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Buffy moved cautiously through the dense wooded area of the forest she was making her way through to join her friends at the old cabin that had been long abandoned that they were straying the weekend at on a dare that had gotten so heated that it ended up including all of them… even Cordelia; all five of them cramped into that small rickety run down cabin in the middle of the woods.

Oh yeah, this is going to be so much fun.' Buffy thought sarcastically, echoing the sentiment she had shared after it had all been agreed. A sentiment Willow had agreed with. There was just something about even the idea of Cordelia Chase spending the weekend without modern appliances or electricity sounded like a disaster waiting to happen.

Cordy might surprise us though. Buffy thought, trying to think positive about the brunette that had grown closer to them since she'd found Xander's 'Geeky Cuteness' her words, enough to be dateable.

Buffy snorted in disbelief, "She'll be going crazy by Saturday morning. Especially when she realizes we're going to have to wash outside in the river," Buffy chuckled and shook her head, "Should be amusing,"


Angelus tried at the very least to open his eyes as his senses picked up the presence of a human nearby something that hadn't happened in what felt like forever, but he couldn't do it, he didn't have the strength for it anymore. He didn't even have the muscle strength or enough blood for his face to shift into the hard ridges of the demon he was in response to the burning hunger the sound of the girls circulating blood in his ears.

Angelus attempted with all his will to move, to stand up from the wall he had been chained to; the manacles long since rusted away. The magic that had been strengthening them in order to keep him imprisoned whilst he was in his prime having been too much for the ordinary, weak metal they had been made from.

They had lasted long enough to keep him trapped inside the stone structure that had become his prison, far from any civilization.

But his effort was in vain, he could barely even manage to move his little pinkie finger, let alone his entire body.

God that blood sounds so good! Angelus thought longingly, if it had been able to he was sure his mouth would be watering at the idea of tasting it, feeling it thick and hot in his mouth running down his throat, bleeding life and strength back into his deteriorating body. A process that after fifty years was pretty much complete.

Forget it boyo. No human is going to just waltz in here and cut their wrist for you. Not even Darla could be bothered to come after you. He thought, he'd be stuck here until he was driven mad by the hunger.

That knowledge didn't stop his senses from focusing in on the life saving blood as it drew nearer and nearer to his prison. He was so focused on it that it felt like he could feel it living beat of the blood in his own body.

Maybe I'm starting to go mad.


Buffy paused in her stride with a frown darkening her brow as she flashed her torch about the dark forest. The thickly wooded area seemed to close in about her as she tried to place herself in the forest.

"Oh great," Buffy groused under her breath.

Don't tell me I've gotten lost! She thought agitatedly, a sudden cool breeze sending a chill through her.

Buffy glanced around the dark forest a little nervous that she may have attracted the attention of one of the many predators that could be stalking the dark forest, both natural and preternatural.

"What a great way to start a weekend away," she muttered sarcastically. She looked around the forest again, this time using her flashlight more as she looked for anything that she recognized and would tell her where she had to go from here to get to the cabin.

"I should have come with one of the others," she murmured as she frowned in concentration. It was a frown that disappeared a moment later as her flashlight shone over a structure that seemed more suited to one of the many cemeteries in the town than the only forest.

"What the…" she muttered curiously as she began walking towards the crypt like structure that was in the middle of the Old Mills forest, "Am I close to Restfield?" she asked herself as she approached the door to the crypt.

Her eyes taking in the foreign words engraved in the thick solid stone above the door, words that could have been Latin, but she really couldn't tell.

Buffy hesitated outside the front of the door, wondering if she should have a look inside. She could see the rusted imprint of an old fashioned lock on the door. The good girl in her wanted to turn away and forget that she had even clamped eyes on the crypt, but the more adventurous side of her urged her to take a peak, after all there was no sign of a lock except for the rust and who would know? Out here, practically in the middle of nowhere.

Yeah, who'd know? Buffy thought mischievously, a cheeky adventurous smile curling up her lips as she reached out to the old stone door, placing her hand flat against it, before she began pushing against it. The door gave way much easier than she expected, what with it looking so old and strong. Dirt crumpled from the door around her fingers and even more fell away as she pushed the door open further, making it creak on its rusted old hinges that had seen all that much use over the years.

