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Bishop sat at the bench outside the navy yard taking her now usual break before her mind began to race again. Biting into her sandwich the book that she was reading or try to read fell from her lap to the grass below.

"Wow a book, I haven't seen those in ages." Tony said picking it up from the grass as he took a seat next to her.

Smiling she wiped her mouth. "Thanks." She said while Tony sat the book down between them.

"So, no cheeseburger?" Tony asked smiling while watching her eating her sub.

She giggled as she shook her head. "Nope, so where you going for lunch?" She asked.

"Nowhere." Agent DiNozzo replied as he leaned back against the bench while scanning the parking lot near by.

"Abby said she's going to have lunch with Agent Gibbs, she looked happy." She chuckled. "I mean she looked happier than usual." She smiled.

Tony smiled. "Yeah, Abby… she can smile about almost everything and when she isn't smiling then you know things are really bad." He informed the young lady seated next to him.

Bishop looked around catching a glimpse of Agent Gibbs on his cell phone heading to his parked car with black roses in his hand. Confused she looked at Tony who was also watching the agent in the parking lot.

Seeing the confused look on the young girl Tony smiled. "They're for Abby."

Looking back at Gibbs Bishop nodded. "I kind of figured that, but are they black roses?" She asked still confused.

Tony chuckled. "Yup, Abby loves them and he knows it including everyone, except you I'm guessing."

Smiling she watched as Gibbs placed the roses on the hood of his car while still on his cell. "Okay, I'm still learning a few things since coming here but I haven't figure Gibbs & Abby out just yet."

"What do you want to know?" Tony offered.

"I know they're close… very close. I just can't figure out how to label them." She said still watching the agent in the parking lot.

"They're Gibbs and Abby they don't need a label other than that." Tony jabbed.

Bishop looked at Tony. "Look I love to figure things out but honestly for the life of me I cannot figure them out. I haven't seen them interact together yet but I have seen him on the phone with her and her one the phone with him. It's all about work but there are hints of things that I cannot figure out." She said again while turning her attention to agent in the parking lot.

"They have a very close bond you know something that is normal between people who have been friends for years that's all." Tony said plainly.

"Okay, so him showing up with roses for lunch is normal?" She asked.

"It's normal… for them. I mean if I showed up with roses when going out to lunch with McGee now that wouldn't be normal for us." Tony pointed out.

Laughing Bishop shook her head.

"What's so funny?" Abby asked from behind them.

"Tony is just being silly." Bishop explained.

"Aww, that's why we love you, Tony." Abby said ruffling his hair.

"Yeah and that's the reason why boss man hits me." Tony said looking at his boss in the parking lot still on the phone.

"No, he doesn't hit people Tony. Gibbs, he's a good guy and hitting people is just rude plus my Gibbs isn't rude." Abby replied innocently.

"Well, there's your Gibbs and there's the guy who I work with that looks just like him and that guy is pretty mean." He replied.

Abby chuckled. "Speaking of which have you seen my Gibbs? He's taking me out for lunch."

Tony pointed to the parking lot near the Navy Yard.

"Aww… he's waiting for me." Abby said happily.

"Yeah and it looks like he has roses too." Bishop informed her.

"Aww, that's why I love my Gibbs." Abby said while she watched the gunny in the parking lot.

Bishop looked at Tony with another questioning look that Tony only smiled at.

"Hey Abbs you should tell our new buddy here why you love black roses I don't think she hasn't hear it yet." Tony said while looking at the girl seated next to him.

"Um yeah sure!" Abby said excited.

"Abby you don't have too, I mean your Gibbs is waiting for you." She said still trying to read Abby's reaction to her putting emphasis on 'your' to see what she would get but still she couldn't decipher the enigma that was Gibbs & Abby.

"No, its fine it's one of my favorite stories to tell and Gibbs' he can wait a few minutes more." Abby said.

"You sure?" The young lady asked.

"Yeah, he loves me he won't go anywhere without me." Abby smiled.

Tony smiled while Bishop grew even more confused.

"Abby the story" Tony reminded his dear friend.

"Oh right! Okay well this was… you know it doesn't matter how long ago it was."

"That long huh?" Tony teased.

