'Frozen' (c) Disney

Sonic the Hedgehog (c) SEGA

Destiny: Chapter 1. - An Unexpected Visit

The wind howled in the night as a red hooded figure ran across the land, never stopping to look back and kept running in the full moon's light. The hooded figure was panting – panting from running so far. But putted exhaustion behind as the figure picked up the pace and ran faster under the twinkling stars' gaze.

The rose red fabric whipped in the wind as howls from dangerous creatures in the distance crept into the atmosphere – but the figure kept running with no end to the trail. With trees surrounding the area, it was harder to identify if the howls were close or nearby. The fabric stopped whipping in the air as the figure paused for a moment to smell the scent in the air – and focused on the sense of hearing for any sound of predators nearby.

An ear flickered as a sudden noise from the bushes came from the figure's right and whipped their head to the source of the sound. A low heavy growl came from behind as the figure made a one hundred and eighty degree turn to spot a vicious, hungry wolf staring with blood lust eyes. At that moment two other wolves appeared right beside the middle wolf and growled ferociously.

The figure slowly stepped backwards as the blood thirsty wolves only walked forwards at the same pace. With no chances left, the figure ran as the monster like growls were following chase close by. While dodging trees, branches, sticks and stones, the figure only ran faster with no slowing down in speed and accelerated through the woods with the dangerous creatures following nearby.

In the distance stood an opening path out of the tree's enclosed spaces as the moon's light shone down on the path. The figure sped towards the opening and when out of the forest's presence – a sound of skidding was made as the figure halted right in front of a cliff. The howls were getting closer as the figure panicked – but spotted another cliff on the other side and had a crazy idea as he or she looked back at where sounds were getting closer.

Taking a few steps back with a deep breath, the figure dashed in what seemed like a blur and took a huge leap of faith. He or She sprang into the air just before one of the wolves could get a grip on the red cloak. The wind rushing in the face for what seemed like forever and the feeling of feet of the ground felt like flying. Then gravity took its toll and the figure was falling back down to the ground only to find the ground quicker than thought. The figure looked back to see the wolves on the other side of the cliff growling in frustration as they left to leave the figure in peace.

With a sigh of relief, the figure dashed out of sight and ran into the area unknown. The lunar light danced across the ground revealing its beauty – as the figure passed a patch of lilies and onwards in the land.

The figure stopped at a tall tree blocking the moon's light and leaned against the bark panting, catching breath from so much running. A far light caught the figure's sight and turned his or her head towards it to see a giant castle with a peaceful village in front of it. With one last breath, the figure dashed towards the scenery running at a fast pace and headed near the castle's front.

Coming across the front of the castle, the figure slowed and stalked across the concrete ground in front of two big doors decorated in royalty. Then the figure revealed a basket with a baby blue coloured blanket covering over the opening – which was carried the whole way there to the castle doors. Very slowly the figure crouched down and placed the basket a few feet away from the doors onto the ground and slightly lifted the so soft blanket.

'Goodbye my child – we will meet again one day, and that day we will never be separated again,' the figure spoke as he or she softly kissed the forehead of a small child and gently placed the blanket back. Now rising onto to his or her feet, the figure quietly walked up to the castle doors.

'KNOCK! KNOCK! KNOCK!' the sound of knocking filled the castle's walls.

After knocking the castle doors, the figure rushed out of sight before anyone could see him or her as planned and watched from a distance – close enough to see the scenery.

'Yeah, yeah – I'm coming!' called out a female voice coming from the other side of the doors.

With another sound, one of the great doors opened and there came out a human girl light skinned with strawberry blonde hair and turquoise coloured eyes. She looked around the area before casting her eyes upon a basket covered with a baby blue blanket. The girl gasped while crouching down in front of the basket and lifted the blanket.

The creature underneath the blanket was what seemed like a baby sapphire blue hedgehog with peach arms, belly, muzzle and ears and gorgeous emerald green eyes looking back at the girl.


'Aw, cute little thing – what are you doing out here all by yourself?' the girl murmured before picking up the little hedgehog and cradling it in her arms. It yawned and shut its blue eyelids as an act to going to sleep.

The girl looked around the area but found no one in sight, 'Hello? Is anyone there?' she called out. But there was no one there to answer her. She looked back down at the youngling and smiled – this poor thing looked innocent and hopeless to her eyes that she was hypnotized by adorableness.

'Where's your parents little fella? Are they here somewhere? Or are you lost?' she asked the baby. She knew that someone put this little hedgehog here, but whom? 'Don't worry, I'm sure my sister Elsa will let me keep you,' she murmured while carrying the hedgehog in one arm and grabbed the basket with the other. She went inside and shut the door with her foot.