Angelus heard the shifting of the dirt outside the door and he could hardly believe it when for the first time since his original imprisonment he heard the door beginning to open followed by the creak of its protesting hinges. The sound of the young healthy heart beat of the human so close now that he could practically taste it on his tongue.

And for a moment he thought that he had been mistaken and that a vampire, his Sire had finally come to set him free. But it didn't take more than another brief moment for him to dismiss the idea. As unlikely as it was for a human to wander in here on its own, the human was calm perhaps a little excited, but definitely not fearful.

If Darla was with the human they'd be oozing fear from every pore, his Sire wouldn't be able to help herself. She'd have to terrify them.

Angelus attempted to open his eyelids once again, and once again failed to accomplish the once simple task. He wanted to snarl out his frustration at his powerlessness, but that simple pleasure was also lost to him. His sensitive ears focused completely on the human, wishing that he could use his eyes to see what was happening. Anticipation and anxiety filling him in equal measure as he believed beyond a shadow of a doubt that this would be his first and last chance of escaping this hell!

Buffy squinted into the thick darkness inside the crypt, the smell of old musty air filling her nose as she did so. Raising her torch to better peer into the thick darkness, the torch light illuminated the thick dust that was floating in the musty stale air. The light also scared the bugs that were lurking in the darkness causing them to scamper and scurry off in fright.

Buffy had to bite back a girlish squeal of fear at seeing the bugs, taking a fortifying breath to steady herself against the very girlish fear that seeing so many bugs inspired in her.

Come on. You're a Summers and Summers women are made of stronger stuff! Buffy silently assured herself, before she took her first step into the crypt that felt so old that it put a chill in her bones. Perhaps I shouldn't be in here. She thought, but the hesitant thought didn't stop her from taking another step and then the next that put her on the ledge of the first stone step that led down into the darkness.

Shining the flashlight down the steps just before her feet so that she could see where she was putting her feet.

Buffy did her best to ignore all the cobwebs that were clinging to the walls and the ceiling. A task that got a little more difficult when her torch bearing arm brushed against one by accident. She bit her lower lip, supressing any sound that wanted to escape her at the feel of the cold stickiness against her arm, feeling that she needed to remain quiet. She brushed her arm firmly to get rid of the small amount of the web that had stuck to her arm as she continued on down the last few steps and onto the dirt covered floor of the crypt.

Curious about the wide open space, Buffy held her flashlight high as she looked about the crypt that seemed strangely empty for a crypt. There was no tomb anywhere and neither where there any windows.

"Strange," Buffy murmured, her feeling of needing to be quiet having passed when she'd stepped off the stairs.

Turning around in a slow circle, Buffy continued to observe the inside of the crypt. She didn't get very far in her rotation as her eyes fell on something she hadn't expected to see. A dead body propped up against the far stone wall.

Buffy took one look at him and fled back towards the stairs, almost dropping her torch and backpack in her hurry.

Angelus felt the warmth of an un-harmful light washing over his skin at the same time the rhythm of the young woman's heart changed to one of fear.

No! Angelus thought in annoyance, recognising the signs of a person about to cut and run and in the next moment he heard the sounds of her hurrying away.

Her retreating steps loud in his ears as they carried her life giving blood away from him.

Why couldn't it have been a man? Bloody women! He mentally grumbled, feeling his only chance at freedom slipping away due to the squeamishness of a woman!

Buffy came to a stop just outside the crypt, a hand clutched over her pounding heart as she took a couple of moments to steady herself after what she had just seen. Who would do that to another person? Leave them like that? She thought a little frantically, before she turned back to the crypt, her wide hazel eyes peering into the thick darkness once again.

I can't leave him like that. If it's even a him. She thought a little nervous about going down into the crypt again as she turned to face the dark opening again. Don't be stupid, Buffy. Whoever it is, is dead and dead things can't hurt you! Unless they're vampires. Her brain supplied unhelpfully.

Buffy shook her head and frowned in determination. It's a vampire. I may have never seen a real one, but I doubt they look anything like that. She assured herself as she stepped back through the doorway of the crypt.

