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Tatara stood with his camera, recording everything in Bar HOMRA, though they weren't really doing anything. He'd turned to focus on Chitose and Dewa, the pair up to their usual antics of Chitose doing things and Dewa getting annoyed, when Anna said, "Chitose is cute."

The bar became silent, everyone turning to stare at Anna, sitting on a stool at the bar with a red drink.

Seemingly oblivious, she continued, "Dewa is too." A pause, followed by a quiet, "K-Izumo and Mikoto can be too, but…"

"Anna, shouldn't you finish your drink before you keep talking?" Izumo asked, trying to distract the girl in the hopes that she won't continue to call everyone cute. The disaster of the Red Clansmen getting embarrassed didn't need to happen. That odd stumble at the beginning gave him some idea about where she was getting the words from though…

She shook her head, "Don't want to. Tastes weird. Kamamoto can be cute, San-chan too. Shouhei is." She paused again, as if thinking, "Eric and Fujishima too."

"A-Anna…?" Yata stared at her in shock. Why was she…? Doesn't she usually call them by their first names? It was sounding more and more like someone else was feeding Anna words somehow. In his shock, he forgot what her abilities as a Strain included.

Almost everyone in the room kept staring at Anna, though Tatara decided not to in favor of recording everyone's reactions to what Anna said. Who knows when an opportunity like this would show itself again? "Yata too."

"C-cut it out, Anna." Yata waved his hands around, taking a step toward her. "Why're you calling me Yata? You never have before." He may not like his first name very much, but he was used to Anna calling him it anyway. It was normal, like the stupid monkey calling him that.

"Fushimi isn't here, but he can be cute too." At that, Yata was tied between leaving the bar and damaging it in anger – Why was Anna mentioning that traitor? Sure, he'd just thought about him, but…

Unnoticed by the others because of the strangeness of Anna's actions, Izumo had crossed the room to Tatara, thumping him on the head. "Stop getting her to say weird things."

Hissing in pain, he clutched his head. A moment later, he said, "H-hey! I didn't make her say anything… I didn't expect her to say any of that—" Izumo thumped him on the head again, making him yelp.

"Stupid. She can read minds." He turned to the rest of the room, raising an eyebrow and rubbing his temples. "You all know that. Who gave Anna that drink?"

The other members looked at each other, all in various shades of embarrassment. Eric had pulled his hood over his face to hide, and from the look of it, San-chan had passed out from shock. Shouhei was in the process of moving him to the couch when Anna had mentioned Yata. He'd half dropped him then, trying not to laugh at Yata's reaction.

"I….It might've been me." Everyone switched their focus from the girl to the speaker, Chitose.

"What exactly did you possibly give her?" Tatara, still right next to Izumo, had to admire the deadly look he gave Chitose.

"Uh…." He rubbed the back of his head, trying very hard to sink into the floor. "….Vodka." He flinched, but the expected blow never came.

Instead, he heard Izumo sigh and walk over to the little girl. "May I?" Even as angry as he was, he was still polite. Only after the little girl nodded did he pick up the glass and drink some. He shook his head. "Not vodka. Might be rum." He smiled at Chitose. "Lucky you!"

That smile wasn't reassuring in the slightest. It wasn't happy, but it wasn't all that harsh. It was just a smile of 'if it had been vodka, you'd be dead'. That it wasn't vodka made Chitose topple to the floor with relief. He'd seen Izumo angry because of his bar before. He didn't want to see his protective rage because someone gave Anna alcohol. Particularly not if he was the one receiving that rage.

The poor fool who had accidentally given Anna rum would be on the receiving end of that anger, and he wouldn't wish to be them for anything in the entire world.

That's what he'd thought back then. Now, he'd gladly draw Izumo's wrath if it meant that Tatara and Mikoto were alive again. The incidents had nothing to do with each other, of course, but he still couldn't help but think that if it'd bring them back… He'd do something to get Izumo mad. The pain from that would be worth seeing Tatara smile again, worth seeing new films, and worth seeing their lazy king lie on the couch again. As long as they were alive and here again.

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