucy teased at Lydia and the redhead held her chin with pride. "Just try it, Allison."

"Fine," Allison agreed as she took another arrow. She tilted her bow to the side with her fingers gripping the arrow and string together. Putting all her focus on the target in front of her, she took in a deep breath before letting go, but it had missed again.

"We need a new idea, Lydia," she suggested. "This clearly isn't working with the state she is in."

Lydia clasped her hands together as she thought. "Okay, um…" she lightly squeezed Allison's shoulders. "Take a second to close your eyes and imagine the arrow going into the target."

Lucy observed Allison, her eyes closed as her muscles relaxed into deep concentration. As she slowly opened her eyes, her vision caught the sight of someone running in the distance. This caused her to jump as someone was with them, but as the figure ran to the tree, she had disappeared. Allison was taken back by this.

"Did you guys see that?"

Lucy narrowed her eyes at this. "See what, Allison?"

Allison bent down to grab her bag filled with arrows on the floor before standing up. The girl certainly saw something that the two of them didn't see, but Lucy wasn't blind since nothing was there. Allison pulled the strap on her shoulders. "You guys wait here."

"Are you serious?" Lydia questioned with an attitude by this.

"I'll be right back," Allison promised before walking off into the forest. Lucy moved closer to Lydia as she placed her hand on the redhead's heated shoulder.

"You did not just say that!" She hissed at her huntress friend before looking at Lucy. "She did not just say that, Lucy!"

Lucy tugged her hand. "Come on. Let's just follow her."

"Are you serious?"

Lucy whipped her body at her. "Well if you want to stay here then fine. But if not, then come with me and stop complaining!"

Lydia huffed but stomped her way towards Lucy as they walked into the forest. They two were calling Allison's name and were becoming worried by her sudden disappearance. The sun was still out, so at least they had light, but even with this, they couldn't find her at all. Lydia was about to give up saying Allison would just come back to them, but Lucy didn't want to listen to that.

"She just has to be here," she muttered underneath her breath. Lydia stayed put as Lucy quickly investigated a bit more, but not too far from her friend. Lucy turned around and head back towards her only to find Allison standing in the distance. The arrow was extended and pointed directly at Lydia and Lucy noticed the crazy eyes that was on Allison's face. "Lydia!"

In a flash, Lucy sprinted towards the girl and tackled her to the ground to save her. Their body hit the ground, the leaves digging through their hair as Lucy held a scare Lydia in her arms. The tan girl noticed a shadow above them and she saw Isaac standing with the arrow harshly in his grip.

Allison's eyes widen at what could have happened as she dropped her weapon. "Oh my god, oh my god, Lydia!"

Lucy helped Lydia up her feet and dusted the dirt off her clothes. She gently pushed Lydia into Isaac's arms before advancing slowly at Allison. The huntress was shaking at what had happened and Lucy held Allison's hands in hers.

Allison looked up with tears almost bursting out. "I didn't mean for it…I didn't, Lucy. I thought it was my aunt. I saw my aunt coming at me."

Lucy then embraced her in her arms as she tried to calm her down. "It's okay. I know you didn't mean too. It's okay."

Lucy glanced over her shoulders to see his blue eyes gaze directly into her brown ones. The two shared the same look even with the distance that held them apart.

The look of distress.


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