by: Ismira Daugene

*WARNING: NSFW at all! This chapter is pretty much 2,000 words of pure smut! Some warnings in case there's something you'd prefer not to read... biting, interfemoral sex, bestiality (for the first part, skip to line break if you prefer not to read), hand jobs, dirty talk, rimming, knotting, delayed orgasm, Dom/sub overtones... I think that covers it all.


With a tired sigh, John trudged up the staircase to apartment B. It had been a long day at the clinic and he'd ended up staying late because one of the full-time doctors had called in sick. As it was, he was pushing it by staying as late as he did. He could feel the itchy sensation under his skin that came about two hours before the transformation and he knew Sherlock was anxious… if the forty-eight text messages and seven missed calls were anything to go by. So he wasn't entirely surprised when he walked in and his mate was there by the door immediately pressing up against him and scenting him. "Sherlock," he choked out as the man wrapped himself around John practically smothering him.

"You're late, John," his voice was muffled as he spoke into John's jacket collar.

"I know, I'm sorry," he whispered, stroking Sherlock's back. Sherlock would never say it, but John knew he worried when John didn't text him. He'd caught his mate waking up from a nightmare more than once late at night. Sherlock would just shrug it off, but John had heard the whimpers and mumblings coming from him and they sounded an awful lot like "Moriarty".

After a few long minutes, Sherlock pulled back enough so that John could see his face. The man looked, in a word, desperate. They both shivered as the itching sensation grew stronger. "Come on, let's get ready," John said steering his mate towards their bedroom.

Sherlock nodded and gripped John's hand tightly. As soon as they were in the bedroom, the Dominant werewolf took charge. He led John to the bed and sat him down before starting to strip. Confidence seemed to find Sherlock in John's presence and John quite enjoyed watching Sherlock's nimble fingers easily manipulate the buttons on his shirt then move down to his trousers. John found himself half hard just from watching his mate strip, though it was nothing compared to when Sherlock began to strip John. The dark haired man gently ran his fingers up John's chest as he lifted the sweater up and over his head. John's vest followed suit before Sherlock urged John to lift his hips so his trousers and pants could come off.

Once their bodies were free of clothing, Sherlock descended upon John with a growl. His hot body, nearly ready for the change, ground down causing John to whimper and thrust up. The Dominant werewolf licked and nipped along his mate's collar bones and up his neck. John's hands curled into claws, scratching slightly at Sherlock's back. The action only made Sherlock more desperate as he ground their erections together. However the second John moved to alleviate some of the tension, Sherlock growled and used one hand to grab hold of both of John's wrists and trap them above his head. "Your pleasure is mine to give and mine to take, John," he said, his baritone voice vibrating on the edge of a growl.

John only whimpered again and tried to thrust up against Sherlock. "Please…" he moaned. The itching under his skin was becoming nearly unbearable and he knew the change was close… so close.

Sherlock nosed along his neck, licking and nipping again. "Soon, John. Soon."

It was then that both men let out a sharp gasp as the transformation washed over them. Sherlock's change was quicker and less painful than John's. John whined and writhed on the bed beneath his mate. His erection flagged as the pain raced long his limbs following the growth and shrinking of bones and organs. Fur sprouted from his skin, tickling him as it went. The last thing to emerge was his tail. John grunted slightly as his spine lengthened and grew outwards, producing a long furry wolf tail.

When it was all over, there was a black wolf crouching over a sandy blond and brown wolf that was sprawled on it's back. The black wolf grinned and crouched lower to smother the blond wolf in kisses and nuzzles. The blond wolf wrapped his paws around the darker wolf's neck and shoulders, nuzzling into his mate's ruff.

Suddenly the darker wolf pulled back causing a needy whine to come from the blond wolf. Sherlock used his paws and head to nudge John, telling him to flip over onto his stomach. John did as asked and immediately let out a low groan as the dark wolf settled behind him and nosed at his rear. The cold nose pressed against John's puckered entrance and a rough pink tongue come out to lick it. John jumped, startled at the sudden wet feeling, but Sherlock pressed down with one paw on his hindquarters. Emboldened now, Sherlock pressed his tongue more firmly against John's entrance and began to really moisten him. Being that neither of them could apply lubricant, Sherlock set to making sure John would be loose and wet enough just from his tongue.