Buffy moved with quicker steps down the stairs, more sure of where she was going this time. She came to a stop a few steps away from the corpse, shining the light from her torch on it again, this time taking the time to really look at the dead body that had startled her before.

Taking in the hollow eye sockets and hollow cheeks, his skin looked dry and leathery, his hair an untidy tangled mess that was hanging around the shoulders that also looked to be nothing more than skin and bone as well in the clothes that looked to fit a well-toned, broad shouldered person.

Definitely a male. She thought sadly as she moved a little closer to the body.

"I wonder what happened to you," Buffy murmured, "Well, I suppose I should call the Sunny-D PD," she continued as she reached into her pocket for her cell phone. Her eyes still focused on the poor man who had been left to rot in this dank crypt chained to the wall, or he had been at least. She could see the rusted remains of the chains on the wall behind him.

Buffy froze her phone in hand, her eyes wide as she stared down at the skeleton-like fingers of his left hand, having sworn that she had just seen a couple of his fingers move ever so slightly, "Impossible," she muttered in disbelief as she reached a free hand up to her eyes and gave them a rub, "Had to be a trick of the light," she told herself.

Angelus felt elation fill him as her words filled his ears, he'd actually managed to move his fingers enough for the girl to see it, which was even better than her coming back after running away from his malnutrition body. Come on, Angelus boyo move your fingers again. Just a little wiggle. He urged himself, hating the fact that such a small thing was taking a toll on his weakened body.

He heard the girl gasp and he would have smirked at his triumph if he'd still been able. Come on you insipid mortal! Angelus thought with growing agitation and impatience, his burning ravenous hunger making him irritable.

Buffy swallowed thickly, her eyes still wide with disbelief, having seen what looked like his fingers twitching again, but that should be possible unless…

Buffy glanced up at the hollowed out face to see if it had moved at all, but his face looked to be unmoving, glancing back down to the hand she thought she had seen move. Reaching out with a shaking hand, she hesitated before touching it, not sure if she should… she didn't want to get into trouble for disturbing the evidence if she ended still having to call the cops.

Buffy hesitated a moment longer, before stealing her nerve and touching the skeletal dirty hand gently with her own. For a short moment there was no movement like she had expected, it had just been her imagination, but in the next just before she moved her hand from over his she felt a definite twitch of one of his fingers against the palm of her hand.

Buffy jerked her hand away, her hazel eyes wider than before as she stared up at the hollowed out face as she processed what had just happened. "Holy crap! You moved!" she cried out, dropping both her torch and her cell as she scrambled back from what looked to be a corpse.

"You're a, you're a vampire!" she gasped out shocked.

In all the ways she had been warned by teachers and 'professionals' on the ways you may come into contact with vampire's this had definitely not been covered!

Thank Fuck! Finally! Angelus thought as he listened to the girl as she began to pace back and forth in front of him, her heartbeat anxious. Now hurry up and feed me! He thought with irritation, half worried that the girl would decide to run off again and this time not come back at her discovery.

I won't like you, I promise. I'll just take enough to get mobile. He promised despite not being able to actually voice the cajoling words, instead he had to hope that this human girl would have a kind and helpful disposition, which in his experience with human nature wasn't very likely.

Humans were generally a greedy self-absorbed race of people, not that vampires were all that different in that regard. Damn it! It's such a pain not being able to just thrall her into giving him her blood!

Buffy stopped her pacing as her anxiety and fear slowly calmed as the vampire remained still against the wall of the crypt. "You can't do much more than wiggle your fingers, can you?" she murmured sympathetically as she stared down at him, once again taking the vampire's pitiful state, her eyes taking in his dusty out of fashion clothes that had definitely seen better days, "Wow , you've been down here a while huh. Who could be so cruel?" she pondered out loud.

Try three quarts of the population. Angelus, thought, disliking the sympathy he could hear in her voice, it was far too close to pity for his liking. Just how naïve are you?

Buffy gently chewed on her lower lip as she continued to regard the seemingly helpless vampire, who she could either help like her gentle heart and conscience bade her to or leave just as he was and continue on to the cabin where her friends where no doubt waiting for her.

