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Harry was standing near the door of the conference room, while the rest of the attendings were discussing loudly and vehemently. He sighed, like they all didn't know yet who was the one to pick for the first solo surgery.

"Alright, shut up, because I have surgery in thirty minutes and this is just posturing for the flacky interns outside this room," Harry said, annoyed at the drama. "We all know our first pick. We all have made that choice since we've known them as residents. But, there are some complications with that. So, Chief, you decide; do you lift your punishment, or should we all vote our number two on the matter?"

They all looked at him with wide eyes, Hunt looking extremely pissed. Harry suppressed a sigh, things had been bad with Owen for a while but he didn't know what do about it. The man refused to open up to him, and let his anger and frustration lash him out to Harry.

"No," Webber brought him back to the present. "She was the one we pick, she'll get to pick who she wants."

Harry's mouth fell open. "That," he didn't have the words for the dirty trick the older man just decided on. "She's already out the solo-surgery run, you want to torture her with this?"

"She's the one who knows her peers best," Richard argued.

"No matter the consequences, right?" Harry shot back. "Never mind that this is a punishment way too big for what happened. You're torturing her, Richard. That isn't fair, or just. You shouldn't make her the example of your wrath for the entire hospital! I get it, you're still pissed, so am I. But this? This goes too far, and you know it. I will not stand by this."

With those words Harry left the room, a dark and stormy expression on his face. The intern that was standing and spying for the residents scurried away as quickly as possible.

"Dr. Grey," he spotted the dark-haired intern. "You're going to prep my splenectomy in 2141."

"Yes Dr Potter," the woman scuttled away to do as he ordered.

He was in surgery with the two Greys. He was explaining and questioning them about the procedure.

"So, Big Grey," he started. "Did the Chief already give his decision?"

"Yes," Meredith answered. "Christina is the one who gets to choose."

He could clearly hear the resentment in her tone. "Not happy about it?"

"No," she snorted. "It's, everyone will try to convince her to choose them. It's unfair."

"I agree," Harry spoke as he quickly tied off another artery. "But then, it's not up to us."

"True," she conceded.

"How are you doing there, Little Grey?" he called to the intern who was away from the table. After the stunt they pulled, he was not about to give any of them hard-earned privileges.

"Fine," Lexie answered him. "I'm fine, really."

"Good," Harry nodded and focused once more on the task at hand.

The rest of the surgery went well, and after closing him up he put the patient up in recovery.

"Little Grey," he called out. "Let's go."

"Go?" she was confused.

"Inform the family and friends about how it went," he explained to her.

Lexie's face brightened.

After they walked out of the waiting room he turned to her. "Why don't you go and find Dr Sloan. He and Dr Bailey have an interesting case, so go and learn."

"Yes Dr Potter," she smiled brightly and almost run through the hallways to find Mark and Miranda.

Harry smirked, this would teach Mark to be so cruel to him about Little Sloan and Little Grey.

Harry walked into the pit, hearing about the car accident. He kept to the background as he saw Harris and the bickering sisters. With nostalgia he thought back on how they were exactly like the Weasley twins and Percy.

He looked at the two sisters, before he looked closer at the older one. Harris didn't seem to notice, and Alex was busy with the third that was brought into the ER. He quickly walked up.

"How long have her eyes been like that?" he asked Harris urgently.

"Her eyes?" Sadie looked confused.

"Karev!" Harry called urgently. "Page Shepherd, now! Tell him we have a possible basal skull fracture. I'll get her to CT!"

"I – I didn't see," Sadie stammered.

"Get the hell away from us," Harry snarled. "You're on scut for this week."

Karev had paged Shepherd and was quickly helping him to get the girl to the elevator. When they had her on the CT, Harry's pager went off; the pit.

"You good here, Karev?" Harry asked the resident.

Karev nodded. "Go," he told him. "Shepherd will be here any minute."

"Okay," he told him; before he walked away he decided to give the man some advice. "Karev!"

