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"We should follow!" Chao Xin suggests.

"As if we'll let you!" a blader from Hades Corporation cuts in. He and the other bladers all raise their Beys threateningly. "You all are staying here where we can see you!"

The Chinese members trade knowing glances, all three of them coming to the same conclusion.

"Ready, Mei-Mei?" Chi-Yun grins.

"I was shown ready!" Mei-Mei replies determinedly.

"Uh… don't you mean born ready?" Chao Xin sweatdrops. Nevertheless, the three of them raise their launchers in unison.

"Chi-Yun isn't going to stay down without a fight!" Chi-Yun asserts.

"Let it rip!"




The three Chinese Beys battle valiantly against Ziggurat's henchmen but are soon overwhelmed by sheer number.

"Oh no, Virgo!" Chao Xin shouts as his Bey is hit repeatedly from all sides.

"Lacerta… Tempestuous Whirlwind Sword!" Chi-Yun yells, taking a martial arts stance.

"I don't think so!" another blader sneers. A wave of Beys overwhelm the short Chinese blader's Bey, causing Chi-Yun's Bey beast to fall.

"Aquario, go help!" Mei-Mei cries anxiously, watching as her team members fall.

"You can stay where you are, missy!" Three Beys collide simultaneously with Aquario, pushing it straight into a large protruding rock formation. Mei-Mei squeaks in surprise.

"Do we have to help them…? So troublesome…" a feminine voice drawls lazily off to the side.

"We're forming a temporary alliance, besides, they're in our way." a cool voice replies.

"It would be in our best interest to follow Kyoya's progress just in case." Another speaks up. It is followed by an exasperated sigh.

"Let it rip!"

Chao-Xin gasps as a flying projectile appears from nowhere and knocks away all of the opposing Beys with a bright flash of gold light. "Horuseus! Mystic Zone!" The Bey comes to a stop next to Virgo. Chao Xin looks up in surprise, spotting the African blader standing across from him.

"Nile!" Chao Xin states in surprise. "Uh… thanks, I guess…"

Nile his head. "Go, Horuseus!" His Bey slams into the approaching wave of Beys, knocking most of them into the surrounding terrain. They leave large impressive dents in the rocks.

"Virgo, follow him!" Chao Xin regains control and helps Nile defeat the rest of the bladers.

"Azrael… Special Move: Heavenly Divine Judgment!"

Mei-Mei sighs in relief as the attacking Beys are blasted away in a beam of blindingly bright light.

"Don't let any of them get away, Azrael!" Bones orders from her perch on top of an overhanging rock. Azrael zips off to destroy the remaining Beys, leaving Aquario shakily spinning.

"W-Wow… Thanks!" Mei-Mei calls, waving her hand cheerily. Bones frowns slightly, causing Mei-Mei to falter.

"I'm seriously unimpressed with the female population nowadays..." Bones shakes her head slowly.

Mei-Mei flounders. "What do you mean by that?!" she sputters indignantly. Bones ignores the steaming Chinese girl and jumps off to find Nile. "H-Hey! I wasn't done talking to you!"

On the way, Bones suddenly ran into a Bey battle. A Bey spun right into her boot before toppling over.

"Hey!" someone calls angrily. Bones whips around to face him, glowering darkly. The offender stutters a bit in fear at the irritated female blader. "U-Uh…"

"Bones! Over here!" Demure shouts. He stands next to Chi-Yun, dwarfing the small Chinese blader. Bones casually saunters over to the two, carelessly stepping on a few Beys along the way.

"You finished assisting Shortie, here?" Bones asks with a taunting smirk.

"Chi-Yun is not short!" the Chinese blader retorts hotly. Demure chuckles nervously.

"What do you call yourself then? Vertically challenged?" Bones challenges. Chi-Yun growls before turning away childishly with his arms crossed. Bones rolls her eyes.

"Anyway, let's get moving. This is a drag…" she commands Demure. The timid African blader meekly nods his head and follows his female friend.

"Where's Mei-Mei?" Chi-Yun huffs, having to trot to keep up with Bones' quickened pace.

"She's sulking back there or something." Bone shrugs offhandedly.

"If you did something to Chi-Yun's friend, Chi-Yun will-" he starts. He abruptly stops to avoid running into Bones' back.

"You'll what? Battle me? Maybe you'll at least pose as a challenge to me…" she sneers before looking him up and down. "Then again, probably not." Bones continues her pace with Demure trailing behind. Chi-Yun frowns before turning around to find his missing friend.