She stood undecided like that for a moment, before she moved forward and slowly picked up her phone and torch, slipping her phone back into her pocket, she moved to squat in front of the vampire, "Ok, so here's the deal Mr Vampire. I help you and you don't bite me,"

And just how do you expect to help me without offering up a vein? Angelus thought derisively.

Buffy's terms were met with silence, "I mean it Mister, you bite me and I leave you to fend for yourself,"

If I bit you, you wouldn't be able to leave until I let you, of I let you silly twit. Angelus thought with a mocking amusement and would have chuckled if he could, but then he felt the girl's hands on him, trying to lift him to his feet. Not like that girl. You're going to topple us over. Angelus thought as he tried to steady them, but without the use of his limbs his efforts in vain and just as he predicted they began to fall as the girl lost her balance.

They crashed to the ground, Buffy groaned in pain as the back of her head connected with the solid stone floor, "Ok, that hurt," She murmured with a wince.

If only I could extend my fangs. Angelus lamented, feeling his face pressing against the soft warm skin of the girls shoulder and throat.

"So, this going is going to be more awkward then I thought," Buffy observed as she carefully rolled the fragile looking and feeling male vampire off her., "Sorry if that hurt you at all," she apologised to him as she sat up and brushed herself of, "Ok, take two," she said encouragingly, before sticking the end of her torch in her mouth and turning back to the unmoving vampire, reaching out to him to try again.

This time managing to hoist him up against her shorter figure and manoeuvring him across her back and with his height, he was practically slumped over her.

"Ok and we are on our way out of this creepy cereal box," she murmured as she started making her way towards the stairs. She winced as she made it to the onto the third step and realized that his feet where dragging against the ground, "Sorry if I hurt you any, but you're so darn tall," Buffy apologised again as she continued up the stairs one of her hands once against holding the torch.

More like you're so bloody short. Angelus thought as his feet hit against another stone step, before being dragged up it.

Buffy reached the door of the crypt and gladly stepped back out of the crypt and into the forest. She took a deep breath of fresher cleaner air, "Oh, that's so much better. Don't you think?" she asked the vampire, despite knowing that he couldn't answer her.

After fifty years, anything would smell better than that old crypt. Angelus thought darkly, his mind momentarily going to the vampire responsible for his imprisonment and current embarrassment of a condition. Now shut up and get us out of here this position isn't exactly comfortable.

"Now, which way leads back towards the town?" she muttered to herself.

Oh fuck! Don't tell me the stupid twit is lost! Angelus thought with irritation as the girl apparently decided on a direction as she stared moving again. You better not get us lost girl. I refuse to die like this!


Buffy breathed a sigh of relief as she made it out of the forest, her back beginning to ach from having to carry the vampire on her back, "It won't be too much longer," Buffy assured herself and the vampire on her back as he forced herself to keep going.

You can take a break after you get to the motel. If you stop now you won't want to start again. Buffy told herself as she continued to put one foot in front of the other. Her hazel eyes scanning from left to right, hoping that the streets she had to take remained empty. There was no way that she want to try and explain why she had what looked to be a dead body on her back.

Buffy shifted the skeletal figure of the much taller, broader vampire on her back, "Gosh, who knew skin and bones could be so heavy," she grunted, her back finding only minimal relief at the change of position.

Angelus mentally snorted at her comment. It's not my fault humans are so physically weak. He thought as the girl turned and he felt the ground under his feet shift from the softness of grass to what felt like the smooth hardness of pavement. Where does she think she is taking me? He thought as the sounds of the town drew closer and closer with each step she took.


Buffy hurriedly crossed the last street moving as fast as the backpack and dead weight of the vampire on her back would allow her to. Making it into an alley, she let the vampire drop against the wall as gently as she could, before turning around to face him, "I'll be back in just a minute. I've got to book a room and I can't do that with you on my back," Buffy explained not wanting the vampire to think she was abandoning him.

Yeah whatever just feed me already! I'm so sick of being this helpless and hungry. Angelus thought, his parched throat burning with hunger.

Buffy looked at the vampire for a moment longer before she turned and hurried out of the alley towards the old flea bag motel that under normal circumstances she wouldn't go anywhere near. except it was the only place she could think of that wouldn't ask any questions at all as long as she paid the nightly cost of the room.

