Well, I haven't written in a long time and I'm hoping to get back into it. Don't entirely know where I''m going with this but what the hell I don't really care, just as long as I finish it. Hope you guys like the first chapter.

Sasuke sighed as he walked down an unknown path in the woods. He had sneaked out of his home for a moment because he was tired of having to deal with all those damn submissives that his parents kept locking him in a room with. He didn't want to mate with any of those damn needy whores. His parents have been trying to find him a mate for four seasons now, they just seemed to never give up. But they never seemed to give a damn if his brother had a mate or not. There excuse for him is that he at least tried to mate with someone once and it just didn't work and they had yet to find someone that fit perfectly with him. He was to be the next lord of the land and he needed the perfect mate or else no one would ever respect him.

The dark haired wolf never understood their reasonings though. People already respected his damn brother. He didn't need the perfect damn mate to get it. He was perfect alone in everyone's damn eyes with or without a mate. Maybe they were just waiting for him to find that little submissive that escaped from him last time though. The one he met a few years back but said no because it had other obligations more important than mating. Sasuke doubted that his brother would ever find him again though.

As he walked down an almost hidden path the wolf demon looked around at his surroundings. He was in a forest that didn't look like it was inhabited by many if any demons. It was late a night and it was too quiet. When a forest had demons in it usually it was never quiet at night, especially during mating season. The forest seemed to be virtually untouched as well. The leaves glimmered even though they were a dark green in the light of the large full moon that was high above it. Small nocturnal animals scurried around trying to keep from being spotted by its predators while trying to find food to eat. Owls, bats and so on flying in the sky looking for said prey that was hiding from them.

As Sasuke continued to walk and take in the calm scenery he made his way towards a small clearing. When he reached the center of the clearing he then laid down hoping to relax for a few minutes before deciding to head back to his most likely now hectic home. Not a minute passed though when suddenly an enticing smell crept up his sensitive nose. His ears perked up as he sniffed the air.

Quickly standing on his four paws the dark furred wolf started to ever so slowly make his way towards the smell. Sasuke had never smelt anything so delicious ever in his life. An urge to run and devour whatever was making that sent was slowly emerging, yet he held it down. If it was a creature, he didn't want to scare it away even though he could most likely catch it in an instant, but for right now he just wanted to know that the hell it was.

Walking out of the clearing and following a slightly more hidden path than the one he had been walking on before Sasuke sniffed the air again. The smell was getting stronger and almost unbearable. The closer he got to whatever was making it the harder it was for him to hold back his urges.

After following the smell for what felt like forever to him the wolf managed to reach somewhat small hole in the ground. He sniffed the hole and his eyes almost rolled to the back of his eyes. Dear lord he knew what that sent was and it smelled fantastic. It was a pup. A submissive pup that had hit its first heat. Sasuke's muzzle twitched as he growled at the hole. He wanted the pup that was in there and he wanted him bad. He had never thought that he would find a submissive that he actually wanted to mate with. But he had, and it was in a hole that was too small for him to fit through in his wolf or human form. Digging his large paws into the dirt the wolf started to enlarge the hole so that it would be easier to fit when he shifted forms.

Once the hole was large enough for him to fit through in his human form he began to shift. He felt his bone pop as their alignments changed and the fur started to shrink back into his body. After a few seconds the wolf looked virtually human except for the fact that he had a long black tail and furry, pointed ears at the top of his head. The second that he was fully changed though he crouched down not caring that he was completely naked and made his way into the now enlarged hole, which actually seemed to be a tunnel. As he mad his way through the tunnel it slowly began to get bigger until he reached the other side where it changed into a tall cave that he could fully stand up in. The cave was filled with many odd things, but also wooden chairs, a wooden table and thinks of that sort. The cave had no light but that didn't really bother him because he could see everything clearly.

Sniffing once again Sasuke's head snapped towards the direction of a bundle of blankets that where on the floor in the corner of the cave like home. Growling once again the wolf demon made his way towards the bundle of blankets. He stood above it for a few seconds then stretched out his hand to grab the top layer and slowly pulled on it so that it revealed a small sleeping fox demon laying on his stomach and shivering, most likely from the intensity of his heat. Once the blanket was completely off the wolf took note that the little demon was in his human form and completely naked. His tail wrapped around his waist and his ears laid flat against his head. With his perfect night vision the wolf got a clear view of the little blond haired fox's nicely shaped body and perfect plump ass.

Not being able to take it any longer Sasuke slowly crawled on top of the little fox. Sasuke only let his left and touch the blonde boy. The hand started at the shoulder, touching the unbelievable soft skin. It slowly traced a line down the boy's spine making him moan lightly in his sleep. That little moan was pretty much enough for the wolf though. The hand then quickly started to make its was down to the boys ass, squeezing each cheek getting another light moan and even a little wiggle of said ass. As he licked his lips, one of Sasuke's fingers made its was between the crack of the boys cheeks and into a very tight and yet inviting hole.

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