"Shut up DiNozzo I have gunny and I'm not afraid to use him." Abby warned.

Bishop smiled at Abby's reply.

"Okay so I had just taken this job and ever since guys were trying to hit on me."

"No kidding!" Tony exclaimed.

Abby laughed. "Anyway, Valentines Day was just over and my lab was filled with roses from people."

"They're called admires." Tony pointed out.

"You want to tell the story or should I?" Abby asked making Tony zip his lips. "Okay, so my lab looked like a nursery with red, white and pink roses and other things." Abby smiled. "Gibbs came in to my lab for the first since Valentines Day and he didn't care about all the roses or so I thought. The next day when I was nearly done shutting down my babies and getting ready to head home… that's when I heard the elevator doors close. No one was coming but someone was leaving and I only knew one person who is sneaky like that. "

Abby smiled at the thought.

"So, I go get my coat and right there on my desk was a single black rose. It looked awesome surrounded by those other roses and this single black rose that was lying on my desk stood out. No card, no note but I knew who it was from.

Bishop listened like some kid waiting on what was going to happen next.

"Out of all the roses to take home I took that single black rose home and when I was walking to my car someone noticed it too. Agent Gibbs the guy who never really spoke to me since I started working and the only guy who never hit on me since I started working at NCIS came up to my car. He looked shy and nervous which was different from the bad-ass people said he was. He came up to me and asked why I wasn't taking home the other roses. I just smiled at him knowing that he saw the single rose that I was holding in my hand. He just smiled back at me and nodded and without saying anything he turned and left. I went back to unlocking my car door and out of nowhere I hear him say… 'Abbs'.

I turned around because no one ever called me that and I was wondering what he wanted. I waited for him to say something instead he leaned in and quickly kissed me on my cheek and left again while I just stood there holding that rose in my hand. So, ever since black roses have always been my favorite because someone thought I was different and because it came from someone who wasn't like the rest of them, it is unique and special to me… to us." Abby finished while smiling at the gunny who was still waiting in the parking lot.

"And that's where the kisses started too?" Tony asked.

"Yeah, and they haven't stop ever since." Abby beamed.

"Do you remember the rumors after you two got close?" Tony chuckled.

Abby shook her head. "Oh god those rumors I don't think they haven't stop." She laughed.

"What rumors?" Bishop asked.

"They said I was dating Gibbs just because he became a close friend and they talked about me but I didn't mind because I had an awesome friend and through it all we've stayed friends." Abby said.

"Looks like your Gibbs is heading this way" Tony said watching Gibbs approach them with roses in hand.

"Aww… I love my Gibbs." Abby said happily.

Bishop sat quietly while the agent came closer.

"Hey, you ready?" Gibbs asked looked at his watch.

"I've been ready." Abby jabbed back.

"Well?" He said sounding a little annoyed.

Abby giggled. "I'll see you guys." She said while walking toward the gunny. "Why are you so impatient and are those roses for me?"

"I'm not impatient I'm hungry and I've been waiting for you for a long time that I just might give these roses away." He told her.

"You wouldn't." Abby replied.

Smiling Gibbs turned to a woman that was walking by them. "Excuse me would you love to have these roses?" He asked that made Abby scream and run over to him.

"Don't you dare you bought those roses for me?" Abby yelled while she trying to reach for the roses that Gibbs was now keeping from her.

The woman just smiled at the couple as she continued to walk by them.

"I did buy them for you but you made me wait." Gibbs insisted.

Still trying to reach for her roses Abby asked. "How long were you waiting?"

"Ten whole minutes you know what I could have done in ten minutes?" He asked.

Abby burst into laughter and buried her face against his chest.

Realizing what he said and what she was thinking he began to chuckle. "Okay, that didn't come out the way I wanted it to."

"Ten minute gunny." Tony teased.

"Quiet, three minute sex machine." Gibbs replied without missing a beat that cause Bishop to burst into laughter while Abby was still laughing into his chest.

"That's not funny." Tony replied.

Still laughing Abby looking up at the gunny. "So, ten minutes huh?" She asked.

"Shut up, you ready?" He replied smiling at her.

"Yeah, but I want my roses." Abby demanded.