John howled and whined, trying to wiggle around and provide some friction against his erection, but Sherlock would stop his ministrations, let out a growl, and wait until John had settled again. The entire process took probably twenty minutes and by the end of it, John was nearly frantic. He could think of nothing besides the need to get off. His hindquarters were pressing back against Sherlock's muzzle as the darker wolf pressed his tongue inside of John, lapping up his essence. If he could have, John would've been begging. As it was, his whines, groans, and writhing were all the indication he could give to Sherlock that he was ready.

Just when John thought he could take no more, Sherlock pulled back. A needy whine left John's muzzle at the cold air that rushed towards his entrance. However it was replaced with heat as Sherlock reared up and covered John's back. It was difficult to maneuver without using hands, but after a few tries, Sherlock managed to press the head of his weeping erection into John's loosened hole. A grunt of pain left John while a growl of satisfaction left Sherlock. Slowly, Sherlock pressed forward, listening to his mate for indication of whether it was too much too soon.

Once the black wolf's testicles were resting against his mate's he paused. He waited for nearly two full minutes until John thrust back against him, groaning and whimpering for him to continue. Sherlock growled and pressed down on his mate as he began to thrust. A steady rhythm was built and finally John felt like he was getting somewhere. Sherlock's hips thrust in faster, losing some of his rhythm of earlier. His paws were wrapped around John's hips, holding on tightly. In and out, in and out… Sherlock kept picking up speed until their hips were slapping together. Whimpers and whines left John's throat and deep guttural groans left Sherlock's.

Suddenly John could feel Sherlock's knot begin to catch on the edge of his rim. The knot steadily grew at their frantic coupling until Sherlock thrust in and stayed there. He bit down on the back of John's neck and the pain in combination with his mate coming inside him set him off. He came, spraying cum all over the bed. Sherlock let go of the back of John's neck and began licking at the fresh wound. They settled down to lay on their sides away from the wet part of the bed. It was the first time John had been knotted and he wasn't sure how long it would last, but he was too tired to care.

Sherlock was still cleaning the wound on the back of his neck as John began to drift off. He distantly felt Sherlock spasm and release a few more times inside him, but it wasn't enough to wake him back up. John closed his eyes and let himself drift off in the warm embrace of his mate.

When John next woke up, it was because the sun was shining through the window right into his eyes. He groaned and buried his face in the pillow. A heavy arm tightened around his chest and his mate snuffled against the back of his neck where he'd bitten the previous night. John hummed appreciatively, leaning back against Sherlock. With a rumble of amusement vibrating through the chest behind him, John felt Sherlock's hand slowly start to draw designs on his chest until it reached his left nipple. John gasped as two fingers plucked and squeezed. "Bit sensitive there," he murmured as Sherlock moved to his right nipple.

"But this one isn't, is it?" the consulting detective remarked.

John shook his head. "Not since Afghanistan," he replied.

Sherlock made an acknowledging sound in his throat before his fingers moved on to trace down John's abdomen, brushing through the sparse blond hair below his navel before reaching his half hard cock. "Oh god, Sherlock," John gasped out as the man made a fist around the hardening member. "Please," he groaned, not even really knowing what he was asking for.

John felt Sherlock lean close and kiss the back of his shoulder. "Please what, John?" the husky baritone asked.

"Ungh! Move, please, just…" John trailed off as Sherlock swiped his thump over the top of John's slit, scooping up the precum that had gathered there already.

"Oh… Sherlock…" John gasped as Sherlock began to stroke slowly.

"How was last night for you, John?" Sherlock whispered. "Because for me there's nothing like thrusting into your eager, willing body. The way you clenched around me, groaning and begging for my cock to fill your trembling hole."

"Hnnng… Sherlock! I – I'm close!"

