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1: Mirror

A week after the seal Daisuke still half expects Dark to appear in the mirror and tease him so the flash of violet was welcome; then he realized that it wasn't Dark. His eyes now had flecks of purple in among his reddish brown iris. Of a sudden Dark's last words came to mind:
"Daisuke. Don't forget, I exist inside of you." Looking at the flecks of violet the same as the hue of Dark's eyes he smiled. He would always remember his surrogate older brother, his other half;
the creature of magic and night that had been bound to his family centuries ago and at last was free. How could he not when the reminder was in the mirror every day.

2: Freedom

Although he loves Riku with all his heart he is not quite human anymore; not even kissing her could compare to the feeling of the wind under his wings, and the freedom of the moonlit sky. He knew she could never truly understand, and as he and Satoshi explore the skies on wings of ice blue and flame red he pities her. One day she will find out but even then she will not understand. He hopes she will forgive him this secret when the time comes.