"I don't think you deserve them you know letting me stand here-"

"For a whole ten minutes." Abby added that only made him smile. "So, kiss me and give me the roses." She demanded once again.

"So, demanding." Gibbs mumbled while leaning in to place a kiss on her cheek.

Feeling his lips on her skin she swiped the roses from his hand while Bishop just sat there watching the scene unfold in front of her.

"Hey!" Gibbs yelled feeling the roses being stolen from him.

Laughing Abby returned a quick kiss on his cheek while leading him away from their friends who were seated on the bench.

"And this is normal?" Bishop asked Tony who only sat there smiling at his friends.

Shrugging he continued to smile. "Like I said… it's normal for them."

"I never heard him talk or smile so much." Bishop said watching Gibbs begin tugged along toward his car.

"What most of us see is Agent Gibbs and when he's with her he's…"

"Different." Bishop finished.

"No, not different, I just think Abby sees him for who he really is and all we get to see is the agent at work." Tony pointed out.

Bishop giggled while watching Abby suddenly stop and began to hop on Gibbs back. "They are fun to watch."

Tony laughed while hearing Gibbs protest while Abby got the piggy back ride that she was demanding. "Fun to be around too… well Gibbs and I are pretty close but he's very different when she's around." Tony shrugged.

Bishop sat watching while Abby was given a piggy back ride to Agent Gibbs car that only made her smile.

"Maybe we should skip lunch." Gibbs said while trying to look over the roses that were nearly covering his view.

"Why?" Abby asked while enjoying her free ride.

"Because you're heavy" Gibbs teased.

Abby gasped while gently hitting him in the face with her roses that made him chuckle.

"You know I think I'll have lunch with McGee instead." Abby warned.

Stopping he looked over his shoulder at her. "After all this you're gonna ditch me for probie?"

"He's not a probie any more." Abby defended McGee.

Letting her down next to his car he turned around and faced her. "So, let me get this straight after I went to go buy you roses, gave you a piggy back ride and…"

"Don't forget the whole ten minutes that you waited and the things you could have done in that time." Abby jabbed.

Smiling Gibbs approached her. "Still can't get over what I could do in ten minutes, huh?"

"I'm just bringing it up, doesn't mean I was thinking about what could happen in that short amount of time." She smiled.

"Uh huh, well for your information I can make ten minutes the best ten minutes of your life." Gibbs teased.

"I doubt it." She said blushing.

"I can drive you crazy in 3 seconds." He said stepping closer to her.

She smiled as he stood in front of her "I highly doubt that."

Stepping closer he leaned in until his nose brushed hers. "One…" he counted.

He moved in closer until he could feel her breath on his lips. "Two…" he continued.

How close his lips were from hers she found it unbearable to have him this close.


"Okay!" Abby interrupted as she shoved him away that only made him laugh.

"That was two and half seconds… ten minutes would drive you insane." He smiled at her while she rounded his car to the passenger side.

"Shut up and open my door." Abby said trying to change the subject.

"Open it yourself it's unlock." He told her.

"I thought a marine was a gentleman." She said crossing her arms in protest.

Gibbs groaned while rounding his car that brought a smile to her face.

"A guy looks hot in his uniform once and suddenly all the pretty girls want you to open every door for them." He mumbled as he opened the door for her.

Abby laughed. " Shut up!" and hit him with her roses.

He just laughed while he watched her as she shook her head and a smile that beamed from her that only appeared when he was around.

"So where do you want to go?" He asked.

"I want some pasta, let's go to the one down the street it's only ten minutes aw-"She stopped suddenly realizing what she had unknowingly brought up again.

His smile made her blushed causing her to bury her face in her roses. "Still can't get that off your mind?"

"Oh god…" She mumbled into the bouquet. "I'm shutting up now."

He was going to speak but was suddenly hushed when someone bumped into him.

"Oh sorry, I'm so clumsy." A woman said while picking up a folder she had drop after bumping into Gibbs.

"It's okay." Gibbs replied.

Looking up at the man she had run into she was taken back by how attractive he was. "Um… hi I'm Marcy… with a 'y'." She smiled while holding out her hand.

Taking her hand he greeted her. "Hi, I'm Gibbs."

