Chapter Seven

Hermione Granger- October 29th 1977

She sat with her hands folded in her lap; her head bowed seemingly staring at her nail beds when she was actually watching the people in the hall around her. She could feel Neville's comforting presences on her left and Draco's dominating presences on her right. Hermione couldn't forget the last time she had stepped foot into the Ministry of Magic, a little of a year ago, when they went in search for that rotten Umbridge and the horocrux she didn't know she was in possession of. The grotesque fountain that had been constructed during the year of Voldemort's reign had been demolished almost directly after Voldemort fell. When word spread about the victory several ministry workers had destroyed the stone carving as others began rounding up the men under Voldemort's payroll that had been the instigators behind the Ministry changes.

Shortly after she had been humiliated by the man she had fought to save, the man she had worried about, the man she thought would start to show her some sort of respect after he woke up the Ministry had hosted a grand celebration in the ball room of the Ministry. Hermione, Harry, Ron, and Severus had been the guests of honor where they had been award Merlin First Class. Harry had attended the event with a fake smile and Ginny on his arm. Ron had been star struck at being the guest of honor and didn't think twice about going. Severus had downright rude according to Percy, who had been there when Kingsley told the double agent the news. According to Percy he had told Kingsley to shove the award where the sun didn't shine. Hermione, surprising all of them, refused to go and no one had been able to change her mind. When trials came and Hermione's testimony was needed she would be questioned at the Three Broomsticks. Even though she didn't refuse to enter the Ministry to cause trouble the Wizengamot was not happy about conducting a Private interview in an establishment they had to pay to shut down for several hours and often accused her of doing that on purpose. Hermione never had trouble putting it straight out for them that the reason she didn't go to the Ministry is because she didn't trust them. And now, a year later she was back in that corrupted building.

Well, it was a year later but technically it was twenty one years earlier. That little fact was the reason why she was in said government building in the first place. Hermione, Neville, and Draco had been brought to the infirmary after speaking with Dumbledore to be given a Sobriety Potion, a Hangover Cure, Pepper Up Potion and were checked over head to toe from their journey. The three travelers had been blocked and warded from the rest of the infirmary and spent the night. They had been awoken at eight in the morning, each of them being handed clothing, and were informed they were being brought to the Ministry.

"Blondie." The guard standing by the court room door barked after cocking his head to glance at his wand. Hermione picked her head up and looked at Draco who seemed surprised to be addressed.

"Uh…yea?" Draco questioned looking confused.

"You first."


"Yes. First. So get your pale butt off that bench and walk through those doors before I make you." He growled, his tiny eyes (tiny compared to the remainder of his facial features, that is) narrowed in annoyance. Hermione felt her breath hitch as Draco cautiously stand. Quickly she reached out and encircled Draco's arm with her small fingers, halting him with a shake of her head.

"What do you think you are doing? Move it boy!" The muscular man grunted.

"No." Hermione snapped, glaring at him from behind the loose hair that had fallen free from her sloppy French braid. "None of us are going anywhere without the other."

"Fraid that ain't going to fly sweetheart; one person of interest at one time, Ministry rules."

"Blast the bloody Ministry and your rules, you aren't separating us."' She snapped standing up her hand already inches from her wand ready to jump if need be. The guard didn't even spare her ready to go hand with more than an amused glance causing her anger to boil over and her hand grip the wand. She had already thrown a tripping jinx to the man who had only just begun to move in correspondence with her retrieving her wand. The bald guard threw ropes at her but she blocked them with ease as Draco sent a stinging hex at his hand, before he could retaliate there was a clearing of a throat and the group of people turned to look. Albus Dumbledore, Minerva McGonagall, and three Wizengamot members had exited the room that had been previously guarded by the brute of a wizard they had just been throwing hexes at seconds earlier.

"That is enough Julius, you may leave us be; thank you for your help this morning." A dark haired man in his, what Hermione assumed to be, mid-forties spoke to the guard who with one seething glare at the three friends nodded to his superior before storming down the hallway.

"Now Miss. Granger was drawing your wand really necessary?" Albus Dumbledore asked cocking his head to stare at her curiously. Hermione, although she spent nearly two hours in his office the night before, was still gobsmacked to have the leader of the Order of Pheonix standing in front of her like he had never fallen from the astronomy tower. That's because he hasn't yet you dolt! She mentally chided herself before opening her mouth to answer him.

"I am sorry sir but I will not be separated from my mates."

"And I am sorry Miss but that is not your decision to make, our rules state each person of interest are to be spoken with alone in front of the Wizengamot." The dark haired man attempted to speak softly as to calm her but she just scoffed.

"I know exactly what the Ministry rules are Mister…?"

