The Desert Saga Continues

Chapter Fifty-Eight

As they both stood in the shower together she whispered,

"Do you realize that this will probably be the last time we have so little distractions in our lives until our children leave the nest?"

'Nest….home for birds, colloquial expression denoting the family home'

He nodded as he kissed her wet face.

"My Laura, thank you for validating my existence by providing me with an heir."

Laura thought of how she had spent her last few months. She was a regular with the mothers during their teaching sessions. Most of the boys at a young age were conversant in at least two languages, Terran and Vulcan. Some of the older ones were also already learning Betazed and Andorian. She felt so inadequate to taking on that role as 'instructor' and guide.

S'nass corrected her,

"My Laura, all of our mothers helped one another to learn to teach. You will experience that also. Do not allow yourself to think in the negative, do not forget,

besides the mothers, the children teach one another. On Terra, that experience was also employed in what was called 'a one room school house'.Our son will be

submersed into the languages that are around him, in our home, Standard, with the other children Vulcan. We have already seen the success of this and Sk'ill will succeed, and more than likely, exceed our expectations."

Laura nodded in the affirmative as he carried her from the cubicle and deposited her on her feet, secured her towel and dried her off and then took his towel and did likewise. He caressed her distended stomach and felt the muscle start to contract and ke held her as she stifled a cry by biting her lip. After dressing Laura and himself, he stated,

"Your pains are still spaced too far apart for us to go to the birthing center, he sat her down and placed her feet in her heavy walking boots, took her hand and said,


They opened the door to the sounds of nature's pre-dawn activities and the sight of a beautiful color streaked sky. Laura said,

"What a perfect beginning to this day."

He supported her with his arm around her waist as they walked toward previously visited sites. Their first stop was the welcome facility and Laura flipped the pages and found her signature. S'nass lovingly ran his finger across the line.

The next place of visitation was where he had refreshed her with water, juice, chesses, fruit and biscuits. Laura said,

"It was with this act of kindness that my opinion of you changed. You patiently served me and then waited quietly in the shadows as I ate. Of course, I was not as yet aware of the fact that for a Vulcan, eating was a silent activity. Nor was I aware of the fact that your service to me had Vulcan significance."

She asked,

"What was your opinion of me?"

"That your face and form was pleasing and from your body language I sensed you were a troubled, defensive soul,"

Her breath hitched and she bent at the waist. S'nass took her face in his hands and said,

"Beloved, breath a cleansing breath with me."

What would be unknown to an outsider was that every adun was their aduna's birthing coach, and during the birth maintained visual and mental contact with his child and constant contact with his bondmate. No male in the galaxy was more prepared for his child's birth than a Vulcan male. In addition, no infant was more prepared to enter the world than a Vulcan one. With their immergence there were no wails, cries or shock, usually it was a curious perusal of their new surroundings and perhaps a hitching of his or her breath when they were introduced to water.

They then went to the dinning room and he had her sit down.

"Were you truly scandalized when you saw us dancing?"

"I believe it was not so much the visual, which included touching, but the laughter that caused me pause. Laughter is a foreign sound to most Vulcans as are smiles and movement without purpose. To prove the truthfulness of that statement I will mention that our way of walking is even called 'purposeful stride'.*

But, I wish you to know that I do not wish our home to lack the presence of that sound. I am certain that I am able to get use to you and our son engaging in such an activity."

As she kissed his lips she said,

"Thank you My S'nass for your ability to expand your bondaries to accommodate your son and I. But we will never do anything that will bring you sustained discomfort."

He knew that no food should pass her lips at this time but he did offer Laura some ice. She declined. As they walked again toward their home they observed that the lights were on in Ellie and Su'auk's and they approached and knocked and identified themselves. The female voice responded,


Su'auk had designed and built a special feeding table for his sons and daughter, one long narrow table with two high backed seats attached. First meal was always enjoyed together and the infants were already able to sit unassisted, something that a Terran child would not master for months. Ellie was feeding both babies from a single bowl and Su'auk had cooked First Meal for he and Ellie which they could both eat together at the long table with the children. Of course, the children had no concept of silence during meals, so they babbled on together as their parents ate in silence.

