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They had reached downstairs where all of Chris' weapons were held.

The man flipped the switch on and Lucy saw how a small light bulb flickered above the small caged area before stopping. Chris led the two teenagers towards it and opened the door before the three entered inside. The hunter noticed a long, black cover that was folded and his fingers lifted it up.

There were four arrowheads.

"Why would she make four of these?" Chris wondered aloud as his eyes gazed with confusion at the arrowheads. Isaac bit his lip as he remembered the arrow that Allison used at the Oni.

"She made five," Isaac told him and Chris turned his attention at the werewolf. "She made the first one then she figured it out. She used the first silver arrowhead to kill one of the Oni."

"We all saw her do this," Lucy confirmed Isaac's statement as she tapped her finger against the table. "We all saw that arrow go to the Oni. It was the last arrow she had on her."

Chris flickered his eyes at her. "How?"

"Remember the story you told Scott and Allison?" Lucy was trying to recall what her brother told her. "Scott told me about one of your first gun deal with the Yakuza. Remember that story, Isaac?"

The werewolf nodded as he began to remember it. "Yeah, you were around eighteen at the time that it happened and the Oni were there."

"That meeting wasn't one of my first deals," Chris informed the teenagers beside him. He then glanced at the silver arrowheads. "It was my first deal."

"The bullet that you used to shoot the Oni," Isaac pointed out the item that Chris used against the Oni. "Was that a silver bullet?"

Chris nodded slowly. "Yes, but it didn't killed him. It just broke his mask."

"Probably went straight through," Isaac reasoned at him before an idea came into mind. He glanced at Lucy who was thinking the same thing as everything was coming together and making sense. "What if silver is like poison to them? What if it needs to stay in the body?"

"That way the poison could take its full effect on the Oni," Lucy added to Chris and the hunter glanced down at the arrowhead as he was considering their idea. "Maybe that's what she was trying to tell Scott before she died. She was trying to tell us that she found the answer on stopping the Oni!"

Chris touched one arrowhead. "These four would still have been setting when she went off to meet Scott."

"We could stop them," Isaac whispered to them as his blue eyes shined with hope. Chris had another idea as he held one to his sight and glared at it.

"No," he spoke quietly before he raised his voice with a chilling tone. "We can kill them. Lucy, there are two crossbows to your right. Grab them because you're going to help me kill them with me. I need to get something upstairs."

Chris had quickly exited the cage, leaving her and Isaac alone in the basement. Lucy immediately got to work on getting the two crossbows and laying them on the desk while four arrows that were inside a small cabinet. With her fingers, she grabbed one silver arrowhead and placed them carefully on top, making sure they were secure so they wouldn't fall off. They only had four to use and four chances to defeat the Nogitsune at its game. Isaac also helped out, but he kept glancing his blue eyes at Lucy who was completely focused on the task at hand.

He cleared his throat. "You're really going to kill them aren't you?"

"Yeah," she lowly answered as she held the final silver arrow in her hand. Lifting it up in front of her face, she seriously stated, "And this will be for Allison. I'm going to finish what she started," she then genuinely gazed into Isaac's eyes. "I'll promise her that."

She then clutched the final arrow.

"Do you think you can sense them?" Lucy asked Isaac who was sitting in the backseat of Chris' car. Isaac, having his head outside the window, began to let his nose sniff for a specific scent that would lead them to where the group was. He then brought himself inside and leaned forward towards her. "Well?"

"They're at the school," Isaac breathed out to them. He then switched his gaze to Chris who was driving the car. "All of them are at the school."

"Hang on," Chris pushed his foot harder on the pedal and the car sped faster down the empty road. He was driving quicker so the three could arrive and prevent another death to happen. Everything was time and if they wasted it, then it would be more lives being lost or worse: the Nogitsune winning.

Lucy was prepping the crossbows that were settled on her lap. She placed two arrows in each: one for her and one for Chris. They were both going to kill the remaining Oni in this town one by one and with what Allison left: they were certain it would work. If it worked when she saved Isaac from being killed then it would work to save Stiles and everyone else. Chris made a sharp turn and Lucy snapped her head towards the window to see they had finally arrived.

They were at the school.

"I hear Derek," Isaac mentioned with a deep voice. The werewolf was gripping the seats as his eyes shined yellow for a moment. "The twins are there, too. They're fighting with the Oni."

"Then lets go," Lucy exited the car with both crossbows in her hands. Chris marched around the car and the girl handed the man his weapon. Isaac stood on the other side of Lucy and the trio gazed at the dark area.

Chris gestured them to follow. "Isaac, you'll help out Derek. Lucy, you'll come with me and shoot the Oni. Remember: we only have four clear shots."

Lucy nodded at him and the hunter led the way. Isaac was running the other direction while Lucy stayed close with Chris. The growls were getting louder and the sounds of swords clanging were clearly heard from where she was. She wasn't sure which roars belonged to who as they all began to sound the same, but that didn't stopped her from going forward.

