Due to popular demand, I give you a second chapter taking place after the defeat of Sauron. It may not be the best, but I hope you like it (again it is just a short sort of drabble).

Legolas rubbed his eyes as he looked at the door before him.

"Are you sure I must do this?" he asked, not really wanting to befriend the father of the only dwarf with whom he had made friends.

"Come now," Gimli said from beside the tall blonde, "It is not that hard to say a small greeting and bump heads, though you may need to bend down a little. It is certainly not as hard as the last battle we fought, however."

Legolas grinned at the memory. Sauron was defeated at long last, truly defeated with the destruction of the one ring of power. It had not been an army that had defeated him either, rather a small hobbit with no experience whatsoever in the aspect of fighting one as evil as he.

An even bitterer blow to the dark lord, Legolas though with no small amount of glee. His face then fell as another thought breached his mind. Why in Valor's name must I meet Gimli's adar?

"He may not take to you warmly at first," the redhead beside him was saying, "But don't be disheartened. He should warm up to you eventually."

"I take it your father is not akin to elves," Legolas observed in a dry voice.

"His experience with them was unsavoury to say the least," Gimli replied.

"I wonder why?" Legolas asked, truly curious about the matter. Gimli gave him a strange look before taking in a deep breath and knocking on the door.

"Well," he said slowly, "Here it goes."

The odd looking pair waited in anticipation as the door was opened, a white bearded and stooped dwarf lord answering it, pulling it open to expose the insides of his chamber. Legolas gave a polite smile as he stared at the being before him.

The dwarf before him looked familiar. The beard and the nose seemed to be imprinted on his brain for some unknown reason and he was sure he had seen the dwarf's glaring eyes sometime in the past. The blonde elf stared into their dark depths deeper and suddenly it hit him as to where and when he had seen the shorter being whose face was turning quite rapidly from red to a dark and dangerous purple.

"You," Gloin growled menacingly.

"Ah," was all Legolas could reply.

"What?" Gimli said from behind them, sounding slightly flabbergasted at the sight before him. Legolas watched as Gloin turned to his son, fury evident on his face.

"Do you not know just who this elf is?" he asked in a voice clearly filled with distain.

"He is my friend," Gimli replied.

"He is the one who insulted me, you and your mother," Gloin shot back.

"I know," Gimli said, trying to bring the matter back into a more optimistic light, "But he is not as haughty as you say he was before and he did save my life a couple of times on the journey. Besides, he seems to have forgotten-"

"FORGOTTEN?" Gloin roared in outrage. To Legolas' credit, he did not back up a step though his face did look somewhat abashed.

"If I may interject here," the blonde elf began avoiding the dark look sent to him by Gimli's father, "I have not quite forgotten." Gimli stared at him in disbelief.

"But when I asked you about it you did not respond," he cried.

"Ah, yes," Legolas said slowly, "But to your own fault you did just ambush me with a string of words which at the time made no sense."

"You called me a witless dwarf," Gimli accused.

"You were acting like one," Legolas counted, "And besides, is that not better than being called a goblin mutant."

Gloin, throughout all this, looked as if he were going to explode.

"What is stopping me from throwing you off my doorstep at this moment I don't know but-"

"Come father," Gimli interjected, "He is sorry for the insults he gave you, aren't you Legolas?" The elf did not need an elbow in the ribs to respond.

"Aye, I am truly sorry at the misunderstanding," Legolas answered, bowing slightly as he did so to show the sincerity of his apology. Gloin regarded him blankly for a few moments before turning to Gimli.

"You may enter my son," he said, "Your friend may not."

"Father," Gimli said sternly, "Legolas is a renowned hero throughout Middle-Earth, both of his people and the other races who dwell here. Surely you would not refuse to offer hospitality to him due to some slander he paid you years ago when he was led more by his own young and foolish ways." This earned the young dwarf an elbow in the ribs from the elf by his side. Gimli, however, remained straight faced as he stared his father down.

"You may come in," Gloin finally relented with a dark look cast towards his son. Legolas gave the old dwarf his most charming smile.

"And how, may I ask, is your brother?" Legolas asked, "Whom, might I add, looked astonishingly handsome in the picture in that locket of yours."

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