I know I still have unfinished stories and I have worked on them but I recently started watching One Piece and immediately became addicted. Now I'm stuck with a bunch of OP ideas and just had to write it down. :D

Summary: Zoro has been unknowingly raping Luffy at night. Everyone on board notice that Luffy starts acting a little different. They question him, but he keeps saying there's nothing wrong. Will Luffy confess? Will the crew find out? Or will Zoro realize that he is the cause of their captain's changes?

Warning: yaoi (boy x boy); non-con; pretty graphic sex scenes (DON'T LIKE, DON'T READ!)

I do not own One Piece; if I did I would change the drawing style back to how it used to be in the beginning. (XD)

It didn't hurt. It never did. That didn't mean he liked it though. He didn't like it at all. He found it disturbing. The movements, the sounds and most of all the way it felt. Like I said, there was no pain, but that didn't make the experience any less uncomfortable for Luffy. He could feel every single touch, every single thrust from his first mate. He could feel his bottom being forcefully stretched over and over again. Luffy had his face turned away from the green haired swordsman who was plunging into him like a madman. Luffy couldn't help but be glad that he was a rubber man.
The way Zoro was slamming into him right now would make any normal man incapable of walking for at least a week. Thanks to his devil fruit abilities Luffy was incredibly flexible and that was a good thing in this situation. The way Zoro was forcing his legs apart would have caused some serious damage if Luffy had been normal. His roaming hands would have left bruises all over his body, the force he used when gripping one of Luffy's thin wrists or ankles would have broken his bones.
Unfortunately his resilient body couldn't save him from everything. Sometimes the swordsman would scratch him, bite him or leave hickeys. Fortunately Zoro rarely felt the need to mark his captain. He had bitten him once, had left some hickeys here and there, luckily never in a place that couldn't be hidden, and had once, during a pretty strong orgasm, scratched Luffy's back, leaving four thin red lines on the smaller boy's flawless skin. And even though the stretching didn't bother Luffy, the heat did. Zoro never went easy on him, always fucking him like an enraged, rabid animal. This caused a lot of friction in Luffy's ass and that friction caused an unbearable and very uncomfortable heat to spread inside of him.

Suddenly a loud moan escaped Zoro's mouth and his movements stilled. Luffy squeezed his eyes shut as he felt the disgusting and by-now-familiar warm liquid being spilled inside of him. He couldn't get used to that feeling. Especially when it started to leak out of him. It felt too weird, too foreign.
Zoro crashed down on top of Luffy, his heavy and buff body pushing the frail looking, smaller boy into the matrass. Luffy could feel the other's heavy panting in his neck, his racing heart against his chest.
Luffy opened his eyes, once again staring at the wall to his right. He wished, hoped, begged in his mind that it was over and that the swordsman would leave and return to his own bed.

Of course Luffy knew better. One round didn't satisfy his first mate. It never did.

And as if Zoro could read his mind, he stirred. Luffy could feel the other getting hard again, still buried deep inside his body. Zoro pulled out of Luffy, straightening up. He sat on his knees, his glazed over eyes looking at the small boy in front of him. The sight pleased him and a devilish grin adorned his features. He grabbed the thin ankles and pulled Luffy's bottom on his lap. He then moved his hands from the ankles to Luffy's knees and pushed until they hit the matrass. Luffy's eye contact with the dark wall was broken, instead staring at one of his knees being pushed into the matrass. His other knee being held down on the other side of his head. Zoro's hands never leaving their spot, he rose to his feet, leaning over Luffy's bent form and slammed into the boy mercilessly. All of Zoro's weight pushed down on Luffy, forcing the latter's body to bend even more. Any normal person would be in serious pain, probably breaking their back or neck, but the position didn't really bother Luffy. Zoro suddenly stopped moving, buried inside of Luffy up to the hilt and started pushing Luffy even further down. At that point Luffy was bent so far, he could even give himself a blowjob. Apparently Zoro figured that out too and thought it would be amusing to have Luffy suck himself off. Luffy, his head still turned to the right, felt Zoro's fingers on his scalp, grabbing a fistful of pitch black hair and yanking on it, forcing him to face his first mate. Luffy tried to turn his head away again, but Zoro wouldn't let him, using his other hand to force Luffy's mouth open. Before Luffy could fully register what was going on, something soft and salty forced its way into his mouth. He quickly realized that it was his own limp dick that was invading his mouth. Luffy lifted his arms off of his bed and tried pushing his own lower half away from his face. Zoro quickly intervened grabbing his wrists and forcing them over the rubber boy's head. He once again started slamming into the poor boy at a rapid pace. Every thrust pushed Luffy's dick deeper into his own mouth, the tip hitting the back of his throat. Luffy had to fight hard to keep himself from throwing up. This was the most disgusting and disturbing thing that had ever happened to him and as much as he wanted to hold on to his pride, he couldn't stop the tears from escaping his eye sockets. He squeezed his eyes shut, trying to imagine he was somewhere else. Anywhere else.