The man looked up. "Don't do suck up with Yang. Make sure you get the procedure down with all possible complications and present your case to her."

Karev looked at the man with wide eyes. Harry surprised him by smirking at the resident. "You were my number two. Don't screw up my trust in you."

Karev nodded, stunned by the support the man shown him.

On his way he saw Mark and Callie chat and heard what they were saying about the two interns.

"Really Sadie?" he asked the woman sceptically.

"What?" Callie demanded defensively.

"Nothing," Harry responded. "Just… thought you'd go for a girl with a bit more class."

"She's hot," Callie argued.

"Depends," Harry replied with a small smirk.

"On what?" Mark asked with a raised eyebrow.

"On what you're used to, I guess," Harry smiled at the man the women dubbed McSteamy.

"Well what about Lexie?" Mark asked him.

"Little Grey?" Harry asked him knowingly. "Why would you want to be with her?"

"Well she's smart, funny, talks about sex with attendings, has a great smile," Mark started to list, falling silent at the knowing look Harry gave him.

"You like her," Harry smirked. "So the only reason you hold back on a woman you want for more than just sex is because she's an intern."

"Well, that and she's Little Grey," Mark shot Harry a look.

"Ah," Harry nodded.

"Yeah," Mark sighed.

"Well, I'm needed downstairs," Harry waved his goodbye to the two and stepped into the elevator.

Back in the pit, Harry met up with Hunt. "What have we got?"

"Hit and Run victim," Owen supplied handing him a pair of gloves. "Confirmed internal damage."

Harry nodded and could hear the ambulance coming at the bay with high speed. As the doors opened he walked up.

"Hit and Run victim, male John Doe, possible thirties," the paramedic started the usual run down.

Harry looked at the man on the gurney, and felt his gut turn. The face, pale and bloody as it was, was too familiar to him.

"Harry?" Owen shook him out of his reverie.

"Let's go," Harry told him, refusing to let his panic and fear get the best of him. He would save him he didn't care how.

The trauma room they were in was bustling.

"He's missing an ear?" Callie looked shocked.

"Old injury," Harry replied without thinking. Everyone froze looking at him.

The man chose that time to wake up, trying to get up.

"George!" Harry pushed at his shoulders, making sure the other man saw his face. "George, look at me!"

Wild brown eyes focused on him. "Harry?" he whispered.

"Yeah, it's me Gred," Harry smiled a bit shakily. "Listen to me, you were in an accident, a car hit you. We're going to take good care of you."

"Hurts," he groaned.

"I know it does," Harry nodded. "We'll give you something in a bit, okay?"

"Potter, you know this man?" Hunt asked him tersely.

"Gin's brother," Harry responded curtly.

"Out," Hunt ordered him. "You know the rules Harry."

Harry looked up with a fierce determination on his face. "I'll stay in this room, Owen. I don't care if you shut me out of the procedures, but as long as he's conscious, I'll be in here!"

At that moment, George started seizing on the table. Harry immediately grabbed his head, making sure he didn't exacerbated his injuries.

"Page Shepherd, page the Chief," Owen ordered. "Page Sloan as well!"

Harry didn't listen, focusing his magic on the core of his brother. He found what he expected, magic unleashed and unchecked. Slowly he wrapped his own magic around it, trying to control it so the others could their job.

Derek, Mark and Richard walked into the room. Owen quickly explained the situation, while the rest worked frantically around Harry.

"Potter, out!" Webber ordered, only to be ignored.

Mark decided to intervene; he put a strong hand on Harry's shoulder and gently guided him out of the trauma room. Harry let himself be guided through the hallways until they were near the morgue and pushed on an unused gurney. The man sat down next to him, keeping quiet.

Harry leaned forward putting his head in his hands that were shaking. What the hell was George doing here, getting hit by a car? It wasn't fair. How much did Molly and Arthur have to suffer? Now, one of the remaining sons was in the hospital and definitely needed extensive surgery.