S'nass and Laura silently sat down and waited for Su'auk to clear the table. Then perhaps already knowing the answer, Ellie spoke laughing,

"What brings the pregnant Terran and her bondmate to us so early this morning?"

S'nass answered,

"My Laura's time to bring to birth our son is upon her and we took a walk to prepare her for what is ahead."

Ellie nodded her head in agreement,

"Su'auk took that step with me also. Even before going to the birthing center. If the walking was not that helpful, the conversation was."

Su'auk's voice was heard,

"The walking reduced the estimated time of delivery by 32%."

Ellie nodded,

"He was the one who experienced my pain until the very last.

Laura gritted her teeth as another contraction hit her and she bowed low. S'nass was timing her labor and it was still not near where they should be for the continued journey toward the center. Ellie made the suggestion,

"Why don't you two aduns leave us and I shall take care of Laura for a brief time.

My Su'auk, while the two of you are together you can inform S'nass of the benefits of your immersion into fatherhood."

To Laura she said,

"It is up to you, the couch is available for you to put up your feet or you may wish to sit here and interact with the boys.."

Her choice was the sofa with the explanation,

"I know Vulcan children are sensitive to the mental state of those around them and I fear my present state would not make me the best company."

Within a few minutes Ellie with the twins in her arms retreated to their room to change and dress them. As she passed the couch he heard the shallow breathing of her friend and listened carefully for any change.

As Ellie finished with the babies he heard her friend's scream,

"Sk'ill is coming, he is coming."

It was mere seconds before Ellie heard the men returning and S'nass bolted through the door and rushed to kneel by the couch. He placed his hand on his aduna's stomach and and said,

"Our son is already in the birth canal, I doubt we can make it to the birthing center…I will carry her to our home."

Ellie said,

"That is not necessary, I will sanitize the bathing area and a container for the afterbirth. The boiled water I will keep at the proper temperature for his 'welcome'"

Laura sat up quickly and said,

"We must walk…

Her movement was too sudden and she collapsed back onto the couch with S'nass hovering over her. He then brought his forehead to her's,

'My Laura, we will walk…I will support you.'

The walking took place around the interior of the house. The labor was not long, nor was it extremely intense, accompanied not by loud sounds of discomfort, but deep breathing and changes in positions, either sitting, walking or reclining. Although as she had requested, he did not remove her pain, they remained mentally joined for the entire experience. Ellie prepared the sanitation facility for the birth and supplied towels to catch any fluids.

S'nass only released Laura from their joining at the moment of birth. His hands were the ones that first touched his son after which he placed him on his bared chest. He then introduced him to water while his son eyes never moved from his father's face. S'nass' aduna patiently waited to receive their son. S'nass positioned Sk'ill for his first meal and Laura sighed as her adun gently kissed her on the lips. Ellie and Su'auk were witness to this perfect family moment.

As her husband observed Laura carried out what was probably a universal activity, she was showering her son with affection. She kissed him tenderly and then as was almost traditional, she started to examine him. For a Terran mother, the examination would usually start with the toes and fingers possibly kissing each digit. But what has been observed with mothers of these hybrids their mother's first examination was of their offspring's ears. These mothers gently unfolded the delicate fold and brought them upward. As she held her son to her breast and her lips trembled as she said to S'nass,

"What you said is true, nothing will replace my first born, but my joy is so great that that thought has receded into the background. Thank you My S'nass.

He kissed her on her forehead and placed his hand to send his thoughts to his son. As it should have been it was a sacred moment.

Ellie then said,

"Perhaps you two new fathers can leave and we females will rest together with our children. She all but took a broom to sweep the males out of the house addressing them both,

"Be back here in time for Last Meal."

Ellie checked on Laura who already had allowed sleep to claim her and then she went into the room to check on her offspring…she sighed and said,

"All is well here at Ah'rak'kya."


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