Hey guys! This is the second book of four connecting fanfictions of the show Gravity Falls. I don't think you will understand this story unless you read the prequel, "To Save A Town". Please read it by the way!

With Gravity Falls as Gideon's own monarchy kingdom - away from American control, and Mabel ruling with him as his queen (through Gideon's force), Dipper teams up with President Obama, who waged war on Gravity Falls for seceding from the United States; and Bill Cipher, who made a deal with Gideon but was broken when Bill's end of the bargain broke. But how will this work out?

Dipper: Oh great, I have to team up with Bill the devil? At least I get to meet the President! Wait, it's Obama? I thought Quentin Trembley still had legal presidency?

Me: Didn't you hear? He was forced to sign an actual resignation in order for Obama to legally take care of America - everyone after Trembley had illegal presidency because he didn't officially resign.

Dipper: Oh.

Gideon: HAHA, like you three punies will defeat me!

Obama: Gideon, please do not call me that. I am the President of these here United States.

Gideon: These here? Gravity Falls isn't yours, it's mine. And if I wanted to I could take over the United States. You're lucky I don't want it. Mabel shall we take it over?

Mabel: NOOOO!

Gideon: OK my sweet. The United States shall be free.

Me: Let's start the story. But first, all the references about Pepsi are just because I like it. I prefer raspberry flavored cola over regular, but I fancy Pepsi over Coke; plus Pepsi seems to be more popular on fanfiction than Coke.

Dipper's POV

Ever since Gideon took over Gravity Falls and made it gain forced independence as a monarchy, it's been hectic. My sister was kidnapped, my grunkles were put in prison, and President Obama waged war on Gravity Falls for seceding the Union. Right now Soos is driving us across the Gravity Falls-USA border so we could grab two Pepsis for ourselves. Yes, Pepsi left town, and so did their restaurants. People in Gravity Falls had to drive across the border to get regular American soft drinks.

"Why are you entering these here United States?" the officer asked Soos.

"Dude, we are crossing the border to reach the supermarket so we can get some Pepsis." said Soos.

"Fair enough. 9 Fall Dollars please."

Soos paid the "Fall Dollars", which is the new currency of Gravity Falls. (Psst, it's mulzypops again. Just letting you know that 10,000 Fall Dollars = 1 US Dollar)

"Now sir, I wish to stamp Matthew's and your passports." said the officer.

Soos and I gave our passports, then the officer said, "Welcome to the States."

We drove into the States, down Interstate 7 then Soos exited two exits early. (Psst, mulzypops AGAIN; By the way Interstate 7 does not actually exist)

"Soos why'd you exit early?" I yelled at him. "The supermarket is the third exit."

"Dude there's traffic. There's a U.S. governmental helicopter that landed on the southbound lanes."

"That must mean - PRESIDENT OBAMA!"

"Dude we gotta go talk to him."

"After we get some delicious Pepsis."

Soos sighed. "OK fine dude."

After driving for thirty minutes we reached the supermarket.

We entered the supermarket. "Hmm...toothpaste, juice, chips, SOFT DRINKS! AHA!" Soos said scanning the isles.

We steered down the soft drink isle, and looked for the fridge that stored all the Pepsi products. There were four fridges: Coke, Pepsi, Dr. Pepper, and IMPORTED. We went to the Pepsi fridge and Soos grabbed a 20 ounce bottle of Pepsi for himself and one for me. "For you dude."

"Thanks Soos." We went to the checkout isle.

"Four dollars please."

We paid four (US) dollars and then went outside. We decided to have some fun before we went back in the car - and by that I meant count the cars on the nearby highway while enjoying two refreshing cold Pepsis.

"Blue one."

"Red one."

"Dude that's the supermarket sign."

"It counts though right cause it's red?"

"Dude I think your cheating."

Me and Soos laughed. "Sip. AAAAAHHHH." we said while and after we took a sip of our Pepsis.

After we finished the Pepsis, Soos burped. I laughed hysterically and Soos joined in a second later. "Well should we head back to Gravity Falls?" I asked.

"We shall dude. We shall." Soos said.

Sorry this chapter was boring. I promise things will get better. I just wanted to show Dipper and Soos could still have a good time despite the disaster Gideon made. You have to make the best of a bad situation right? See ya later!