Mark remained quiet as the man next to him broke apart silently. He didn't know what to do. This man was so reclusive. Sure he talked and laughed and drank with them, but besides the death of Ginny, they didn't know much.

Inside the trauma room, things were chaotic.

"What the hell?" Meredith asked out loud. "Who the hell is Gin?"

George was conscious once more, though he preferred not to be so. He wasn't sure he ever felt so much pain outside a Cruciatus curse. "My baby sister."

Meredith looked at the ginger-haired man on the bed. George continued.

"She was his wife, died in a robbery."

Everyone froze at hearing this, except for Derek and Owen who already knew this.

"Mr Weasley," Derek looked the man in the eye. "You've been hurt pretty bad. We're moving you to surgery. You have extensive internal bleedings and a skull fracture. Is there anyone we can call?"

"Tell Harrikins," George breathed deeply for a moment. "Bill's here."

"Okay," Derek gave the man a reassuring squeeze of the shoulder. "Let's move people!"

Owen and Derek quickly made their way out of the room with George and made their way up to the OR. The rest was left to watch them go, stunned by what was just revealed.

"Did you know?" Callie asked Meredith. She shook her head.

"No," Meredith remembered the text Derek had shot her ages ago that he stayed the night with the boys over at Potter's place. "But Derek and the guys probably did."

Webber let out a deep breath. He knew that Potter held a dark past, but to be confronted in such a way … He decided to find his talented attending and give him some support. He knew that the news about Potter's brother-in-law and dead wife would be over the hospital within an hour.

Karev had just cornered Christina outside the scrub room and presented his case just like Potter had suggested and walked away. He saw Hunt and Shepherd with a patient going into the OR. O'Malley was walking from the other direction

"O'Malley!" Hunt called him. "You're scrubbing in."

O'Malley nodded and listened to the problems as he stood between the two men.

"Listen O'Malley," Owen said just before they entered the OR. "That man on the table? Is one of Dr Potter's oldest friends."

George's eyes widened and shot to the intubated man on the table. "Right, okay."

While the three men were working feverishly to save the guy, the rumours were running rampant through the hospital, while Harry was still breaking down in the sublevels.

Sloan's pager went off, Harry looked up from his hands. "Don't you have that larynx now?"

"Yeah," Mark confessed, reluctant to leave Harry alone.

"Go, teach Little Grey," Harry smirked unconvincingly.

"That was you?" Mark exclaimed shocked. "You do revenge very well, my friend."

"I'll go up with you, sit under the OR board or something."

That was were Webber found his general surgeon fifteen minutes later. His eyes were red and his hands shaky.

"Come on, Harry," Richard spoke to him. "Wait it out in my office."

"No," Harry shook his head. "I can't leave the floor, Chief. Just …"

"I know," Webber uncomfortably sank on the floor next to him, grabbing his knee tight in his hand.

They looked up as Christina walked up to the board with a pen in her hand, the rest of the residents looking on in excitement. Harry looked at the Asian woman.

"Karev, right?" he questioned her softly, glad to keep his mind out off OR 2.

Christina looked down on the man in shock. She'd heard what happened in the pit, but hadn't expected to see the Chief and him under the OR board. And he knew who she'd choose?

Harry grinned faintly, amused by her shock. "I may have given him some free advice. And he deserves it. You both did. Not only because of your talents, but because you listened to what we had to tell you over the last few months. Your growth, both as teachers and as independently operating doctors has been impressive, Dr Yang."

Christina smiled at the Brit. She'd heard from Meredith and one of the scrub nurses how he had been against letting her choose. Not because he thought she couldn't, but because he thought she shouldn't be put in that decision against her peers.

It was at that time, that Bailey Sloan and Little Grey appeared with the larynx case. Mark gave a few quiet directions before he immediately walked over towards the two seated men.

"Any news?" he questioned hopefully.

The two shook their heads. "Grey, get her situated," he ordered the intern.

"I'll check for you," Mark offered.

"Thank you," Harry responded.

