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Chapter 2:

"Koko wa doko?" said that child with a low and small voice while he look around, when he saw another human on the same room he immediately grip his sword tightly and slowly pull it out, his bloody red eyes shinning with fear, determine to live and regret. Someone that genkai jiji always saw in warrior eyes. It such a shame to see a ten year old kid has the same eyes.

Without any warning gintoki suddenly swing his blade dangerously near genkai jiji chest, and cut genkai jiji clothes vertically fortunately genkai jiji can avoid the blade in time before it slash him in two"Matte, kozo I do not want to hurt you" genkai jiji wave his hand with panic. No matter how old he is, gintoki is gintoki he is a very dangerous man

Genkai jiji eventhough he does not want to admit it but gintoki is A sword prodigy he already saw him in ACTUAL action a few time and must admit that he is the strongest swordman in kabuki chou. He is like uncontrollable beast that go on rampage if you push a wrong button, well but its also very difficult to do that because genkai jiji also knows that gintoki also the LAZIEST person on the earth.

Genkai jiji is not innocent either in the war genki already saw so many swordman either it was an ally or enemy he knows from the way this kid way to slash and grab a sword. It looks like an amateur but very sharp there are still a lot of opening but it seems that the kid is a kind of person who tend to correct mistake in the middle of fight And that kind of person is dangerous as he can keep develop during war

The kid went for another attack he swing his sword from the right to the left with a very fast speed for kid genkai jiji does not have any choice beside defend himself if he does not want to be killed as it looks like the kid will kill him if he give him an opening. Genkai took whatever in his work desk which is his hammer to block gintoki sword

"You damn stubborn kid just the same when you are an adult" genkai jiji complain. The kid said nothing and keeps attack genkai jiji furiously, a sound of metal and sword keep ringing through out the room as genkai jiji does not want to hurt gintoki. "Ceh…cheeky kidddd" genkai jiji begin to feel tired suddenly gintoki feel that someone grab his right hand so he can not move

"Dou ja kozoo, this is one of my kid. He is strong da roo hahahaha" the kid still keep say nothing suddenly he grin and let go of his sword so the sword fall from his hand. When genkai jiji saw this he feel so realived he thinks that gintoki already give up fighting him but he was wrong when the sword fall down gintoki free left hand catch it and then with a quick movement he turn his body and slash a robot behind him with one swing not for too long the robot was exploded " Gyaaaaaa my soooon how dare you gintokiiiiii!" genkai jiji crying

"Genkai jiji is gin san here" asked shinpachi in front of his door. "Uwoooo that firework sugeee aru" kagura said while he peek inside genkai jiji work place "Ah, Are you working for the festival that will held four days from now on" shinpachi said as he correct his glasses position " OOOOHHH make it a big fire work arruuu" said happy kagura as she really likes all kinds of festivals

"Yosh lets go home kagura chan do not disturb genkai san" said shinpachi as he look at kagura "Um, oh ya right jiji, if you saw gin chan then tell him that he MUST take us to the festival" said kagura while he show his point finger to genkai direction. "Well I wonder where gin san is, sei kaku, we home much earlier because we thought he is lonely" said shinpachi with a disappointed look. "Ooh shinpachi just said already that YOU are the one who is lonely" said kagura while picking her nose as she imitate gintoki

When kagura and pachi wants to leave genkai place they see a kid run from the inside room with a high speed. For a moment that kid look behind him his silver perm hair and big bloody red eyes stood out the most from his feature beside his clothes that already worn out and torn everywhere. Shinpachi and kagura freeze in their spot " Ne, kagura chan is it just me or that kid looks exactly like gin san"." Daijobou yo megane, its not just your eyes I also feel the same". "Who is megane !" shouted shinpachi. " Dakara watashi wa itta, shinpachi is 94 percent glasses 4 percent water and 2 percent of water" said kagura like it is everyday truth." Mooo iyaa, please stop this megane joke please" shinpachi brought his hand to his face already tired of this same joke for 250 episodes for goodness sake

"Oi you guys, quick after that kid" genkai shouted after he realized that the kid is run away to the outside world. From genkai knowledge the kid will get confused in the future as it is very different from the past and also there are a lot of amanto this day, gintoki who probably live in the past where amanto is still prohibit and taboo will attack amanto in the town blindly

"EEEhhh why, are you that frustrated so you kidnapped a child I do not know you can be that low jiji" said kagura with accusation eyes "Ma ma kagura chan there IS must be some reson why genkai jiji do that do not you think" said shinpachi "Moooo you two who do you think I am! I would not be that low to kidnap a kid in the street" said genkai jiji angrily

Shinpachi and kagura: "….."

"ITS ENOUGH!" genkai jiji smash his hammer to the ground as it is the only thing In his hand

" Ma ma, we are kidding genkai san, now would you explain it to us"