Luckily Zoro didn't last very long. He emptied himself again inside of Luffy, pulling his limp dick out of the other's abused ass and immediately left the young captain's bed, heading back to his own. Luffy finally rolled out of the awkward position, his own dick finally leaving his mouth. He was panting, tears kept running down his temples and into his ears or onto his pillow. He waited, listening, patiently. His breathing slowed down, same with his heartbeat, until his first mate's snores finally reached his ears. Luffy quickly and quietly jumped out of his bed, his feet already knowing the way to the bathroom.
He walked straight into the shower, turning on the water. The warm water was soothing and had a calming effect on him. After about ten minutes of just standing under the falling water he finally stopped crying and began to wash his unharmed body. He put two fingers up his ass and let the only evidence of tonight's events leak out of his body. He was starting to get used to this. This was the third time this week (and ever) that Zoro had invaded his bed and his sleep to force his primal desires onto Luffy. The first time it happened, Luffy had woken up in the middle of the night, finding his first mate and precious nakama slamming into him. Luffy had tried to fight back but a hand had been slapped over his mouth and his arms restrained above his head. Zoro had raped him four times that night. Two days later it happened again. Luffy was a deep sleeper and during the second time he once again had woken up when Zoro was already inside of him, taking advantage of him. That night he had raped him six times. Luffy hadn't tried to fight back that night and there was a reason for that. Zoro didn't know he was doing all those things to Luffy. Luffy knew that because after the first time the captain had confronted Zoro about it, receiving a response he hadn't expected.

- flashback -

Everyone ( Nami, Usopp, Chopper, Sanji, Robin and Luffy) was already sitting around the table on the Going Merry eating their delicious breakfast, when Zoro walked into the kitchen. As always he was the last to arrive and sat down in his usual seat on Luffy's right side. The latter slightly tensed when Zoro sat down, glancing at the green haired man. Zoro suddenly looked Luffy in the eye, Luffy could feel his heart skip a beat and for a moment he forgot how to breathe until Zoro's calm and completely normal voice reached his ears.
Luffy blinked a few times, just staring at Zoro, not understanding why he was acting so normal.
Zoro frowned at Luffy's somewhat strange reaction.
"Something wrong?"
Luffy blinked a few times again, before finally shaking his head. "No. Nothing really, just …"
Chopper, who was sitting on Luffy's left side, as a doctor became interested in their conversation once he'd heard Zoro's question earlier, and was now looking at Luffy. Luffy was staring at his plate, not really knowing what to say. He was incredibly confused to say the least. Zoro was acting as if nothing had happened last night. He was acting as if he hadn't used the captain as a rag doll and hadn't fucked the innocence out of him. Zoro's voice made him look up again and lock eyes with his first mate.
"Just what?"
Luffy was a little upset that Zoro was pretending as if nothing had happened. He wanted to know why he had done something like that and decided to give it to him straight.
"Why did you do that last night?"
Zoro's answer and inquisitive face almost knocked Luffy off of his chair.
"Do what?"
Luffy was baffled. Not only by what the swordsman just said but also by his face. There wasn't a single trace of deception on the other's face. Luffy immediately believed his first mate, he knew right away that Zoro was telling the truth or at least believed that what he was saying was the truth.
Zoro waved his hand in front of Luffy's face, who was completely caught up in his thoughts. Luffy refocused on his green haired nakama who was starting to look a little worried.
"Did I do something? Luffy?"
Luffy could hear the uncertainty and the worry in Zoro's voice. He could see it in Zoro's eyes. The fear of having done something bad to one of his nakama.
Luffy smiled at him. He didn't want to burden Zoro with a crime he didn't even know he committed. The young pirate usually was a horrible liar and he even surprised himself at how easy the lie flowed from his lips.
"Nah, you kinda came to my bed last night and sat down for a while. I tried talking to you but you didn't even answer or anything. And after like five minutes or something you just left and went back to sleep."
The captain could see the obvious relief in Zoro's eyes, followed by confusion.
"Weird. I don't really remember doing anything like that."
Chopper, who had listened to their conversation, decided to join in.
"You probably sleepwalked."
Zoro looked at Chopper now, frowning at his comment. Chopper continued.
"It happens. When you're stressed or sleep deprived. Have you ever sleepwalked before?"
The swordsman shook his head.
"Not for as far as I know."
Suddenly Sanji appeared out of nowhere, having heard the sleepwalking part.
"Fuckin' Marimo, probably got lost in his sleep."
Zoro aimed his fork at the cook and threw it at him. Sanji raised the tray he was holding, unfazed, as the fork bounced off of the tray and onto the ground.
Zoro didn't give Sanji a retort and the blond had already lost interest, too caught up in admiring Nami's ass as she walked out of the kitchen. Luffy just smiled, looking at all his lively and happy nakama. He wouldn't dare nor ever want to break this peace. He decided to keep everything that happened between him and Zoro a secret. He believed it would only do harm if he told all of them now.
It would definitely hurt Zoro.
He pushed the previous night into the deepest recess of his mind and his heart and finally dug into his food the way only Luffy could, pushing everything in sight into his mouth. Hearing but not registering the complaints of his nakama as he stretched his arms and stole their food. All of it disappearing into the black hole that was his stomach.

He had bounced right back to his old self.

He had managed to bounce back after Zoro's second visit as well.

What about now?

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