Mark went back to the OR's. quickly donning a mask, he stepped inside the OR holding Hunt and O'Malley.

"Any updates ready for Harry?" he asked Hunt.

"He complaining?" Hunt asked harshly.

"No," Mark frowned. "I just thought it would be nice to give your best friend an update when his brother-in-law is on your table. Especially considering the picture him and the chief make since they've installed themselves on the ground under the OR board."

Hunt released a shaky breath. "Right," he responded while quickly packing another part of the stomach with towels to try and dam in a bleeding part. "Tell him that the kidneys are damaged, we had to remove part of the liver and I'm trying my damndest to salvage his spleen."

O'Malley looked up at Sloan quickly. "No coding, blood pressure remains as stable as it could be and we're only on our fourth unit."

Sloan smiled gratefully under his mask at the quiet and unassuming resident. Sure the man had been an asshole to Callie, but he was really a welcome breath of air in the tension of this OR.

"Thanks, O'Malley," Sloan replied, before making his way back towards his friend again.

In the short time he had been in the OR, the crowd around Potter and Webber had grown. Harry didn't seem to notice, his mind with his friend and brother on the operating table. Mark decided to follow his lead and sat on the other side from Harry.

He quietly relayed the news George and Hunt had given him. Harry absorbed the update, trying to keep his tears and fears in check. All he could remember was seeing Ginny, the same white-grey palour, on the table. The tidal wave of grief and pain was overwhelming him. Not another one, was what his entire being was reverberating with. Not another one.

"Was," Harry's voice was rough with his unshed tears. "Did he say anything before he went under?"

Webber squeezed his knee. "He asked to tell you that Bill's here."

Harry looked up with shock. "Bill's here?"

He stood up and looked at the two men who had been flanking him. "I have my cell phone on me. Please call or page me the minute you have news. I, I have to tell him what happened."

The crowd parted silently as he sped off on his newly appointed task. Mark and Webber remained under the OR board.

"Doesn't seem fair," Mark said quietly. "He, on Ginny's death date he was drinking and speaking about everyone he lost. And now this, it's just …"

"I know," Webber agreed with him. "I know."

Harry had quickly donned his coat and made his way out of the hospital, when he bumped into Karev who was radiant.

"You were right, Dr Potter," he rambled with happiness. "I got the solo, I'll take Stevens with me. Izzie will be over the moon! And I love her, and I love my job. Thank you!"

"You're welcome Karev," Harry mumbled, as he tried to make his way around the jubilant resident. He was almost at the point where he would go into total break down. He couldn't be around anyone at the moment.

"Hey man," Karev had seemed to notice that something was wrong. "Everything alright?"

"No," Harry responded plainly. "A man that I've known for over two decades is lying on Hunt's table at the moment. I'm about to inform his oldest brother that yet another one of his family might die today. So no, Karev everything is not alright."

Harry left after this, leaving Karev stunned in the hallway. Alex quickly made his way to the OR board. He was shocked to see the crowd that was still there. He quietly made his way over to the crowd when he heard tow interns talking.

"He totally broke down," one giggled. "Seriously, did you see him and the chief? Dead man walking."

"Seriously," the other agreed. "I mean come on. Yes, it was messy, but it wasn't like he'd never seen anything bad before. If you believe the gossip, he saw his wife die on the table. And now, he's totally breaking down."

"Pierce," Alex barked, satisfied seeing the intern jump sky high. "You, rectals and scut for a month. I thought he'd been clear before. Start showing some goddamn respect for life. That man you're giggling about, just had to send his brother to the OR. Do you have a brother?"

He had become increasingly louder with each word. He noticed with some distant part of his mind that Sloan and Webber made their way towards him.

"Well, do you?" he demanded of the two in front of him.

"Yes, sir," the other one stammered.

"And how would you feel if you were standing in the ER and found out your brother might die, under the hands of your friend?" Alex was steaming with anger, making the two shrunk into themselves.

"Dismissed," Alex barked out.