"Ravensdale." He extended his hand to which Hermione only just looked at it with doubt. The only Minister of Magic she would readily shack hands with any more was Kingsley and that's because she knew his intentions were good. Even though the tall black man had good intentions Hermione still had refused to place trust in the government building- this time ear would no different except that she didn't trust the man before her either. "James Ravensdale."

"Yes, I know who you are Mister Ravensdale. You became Minister of Magic after Eldritch Diggory, who only came into the position after Minister Leach passed from health problems in sixty-eight, took his own life in seventy-two (*). Much like Diggory you were not elected due to the unexpected demise of the previous Minister." Hermione was finally stowing away her wand, "I don't care about your rules and regulations Mister Ravensdale, what I care about is staying with Draco and Neville and making sure your pathetic government structure doesn't attempt to twist any part of this situation to your liking and preference. There is also my personal preference for everyone that will be included in this meeting to swear a wand oath to the stipulations my friends and I will put in place."

"Stipulations?" A women dressed in the deep purple robes of the magical jury scoffed, her colored eyelids housing rolling eyes as she looked down her nose at the unknown people as though they were mentally challenged for speaking to the Minister of Magic in such a way. "You do realize how lucky you are that you are not locked up in a holding cell for time traveling?"

"Excuse me?" Hermione snapped her head turning to the woman and looking her up and down before giving her a smirk that Draco was proud of, "Senior Undersecretary of the Minister of Magic, Helen Abbey, am I correct?"

The woman only scowled causing Draco to laugh, "Ah I remember you! You didn't last very long in your position of power; I believe sleeping with the Minister of Magic didn't blow over well with his wife, or the people of Wizarding England." Draco laughed causing Hermione to chuckle and the Minister and his Undersecretary to gape at each other. McGonagall looked appalled and Dumbledore looked amused.

"How dare you?" Abbey started with anger in her voice, "That accusation is completely asinine!" She hissed although her reddened cheeks screamed otherwise.

"Enough!" Ravensdale demanded before taking a deep breath and running his hand through his balding hair, "Mister Malfoy do I need to tell you how dangerous it can be to reveal the future in the past in risk of changing the timeline?"

Draco snorted and crossed his arms, "You must not know much about time travel then, it's impossible to change things that already happened, fate won't let it. No matter what we reveal, no matter what we do in attempt to change the future it will play out the same way we remember because the universe is designed to play out as such."

Seemingly thoroughly put in place Ravensdale took a deep breath, "Will you three please just enter the blasted court room?"

Severus Snape October 29, 1998

"This needs to be fixed and fast!" Severus barked slamming his clenched fists on the table top of the Headmistress desk. Minerva barely jumped but glared at the distressed man.

"I don't like this any better than you Severus but as of right now, from the new memories I am receiving, there is no known way to send Miss. Granger or Misters Longbottom and Malfoy back to this time."

"Oh that's bloody brilliant, what the hell does that mean for those three? How did they even get there?"

Minerva groaned as she rubbed her temples. Severus understood she was feeling pressure from new memories being inserted into the history she once knew, he had felt it when he had awoken from his slumber the night before, when he remembered being held at wand point by a feisty looking brunette who oozed power. It actually sickened Severus to know his first thought of the bookworm Granger was slightly respect. Pulling himself from the memories he had never had before now he focused on his colleague. "From what I am receiving…" She sighed heavily and dropped from her standing position to her chair, "There was a scuffle at the Three Broomstick last night…" Minerva shook her head and closed her eyes for a few seconds before opening them. "Severus you need to come up with something to help with the pain of the new memories. As long as the three students are in the past we all will continue to receive new memories of them as they happen, this will affect our everyday lives too much to just ignore; I know you can't make a potion to stop the memories but perhaps something to ease their process, to just make them merge straight into the ones we had before without the pounding that makes me wish to bang my head repeatedly against the wall."

"Why am I not as affected as you are?" Severus questioned.

"Because you haven't been spent enough time with them as of yet. The memories are being created as they attend through their day and right now they are in the Ministry of Magic with myself, Albus, Ravensdale, Abbey, and Galen."

"They are in with the ex officio? Whatever for?"

"Severus they are time travelers, they went to Dumbledore, as you remember, but he had no choice but to have them meet with the Wizengamot. It was only with Dumbledore's persuasion of how dangerous the situation could be did James Ravensdale decide to use just the ex officio."

"So, how to get them back?" Severus asked feeling for the older witch slightly as she rubbed her head. At the moment no new memories involving his three students were entering his mind but he knew that at the moment Granger, Longbottom, and Draco were in the presences of a younger McGonagall.

"I don't know Severus. We can only hope to find a way whiles my past self and Albus attempt a solution as well…. Perhaps you can run to the Three Broomsticks and ask around?" Severus hesitated and Minerva sighed, "Severus I am asking you, not ordering you. I know the last thing you wish to do is spend more of your time on something you'd prefer not to but I cannot do this alone."