Immediately, Sherlock pulled away despite the pitiful groan John let out. "You only have yourself blame yourself, John. I wouldn't be so hard and in desperate need to cum all over you if you wouldn't have been groaning like that."

"Sher…" John trailed off as Sherlock leaned away from him for a second

John looked over his shoulder to see Sherlock had grabbed the lube that had been sitting on the nightstand. He squirted some into his hand before turning back to John. "Don't worry, I'll make this good for both of us," Sherlock smirked before trailing one hand down John's back and over his arse before tapping his inner thigh. "Open a bit for me, love."

John did as requested, lifting one leg and propping his foot against the mattress. Sherlock went to work slicking lube between his thighs and fondling his balls with the slick hand as well. John thrust back against Sherlock several times, but the Dominant werewolf merely pressed down on John's hip to keep him in place. A couple of minutes later, John felt Sherlock place his cock in between his thighs right up against his balls. "Okay, squeeze your legs closed now."

John nodded and pressed his legs together. His erection was still throbbing against his abdomen, but he didn't dare touch it after what happened last night. Sherlock groaned a bit as he slid forward. "Hang on to the headboard, and don't you dare touch that aching cock of yours. I want you to cum just from this," Sherlock growled into his ear.

John whimpered, but it soon turned into a moan of pleasure as Sherlock grabbed hold of his hips and started thrusting faster. "Oh, John, you're so tight and hot for me. You just love this don't you? You love me telling you what to do and being my submissive."

"Sherlock! Oh – Oh! Please!"

"Please what, John? Please go faster? Please thrust harder? Please let you cum?" John let out a strangled moan, unable to say anything more coherent. "Not yet, John. Just hold on a bit longer," Sherlock growled as he sped up.

There was a steady slapping sound as Sherlock pushed harder and faster. John's groan had turned into a steady whine now and Sherlock grunted each time he thrust up. "Oh! Sh'rlok! Gonna… can't…." John whimpered.

Sherlock leaned as close a he could without breaking his rhythm and whispered into John's ear. "Cum for me, John. Cum for me now."

And with that the submissive werewolf came. White sticky cum shot up his stomach and across the sheets. He moaned as his over sensitive prick and balls were rubbed a little raw with Sherlock's zealous thrusts. However a moment later, the Dominant werewolf came as well.

They lay panting for a while, floating on the high that came with their orgasms. "We should probably get up," John said softly.

"Don't wanna," Sherlock mumbled, nuzzling into John's nape and wrapping his arms around him tightly.

"As much as I want to lay here and go back to sleep, we both need showers and the bed needs to be stripped," John said trying to stir from his lethargic pose. Sherlock groaned, but didn't hold him back. "Come on then. We can shower together then I'll make you some tea and toast. Might even be a bit of honey left in the cupboard." John smiled as Sherlock perked up a bit. As much as John preferred jam, Sherlock loved honey. He'd discovered over the past few months that the consulting detective had an insatiable sweet tooth.

"Fine, but you're washing me," Sherlock demanded rising with a little help from his mate.

"Fine by me," John grinned. "If you're lucky I'll let you wash me in return," he said as he sauntered off to the bathroom still stark naked.

Sherlock stretched and appreciated the view of his mate's pert derriere disappearing into the bathroom. The sound of the groaning pipes wheezing to life told him John had started the shower. Grinning, he drifted towards the shower to join his mate.

Author's Note: I would just like to thank you all for reading this fic! I really appreciated every word you've said in the reviews! It really helps to know that the story is being read and enjoyed. Also, this epilogue was the dirtiest thing I've ever written to date! It was surprisingly difficult to write and make believable. I hope you don't think it's too ridiculous.

Finishing up though, I'll most likely be writing again very soon. Not until around May though. I have a lot of commitments to keep with school and I'd really like to finish up my first year back in university on a high note. There's a couple of classes that are kicking my butt! In the meantime, I suggest you check out my other works! I have a few other Johnlock stories as well as some pretty good Labyrinth fanfiction. (What?! You haven't seen Jim Henson's Labyrinth from 1986 starring David Bowie and Jennifer Connelly?! GO! Watch it! Now!)

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