The two quickly made their exit.

"Easy, Karev," Sloan tried to calm him down.

"They, he," Alex was still so mad he couldn't express the disgust he was feeling at that moment.

"Yes,' Webber agreed. "Don't worry Dr Karev, they will not get away with it."

Outside, Harry had used his magic to find Bill. A simple point me and apparating, brought him to a nice hotel. Making his way inside, he saw Bill at the bar looking around worried.

"Bill," he called the redheads attention.

Bill's eyes flew to the man who called him. Surprise and happiness spread over his face in a teasing grin. Harry didn't smile back though as he quickly made his way to the scarred man.

"Harry," the warmth in his voice almost broke the good doctor. They embraced long, until Harry released a shaky breath and stepped back. Bill's eyes turned confused.

"Bill," Harry took a deep breath. "I need you to come with me. George has been in an accident. A car hit him."

Harry could see the blood leave Bill's face under the extensive scarring. "My friend is operating on him right now."

"Op-operating?" Bill stammered confused.

Harry guided the man at the elbow away from the bar. As they made their way outside again, Harry started to explain.

"There was extensive damage, Bill," his voice was shaky. "We, I assessed him as he came in. His organs were severely damaged, some ruptured others maybe small tears. He had a skull fracture."

"Why, why didn't you use magic?" Bill stammered.

"His magic reacted towards the injuries," Harry admitted. "I had to subdue his core. It was causing seizures."

"O God," Bill swayed on the spot.

"Let's go," Harry urged, hailing a cab to bring them back to Seattle Grace. Neither men were capable of Apparating without splinting at this moment.

Bill seemed a bit hesitant as the cab stopped in front of the huge hospital.

"Let's go, Bill," Harry encouraged the man. "My colleague can tell me if anything has changed."

Harry guided Bill through the maze of hallways back towards the OR floor. As they waited for the elevator, Harry's pager went off. He grabbed the thing and looked at the message.

"George's out of surgery," Harry told Bill.

As the elevator opened, Mark was waiting for him.

"And?" Harry demanded, not even bothering with hellos or introductions.

"Owen is with him in recovery," Mark spoke to the man. "But he managed to salvage his spleen. His kidneys are still working and blood pressure hasn't bottomed out during the rest of the surgery."

Harry sighed and almost collapsed in relief. "What room?"

"ICU 5," Mark reported. "By the way, hi Mark Sloan."

"Oh right," Harry jumped a bit. "Bill Weasley, meet Mark Sloan. Mark, Bill Weasley."

"Nice to meet you," Mark shook the redheads hand, looking at the scarred face.

"You too," Bill responded blandly, before turning beseeching eyes towards Harry.

"We'll be with George," Harry told Mark. "Make sure the interns don't screw up my post-ops. Sic Miranda on them."

"Will do," Mark promised.

They slowly made their way to George's room. Bill, walking next to Harry, observed the almost fearful looks other doctors gave his friend. He hadn't seen Harry in eight years. Not since Ginny's funeral. The man was different than he remembered, colder.

They arrived at George's room, seeing a doctor at his bedside.

"O'Malley," Harry demanded his friend's status.

Bill looked as the doctor almost jumped at attention and started to spout of George's condition in words that didn't make sense to him, but seemed to tell Harry everything he needed to know.

"And his krit-levels?" Harry almost snarled.

Dr O'Malley quickly responded. Harry, satisfied for the moment, let him leave and seated himself in a chair next to all the equipment that surrounded his brother.

"Does he really need all this?" Bill asked the dark-haired man quietly.

Harry nodded and started to explain what all the machines did. Bill took a seat on the other side of the bed. They quietly kept watch over their brother.

"When will he wake?" Bill asked after two hours.

"Not tonight," Harry responded tiredly. "He had massive surgery to repair some pretty severe damage. Plus, he is on pretty heavy medication that makes him sleepy."

The entrance of another ginger interrupted the moment. Hunt looked at his friend and the other man, who most likely was Bill.