Minerva was right of course, he did not want to waste his free time looking for a way to help the three buffoons, yes his godson was one too for getting caught up in this problem, but he knew Minerva was correct about needing his help. There wasn't many opportunities for the Headmistress of the school to leave the grounds or have spare time or else her responsibilities would fall upon his head. He growled annoyed and ran his hands over his face.

"Severus you owe Miss. Granger." Minerva spoke tiredly and he snapped his eyes to her with his lips thinned in a sneer.

"I owe her nothing because I asked nothing of that stupid girl."

"First we both know Hermione Granger is far from stupid Severus and far from a girl much like Mr. Malfoy and Mr. Longbottom are far from boys. The three of them have seen enough, been through enough, and matured enough to not be children any longer- regardless of age. And regardless of whether you asked her or not she saved your life; something a typical human being would regard as a debt needing to be paid."

"Well then I supposed it is a good thing that I am not a typical human being than, correct Minerva?" He barked but before she attempted to explain herself he held up his hand and cut her off, "I will let you know once I come up with a potion, I supposed we should contact anyone they would encounter on a regular basis so they too can receive the potion."

"We will as they interact more with others until then Severus-"

"Yes, keep this a secret."

"Thank you."

Ministry of Magic October 29, 1977

"And you swear to not ask questions pertaining to events from the future, our alliegence or involvement in the war, or personal questions besides the list already provided?"

Hermione watched as the three members of the ex officio agreed, although not happily, to what Dumbledore said. Grinning the wizard waved his wand causing ropes to leave his wand and twist around the time travelers hands and their interrogators as the spell was completed. It took nearly two hours of arguing, reasoning, and coming up with the questions before the spell was even casted so everyone was getting impatient. Taking a seat between her two friends Hermione looked evenly up to the three highest Wizengamot members and waited for them to begin.

"Miss, can you please state your full name?" Ravensdale asked, his gaze landing on Hermione. She wanted to roll her eyes at the dramatics he was trying to take but instead answered him.

"Hermione Jean Granger."

"Your birthdate?"

"September 19, 1979."

"Your linage?"


"What date do you remember yesterday being?"

"October 28, 1998."

"Your age?"


"How is that possible? If you were born in seventy nine and you left the future in the fall of ninety-eight you should be only nineteen."

"In my third year at Hogwarts I was given a time turner to attend more classes than my schedule allowed. The use of the turner throughout the year aged me another year ahead of my classmates."

"The reason for your use of the time turner this time around?" Hermione wasn't sure how he knew she had been the owner of the turner that had sent them back in time but she figured Dumbledore might have mentioned that upon informing the Minister about the travelers.

"I was once again taking extra classes."

"Young blonde man, state your name." Abbey spoke up without a break between my answer and her question. Obviously the three of them were used to splitting questions and where someone would take over.

"Draco Abraxus Malfoy." Draco answered with his arms crossed. It was quite obvious that he was not happy at being questioned and Hermione wondered if he it reminded him of his trial.

"Your birthday?"

"June fifth, nineteen eighty."

"Your relationship with Miss. Granger?"

"I consider her my friend."

"And how does Miss. Granger consider you?"

"I'm not sure."

"And what do you mean by that, why would you not be sure?"

"We weren't always friends."

"And why n-n-n-n-n-" The woman growled in frustration at the stuttering that was being caused by their previous spell.

"Tsk, tsk, tsk." Draco reprimanded with a raised brow enjoying that he wasn't forced to answer any and all questions they asked, "That Undersecretary Abbey is of no concern to the matter at hand."

"What happened yesterday evening in nineteen-ninety-eight?"

"Granger, Longbottom and I were in the Three Broomsticks having a few drinks to wind down-" He was cut off by Abbey who looked furious.

"Drinking on a school night, how did you manage to leave school grounds?"

"Yes drinking on a school night and by signing out with our Headmistress."

The fact that Draco said Headmistress over Headmaster was not lost on the five adults. The ex officio looked at each other first before glancing over to Dumbledore and McGonagall. The transfiguration Professor looked confusedly at Dumbledore who was still smiling away as though the mention of him no longer carrying the position didn't bother him. Abbey went to open her mouth to more than likely question Draco what happened to Dumbledore as Headmaster but knew he would once again not have to answer.

"Why are seventh years allowed to leave on school nights for drinking?"

"We aren't seventh years, we are eighth years."

"Eighth years?"

"Due to certain circumstances the previous year, what would have been our seventh year, majority of students were away."

"Away?" The third ex officio, Robert Galen, asked with his eyes on Neville switching the questioning to him.

"Either on the run, in hiding, or held captive."

"Are you insinuating there was a war?" Galen spoke appalled.

