Chapter One

McKenzie & Wesley- 2018

"I really don't think this is the best idea, you know dad absolutely hates when we are in his office." Wesley worried in a low voice, his black hair falling into his eyes as he helped his younger sister try to break down the wards that were protecting the polished china cabinet in the circular office. The seventeen year old boy glanced over his shoulder before continuing his wand movements.

"Oh please you act like he will kill us if he catches us." McKenzie scoffed while flipping her brown curly hair over her shoulder, her eyes shimmering with excitement and humor.

"Oh no, no, no my dear twin; he will kill me- you are his blasted princess, you have him wrapped around your finger."

"Oh nonsense!" McKenzie waved her hand without looking at him but the smile on her lips confirmed his words. Ever since the day she had been born she had an amazing knack to get whatever she wanted from her father. She didn't know if it was because she was the only girl compared to his four boys or if she was just as Slytherin as he was- either way McKenzie rarely got in trouble.

"I don't get why you are trying to get that turner; you know it doesn't work anymore." Wesley whispered furiously as they managed to break the wards on the cabinet. Running his hand through his hair his twin grinned brightly.

"Because I just want to see it, always have but dad and mum have been intent on keeping it locked behind glass."

"It's special to them."

"You think I'm an idiot, I know that; why do you think I want to see it up close? I'm not Toby you know, I won't drop it."

"You are comparing yourself to an eight year old." Wesley shook his head, "I can see how you managed to justify your reasons to yourself."

McKenzie didn't answer but instead picking up the slightly smashed golden time turner and pulled it closer to her face. Just like the story her parents told her there was a few spots of blood, the sand had practically emptied years ago but a few grains held strong in their home. The chain was broke from when it had been ripped from her mother's throat. McKenzie was about to open her mouth when a throat cleared behind them and the brother and sister jumped; the female rushing to hide the turner behind her back.

"And just what is it that you have there?" Their father questioned his face stoic, his eye brow raised in interest and his hands clasped behind his back.

"She made me do it!" Wesley accused pointing his long finger, his father's fingers, towards his younger sibling. The dark eyes of the patriarch of the family looked between his two oldest children and silently took glee in their shocked faces at being caught, they obviously didn't expect back up wards to be on his cabinet.

"Oh Puh-lease it's not like I held a wand to your throat." McKenzie rolled her eyes before smiling sheepishly up at her father, "I just wanted to look daddy."

"That isn't going to work this time McKenzie Rose!" The stern female voice had them both groaning as their mother stepped into the room, "Your father and I have strictly told you not to touch not only his cabinet but specifically that time turner. You know time is not something to mess with."

"Come on mum, it's broken anyway!" McKenzie whined knowing that her mother couldn't stay mad at any of her children for long.

"Where in the world would you get that idea?" Her mother asked her brow furrowing in thought before rounding on her husband who was refusing to meet her eyes despite his face no showing his acknowledgement of being caught, "Why would you tell them it doesn't work?"

"Because it would only entice them more so than it has in the past and obvious present." He motioned to the older children with a simple wave of his hand causing his wife to scoff and put her hand on her hips.

"Oh so let's make it seem like nothing will go wrong if they touch it, the Ministry never said it was completely broken Severus." She reprimanded while reaching for the time turner her daughter reluctantly gave up.

"It does not turn any longer my love; I highly doubt we will have to worry about a mishap like you suffered through."

"I didn't suffer through anything dearest." His wife spat her anger increasing without his understanding, "I am so glad you think so highly of what brought us together!" Without another word she stormed off, her heels clicking down the hall as Severus Snape looked to his oldest children.

"What did I say?"

Golden Trio- May 1998

The three friends stumbled over the large rubble, their bodies slouched and aching. The smell of death blanketed the Hogwarts grounds, the grass slicked with blood, the trees burnt and knocked to the ground. The entrance hall to the castle had been shattered; stone piled in sizes of trolls. Moans of pain and tears of loss echoed on the grounds. The Great Hall which once used to be the home to magnificent feasts, endless chatter, boisterous laughter, and story swapping was now scattered with white sheets covering the deceased, bleeding fighters attempting to hang onto life, and the broken families of those lost.

As the three friends, fighters, and now hero's made their way to a clan of red heads they received various pats on their back, handshakes, thanks, praises, and nods of appreciation. They wanted to smile; they wanted to reassure them that it would all be okay and that it was over but instead they just pushed forward with the grim looks on their faces. Once they reached the Weasley family they stopped in their tracks. The red headed member of the group, Ron Weasley looked at his family's tear stained faces before collapsing to his knees next to the almost completely covered body. Fred Weasley was covered from shoulders down, his face the only visible part, his skin pale, his face dirty, and his body lifeless.

