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Chapter One: The Un-chosen Volunteer.

My eyes flicker open and my eyes slowly adjust to my surroundings. Obviously I was in bed, but today was different for I was sleeping next to my brother Gloss in his quarters.
The reason was clear. Today was the 63rd Hunger Games. Today I was going to volunteer to be a tribute.

My Father won't be pleased, that much is clear. He is a very angry and abusive man. District One isn't rich, like we have been said to be. But we sure are not poor, not like other districts like 11 or 12 for example. Our family works and we make money, enough to survive on. But my Father likes to think he's the Districts owner. Constantly talks down to people. He has even tried to sell me into marriage.
Of course I refused, and when my mother Lacey and brother Gloss interject he throws a strop. Those days I get beaten like a rag doll alongside my Mother. My brother is normally severely punished,but not by force, he gets locked in his room for 3 weeks.

My father told my brother Gloss that he was to train harder then ever this year, because he is going to volunteer for the games. It isn't an option, in our family you do as you are told by father.

When I told Gloss he isn't going to be volunteering because I am, he nearly chocked on his juice he had been drinking. Told me I was crazy. But he knew I had been training just as hard and that this really was no joke.

"Why?", he asked over and over again after I kept ignoring the question.

I pouted. "Because I can't live under Father anymore. If I come home victorious, I will have my own home, my own money and my own live".

Gloss gave a half smirk. "but what if you die little sister. You are only 16 years old".

I laughed and punched him on the arm. "If I die big brother, then I will be free from him either way".


Gloss finally woke up and sensed me laying there awake. "Are you sure you still want to go through with this, Cashmere?", he asked me seriously.

I smiled. "Of course I do", I barely whispered.

He grunted. "I was hoping you had changed your mind. You know I was suffer harshly from Father".

I sighed. "Sorry, Gloss, but I am sure he will be please one of us is going rather then none of us".

Gloss laughed loudly. "You really believe that?".

I pursed my lips. "No I guess not".

I got up and went to my own room to get ready. I stared at myself hard in the mirror after I put on my luxury reaping gown. It was beige, but it was see-through. I wore my matching in colour underwear, so that it looked like I was wearing nothing underneath, but you couldn't see anything anyways.

I was beautiful, I don't mean to be big headed, or arrogant about it, but it was true. I had long blonde hair that trailed down to my shoulders, cascading in curls. My eyes were a shade of green that highlighted my skin tone perfectly, and I had curves in all the right places. My eyes were symmetrical to my face. Some would say I was classically perfect.

I sighed. Being this beautiful and having a shit life, I thought to myself angrily. I could possible have any guy I dream off, but my father won't let any guy near me. Only the dirt ugly ones with the personality of a toad because it is those that have the cash, even if they earned it through inheritance and not through hard honest work.

I made my way downstairs into the dining room, where breakfast had been laid out by my mother. We would not normally have this kind of feast today, but in celebration of Gloss entering the games, but father had demanded it.

"There will probably be others out there who will try and volunteer also Gloss, so you have to be vigilant, make sure you call out your name, before the escort has even finished saying hers on the slip".

My brother merely nodded and chewed his toast.

I sat their smirking. My father is going on and on about giving my brother tips about how he should present himself at the reaping when he isn't even going to volunteer. I am.

"Just out of curiosity father", I asked pushing my luck. "What would happen if I was to get reaped today and nobody volunteers?".

My father sneered in my direction. "Are you having a fucking laugh? Diamond Rose is volunteering today. Her father mentioned it to me last week".

I nodded and didn't press any further. What I was really aiming for is if he would have expected Gloss to volunteer anyways, but no answer was given edgeways.

Gloss glanced at me with pained eyes. I could tell he didn't want his little sister to be gallivanting around the Hunger Games. I purposely lost my eye contact with him and concentrated on my egg by swirling it around my plate. I didn't really have much of an appetite though.

I mother brushes my hair and I hum to myself. The atmosphere on these days are always quite strange. A public reaping is performed in the square. In some districts today is a day where the capitol steals two youngsters and kills them on national television. For District One it is slightly different. Although we are a career district, only those who are desperate for change usually trains and volunteers. My brother and I was forced to train for the games by our father. Although it was apparent that it was Gloss who was going to be the one who was to actually go into the Games, but my father didn't want me to make the family look weak, by sitting around looking pretty.

