The Desert Saga Continues

Chapter Sixteen

They agreed that they should speak to Sa'uak .this very day. As S'nass sat the craft down and secured Laura from the passenger side she gave his hand a quick squeeze. Su'auk had already sat the table and Ellie and he awaited their guest in the living room. The bride to be and her family and V'al were heard coming across the grounds to also be welcomed into Su'auk and Ellie's home. The meal was simple, cheeses, fruits, grain and Vulcan biscuits. Once the silent part of the visit was 'under their belt' the group retired to the living room.

The bride-to-be's name was Julie, she was accompanied by her parents and one sibling, a sister who was as pleasing to look upon as she. S'nass could imagine that one of the unbonded Vulcan males might just express an interest in the young lady, if if she was of age, unbonded, had completed her education, and possibly liked all things Vulcan.

After a few moments of more intense observation S'nass was led to the conclusion that the soon to be bonded female's sister was still quite young, but perhaps there was promise there for a young Vulcan who was close to V'al who could normally fit in and make a balanced arrangement of four during social occasions while she was visiting The Settlement.

Later in the day S'nass mentioned that they should visit their Healer, Ka'nu. Laura did not know just what to expect as S'nass approached a tipi (teepee) set off from the other developments. A brown skinned woman with long black hair in braids welcomed S'nass.

"My husband was wondering what was taking you so long to visit him. Word gets around in our community."

Then eyeing Laura she said,

"Welcome. Please do not be surprised at anything that is said or done here. My husband will know you instantly and will wish the two of you well. If it is permissible, please allow S'nass to speak to him alone first. He will come and get you when his time with my husband is through.

Walking over to a large black pot hanging over an open flame she continued, "I am preparing one of my people's main staples for my husband's enjoyment. Let me allow you a taste. She ladled up a small dish of a stew rich in vegetables. Pointing to the contents of the pot she explained, that the unknown vegetable ingredient was cactus, then asked,

"Please let me know if you like it. My husband and I try to live off the land as much as possible. He finds my native dishes pleasing to his taste. I did, however, have to modify most to fit his vegetarian regiment.

Excise my manners my dear, my Shoshone name is 'plapeh hakate weh dateeqi Da (female who steps with fire; a fast walker). But my Standard name is Elaine. What is yours?"

"Laura Whitfield is my professional name. My birth name is Peggy Smith."

Ka'nu's bondmate laughingly spoke,

"So, both of us have two names."


S'nass moved the opening flap to the tipi bent low and entered. The Vulcan healer sat on a pile of mats to the rear of the structure and raised his hand in the ta'al and voiced the acceptable greeting that was echoed by his visitor.

"Word gets around my son. Then when I was not visited for our usual games of chess or discussion I was made aware that you had a visitor, not just any visitor, but your K'diwa had made her appearance here, in Nevada at Ah'rakya. Now you must tell me of the pleasing events that have taken place that has affected your mind and body."

S'nass filled in the details of what had occurred for the aged Vulcan's analysis. Ka'nu continued to sit in a meditative pose and finally he seemed to have unraveled a puzzle or placed its' final piece in it's proper space. What could be observed on his aged face could best be described as a 'Vulcan smile'.

"You now experience pain?"

S'nass nodded in the affirmative.

"Perhaps my explanation can clear up exactly what is happening within the realms of this phenomenon. You were never bonded before. Now as an adult male in some sort of way you have initiated the koon'ul' the bonding of the seventh year. It is as if you, an adult Vulcan is attempting to fit into clothing designed for a seven year old Vulcan male's body, an uncomfortable situation.. This would have been non-existant on Vulcan since all were bonded at seven. You not being in that state your entire being was crying out for someone to complete you. This was not a conscious act on your part, but none the less, a necessary one. Once your k'diwa was found she would guide you to her. In her case she was not aware of the workings of the cosmos on her behalf. K' diwas never say 'No' for they innately must respond to their perfect match. I must inquire, while in the isolation of the space ship did you dream?"

"I was never able to determine exactly what was happening to me while I slept. It was like a cloudy haze accompanied by a female voice always almost a plea. I always thought it was my mother calling out for me. That was probably wistful thinking on my behalf, for it was totally contrary to our non-sentimental nature."

The answer given was,

"That is true but we are dealing with a rare, unexplored situation that I would very much like to examine via a mind-meld. Would this be agreeable to you?"

"Before we do that allow me to assure My Laura that all is well and that you will be introduced to her shortly."

"It would be part of the Vulcan Way for her to be welcomed here by myself. I will accompany you to her side."

The aged man was surprisingly limber and dressed in Shoshone garb he exited and followed S'nass to the two females. Performing the ta'al and voicing his welcome the older man's eyes sparkled as he spoke his welcome and then asked his bondmate if she would show their guest their garden and the unque watering system S'nas had built for them.

Once the males returned to the quiet of the tent K'nass commented,

"Your k'diwa has a very pleasing appearance and form. I wish for you what I was never able to have, many offspring; males to mirror your intellectual brilliance and females to copy her creative mind and pleasing appearance. Lau kah nash-veh," (May it come) which was the Vulcan equivalent to 'Amen'.