Moving towards the office, keeping her expression carefully blank as she entered the office and was immediately hit by the stale scent of body odor and old food, not wanting to offend the man that was safely behind the security glass, "Hi, I need a room please," Buffy asked politely as she approached him, hoping that she didn't look as nervous as she felt.

The man gave her a look over before shrugging, his gaze lingering on her breasts, "Thirty-Nine dollars a night, girlie," he informed her.

Buffy nibbled on her lower lip as she thought about the price and possible length of stay, "I'll pay for a week to begin with," she decided, glad that she had a nest egg of savings that she had been compiling for her first car.

The man nodded as he reached down for a set of keys, "No pets allowed in the apartment, no loud music and no furniture out the front," he rattled off in a bored tone, "Paying cash or card?" he asked.

"Cash," Buffy replied immediately, not wanting to trust such a shady place with a card transaction.

The man rolled his eyes, "Big surprise," he muttered.

"I'm sorry?" Buffy asked not having caught all of what he'd said.

"That's two hundred and seventy-three dollars then," he corrected, not wanting to accidentally set off a possible tweeker.

Buffy gave him a suspicious look, not believing that had been what he'd muttered, but she just wanted to get out of the office and back to the vampire she had left in the alley, so she dug into her back pack and pulling out her purse. Grabbing out the green bills she counted them out and then was forced to watch as the man behind the glass recounted it with a distrustful look on his face as he did it. Finally he nodded and shoved the key at her, "You're in number two," he told her.

"Thanks," she muttered as she took the key and shoved it in her pocket as she hurried out of the foul smelling office grateful to be finally have that over and done with.

Thank God, I don't have to go in there again for a week. Buffy thought happily as she swiftly moved to the alley where the vampire was waiting for her to return to for him.

"Wow that was unpleasant," she told him as she reached out, grasping his lower arm to pull him up from the ground, "Why do seedy motels have to be so seedy?" she asked the vampire that had yet to speak.

Because that's what they're made for. Angelus thought as the girl awkwardly manoeuvred him so that she could walk them to the room she'd procured.

"We're in apartment two," Buffy spoke conversationally as she walked rewards the motel room, her eyes glancing left and right nervously, still not wanting to be seen by passers-by or the person or persons in rooms one and three.

Making it to the door of room two, Buffy fumbled with getting the room key out of her pocket. Jamming the key into the lock, Buffy let them into the room, wanting to get out of sight as quickly as possible.

When she'd shut the door behind them she let out a breath of relief.

Buffy staggered slightly as she moved towards double bed, allowing the vampire to fall onto it with relief. She rolled her shoulders and her neck to loosen the muscles that had tensed and cramped during the journey from the forest. Buffy looked at the way the vampire had fallen on the bed. Oh that can't be comfy. She thought and moved to shift him, her hands grasping him about his ankles so that she could shift him completely onto the bed and moved him so that he was lying completely on his back.

"I hope that's more comfortable for you. Though I imagine anything would be more comfortable than an old crypt wall," Buffy hypothesized.

You got that right! Angelus thought. You know what's worse? Feeling your body wasting away from the inside out. He mentally grumbled wishing that he could voice his frustration at the woman.

"So uh," Buffy stumbled, lost for a moment as to what to do and say next, "Do you want a shower?" she asked, before chewing her lower lip, "No, of course you don't want a shower first. You want food… well blood," Buffy rambled, still nervous about this whole thing.

But where do you get blood? She thought. Pity you can't talk, Mr Vampire. I'm sure you'd be able tell me.

Buffy straightened herself up satisfied that her unexpected companion was comfortable, "Ok well, I'll be back as soon as I can with some blood," she informed the vampire before turning and heading out the door, being sure to lock it behind her.

Finally. Angelus thought as he heard the lock click into place. It wouldn't be as good as blood straight from the vein, but it would be better than nothing.


Buffy walked out of the butcher shop, a nervous expression colouring her face as she fumbled her already pretty full backpack and hurriedly moved to stuff the full plastic bag into it, wanting to hide the sachets of blood she had purchased. She was more than half afraid that a stranger or worse someone she knew would see the blood and query her about it.

