Kyoya would admit that she would happily cut off her own leg to get out of this. Being back in Italy lounging around the vast villa that belonged to her insanely rich grandparents normally would be enjoyable, except for the fact that she was at her family reunion.

Kyoya was surrounded by miniature ass kissers in the making and boy were they using tongue. A little while after agreeing to the terms her grandparents set, she had been invited to a gala to announce their choice and here she was.

Surrounded by money grabbing children and their leech-like parents.

Sweet humbling words washed over her ears as calm smiles and subtle jokes floated by, and Kyoya wanted to roll her eyes.

It was almost cute how they tried to suck up to her. Gripping the dagger hidden skillfully in her sleeve - her father didn't want her solely dependent on her staff or tonfa so he gave her something new - she resisted to urge to violently create herself some personal space.

She didn't like strangers being so close to me.

Turning to watch her parents at different ends of the room chatting up their potential clientele, she observed them. They were expertly controlling the crowds around them, not letting anyone too close or too far. They spoke to everyone yet nobody and when they opened their mouths, everyone else was quiet. They carried an aura of success and command so effortlessly that people naturally gravitated around them.

Her parents knew this scene well and if she was going to take over so would she. Kyoya decided to take up their advice and dip herself into the scheming world of economic and political wars. She would create some allies and pawns. Kyoya didn't have enemies, she had people who thought she cared about their hatred towards her.

Glancing around the room again she zeroed onto the cheerful looking, smiling girl with golden hair and dark gray eyes. Unlike everyone else, she was upbeat and chattering seemingly without pause. Everyone around her seemed to edge away with a cringe which only made the girl grin wider and talk louder.

Now usually Kyoya would have immediately turned away from the Yamamoto like person without a second's hesitation, but the gleam in the girl's eye made her take a closer look.

There was glint moving around in her gaze.

It was sharp, calculating, and carefully hidden behind her foolhardy exterior. The girl was watching everyone, testing them to see who and what they were capable of. People tended to let things slip when they thought a "fool" was the only one listening and that girl was playing her part perfectly.

Kyoya wanted that girl.

She needed someone who knew everyone's dirt and quirks. She hadn't grown up here and was reluctant to admit a disadvantage but she would need someone to watch out for things here while she was busy elsewhere. This girl would help her do just that.

Picking up her plate of cake she made her way over and the room gradually grew a tab bit quieter as Kyoya walked. She could feel the eyes on the back of her neck and inwardly she scowled. Vultures the lot of them were, waiting for a corpse of a predator to decompose. It was really too bad they would never get the chance to pounce. Easing up behind the girl, Kyoya smiled genially and could hear several people shiver behind her.

"Hello I'm Hibari Kyoya and you are?"

The girl looked startled for a second, face blank with surprise before she smiled.

"Ah, I'm Tenino Salvadore Falsa!" Tenino chirped and Kyoya nodded. Falsa huh? That deserved a little research seeing as she couldn't have unknowns, she'd set Tetsuya on that later.

"You're mine now." Kyoya said bluntly before placing a spoon full of cake in her mouth and hummed at the taste.

Tenino paused as she stared deep into her gray eyes before she nodded slowly. "Okay."

"You may call me Kyoya, consider it a privilege I expect you not to abuse."

"Come with me." She instructed tone brooking no arguments. Whirling back around she snickered at the now hushed whispers nipping at her heels.

Easily Tenino fell in step a few feet behind her as any subordinate should and followed her to the large dinner table where Kyoya sat with her parents and her grandparents.

Pushing the chair to the right of hers away, she snapped and instantly a butler was at her side kneeling. Ah, the perks of being an heir.

"I want a chair right there." She said and without preamble, the black-clothed man did as she said and she nodded to him.

Sitting down she stared at Tenino until she mimicked her, albeit a little more jittery and hesitant.

Sinking into her seat she let a curious smile curl on her lips as she turned to face the blonde.

"So" Kyoya drawled as she leaned forward in her seat. "tell me everything about yourself."

When Tenino had first stumbled across Kyoya the other girl had feared for her life but could she show that? Ha! To do so would be a sign of weakness and girl's who were born into positions like hers weren't allowed such things.

As a bastard daughter - born from a cheating wife and not the husband - she was viewed as something even fouler and blight worthy than a child born from the man in the relationship but since her mother held prestige, money, and power to her name her step-father - as if he would actually call himself that - and as if she would want him to have that moniker - couldn't make Delorosa give up her baby.

But he could make it harder for her to social climb.

Which was why she was on the outskirts of almost every interaction, smiling and laughing but cataloging each and every secret these people let spill past their lips and even some that were displayed in the most clandestine of ways.

And if she was being honest, the baseborn girl never expected to garner the attention of the next family head and she hadn't been looking to do so - which was why when she ended up being snatched and placed in Kyoya's web she had been surprised.

Surprised and a little flattered if she was being honest.

And when those gray eyes bored into hers and asked for her every secret, Tenino found herself willing to spill and so she did. But in such a clever way that anyone listening wouldn't have gotten anything out of the conversation other than public knowledge and when she caught that gleam in Kyoya's eyes she knew that she had just impressed her.

And distantly she wondered why the approval of a girl younger than her impacted her in such a way.

And she wondered at why it didn't exactly bother her.

And she wondered at why it still didn't bother her years later.

Seated at a mahogany desk, the long haired blonde tapped her well-manicured nails along her chin and sighed.

"When you told me you would be absent I didn't take that to mean you would disappear off the face of the earth." She grumbled as she leaned back into her seat. "But since you have me as your eyes and ears, I suppose you aren't missing out on much."

She only hoped her boss would come back sooner because if she had to deal with the arrogant assholes in this family for longer than a month or two, she would snap.

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