They made it to the fight and it wasn't looking too pleasant. Derek and the twins were all worn out with bloody scratches and bruises being. The swords the Oni were using was shredding their clothing and Lucy knew they were just on the brink of collapsing. Walking quietly onto the pavement that rose slightly higher, Lucy raised the crossbow to her eye-level so that she could see through the hole for aim. The Oni was about to attack Derek, his sword being swung around, and Lucy pulled the trigger once she found a clear target.

The arrow directly hit the Oni's chest and the ninja stopped it's movement. With the sword falling to the cold ground, the Oni clutched on the arrow that was sticking out from its chest before pulling it out. The lights of green and yellow began to flash just like how it did at the Oak Creek camp and the Oni vanished into black smoke as it was defeated. Derek turned around with a confused gaze being directed at her while Isaac made his grand entrance by doing a flip and landing perfectly on the pavement.

Lucy had lowered the crossbow as she glanced at Chris.

"What was that?" Ethan had asked as he was clutching his bloody arm.

"Silver," Chris answered him and Lucy stared at the group below them. She noticed Derek shifting his eyes towards the stairs and the werewolf growled before shouting out orders to Isaac.

"Isaac, the box," Derek pointed to the box that was sitting on the floor. "Get the triskele box to Scott!"

Lucy's brown eyes followed to where Isaac was running, but he didn't see the Oni who was getting ready to attack him. The girl was on high alert and raised her crossbow in order to shoot her final arrow at the Oni and succeeded. Isaac, at the same time, caught the box and snapped his head to see the Oni drop its sword to the ground. The Oni had exploded just like ones before him and Isaac sent a thankful gaze at her.

Chris nudged at Lucy. "Go with him! I'll hold the last two myself."

Lucy motioned Isaac to follow her and the two sprinted their way towards the school building. Isaac had finally caught up to her in seconds and they pulled the doors opened before rushing inside. Lucy let Isaac lead the way as he was the one who could sense where the group was with his ears and nose.

"This way," he pointed to his left and the two ran down the empty hallways. There was a sudden sound of thunder booming above them and the lights began to crackle as if they were going to go out. A powerful scream soon echoed around and the two realized it sounded like Stiles causing them to run faster.

Isaac opened the box as he heard a buzzing noise reach his ears. Turning around the corner, Lucy's eyes saw the group standing around Stiles, but it wasn't the real one. Everyone's eyes followed the small fly that was heading towards the two and Isaac was quick enough to capture the fly with the box. He slammed the lid closed and a soft click confirmed that it was over.

They had trapped the Nogitsune.

Lucy's eyes soon travelled back to where the rest were standing and saw the Nogitsune Stiles began to twitch and jerk with his mouth still opened. He soon stopped and remained still as the color of his skin became gray and multiple cracks were formed all over his darkened face. The Nogitsune then collapsed to the floor as if it had been pushed by someone and broke apart with only dust floating away.

Stiles, who was being held by Lydia for support, pulled away and stumbled around. He then fell to the floor and slipped into an unconscious state with everyone rushing around him. Lucy ran down the hall as she knelt to floor and was beside her brother. Isaac and Cesar were the only ones that remained standing. The twins glanced at each other with worried gazes, but Scott soon picked up something.

"His heartbeat," Scott was in awe as he stared at everyone around him. "I could hear it. He's still alive!"

They all patiently waited for Stiles to wake up.

And he eventually did.

"Oh god," he murmured at the people above him. "I fainted, didn't I?"

Everyone managed a soft smile as Stiles was alive and the boy glanced around as he felt something different. "We're alive. We all alive?"

"Yeah," Scott answered him softly with a quick nod. "We're okay."

Lydia's smile fell as she heard sniffling. Lucy noticed the quick change on the redhead's face and she began to call out her name. Lydia ignored it as she rose to her feet and began to run down the hallway. It couldn't be true, Lydia was thinking this over in her head. This couldn't possibly happen, but the strange feeling that only appeared when someone was dying was growing stronger.

Everyone followed her lead with Stiles, surprisingly, right behind the banshee. They all made it outside to where the fighting was held, but Lucy stopped her pace. Her eyes briefly looked to where Lydia was tightly hugging Stiles before glancing down where the battle was once held.


He was gone.

Lucy's heart sank as they lost another person. First it was Allison who had just died not too long ago and now Aiden. They had lost two people on the same day and both were completely young. She tightly held onto the crossbow as Isaac's arm slid behind her, pulling the girl closer to him. Lucy placed her tired head on his shoulder as small tears began to fall down her cheeks. She was glad everything was over, but they had lost two people along the way.

And blood was unfortunately shed.

Lucy stood in front of her mirror.

Her fingers travelled down her right cheek where the large scar was visibly seen. It ran from the tip of her forehead down to the corner of her mouth. Serena was right when she said there would be a permanent scar on her face. It was there in the flesh and no amount of makeup would cover it up if she could. Her hair sometimes helped, but it was still shown between the thick strands.

