Hey guys, Blue here. Sorry if ya were disappointed at seeing 'Author's Note' but that's how I roll. XD

This is actually important regarding the story so I'm afraid you're gonna have to suffer reading this, hahaha. Insert evil laugh.

Anyway, I want to discuss things regarding this story, no I'm discontinuing it. I'd hate to leave you guys with no ending. I've been thinking about the direction this story is heading. What the heck am I going on about? Well, lemme explain and you shall know:

Over the months with no update, obviously I had to focus on school but that isn't the only reason I haven't updated otherwise you would have seen one by the holidays. To be honest, I'm getting bored and rather tired with this story for a number of reasons:

One, I'm not into Frozen anymore. I'm over the 'Frozen fever' (pun totally intended). Its just a bit… overrated right now and most things these days that are new I get over quickly. Plus its literally stuffed in your face everywhere you go. I can't imagine what its gonna be like when the sequel comes. 0_0

Second, I realised this entire story could of just been a total Sonic fanfiction and not a crossover. Well, think about it: I create some introduction obviously based off Sonic Underground (which obviously means that mysterious figure was Queen Aleena) and later on a retelling of the games with Frozen characters thrown into the story just for the heck of it. Yeah, not very original is it? You may have noticed that right now the story is heavily Sonic based, that's 'cause I'm getting bored of Frozen and Sonic is my favourite franchise above them all. I personally don't like reading fanfictions which are basically a retelling of the same story right now (like those ones which basically has Sonic characters cosplaying and are totally out of character, sigh), back then when I first wrote this story I was new to fanfictions and rather young with a lot to learn about. Now I've grown up a bit, I like to read something new but similar at the same time. Have some influences from the original; but also some new concepts and ideas that keep me reading and on the edge of my seat – as long as its embraced properly alining with the concepts and restrictions of the franchise and everyone is in character. Basically, I'm a lot more critical now when it comes to chapter-like stories or fanfictions in general. And I highly criticise my stories.

Third, I'm not much of a writing person. Sure, my skills may be great but it's the telling of a story I like that pulled me into it. I like to read myself but not like a bookworm. I ain't gonna be an author when I get out of high school so its only a hobby (but its not my favourite hobby I should add) which I do purely for fun. And this story isn't so much fun anymore.

Are your eyes strained yet? Well, take a break and come back to read some more. XD

OK, now I got the big reasons out of the way. I want to discuss with everyone who still wants to read this story. I've been thinking of a solution for all this. OK, prepare your self:

I'm considering cutting this story so its shorter. By that, I mean instead of like, a 20 chapter story or something which will only go on for another few years or so, I will cut the story so theres only 2-3 chapters left. Yes, this means that some ideas will have to be ditched and the ending which I was gonna make heavily emotional, well, won't be as emotional but it still will be. But the great thing is that you guys won't have to wait forever to read something which is basically a retelling of the same story in the Sonic games. I can finally put an end to it and we can all move on. And right now, I'll consider answering plot spoilers such as character appearances and when they appear since its so obvious whats gonna happen if you're a major Sonic fan like me, except for the end though! That's the only thing I wanna keep a secret! The ending will be the same as what I originally planned, but more condensed. The ending is what I've put most thought and meaning to. I really wanna do this, it'll do good for everyone, well, except if you really wanted me to go what I originally planned but eh.

But this is when you guys come in. I want you to tell me in the review section whether you'd prefer the original story or just rather get it over and done with quickly. It'll help my final decision, but I want to know if its OK with you guys if I condense it 'cause I really wanna get over this story and never look back. My high school years are only gonna get busier and I rather write stories I'm truly willing to write (and I won't upload anything until its guaranteed to be continued at a quicker pace). I'll probably condense it anyway but you know, I'd like to hear what you have to say as well.

No need to give me life advice by the way, I'm not depressed over it. XD

So yeah, this is whats gonna happen: there are 17 pages completed in Word for the next chapter so its not too faraway, calm down XD. You guys tell me what you think between the next update and I'll announce my final decision in the Author's Note of next chapter so you guys can get excited about reading what you originally came for. XD

By the way, thank you so much for the support over the months. New peps have jumped onto the notification train and this story has reached over 100 reviews. Wow. You guys are awesome! High five yourself and pretend I'm actually high fiving you. XD

I'll most likely condense the story anyway 'cause I'm honestly getting sick of it but I'd like to know if its alright with you guys. It would mean so much if you tell me your thoughts. Heck PM me if you want if you want. I just need to know if shortening the story is alright 'cause that's what I wanna do now.

So, um, yeah. That's it. Yes.