Bones and Demure catch up to Nile and Chao Xin as well as a slightly familiar tall figure. Bones' dark lips curve upwards into a childish giggle. Her long, pale-blonde hair streams out behind her as she suddenly sprints towards her favorite person, leaving Demure behind.

"Nile!" she purrs, jumping onto the unsuspecting Egyptian's back. Nile staggers forward a bit before catching himself and placing his hands on Bones' legs to keep her up. Bones promptly leans forward to peck Nile's cheek, causing him to smile slightly. The third figure looks away in slight embarrassment while Chao Xin seems unperturbed.

"Huh, I didn't know you two were together…" he simply comments. Bones buries her face into Nile's hair with a satisfied smirk. She turns to the third person with a curious look.

"You're… Klaus from Excalibur, right?" she questions. The tall figure nods his head. Chi-Yun and Mei-Mei arrive not too long after only to gape at Bones' position on Nile.

"We're going to follow Hades City… are the rest of you coming with us?" Chao Xin grins.

"Yes." Klaus replies. Nile nods, his head rubbing against the bottom of Bones' chin. She grumbles as Nile gently sets her down on her feet.

"Let's go!" Nile says. Everyone walks briskly in the direction where they had last seen Hades City disappear to.

"I see them!" Demure informs the others as they travel. The others who didn't know about Demure's excellent vision squint into the distance to find the flying city themselves.

"I don't see anything!" Mei-Mei exclaims.

"Chi-Yun doesn't either." said blader adds.

"Demure has extremely good eye sight. He can see things at a much farther distance than the rest of us can." Nile explains.

"So don't bother." Bones snorts.

The seven of them stop in front of a tall, impending wall of rock blocking there path.

"What are we going to do?" Chao Xin asks, hands on his hips as he leans back to see if he could find the very top.

"We can't go around it, it'd take too long!" Mei-Mei turns to look for an entrance of some sort.

"… Really? You have Beys for a reason." Bones sighs exasperatedly.

"Have you seen how thick this wall is?" Mei-Mei scowls. "Let's see you try, then!" Bones smirks at the challenge.

"Let it rip!"

Azrael blasts from it launcher in a beam of white light. It smashes head on into the earthen wall, blasting a large hole for them to pass through. Bones snatches up her Bey with a triumphant grin. She glances at the Chinese team's shocked faces before gesturing the others along.

"Showing off, eh?" Nile chuckles amusedly, gazing fondly- and a bit proudly- down at Bones.

"You know it." she chortles.

~("~) (~")~

"Ah!" Demure suddenly bursts out loud as they continue their way.

"What is it?" Nile asks in concern.

"Hades City… it's dropping!"

"Dropping?!" Chi-Yun and Mei-Mei echo.

"Yes, Hades City seems to be dropping in altitude." Demure reports.

"Alright! That must mean that everything is going well inside!" Chao Xin cheers along with his Chinese teammates.

"They're being too slow…" Bones grumbles with an almost invisible relieved smile across her lips.

"It is also dangerous if all of that weight goes crashing to the ground with them inside. Hopefully, they'll finish safely." Nile reminds them.

~("~) (~")~

"There they are!" Mei-Mei shrieks, pointing to the distance. True to her word, the others could finally catch a glimpse of the metallic gleam of Hades City.

"Soemthing's not right…" Bones mutters thoughtfully.

"Huh?" Everyone turned to face her curiously.

"What do you mean?" Chao-Xin asks.

"Bones is right! Hades City isn't moving!" Nile points out. The others gasped as they neared the city. Hades City was in fact floating out at sea.

"Woah…" Even Klaus looked shocked at the scene before them.

"It's a surprise that thing is even floating!" Mei-Mei comments as the seven bladers stand at the edge of the cliff towering over the shoreline.

"Chi-Yun agrees." Chi-Yun nods.

"Look! Up there!" Chao Xin shouts, pointing at the tallest building in the middle of Hades City. Out of the spire flew a large, burning ball of light. It rocketed out of the top of the tower, quickly disappearing from sight as it soars higher and higher into space.

"What is that?!" Klaus demands.

"I think… I think it's Pegasus!" Demure identifies the mysterious projectile. Everyone stares up in awe.

The roar of engines and the buzzing of choppers pull their attention away from the sky and towards the water. Boats and helicopters began to arrive at the scene, rescuing the stranded bladers and occupants.

"They did it!" Mei-Mei shouts in glee, jumping in place. Chao Xin laughs along.

"Yes, it seems so." Chi-Yun crosses his arms with a content smile.

Nile smoothly wraps his arm around Bones' petite waist. "I knew they could do it."

"Never doubted them one bit." Bones shrugs.

~("~) (~")~

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