"Harry," Owen greeted his friend. "He did good."

"Yeah," Harry smiled shakily. "O'Malley pretty much updated me on the entire surgery. A better outcome wasn't possible. What was the liver like?"

As the two men conversed in-depth about the surgery, Bill kept on watching. After a while, Hunt left again. Other doctors came in, asking Harry questions and updating him on his patients. Harry calmly ordered them around and berated the ones that needed to do so.

Bill came to the conclusion that Harry had a stern, fair, and feared reputation in the hospital.

"So," Bill tried to connect with Ginny's husband. "Anyone in your life at the moment?"

Harry looked at Bill incredulously. "NO! I just got out of Iraq a few months ago. And I'mm far too busy for dating."

"Iraq?" Bill repeated faintly. "You were in Iraq? As in, Iraq war, Iraq?"

"Yes Bill," Harry replied impatiently. "I enlisted at the army as a surgeon. I've been overseas for five years."

"Oh," Bill didn't know what to say. The man in front of him was so far removed from the gentle but strong man his baby sister had married. "Why didn't you tell us?"

"I couldn't," Harry didn't elaborate any further.

"You couldn't?" it was now Bill's turn to be incredulous. "You disappeared from all our lives, voluntarily entered another warzone and leave us all to guess what the hell happened to you. You could have died twenty times over, and we wouldn't have known. Mum and dad were frantic when you left Grimmauld with only a note to find. And all you have to say to that is that you couldn't tell us?"

"Not now, Bill," Harry replied. "Not here and not now, please."

"Fine," Bill snorted. "Fine, whatever. I have to contact Mom about what happened."

Harry paled: right the rest of the Weasley clan would like to visit. And George had a pretty extensive recovery period ahead of him. He would be in the hospital for at least three weeks, making sure there was nothing they had missed. Plus with the skull fracture, he couldn't be moved right now.

But the idea that the entire Weasley clan would invade the life he so pain-stakingly had built for himself here, was terrifying.

"This isn't over Harry," Bill spoke almost ominously. "You owe us an explanation. We're family, and you just took off. Since you were eleven, you became an honorary Weasley. You know that just as well a I do. So no, Harry, we will not take a pathetic 'I couldn't' as a good enough reason."

One look at Bill's face told Harry the truth of that statement. He couldn't do this right now.

"I, I have to go check on my patients," Harry stood up with shifting eyes. "I'll be back in a bit."

He escaped the room as quickly as he could. He felt the walls of grief closing in on him in his mind, he felt like he couldn't breath.

He stepped into an on-call room, not looking who was there. He saw Izzie Stevens staring blankly from the bed at him.

"Aren't you supposed to be with Karev right now?" Harry demanded of her.

"Yes, but," Stevens almost rolled her eyes at him.

"Really?" Harry couldn't believe the girl. "Your boyfriend got awarded the first solo surgery and picked you to assist him, and yet you're here staring at the underside of a bunk bed."

"He told me he loves me," Stevens said to him.


"That is huge," Izzie explained.

"You love him?" Harry asked the fritzy girl. It was so much better to concentrate on the problems of the residents, instead of his own situation.

"I-," Izzie stuttered.

"Do you want surgery?" Izzie looked at him and nodded. "Then go perform an amputation with your boyfriend."

Izzie smiled a bit and stood up. Harry dropped himself on the bed the blonde had just vacated.

And finally, he could not keep the tidal wave at bay that was threatening to suffocate him. With a choking sob, he succumbed to all his old pains and fears. The deaths of everyone hanging heavily around him, he lost himself in his tears.

He didn't notice the door opening, didn't feel the body that stretched beside him and wrapped him in a hug.

"I can't, I can't anymore," he sobbed loudly in their shoulder.

"I know," a murmured response came.

"It hurts," he said, pain so plainly in his voice that the person besides him shivered.

"It's okay," Callie slowly rocked the grief-ridden man on the bed; tears in her eyes for the life the man had led. "It's okay."