So for a while I was doing a weekly writing challenge with two of my friends. Well, two friends consistently. These are short drabbles (pretty sure that's the right word...) about various members of Homra.

I don't own K or any of its characters.

Sunglasses (I don't even really know what this turned into.)

"Hey, San-chan?"

"What, Shouhei?"

"Why do you wear sunglasses all the time?" He leaned forward to tap them lightly. "Your eyes aren't sensitive to light, are they?"

San-chan jerked backward, slamming into the couch harder than necessary to get away from the offending finger (and the slightly older – but shorter! – boy it belonged to). He hissed a little as he knocked the breath out of himself. "They aren't. And I just like to wear them, okay? Why're you being so nosy right now anyway, Shouhei?"

"No reason." He tilted his head, leaning in to look at the sunglasses better, before just taking them off the other boy, ignoring his protests. Once he had them safely in his hands, he went up to the bar, perching on one of the stools as he looked at the sunglasses.

"Shouhei! Give them back!"

He couldn't help but laugh as San-chan got up to follow him. "But I want to know why! Maybe…" He put them on, looking at San-chan as he got back up and started moving to avoid the taller boy.

"Shouhei…" Slowly, he walked toward him, his eyes flashing even though he was blushing. Maybe because he was blushing. He wasn't used to people being able to see his eyes, dammit!

Shouhei laughed, half-dancing around the other boy, keeping a hand on part of the frames just in case. "Do you wear them so we can't see your eyes?"

"That's—it doesn't matter. Give them back!" If anyone else was in the bar right now, San-chan would probably never live this down. If anyone else was in the bar right now, he'd probably be blushing even darker as Shouhei essentially played a game of keep away with his sunglasses. Shouhei, at least, had seen him without them somewhat recently; that night when they'd broken after that raid that could've turned out way better than it had. That was behind them though, and the only thing that really mattered right now was getting his sunglasses back before someone else got back or came downstairs. He wasn't even sure if Anna or Mikoto were here right now, now that he thought about it…

Keeping just outside the taller boy's reach, Shouhei's smile widened. "Will you tell me when I do?"

"Just give them back already!" Shouhei kept getting closer to the wall, even as he kept just out of San-chan's reach. If he could just keep Shouhei distracted enough, he might be able to corner him and get his sunglasses back before anyone else showed up! Then he wouldn't have to explain or anything! His mind made up, he put his plan into action.

The look in his eyes was sort of confusing, but Shouhei just shrugged the confusion off. He can ask about that later. Maybe that's part of why he wears sunglasses all the time, so people can't see him think while his eyes move. He only really needed to focus on keeping out of San-chan's reach until he agreed to tell him why he wears these sunglasses all the time. Wearing them, he knows that they do function quite well, seeing as everything is darker than it was before, but that still doesn't really answer why he's wearing them. The why is the important part! Maybe San-chan's reason really is just that he likes wearing them, but Shouhei doesn't think so.

Facing San-chan as he was, Shouhei wasn't expecting to hit the wall when he did. A flash of triumph shot through San-chan's eyes before the taller closed in, reaching to take his sunglasses back. Shouhei stayed still, watching his old friend with a smile. Before San-chan could move away, Shouhei grabbed one of his wrists. "Tell me why. Please?"

He tried (unsuccessfully) to get out of Shouhei's grip before he sighed. "It's not anything special, Shouhei. I like how it looks, and it makes it harder for people to read my expression. It wouldn't be good for the enemy to see how worried I am when someone gets hurt in the middle of a raid, right?" He tugged his wrist away again, but Shouhei kept his grip strong.

"Oh, I see! Is that all?"

It wasn't fair that Shouhei could look so…so natural smiling up at him like that. San-chan looked away, moving just his eyes, and sighed. "Yes. Let go already."

"Alright," he leaned back against the wall, releasing San-chan's wrist.

He took a step away, rubbing his wrist and staring reproachfully at the other young man who only continued to smile.

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