The figure in the distance had watched the whole scene and smiled, 'Look after my child and until then – we will meet again.' The figure wiped a tear and vanished into the night – without a trace.

'Elsa! Where are you? I need to talk to you!' the girl before called out walking in the palace looking for her sister awhile carrying the baby hedgehog and basket.

'I'm in my room Anna!' Elsa called out.

Anna started walking a different direction and was walking through a hallway until she came across a white door carved with blue markings all over. 'Um, can you open the door? I kind of have my hands full.'

Anna heard a groan on the other side of the door and with a sound from the doorknob, there Elsa stood facing her sister. 'Okay, what is it you have to –?'

Elsa looked at the little blue hedgehog in Anna's arm and looked at her sister weirdly. 'Um, what is that? And where did you get it from?'

Anna's eyes lit up like the sun in a split second. 'Elsa, you wouldn't believe it but I just found this baby blue hedgehog outside the front doors inside this basket and he was all alone. So I was just wondering if we can keep him?' Anna looked at her sister with puppy eyes as Elsa sighed.

'Anna, how can we keep it if its parents might be out there looking for him? And how do you even know it's a boy? It could be a girl you know?' said Elsa as she looked at her with stern eyes – showing how serious she was.

'Aw, but Elsa – he was all alone and if his parents were looking for him – where are they? Wouldn't they know he was here unless it was them who put them here? And haven't you seen the colour of this blanket? It's blue – that means he's a boy right?'

Elsa looked at the hedgehog and her sister. 'Please Elsa?' Anna pleaded but before Elsa could answer, a familiar snowman walked near the trio.

'Hey! What's going on around here? Is there something I don't know? Then I should know right?' a certain snowman with a snow cloud above his head said before walking over. He was just about to say something else but his eyes had wondered over to the sleeping hedgehog. 'Aww, he's so cute! Can we keep him? Or are we keeping him? Hey – what's this?'

The living snowman known as Olaf grabbed a piece of paper with his stick hands from the basket and looked down at the paper. He cleared his throat before speaking, 'Ahem,

To whoever is reading this, you have found my son. I beg of you to look after him while I am gone but I will return someday. Until then, could you please look after him? He means everything to me. Oh, and his name is Sonic the Hedgehog and he is one years old, you'll find out why that's his name later on but for now, I look forward to meeting you in the future. Sincerely, unknown.

Oh – I get it. We have to look after him until his mummy or daddy comes back. So can I ask again – are we gonna keep him?'

'Please Elsa? They actually want us to look after him,' Anna pleaded as both she and Olaf were giving Elsa the puppy eyes.

Elsa looked at both of them and at the hedgehog. If they got rid of him then his parents would return very unhappy. But if they kept him – they would come back right? As her thoughts drifted, she remembered her parents. It was the most sorrowful day she had ever experienced. Elsa remembered when she first heard that her parents drowned in that shipwreck and felt sudden sympathy for the hedgehog. His parents weren't here and they were willing for them to look after him. Something awful must have happened...

'Hello – earth to Elsa! Hello?' Anna snapped Elsa out of her thoughts as a smile casted its way to her face.

'We can keep him.'

'YIPEE!' Olaf shouted while running around in a circle, 'we're keeping him! We're keeping him! We're keeping! We're –!'

'Shhhh! He's sleeping!' Elsa shouted in a whisper with a smirk on her face. Olaf nervously laughed before turning his attention towards the baby hedgehog again.

'Elsa, put your arms out,' Anna spoke.

Elsa was confused but did it anyway as she watched Anna place the hedgehog in her arms. She froze startled at first but then relaxed seeing how the hedgehog slept in her arms, she started cradling him with a warm smile on her face.

'Oh, and by the way – I told you he was a boy. It says so on the note,' Anna said with a smirk on her face as Elsa shared one of her own.

'Why? Did you have a name for him if he was a girl?' Elsa asked playfully.

Anna chuckled nervously. 'What? Why would you think that? He's got a name anyway.'

Olaf walked up to Elsa and stared at the sleeping hedgehog. 'Can I hold him after you?' Elsa and Anna gave him a look that said no as Olaf chuckled nervously. 'Then can I pat him?'

Olaf tried to look innocent as best as he could as Elsa sighed with a smile and kneeled down to Olaf's height.

Olaf lifted his stick arm and gently stroked the hedgehog's forehead. The baby cringed at the touch but relaxed afterwards. After Olaf finished patting the hedgehog's head, Elsa rose to her feet and looked back down at the youngling.