"Mrs. Weasley…" Harry, the boy-who-lived twice, the chosen one, the hero of the Wizarding world whispered to the matriarch of the family- his voice shaky, his eyes filled with tears for those who had fallen. The older women looked up and attempted to smile at him but failed causing him to break out into sobs, wrapping his arms around her, "I am so sorry!" He wailed, guilt suffocating him for the loss of their son, for the loss of his almost brother, for the loss of a good person.

"Shhh Harry Dear…" Mrs. Weasley cooed her own voice thick with the tears that were rushing down her cheeks.

The only female companion of the Golden Trio covered her mouth as a sob escaped her lips. They all knew no one blamed Harry for Fred's death. They all willingly fought, not to just help Harry but to put an end to a war that had started years before Harry's birth. Hermione knew though that each death was going to be personal for Harry, they would weigh him down, they would attempt to drag him under, and he will never forget each and every one. The curly haired brunette eighteen year old witch turned her head away from the scene and her eyes unwillingly fell on the two sheets covering a couple she knew all too well. Their clasped hands were the only thing visible and despite not wanting to see their vacant expressions again Hermione found herself kneeling at their side, the tears unable to stop as she moved their coverings to their shoulders.

Remus and Nymphadora Lupin looked as though they were sleeping; their body's covered in blankets to help a good night's rest. Hermione Granger lowered her body to her knees in between them and reached out to cover their conjoined hands, tears splashing on their cold skin. It wasn't fair. They had just had a baby, what would happen to Teddy, who would raise him? He never even had a chance to make some sort of memories with them. Her honey brown eyes roved over the face of the trained Auror, she could vividly remember all the times Tonks had used her morphing skills to entertain not only her but everyone at the table. She was always there to listen when she or Ginny needed a talk, Tonks had become like a big sister to them. Her eyes slowly moved to Remus and she felt a sob rip from her throat. Remus Lupin had been one of the few adults she was able to consider a friend. She found herself able to talk to him since they first met, she learned of his secret and kept it for him without him even asking and she would do it again. During those late nights she couldn't sleep during the summer, vacations, and training weekends she found herself in the Grimmuald library side by side with him reading. When he tried to push away Tonks advances Hermione gave him several stern talking to's.

"Hermione, come on…" She felt a tap on her shoulder but she couldn't tear her gaze away from the scarred man she had never imagined not having around. She felt Harry pull on her but she just shook her head.

"It's not fair Harry… Lavender, Fred, Tonks…Remus…Snape…" She shook her head before jerking it back up with a shocked gasp.

"Mione, what's the matter?" Harry asked at her surprised expression.

"Snape!" Hermione shouted causing people in the hall to turn and look at her suspiciously.

"Uh…yeah…? You were right, he wasn't the git-"

"That's not what I am talking about!" Hermione shouted jumping to her feet and rounding on him, "Snape! We just LEFT him there!"

Without a reply from the ashen faced teen she bolted out of what used to be the door to the Great Hall and ran full speed towards the Shrieking Shack. She stumbled several times, her feet slipping on the random pools of blood and the wetness from multiple wands putting out random fires. She tripped over the occasional rubble and to her horror bodies but she didn't stop until she made it to the dust covered room they had left their Potion's Masters body in. Hermione opened the door and felt her throat tighten at the sight of him still slumped against the wall, his chin resting on his chest as though he has fallen asleep sitting up the only thing that screamed his demise was the blood still flowing from his neck in a steady drip. Biting her lip she took several steps towards the man so many students feared, so many Order members didn't trust, so many people mocked; she stepped towards the man who had mocked her, hurt her feelings, never made her feel smart enough, and the man she had always respected the man who gave his life to serving not one but two manipulative master's. She dropped onto the grimy floorboards and reached out to grab his hand that lay limply in his lap.

Turning the calloused hand over she began to trace the lines on his palm. She had never touched the formidable man before or even been this close to him without being in trouble so she was now taking the time to study him. She had studied him several times before, his hands large, his fingers long and perfect for potions. She had watched how he chopped ingredients with ease, his tall frame thicker than she or anyone ever assumed, hidden behind the billowing robes that now lay heavy against his barely moving chest. Hermione froze…

"Professor?" Hermione questioned the tears blurring her vision as she reached out and placed her hand on his chest. Her mouth dropped as she saw her hand move upwards ever so slightly. Scrambling she moved closer and ignoring the starting to congeal blood she reached for his torn apart throat and found a very slow, barely there pulse. Without pause she pulled out her wand and conjured her patronus, sending it to Harry for immediate help. Her hands slipped and fumbled as she yanked open her beaded bag and summoned the needed potions; blood replenishing and anti-venom. Despite her body thrumming with disbelief she forced the man's mouth open and poured the potions in his mouth messaging his throat to forced him to swallow. Summoning bandages and cloths she soaked the fabric and attempted to clean away some of the blood before wrapping his neck tightly just as the door to the room burst open to show not only Harry but Ron, Mr. Weasley, Charlie, McGonagall, Kingsley, and Seamus.

"He is alive!" She shouted before everyone jumped into action.

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