"We insinuate nothing, we are saying there was."

"Between who?"

Neville remained quiet and the man just nodded. Hermione knew that they could technically tell the members for there would be nothing they could do to change it but Hermione didn't want to get people worked up over the inevitable. Galen just ran his hand over his face and took a deep breath. The three Wizengamot members were not used to being restricted and it showed rather easily.

"So you were eighth year students, that meant different liberties?"

"Yes sir, seeing as we are adults but in a school we no longer were meant to be attending out Headmistress worked it out where we were allowed to have the freedom of adulthood with some remaining restrictions as students."

"Did the ability to get drunk on a regular basis impaire your learning abilities?"

"You know Mister Galen that that is another question I am not forced to answer but I can tell that you are worried about the integrity of Hogwarts. If grades slipped due to our own choices during free time we would have our right to leave stripped from us and if we were to allowed our free time to cause problems with our school lives again we would be suspended." Neville explained. Hermione could see on his face that he did it no to appease the counsel but for his own reasons and Hermione had a feeling he was defending their Headmistress McGonagall.

Hermione couldn't help but tune the rest of the questioning out. She couldn't seem to wrap her head around the fact that they had traveled so far into the past. Everything felt like a fuzzy dream that she was still hoping to wake up from. While she wasn't thrilled about the fact of returning back to the time where she suffered the most she knew that being in the past was the last place she wanted to be as well. This would just cause more stress on her and make it even harder to ignore the memories that fought to consume her every day.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she almost missed Neville explaining how he had went for the necklace in hopes to stop the turning sand but couldn't remember much after reaching out his arm. She barely blinked as they stood to leave in order to discuss what they learned and make a decision. When they returned though Hermione came crashing down to reality and moved her hand inconspicuously towards her wand in case they needed to make a quick escape.

"We have come to the conclusion that you three are indeed time travelers from the future."

"How did you get there Einstein?" Draco snapped causing them to glare at him, Hermione to stifle laughter and Neville's shoulders to shake in amusement.

"We have also come to the conclusion that said travel through time was unplanned and not a conscious decision on your parts." Before Hermione could make a comment Minister Ravensdale kept speaking. "As such though, we are unsure of a way to send you back to your original timeline at the moment since the methods of your travel have yet to be created. In this special case we will be leaving you in the care of Hogwarts and its Headmaster Dumbledore. You to abide by all the rule and regulations set for all students and you will take classes as a seventh year. Under no circumstances are you to tell anyone who you truly are or from whence you come from. Miss. Granger as you are from muggle decent you may keep the use of your birth name as well as that of your looks. Mr. Longbottom seeing as your father will be your peer we will be switching your last name to Linley until we can send you back to your time. Your features are a perfect mixture of your mother Alice and your father Frank so you should be able to blend in easily. As for you Mister Malfoy." Ravensdale's voice turned harder than we he had been speaking to the other two and Hermione wondered if he knew something about the family of blondes that he didn't particularly like. She wouldn't be surprised either if that was the case. "You are a spitting image of your father as well as grandfather. The Malfoy name is too much of a pureblood name to try and pass you off as an extended member of the family. We will have to change your name as well as some of your physical attributes. Your name will be switched to Draco Mancini and we will require you to cast a glamour charm that will make you look how I am about to make you every time you spend with anyone besides your two companions, do you understand?"

Hermione now more than ever wished she knew the Slytherin better than she did. His face was stoic but his eyes were raging with conflicted emotions. He looked like he wanted to argue, wanted to fight about changing what he looked like but at the same time there was something Hermione couldn't quite place. It looked like he actually looked a little relieved? She shot him a questioning look but he just ignored her, after all wasn't that stepping over the boundary of their friendship? Draco just nodded quickly causing Ravensdale to let out a small breath as though he expected a fight. With a flick of his wand towards Draco the once platinum blonde hair turned darker into a dirty blonde, its usual slicked backed manner was released for his hair to fall into his now cobalt blue eyes while his skin took on a slightly tanner shade. All in all he still looked like the Draco Malfoy she had known her whole life but at the same time nothing like a Malfoy with the simplest changes. She secretly admitted though that she wished he could keep his steel grey-blue eyes but knew that was just as much as a giveaway as his hair and complexion.

"Now that that is settled…" Ravensdale spoke as he collected the copies of questions they were allowed to ask. "Professors Dumbledore and McGonagall will take you back to the castle from him. In the meantime I will be speaking with the Department of Mysteries Unspeakables about finding you a way home. I will be in contact with you Albus as soon as possible." Ravensdale said finally tearing his gaze away from the three now seventh year students and to their Headmaster. After his agreement Dumbledore signaled for them to follow him and the three did as he said wondering just how this little 'trip' was going to play out.

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