'Oh, his fur is so soft… Wait a minute – I can feel things that I touch?!' Olaf shouted in a whisper as Elsa shook her head in amusement.

'Oh – right,' Olaf sighed.

'So, what now?' Anna asked to end the silence spreading in the atmosphere.

Elsa looked up to face her sister. 'What now? We look after him until the day his parents arrive.'

'Let's hope that's not soon,' Olaf said with his head down but brightened up in a split second. 'Cause we still have to play together and do all that fun kids' stuff with the toys and that. And – and play in the snow!"

Elsa looked down at the baby hedgehog in sadness. 'I just hope I don't make the same mistake I did with you Anna…'

Anna gave her sister a reassuring smile. 'Don't worry so much Elsa. Everything will be fine, I promise.'

Elsa gave her a stern look. 'How can you keep a promise you don't know you can keep?'

'Just trust me – you'll see. And besides – you can control your powers now so you don't have to worry about anything, right?'

Elsa looked at her sister and back at the little hedgehog with a worried look. She could control her powers now right? She hoped that the mistake she had made years ago wouldn't repeat – otherwise she would not forgive herself.

Anna had something on her mind and she was showing it. Elsa caught that look and smirked.

'I know that look – now what is on mind?' Elsa asked. Just a few seconds of waiting in silence until Elsa gets her answer…

Anna bit her lip and spoke, 'Well… I was wondering if he could sleep in my room – so – I can watch over him in case any intruders come! Yeah, that's it.' Anna chuckled nervously as she knew Elsa had known too well the real reason – the hedgehog was just too adorable.

'Well? Where about in your room is he going to sleep?' Elsa asked as Anna had the I don't know look with a freakish smile on her face – obviously freaking out.

Olaf looked down at the basket and had an idea. 'Hey, what if he sleeps in that basket tonight? He can still fit in it so it should be fine, right?'

Anna looked at the basket with a thinking expression. 'You know, I think that's not a bad idea and besides – we can get him a proper bed tomorrow right?' Anna unconsciously lifted the soft blanket that the baby hedgehog was lying in before and had a surprised look on her face. 'Hey guys! Check this out!'

Elsa and Olaf looked at Anna and saw her bring out seven objects. There were; two white gloves, two white socks and two matching shiny red shoes with a white stripe and a gleaming golden buckle at each end of the shoes. Anna felt the shoes and it was hard material – whatever it was and it didn't look like it would fit a baby at all. But what stood out the most out of all the objects was a shining green gem – glowing with beauty.

'Hey, there's another note,' Olaf said as he picked up a piece of paper which was hanging out of one of the shoes. 'Ahem,

These shoes, socks and gloves will be for Sonic when he gets older, trust me, he will need them, especially the shoes. And the gem, well it might be useful one day but put it in a protected area until Sonic is fifteen. Sincerely, (again) unknown.

Wow, his parents sure must love him – they give him shoes, jewels and everything!'

Elsa cleared her throat gaining the two's attention. 'Well, I guess we should head to bed. We have a big day tomorrow and we got to have a lot of energy – trust me. I've heard that sleep is precious when raising a baby. Anna, I suggest you have him in the basket in your room tonight and keep those shoes and stuff somewhere safe – if it's from his parents then we best keep it for him.'

Anna jumped with glee before Elsa placed the baby hedgehog back in Anna's arms as Olaf volunteered to take the basket – since it was easy to carry. While Elsa carried his parent's gifts and followed.

She couldn't explain it but Elsa thought there was something weird with that gem. To her it felt as if it was enchanted with a mystical power. It was very strange. But she quickly shook that out of her mind and set it to what was important right now.

They had arrived to Anna's room and had found a place in the room where the basket could be placed safely out of harm's way while under Anna's watch. Gifts from the baby's parents were put in a safe storage where it would not be lost. They placed the sleeping hedgehog in his bed for the night and turned out the light as Elsa went to bed in her own room while Olaf stayed in Anna's room – claiming he will be the bodyguard.

Anna couldn't sleep as she kept staring at the baby hedgehog – he was small, so fragile and helpless. And she never thought that she and her sister would ever have the responsibility of raising a baby before. With her sister being the queen, Anna herself would probably have to look after him most of the time. At least Olaf will probably volunteer to help. Maybe she can ask Kristoff for help when he has time off.

Anna somehow got out of her trance and sighed before looking at the hedgehog one last time while closing her eyes. 'Goodnight, Sonic – sweet dreams.'