She knew what people thought about those that choose to hang around vampires and she definitely didn't want to become one of them in the public's eyes. She wasn't doing anything wrong, but people tended to believe the worst in others and no one would believe that she was just helping him get healthy. Some radicals might even try to hurt him.

Buffy zipped up her bag and with on last nervous look about the mostly empty street, she hurried on her way back to the waiting vampire.


Angelus heard another set of footsteps outside the unit, a set that stopped in front of the door. His ears filling with the drumming beast of a heart beat that he recognized,.

It's about fucking time. Angelus thought as a key turned in the lock. Why do humans have to be so slow about everything?

Buffy opened the door and stepped back into the small unit, "I'm back," she greet the ever silent vampire as she closed the door behind her.

Way to state the bloody obvious. Angelus thought irately.

"Sorry that it took a bit longer. I wasn't really sure where to go," Buffy rambled as she tried to think of what she should do next, "I hope what I got is alright," she said as she pulled out the plastic bag full of blood from the back pack, before she dropped it to the floor," I hope there's at least a cup," she muttered as she crossed over to the small kitchen and began riffling through the cupboards; making a small 'Ah-Huh' sound when she found a couple of stashed away glasses.

"Maybe I should have brought some dishwashing liquid," she muttered under her breath, "Uh dirty dishes won't hurt you will they?" Buffy called over her should, before she glanced back at him whilst she worried her lower lip as she took in his fragile form, "Well, I guess not, huh?"

Angelus' frustration and being unable to move grew with each passing moment as he heard the girl putter around with aggravating slowness. The sound of her blood pumping steadily through her veins making his thirst rise with the temptation of it so close, but still beyond his reach.

Buffy wrinkled her nose as she poured the contents of the sachet into the glass she had found. She didn't think that she'd really though this through properly. Sucking up her 'ick' factor, Buffy picked up the glass and made her way over to the bed, "Uh, maybe I should have brought a zippy cup," she pondered out loud as she sat herself down on the edge of the bed beside the vampire's chest.

I don't care if you shove the whole damn glass down my throat, just give it to me! Angelus thought, wishing that he could give voice to the growl in his thoughts.

"Sorry if this is anyway uncomfortable…or if I make a mess of it, I haven't exactly done this before," she rambled again as she reached out to touch his chin. Buffy had to use more force than she thought she'd need to pry his haw open, but she managed and shifted closer so that she was practically leaning over him. with a careful movement she placed the rim of the glass to his lips and slowly began tipping it up so that the blood could spill into his mouth.

The first taste of the cold blood on his lips was like nirvana, it didn't matter that it was something as vile as pigs blood, it was sustenance and that was all that mattered. He could feel it seeping into his body; slowly absorbing into his withered body, starting the revival process. A process that would take a painfully long time if all she fed him was pigs blood.

Buffy pulled the glass back when it was empty and felt his arm give the slightest of twitches, "I'll take that as you want more," she murmured as she stood and walked back towards the kitchen bench, where she had left the rest of the blood. Buffy respected the process half a dozen times, but didn't speak again until she was on the last sachet.

"My names, Buffy by the way, I don't think I told you that what with the shock of finding you and all," she introduced herself as she poured the last of the sachets contents into the rest stained glass.

Do you really think I care what you're called? Angelus thought with slightly less irritation then before. Still he retained the information as he waited for her to come back with the next glass.

Buffy sat down on the bed once again and raised the glass to his lips with a touch more confidence than before and watched as the contents disappeared into his mouth, "Well, you've guzzled the last of what I bought, Mr Vampire. Next time I'll know to buy a lot more," she murmured as she reached for the nightstand and pulled a tissue from the tissue box there.

Using the tissue she wiped his mouth and chin clean of blood, "You know, I think your skin might be getting a touch of colour back," she said with optimism.

Buffy stood and stretched, before placing the glass by the tissues on the nightstand. Her gaze refocused on the vampire and she sighed tiredly, "I would give you a shower like I said I would, but I'm exhausted. So I hope you don't mind waiting until sometime tomorrow," she murmured apologetically, before she walked over to an old looking comfy chair and settled down in it trying to get comfortable. The long walk home not appealing to her tired aching body, and it wasn't like her mom would be expecting her home tonight.

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