A/N Before I went on vacation, one of my new readers, macywinstar, gave me the suggestion for this story and I went with it. Here I have a female lead who is not Spock's Nyota. As a matter of fact I am not sure if any of the Saviors will make an appearance in this fic. I hope that you enjoy this little explore. . Out of character for me, this is a WIP.

The Desert Saga Continues

Chapter One

She had been orphaned at thirteen, homeless for three years, had no known siblings or relatives and was now unpacking her things in her own office at the city's most popular newspaper, The San Francisco Herald. It was not a surprise that before us was a determined, hard nosed, no nonsense, cynic who had adopted the pen name, Laura Whitfield, it certainly sounded more professional than Peggy Smith. She had been enthralled with the written word her entire life. Her mind was constantly composing, analyzing and critiquing her canvas of words, her vocabulary, the power of her written sentences and paragraphs in fact, all words as written.

Placing her one picture, a smiling family of three, on her desk she seated herself, sighed and signed in by an interoffice message to her boss, James Thomas, the local news editor, an old college mate. He had been her roommate's boyfriend and was now her friend's husband. They had 'bumped' into one another on the street, exchanged com numbers and she had spoken for hours to one another. Her ex-roommate then invited for a Sunday dinner. The two. now reunited friends caught up on old, new and in between news and the head of the house overheard…leading to the events of this day.




"And thanks for this great chance."

"I know you will do me proud."

The first week was without anything really eventful. The second week exploded with the news of the Vulcan Survivors transfer to some place in Nevada. It was the 'talk of the town'. Then came the other story attached to the coattails of the other, the male Vulcan 'Survivors' need for wives…what was this…interspecies mail-order brides?

What a hoot!

She was thrilled with her work and was extremely creative. But what she really wanted was to report on something no one else had tackled. Something fresh, mysterious, even a bit strange. With those thoughts she had a brain storm. How about a regular column on what was going on at the Vulcan Settlement. It had been the talk of the town anyway. When she approached James, he said, "Let me run this by the real boss. I will get back to you."

Before she could get her bearings she was driving on the interstate, headed toward a 'god-forsaken desert settlement drinking a diet carbonated beverage. It appeared that somebody knew somebody, who knew somebody, that could get in touch with another body and she had gotten permission to visit said 'settlement'. She even had a name of a contact who would serve as her guide. A Mr…or did they use such titles? Well anyway his name was S'nass and he was to meet her at the entrance gate of the settlement.

She arrived hot, tired and with a degree of frayed nerves. Initially, the traffic had been horrific. Laura tucked her PADD under her arm and walked to the gate with her beverage in her hand. She looked up and saw what she assumed was Vulcan script and under it in Standard were the words:

'Vulcan Lives'.

At the gate stood a tall, extremely handsome serious faced, pointy eared, slanted eyebrowed Vulcan male.

She approached and said, Mr. S'nass, I presume? His gaze was the sort that penetrated, he nodded and then spoke,

"The article in your hand is not permitted in the settlement."

She eyed the canned beverage in her hand.

"My soda?"

"We consume only water and juice without carbonation and there is no aluminum recycling available. Perhaps you can leave the article in your means of transportation until you return to it. In answer to your inquiry, my name is simply S'nass, there are no titles recognized within these walls. We are all brothers, first bound together by a common tragedy and now puk'ar'la, allies by mutual respect."

If you will follow me I will allow you to sign the visitors' book and obtain a general idea of what is being accomplished here. How much have you heard or read about us?"

"Very little. What has been reported basically bordered on sensationalism. I'm hoping to discredit any falsehoods that have been perpetrated."

Sa'Nass again nodded,

"Besides the goal you have stated, what else brings you here?"

There was a slight smile on her lips as she answered,


Her response was met with a raised eyebrow, but there was no verbal response.

"You did hear me Mr…excuse me S'nass?

"Yes, and while we do recognize the differences in cultures, we attempt to be non-judgmental. We fully recognize our status here on Terran is as guest and are extremely grateful for the expressions of hospitality extended towards us. What happens outside of these wall are usually not studied or allowed to interfere with our way of life, Kahr'y'tan, The Way of V'tosh or The Vulcan Way."

The visiting reporter had to have noticed her escort's perfect carriage, unaccented Standard, and his beautiful graceful dance-like steps. They made their way into a large, beautifully furnished building with elaborate wall hangings with messages in what she determined was Vulcan script . She made a mental note to ask, at a later time, exactly how the messages would translate into Standard.

As they were about to exit the building an equally tall, good looking male entered and her guide and he exchanged what she presume was a greeting in a language that she had never heard before. She made the assumption that it was their native tongue and she entered the sounds she had heard phonetically.

The second stop made was to the dining room she was asked to seat herself and was refreshed by a glass of cold juice and something that was not quite a biscuit or a cracker, cheeses and some fruit. Her guide informed her that Vulcans are vegetarians and never eat with their hands and for that reason she was given eating utensils. Her guide informed her that the tour of the area was quite a rigorous task and she should partake of sustenance.

Laura was then taken to the dormitories. She observed a neatly arranged large space with what appeared to be an area for relaxation. Each sleeping area also included a dresser and a closet. In the lobby storage lockers, noticeably without locks were lined up again in a very organized fashion.S'nass advised her that each male was responsible for the maintenance of his own space and that as a group general cleaning took place every Saturday morning. She was then escorted to the rear of the building where there was a many stalled bathroom, showers and a room that housed washers, dryers and believe it or not, clothes lines..

Walking along a well-paved road he gestured for her to enter a fenced in area dotted with several single story houses sharing a common front yard. He pointed out that the first rather small house had been built for Ambassador Sarek's use when he visited the settlement. The next one was where the settlement administer and his bondmate lived. Just as they passed a beautiful female who did not display pointed ears, but did have dark skin and curly hair, exited and called to S'nass, who responded immediately. Her request was simply to meet the visitor.

She approached with an extended hand and said, with a slight accent,

"Hello, my name is Ellie, welcome. I will walk a while with you."

Taking it upon herself, Ellie mentioned,

"I am bonded, what you would call… married to the settlement's administrator Su'auk. Most bonded or as you would say married couples here are Vulcan male/Terran/female. There is one Betazoid/Vulcan couple here with us.

Our Vulcan healer, I guess you would call him a doctor, has recently bonded to a Native American widow. We are very pleased at this outcome . He is the oldest member of our group. While many improvements to this site have been made, the Vulcans who made this home possible all live in San Francisco and they includes New Vulcan's Ambassador Sarek"

Laura asked if Ellie would object to her recording any additional information she would provide. Through her bond with Su'auk, she informed him of the request and he mentioned that he would really like to be able to see any information prior to it being printing in a newspaper. Ellie advised Laura of his request and asked S'nass would he bring them to the site so that her husband, who was supervising could meet the reporter.