Abby restrained herself from shaking her head while looking at the woman who was clearly attracted to her Gibbs.

"Maybe I'll see around." Marcy smiled back while heading off to where ever she was going.

Gibbs only smiled while he watched her walk away and slowly turned her attention back to Abby seeing her now shaking her head at him.

"What?!" He asked.

"Well someone has 'ten minutes' on his mind." She pointed out.

He smiled. "No he doesn't but I think she did." He said looking after the woman who was walking away. "Wow, she has a really nice… skirt." He mumbled.

"I have shorter ones." Abby spat.

He chuckled as he looked back at her. "Good point." He replied smiling.

"She's probably the easiest to get ten minutes from." Abby mumbled while getting into his car.

"You think?" Gibbs smiled while looking in the direction Marcy had walked off to.

Abby playfully punched him in his gut. "Get in."

"Jeez" He said as he shut her door.

Smiling Abby waited for him to get into the car so they could finally take their lunch break.

Getting in he turned on the car while Abby was still shaking her head.

"What?" He asked.

Turning in her seat she placed her hand his shoulder and spoke seductively. "Hi, I'm Abby, Abby with a… 'y'." She breathed as she batted her eyes.

Gibbs smiled. "Well, someone's jealous."

"I'm not jealous; I just can't believe how she was flirting with you." She said while sitting forward and began to put her seat belt on.

"Hey there are other women out there that flirt worst than that." He said while reversing.

"Oh, yeah like how?" Abby said while turning on the radio.

"Well there's this one girl that is constantly bringing up something about ten minutes-"

Abby laughed.

"- and there was this one time she dressed up like Marilyn Monroe and called me 'Mr. President;" Gibbs explained.

"I didn't dress up for you!" She raised her voice.

"Yup, her flirting is the worst but she does look good in my Marines t-shirt though." Gibbs finished.

Abby laughed while shaking her head. "I should have gone to lunch with McGee."

"Yeah, and I should have got Marcy's number." He mumbled.

Instinctively she slapped him hard on his shoulder.

"OW!" He said while chuckling while Abby just shook her head as she too was giggling while looking out the window.

Back at the bench Bishop processed everything she had heard and seen moments ago.

"So have you figured them out?" Tony asked.

"Sort of… if I were to label their relationship I would call it a flirtation…ship." Ellie said still confused.

Tony chuckled as he got up. "Sounds about right."

"Do you think they ever… you know?" Bishop asked.

"Ever what?" Tony said.

"Ever think about being more than friends."

Tony laughed. "What them? No, no way that would just be weird."

"Okay let me ask you this, what would be the difference? He still would be completely different around her and only show his true self to her. She would be taken off her feet not just by piggy back rides but by how much he clearly cares about her. Their interactions wouldn't be any different if they were in a real relationship besides perhaps finally kissing each other on the lips than covering each other in kisses on the cheek." Bishop pointed out.

Tony shook his head. "Don't confuse me."

"Their interaction is something unique and they make you feel so alone just by watching them because they are so perfect together." Ellie continued.

Tony took in a deep breath. "I've been trying to figure them out for years and this is what I got so far. Gibbs he's a riddle wrapped up in a mystery but Abby she already figured him out a long time ago and she's the only one who really knows him. No one will ever know him better than she does and that's why he's so protective over her. He would give his life for her and she would die if she ever lost him, they cannot live without the other that's how close they are. Yeah, every now and then people come and go in their lives, he may be in a relationship but as usual they don't last long maybe because they don't know him like she does. There are no secrets between them and when you ask one about the other they won't say a single word to you because they know the truth about each other and that is a secret they will never share."

Bishop looked at Tony as he smiled.

"I've given up on trying to figuring them out so at the end of every day it is what it is." He finished.

"Which would be?" She asked.

Tony smiled at her. "She's his favorite and always will be. He is her Gibbs and no redhead, attorney, Dr. or Mann can ever change that." He said before leaving her more confused.

Picking up her book Ellie tried to read but set it down while her mind asked more questions.

'What's with the redheads?'

'How was Abby Gibbs' favorite?'

'What did Tony mean about attorney, doctor and what man was he referring too?'

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