The scar revealed the true damage that Lucy tried her hardest to hide inside herself. The scar revealed what she was feeling and thinking inside and now it was exposed to everyone. The scar revealed how much the supernatural world affected her and that her life was no longer perfect as her face was destroyed. That her new reality was filled with werewolves and banshees and hunters. That people died left and right and blood was tainting this town because it can.

She was no longer the same.

She had a different face, a different appearance and a different view on life.

A knock caused her to jump and Lucy turned around to see it was only Isaac leaning against the doorframe.

"Oh, hey, Isaac," she greeted quietly at him before staring back at the mirror in front of her. She had smooth down the navy, blue floral dress with her hands all while gazing into her reflection. Isaac knew something was wrong with her and he slowly walked into her room. Standing behind her, he slipped his arms around her waist with his hands cupping her that rested above her stomach. He placed his chin on her shoulder before his ocean, blue eyes gazed into the reflection like her.

He tried to cheer her up. "You still look beautiful, Lucy."


"No, I'm serious," he held his grip tighter around her waist as his nose neared closer to her hair. He smelled the natural scent that was radiating around her body and he lets out a soft sigh. "You're still beautiful even if that scar is on your face. I don't care if won't go away because it shows that you survived what happened. It shows you're bravery and loyalty on saving Beacon Hills from the Nogitsune." He raised one hand and pushed away the strands that covered her scar. "And you shouldn't hide it from anyone."

Lucy spun around with a soft smile as her hands rested on his thick chest. "This is why I love you."

"And I love you, too," he muttered with affection as his lips gently pressed against hers. It was short, but passionate kiss the two shared and Lucy chuckled as she pulled away. He gave a quick kiss near her scar as Lucy's hand caressed near his smooth jawline and the werewolf nuzzled his face against her warm palm. They shared a silent conversation that only the two were able to understand. They would be there to support each other when times are rough. They would be there to make sure no one gets hurt and survive the vicious battles when they come.

They would not back down.

Together, they will fight.

"I wish I could say something to him," Kira sadly confessed at the two near Lydia's locker. The three girls were standing around as students happily walked by them to enjoy their normal lives. "I wish I could say something to all of them, but I don't know how much space or how much time I'm supposed to give them. And I know I'm still just the new girl at school…"

Lydia and Lucy both directed their gazes where Coach Finstock was talking with Malia while running down the steps. She was finally going to school and the werecoyote gave the two girls an acknowledgeable nod before returning to her conversation with the Coach.

Lydia gave Kira a soft grin. "Not for long."

The bell rang and Kira said goodbye to them before heading for her next class. Lucy waited for Lydia as they had a free period and the redhead closed her locker before walking down the hallway with the brunette. They made their way outside the school and sat down on a table.

The same table where they first met Kira.

"You know you were giving her an attitude when she first popped up," Lucy remembered with a gentle chuckle and Lydia rolled her eyes. "She was shy and alone. The new girl at school, just like Allison…"

Lydia took in a deep breath as she extended her hands. "Yeah. I remember. She was sweet to me. She was the first one who told me I shouldn't hide my intelligence. That I should embrace it."

"She helped me defend myself," Lucy admitted to Lydia as her fingers tapped the table. Lydia's hazel eyes glanced at her fingers and her fragile hand cupped them to make her nerves stop. Lucy gazed at her with a sad smile as some tears formed inside her eyes. "You know we promised to save you when the Nogitsune captured you. She died for not only you, but for Isaac and me. He was about to die and she saved him from being killed. I just wished I had a chance to thank her for this."

"I wish I had the chance to thank her too," Lydia choked as she blinked her eyes at this. "I remember the last time I saw her was at school after the heist. It was a couple of days before she died. If I knew she was going to die beforehand, I-I would have told her how thankful I was to meet her. She changed everything in my life…everything…"

Lucy agreed with a soft murmur. "I agree. You know, if it wasn't for her we wouldn't be talking. We wouldn't be where we're at right now and it took her," she stared at the clear, blue sky with joyful tears. "The new girl to cause this to happen."

"The new girl," Lydia tearfully choked with amusement. "She was a unique new girl. A new girl with a large secret that helped saved lives."

The two girls looked high into the calm, blue sky and noted the peace it gave to them. After all of this, the Nogitsune terrorizing everyone while losing two close people along the way, the sky gave them both the reward for their bravery. Lucy's path in the beginning was uncertain, but it was slowly clearing. Even with the scar the path was beginning to straighten once more and her mind was no longer clouded with confusion. It was one of the few obstacles in her life she needed to face and there would be more thrown her way in the future.

But she'll have her small group of friends and family, her "pack" no matter if they're dead or alive. They'll all be there for her physically or mentally and she's just thankful for this.

She'll make it through.


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