Hey sorry this isn't an update. I know I promised to update soon but some personal things came up and I don't know man. Have you ever just sat down and really thought about everything you're doing with your life and what you saw just pulled you into a deep depression and sucked out all of your motivation? No? You lucky bastard. I'm taking some time off to relax my mind, prioritize, focus on the important stuff and whatnot. I don't like where my thoughts are headed, y'know, those dark corners that no one should go to but yet I feel myself slowly making my way there. I thought I just got over this shit last year, apparently not. It was abrupt and just totally caught me off guard.

Ugh, I had so much planned for these stories. Don't worry, I still plan on finishing them, hopefully my writing would be improved by then haha. I'll still be adding sentences here and there but I don't see an update coming anytime soon.

See ya faggots. Until next time, hoping that you haven't removed my stories from your alerts by then.