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A figure walks through the barren, rocky landscape. Despite the intense heat, the person is cloaked by a cape with a hood covering all facial features. The strange figure drags a heavy coffin by a chain up a gentle slope. He grunts while making his way up the rocky hill, sweat dripping profusely.

"Hey!" a rough voice calls from above, catching the attention of the figure making his way up.

"Huh?" The clothed head tilts up in confusion.

Five figures stand on a large rock a few ways ahead. "You're a blader, aren't you?" what seems like the leader demands. The cloaked figure merely ignores the question and continues to drag the coffin up the hill.

"Stop right there!" the leader shouts again. The other four jump of the rock and quickly surround the figure, preventing any way of escape. The leader slowly ambles his way to the front of the circle. He grins arrogantly.

"You're heading to that tournament, isn't that right?" he asks, grinning maliciously. "Well, sorry. In that case, we can't let you pass." He spreads his arms out in a gesture.

"Don't think too badly of us. It's just that the less competition we have, the better it is for us." one of the other guys speaks up, placing his hands on his waist. The figure just growls lowly under his breath, as if he was dealing his annoying pests buzzing around his head.

"Say something! No one ignores us around here, pal!" another scorns sarcastically, kicking the coffin in emphasis. The lid of the coffin shifts slightly, revealing what's inside. "Huh? They're rocks! Why are you dragging these around?"

The figure scoffs in disgust. He jumps a good length away before facing the group. He pulls out his launcher and attaches his Bey, ready to battle.

"So... you're planning to battle us all by yourself, is that it?" the leader drawls arrogantly, smirking. He and the others ready their Beys in response. "You're out of your mind, pal!"

A loud explosion blows up sand and parts of rocks into the air creating a large cloud of dust. The wind blows the figure's hood off, revealing blue-green spiky hair. The other bladers lay sprawled in various positions around him, all coughing from the dust.

"He's so strong!"

"Or just lucky! We'll remember you!"

They run off, their pathetic threat lingering in the air.

The figure snorts, before revealing his blue, feline-like eyes. He frowns, revealing sharp canines. Both of his cheeks are adorned with a strange cross-shaped scar.

Kyoya Tategami.

Kyoya continues to drag the rock-filled coffin to the top of the hill, looking down at a dusty city in the middle of the desert.

So that's Rock City, huh?

~("~) (~")~

Another, also cloaked figure watches the one-sided battle with amused boredom.

So pathetic... only one is worth noting.

The person shifts from his or hers position of the rock and disappears into the haze created from the heat of the raging sun.

~("~) (~")~

Kyoya walks through the streets of Rock City, noting the plain but sturdy architectures of the building. A few giggling kids run past him, Beys clutched in their small fingers. He had ditched his load and his cloak on the edge of town, not wanting to attract too much attention.

His sharp eyes darted around, taking in appearances of soon-to-be competition. A black flutter of cloth catches his attention as someone turns into a dark alleyway. Kyoya glances down the shady path, figure already gone.

Hmph. What a strange city.

Kyoya walks past a fruit vender and quickly makes his way to the large stadium in the center of the city before slipping into the ever growing crowd within.

~("~) (~")~

"Bladers from around the world, I thank you for coming to our country's representative selection tournament. I am the president and I bid you welcome to Savannah. In order for our country to develop and prosper, we must first make the name of Savannah known across the world. That is why our country will compete in the Beyblade World Championships!

"If we win the championships, the name, Savannah, will become well known all over the planet. For that reason, I have decided that any blader can compete in our country's representative selection tournament!

"That way, the strongest bladers in the may act as our Savannah's representatives in the World Championships! What I am looking for from you is strength, world-class level power, the ability to focus solely on victory, drive, and battle instincts of those like a wild beast.

"Bladers who are here for your own reasons from other countries, if you want to go to the World Championships, then win! Win and earns a spot as our country's representative and use the fame to spread the glory of our country's name across the globe!"

"I'll do it!" one blader declares, clenching his fist determinedly. "It works for me!"

"I'll get back at those guys from my country that eliminated me! They won't know what hit them!" another cheers, punching the air.


"Ooh, baby!"

"Huh! These guys are a bunch of morons...!" Kyoya scoffs. But this is the only way for me to go to the World Championships. Is there someone in this crowd who can really become my partner? He glances around at the people behind him.

A familiar black cloth catches his eye. Kyoya stares critically at the shadowed figure, watching as he or she takes a colored card from one of the officials. The person seems to feel the weight of his gaze and tilts a covered head his way. Kyoya catches a glimpse of white teeth before the person turns away and disappears into the crowd.

~("~) (~")~

"Hey, what's this card for anyway?" a dark skinned guy asks the rather large person next to him. He holds up a yellow card in his slim fingers.

"What's wrong with you? You don't even know what that thing is? Look there!" The hefty guy nods his head to the bladers around him. The first guy notices other people holding cards as well. "There are four types of cards: blue, red, yellow, and green. They're used to divide us into groups."

"Divide into groups?" he repeats, dumbfounded.

~("~) (~")~

A few ways away, Kyoya hums in boredom and irritation. This is taking way too long... He inconspicuously searches for the cloaked figure that piqued his interest earlier, but could not find a trace of him or her.

"Listen to me, right now! I declare Savannah's Beyblade World Championship's Representatives Selection Tournament to be open!" The president flings his arms wide in a welcoming gesture.

The gathered Beybladers cheer in response.

~("~) (~")~

The bladers divide into the groups designated by their card color. Kyoya, who is standing on the red stadium, stares evenly at his opponents.

"Hm..." Too bad for you all, I'm going to be winning this! He smirks ever so slightly.

"Each group will fight in a battle royal in your specifically color coded arena. The last blader standing in each group will come forward and receive one of only four winner's bracelets!" Savannah's president holds up a metallic bracelet in the air for everyone to see.

~("~) (~")~

"I get it, there are four members of the representative team: three regular and one substitute. And there are four groups divided by color." the dark skinned guy states in epiphany.

"So that means that the bladers who win the battle royal and get a bracelet will become the representatives." his overweight friend exclaims, pulling out his Bey.

~("~) (~")~

"The time has come, everyone! Let the battle begin!" The president sweeps his arm dramatically.

"3... 2... 1...! Let it rip!" everyone chants in unison. They all launch their Beys at once into their respective stadiums.

~("~) (~")~

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