As a family we made our way to the district square. I don't venture to town much. We don't live near town, being about a half hour walk away, I find I can never really be bothered much, and my school is by my house, so I don't find myself needing to go out that far. Father goes there regularly for work. But I don't really pay much attention to his day to day activities.

District One isn't renowned for it's use in peacekeepers, if anything we are most probably the most lax out of the twelve districts, but who am I to really comment, having not seen any others. My father however claims it. But again, how could he be so sure.
Today however, there is an event, and peacekeepers are brought in to supervise to make sure everything goes smoothly.
I have discussed with my brother before, how other districts such as seven, have more peacekeepers than others because they have more tributes more likely to cause a scene when they name is called.
In District One, nine times out of ten we have a volunteer, so it's not usually a problem for us.

My mother kissed me on the cheek as I get checked in at the reaping service. My father merely grunted at me as he gave my brother the run down of how to volunteer quickly, calling how he was very sure Marble was going to volunteer as well.
I smiled to myself as I wondered if it was going to be Marble to joined me as my district one partner.

I pouted my lips hard as they zapped me and called for me to enter the 16 section. I walked over to the roped area and watched as my brother joined his 17 year olds.

"Cashmere", called a familiar voice from behind me. I turned around to face my best friend Platinum. I smiled as we hugged.

"Missed you at school yesterday", she gushed. "What happened?".
I rolled my eyes. "Father", I commented having not to say anymore. Platinum sighed and gave me a sympathetic look and shrugged her shoulders.
"I wonder who will be stupid enough to go this year", he giggled to me as she linked my arm.
My heart dropped slightly as she said it. Should I tell her? She will no doubt freak out? No. Save it for our goodbyes. It will be quicker and I won't have her sobbing on my shoulder for the next five minutes.

The mayor finally came to the podium. His eyes cold as he read out the treaty of treason. Each district had to do this each year. He then called out the names of our victors. There have been 30 in total. Not a bad figure if you ask me. In some districts like, seven there have only been three. And in district 12, there have only been 2 winners, and one of those died years ago.

He told me that this year the mentors were going to be Granite and Luminous. I rolled my eyes. Two of the most boring mentors possible. But I am sure they won't be much help to me anyways once I get into the arena.

Finally the capitol escort stepped forward. She was a funny sort of woman that goes of the name of Lase. On this occasion, because in her words 'It is a special occasion' she is sporting a nice big pink afro with mild green eye-shadow and lipstick, with orange blush on each cheek. She looks a joke.

"Marvellous, absolutely marvellous", she called into the microphone and greeted us all. "I cannot say how splendid it really is, to be the escort of such a beautiful district such as one", she gushed to us all.
I huffed under my breathe impatiently causing Platinum next to me to give me a suspicious glance.

"Shall we start with you young ladies", she called happily and walked slowly in her high heels, that matched her the colour of her hair, over to the female bowl.

She dug around in the bowl, making sure her hand must have touched as many tribute slips as possible, not that she needed too, considering we always have a volunteer.

"Okay. It gives me great pleasure to announce that this years... chosen... tribute for district one is... Silverstone Macie".

"I VOLUNTEER", I shouted quickly before any other girl could, raising my hand and marching my way over to the stage.

Lace beamed at me as I took to the steps and onto the stage. "Wonderful m'dear, and so beautiful too. Please what is your name?".

I gave an arrogant growl as I faced the crowd. "I am Cashmere Hazelgrey".

Lace stepped over to the boys bowl and started to fumble around again. I glanced over to Gloss who was giving me a very pained expression, and then to my parents in the visitors crowd. My mother seemed to me in shock, while my father was red with outrage. I had ruined his sons magic moment. I couldn't be happier.

"Mack Jones", called Lace next to me snapping me back to reality. I saw a boy of 13 yelp. But he didn't even get a chance to move before Marble Wormwood shouted his aliegance and made his way to the stage".

"My name is Marble Wormwood. And I am going to be District One's next victor", he called out.

It was tradition that the crowd was supposed to cheer us, even if it was really fake and obnoxious.

"Now shake hands you too?".

Marble took hold of my hand and tried to crush it. I smiled as I looked into his eyes and pouted again.