"News will break tomorrow that the hostages have been rescued. And yes, the a Titans will receive full credit," said Batman from the pilot seat of the Batplane as the doors slid open to allow the Titans to disembark. "Be prepared to issue a statement." Robin nodded with a glance at Starfire. He would say nothing about the Psion's true mission. If the world knew they had come to capture Star...he shuddered at the backlash she would face.

"I'll deal with it," he muttered.

"And Robin," called Batman, "If you've learned nothing else from this little adventure, remember what I told you. Falling for her will only bring you a weakness your enemies can exploit. It's a mistake."

"Tell Alfred I said hi," said Robin. The others were out of earshot and would never hear over the roar of the engines. He didn't want Bruce's advice in his head. Relationships were built on trust, something Bruce knew nothing about. Besides, despite what everyone seemed to think, he hadn't fallen for anyone. Starfire was his best friend. It was just an added bonus that she was intergalactically beautiful. It was their problem if they couldn't tell the difference between a solid friendship and romantic love. It was definitely not a distinction Batman could ever make. Robin couldn't even think of a female he'd worked with who he hadn't also charmed into his bed. Batgirl didn't count because she was still a minor, but even she sometimes got starry-eyed when she trained with him and saw him shirtless and dripping sweat.

"What was that all about?" asked Cyborg when Robin rejoined the team on the rooftop. They all stared as the Batplane rose into the air and shot off toward Gotham with enough force to nearly blow them over.

"Nothing. He's just trying to tell me what to do."

"Parents, am I right?" Cyborg said, nudging him good-naturedly in the ribs. Robin twitched. He never really saw Bruce in that light. He was his guardian, mentor, and former partner, but it only just occurred to him that he was his parent too. As a parent how must it have been to find out your teenager had snuck out to go into outer space with his friends and nearly got himself killed before the authorities managed to get the situation under control? As always, Bruce was all business, but Robin realized he'd been worried-and hurt. It bothered him that Robin hadn't asked for help. Robin watched the Batplane disappear into the clouds.

"Dudes, I'm so glad to be home," Beast Boy sighed. They shared his sentiments whole-heartedly.

The five of them walked into the common room and simply sat down on the couch, not saying a word. Everything was exactly as they had left it. It seemed miraculous that it remained untouched while they were so changed from their adventure. There was still a gaping hole in the common room with debris scattered across the floor. No one paid the mess any attention though. Starfire had her head down, Beast Boy looked dead on his feet, Cyborg leaned forward with his hands draped across his knees, and Raven pulled her hood up so that no one could see her face. Robin pinched the bridge of his nose.

"Does anyone else have some deep dark secret from their past that's going to come back and bite us in the ass?"

"Possibly," said Raven from the depths of her cloak. Robin cocked his head at her.



"Good. Then Titans...go to bed." He stood up and started walking for his room. Each step seemed heavier than the last. Behind him the others laughed with relief and made to follow suit. Beast Boy and Cyborg started shoving each other, trying to prove who had been the most heroic on their quest. Raven phased through the ceiling to reach her room first.

"Robin, may I speak with you?" called Starfire uncertainly. He turned, curious. She reached behind her back to grasp her left elbow, shifting her weight onto one foot. Her teeth worried her lower lip.

"I thank you for doing the rescuing of me. It means more than you will ever know." A warm glow filed his chest.

"Always, Star. Always." A peculiar expression crossed her features, but he was too tired to decipher it. With a grin, he swept her a graceful bow, nearly touching his nose to his knees. "After you, Your Highness."

"On my planet, my appropriate title would be Supreme Being of Awesomeness," she said straight-faced. "I trust you will learn to address me accordingly?" She batted her eyelashes. Robin laughed.

"Of course, Your Supreme Royal Awesomeness." She giggled and slipped her arm through his elbow, hovering an inch above the ground. It felt good to laugh again. In the tower life was normal. They were themselves here. Nothing could touch them, not Bruce, not aliens, not even nobility.

He and Starfire had just turned down the hallway to their rooms when a loud horn sounded and flashing red lights flashed. Robin's heart sank. Even from down the hall he heard Cyborg groan.

"The hero's work is never done, is it?" Starfire asked with a weary smile.

"Bank robbery on Second Street," Cyborg called. Robin sigrd. Though he hated to admit it, the police would have to handle this one. The Titans had earned a break. He opened his mouth to tell them so when Beast Boy and Cyborg skidded around the corner and Raven appeared with a screech of her black raven.

"So what's the plan?" asked Cyborg smiling with confidence.

"You think you're up to it?"

"Psht, please, we just kicked serious alien butt, we can take a few bank robbers. Why, you too tired?"

"Not on your life," said Robin, rising to the implied challenge with enthusiasm. Raven rolled her eyes.

"Boys." Beast Boy nudged her in the ribs with his elbow.

"Aw come on, Raven, don't pretend you don't like getting out there and showing off how badass wicked scary you can be." She opened her mouth to retort but was stunned into silence by his compliment. He put his hands on his hips and lifted his eyebrows suggestively in her direction. "That's what I thought." A black tendril of power rose up from the ground and cuffed the back of his head lightly.

"Please, the culprits will do the getting away," said Starfire anxiously, igniting her starbolts. All bickering ceased as they flew into action. It was a united team that burst from the tower and descended upon Second Street. At the sight of the five determined faces, the two bank robbers immediately surrendered.

A/N: okay, this is the end of this story. I will be starting a sequel. The sequel will be written in first person though. About halfway through this story I wished I'd used first person here, but for the sake of consistency I finished it out in the tense I started with. This story was about them building the trust they would need to work together. Even in the show Robin and Cyborg occasionally butt heads over leadership, and the relationship between Raven and Beast Boy takes a long time to develop, which is why there is no declarations of love for anyone, or first kisses. I tried not to rush the relationships too much since they've only just moved in together. Next time though... If you wanted more Batman and League members, I will try to include more of them in the sequel. I truly hope everyone enjoyed this story.