Title: The Red Black

Summary: Sirius has a twin sister who was placed into a muggle family for protection. They are finally reunited when they turn eleven, but neither knows who the other is. One day Walburga Black visits Hogwarts only to find her daughter greeting her at the doors. How will this complicate things? Will James still love Lily? (AUish)

Written By: May Waters

Rating: T

Characters: Lily Evans and The Marauders, plus various others for plot devices

Note: I had this idea a while back and suddenly remembered it while writing "I Love You Because I'm A Veela" when Lily finally reveals her true identity. Finally getting a chance to write it- yes Sirius' birthdate was changed for the sake of this story. Enjoy!

P.S. I don't expect this fic to be terribly long, I guess we'll both have to wait and see.


Take Care of Her

"We have to give her up; if anyone in this family finds out we have a daughter,"

"Then she will be in an arranged marriage without our consent, I know."

"What are we going to do? We can't give her to another pureblood family it'll slip out."

"We'll have to find a muggle family that wants her,"



"But then she'll be known for less than she's worth! This is my beautiful daughter we're talking about."

"It's the only place for her Walburga,"

"Fine, we'll go to the muggle's, but no one can know."

"So we'll become very adamant muggle haters rather than just conditional hating?"



"Orion, please."

"Let's just get this over with,"

The deed was done.

"We're glad you considered us to adopt your child." Marie Evans said with a smile, shaking the hands of Walburga and Orion Black.

"Well, in our line of work it's a bit more dangerous to have a daughter than a son."

"We have one daughter already; she is taking a nap upstairs." Marie explained further.

"We've named our daughter Lily Erin, it's not a family name which should remove her further from our line."

"You want your daughter removed from your line?" Eric Evans looked confused at the statement.

"As I said, it is dangerous for a daughter to be involved in our family." Orion repeated, his son, Sirius, wrapped tightly in his own blanket.

"Of course," Marie looked understanding and smiled at Walburga who was holding the pink bundle.

"Well, we'll just be giving you her now I suppose." Walburga stood to give the child to Marie who stretched out her own arms. Walburga pressed a quick kiss to Lily's forehead before handing her over.

"We'll take good care of her," Marie smiled down at the tiny face peering out of the blanket. A little button nose with thick, soft eyelashes, and a perfect mouth.

"Thank you," Then before the family could break down they were gone, their only daughter left behind with a new family.

Note: It might seem confusing now, but hopefully it will be cleared up soon. I actually have this whole fic written, so hopefully updates will come more regularly. Have to do a lot of work to pay for school though, so time is getting eaten up. Leave a review! ~May