Chapter 49...

"Hahahaha, no shit, really?! HAhaha! Man, that's gold!" Frostbite burst into laughter after Natsu finished telling him all the events that transpired that lead him to come here. Frostbite found it humorous that Treya went from enemy to wanting to bang Natsu in just a short amount of time. Natsu however, did not find it that hilarious.

"Shut up! That girl is at least a little stronger than me, in terms of physical strength! So It was practically a losing battle!" He snapped angrily at Frostbite.

"R-right! Wait...hehehhehehHAHAHAHAHAh!" Frostbite could feel knots in his stomach from nearly falling over. "Have you gotten weaker since I last saw you, Dranigon?" He teased as he grinned in amusement.

"I will knock you flying, asshole." Natsu said as a pulsating vein appeared on his head.

"Heheh...Treya Duella, huh? Not too bad Dranigon...not too bad at all." Callan said with an approving nod. "She seems like a perfect match for you anyway."

"You can have her if you want." Natsu offered.

"Oh, hell no. I ain't gettin' between you two. Especially if you took a blood vow." He shook his head. "It makes much more sense to support this pairing anyway. Not a lot of women would go that far for a scrub like you. At least, mum told me." He crossed his arms and nodded.

"I did not take her blood, she took mine without even saying anything! Next thing I knew, she was trying to make out with me for an hour straight." Natsu recalled with a look of annoyance on his face. "It was a one-sided thing, anyway." Natsu brushed it off as nothing special.

"One sided?...I didn't know you were a player." Frostbite had a look of surprise, after thinking about it.

"I'm not! Geez, Callan, I didn't even know she had any interest in me. Actually, I don't even know if she likes me. And it would probably be for the best. I have nothing to bring to the table as far as relationships go." Natsu said as he whipped his hand back in a dismissing gesture, but suddenly he felt like he just touched something. He whipped his head around and was shocked to find Treya standing behind him.

"I disagree. This feels rather pleasant." Treya said as she gently placed her hand on his, right between her large breasts.

"WHOA!" Callan nearly jumped out of his skin.

"T-TREYA?" Natsu's responded in a equally shocked fashion. Just out of nowhere, she appears. "S-sorry, I didn't see you there." Natsu apologized swiftly.

"Hm? I thought it was an invitation? Does the tender and softness of my bosom appeal to you that much?" She asked with a emotionless expression. She suddenly began putting her boobs together, ensnaring his entire hand in a fleshy cushion.

"Y-Y..yes, I mean no-I mean-let go of arm already!" Natsu demanded after blushing up a storm. He nearly blurted out yes. Touching a woman was slowly making him twitch, but he always kept it in check after Grandeeny's 'lessons'.

"" The blue haired dragon slayer was confused as to what he was watching.

"Is he not just adorable?" Treya asked Callan, while ruffling Natsu's hair.

"Quit rubbing me." Natsu said while idly sitting there while his head moved from side to side. Natsu then sat back, with Treya on the arm rest.

"You play hard to get a little too well, Natsu Dranigon." Treya said simply.

"LETS-" Natsu shouted, and nearly blew his top, but then slowly regained composure. "Lets just...focus on why we're here." He tried to dismiss the fact of Treya messing with him. "Now that Treya's here, that only leaves Mero Serene and that Ang dude."

"Three down, two to go." Callan nodded.

"Before we go any further, lets properly introduce you two. Callan Frostbite? Treya Duella." Natsu pointed at Callan, then Treya.

"The pleasure is mine. I am the Lost Dragon Slayer of the Crystal Dragon Ravalla." Treya bowed elegantly.

"Back at ya'. My dragon was Gromell, the Blizzard Dragon." Callan nodded with a smirk.

"I assume your dragon's heritage is of ice then?" Treya asked curiously.

"Mm. And yours, rock? Wait," Callan took a guess.

"Correct." Treya nodded. "Though, I cannot employ my dragon slayer magic on a scale comparable to Natsu Dranigon, I am quite confident in my fighting prowess."

"I can vouch for that." Natsu raised his hand in a halfhearted attempt.

"Nah, you got the scent of a dragon on ya'...I can tell you ain't a pushover." Frostbite narrowed his eyes at her. A visible mist of frost seeping out from his hand.

"The feeling is mutual." Treya matched his gaze with one of her own, as her eyes went from grey, to pink.

"...right. Anywho, we gotta track down the other two, so who should we start with?" Natsu asked, to clear the tension.

"I don't know, I tried looking for the people on this list for a while, but I keep coming across nothin'. Or impostors." Callan sighed in disappointment.

"Well, I haven't been looking for anyone else, cuz' I thought I was the only one in this day and age." Natsu shrugged.

"If that is the case, I know where we can track down Mero Serene. I had no idea she was a Lost Dragon Slayer though." Treya suggested. "I heard she was last sighted near Black Rift. Though, her description is still a mystery to me." Treya informed them.

"How'd you get to know her name?" Natsu asked curiously.

"I heard that she was part of a excavation that took place in the area. They wanted her to catalog a few relics left behind by the Gavil civilization. I was looking for something at the time, and wondered if they had dug it up, but it was not there." She explained as she placed her hands on her lap.

"Black Rift, huh?" Natsu sighed. Suddenly, a bunch of memories were recalled.

"I ain't ever been there. Though I did come across a few gangs that were trying to set up on my turf, that were from there. They got these weird brands on their left wrist. I thought maybe they were slaves. So I looked for info on it, but no around these parts ever seen em'." Callan recalled.

"Was it in the shape of a 'Z' with a square around it?" Treya asked curiously.

"Yeah." He nodded. "Although, a few of em' had only Z's." Callan said as he placed a hand on his chin.

"...Anyone who's a citizen of Black Rift has that brand. It's like identification for their citizens." Natsu answered. "The square means they own a building, and the Z means they were born there."

"Really?" Callan was a bit surprised. "That's a bit harsh for just livin' there." He raised his eyebrow while scratching the back of his neck.

"That place is not an area many venture to." Treya suddenly said. "Crime is very high there, and the laws might as well be non-existent. What runs that place now, is dark guilds, ex-members of the magic council, bounty hunters, assassins, and exiled villagers from around the area."

"So basically like a hot spot for bad guys." Callan assumed.

"Worst of the worst, actually." Natsu said as a frown made it to his face, as if he recalled a distant memory. "That place is nowhere near as bad as it was, up until three years ago." Natsu once more sighed. Callan and Treya noticed this, and figured there was a story behind that.

"What happened three years?" Callan raised his brow.

"Me and some other people took out the prime leadership. It was a slaver company with influence all over the southern area of Fiore. After I wiped them out, the new leadership took over, and got a much more better handle on the residents." Natsu explained as he remembered those days.

"So that's why people called ya' the One-Eyed Dragon." Callan nodded.

"..." Natsu just frowned with an empty stare. Treya saw his expression.

"Well that's kind of badass, brother. If anything, I'm for wiping out scumbags like slavers, or Dark Wizards." Callan propped his feet up once more. "So, looks like we gonna be traveling then." Callan nodded.

"Hm?" Natsu looked up curiously.

"I want in, Dranigon. I've been searching my whole life for any signs of you guys, while running a little gang of mine. This takes priority." He said with a toothy grin. "Shit, I've always wanted to go on an adventure! This is exciting!" He pumped his fist.

"You sure?" Natsu raised his brow. "I figured I'd just track em' down, one by one." Natsu stated while placing his hands on his lap.

"Don't stress it, man. With the three of us, we'd be unbeatable. And once we meet up with this Mero chick, we'll track down this Ang guy, then it all work out from there." He stood up. "I mean, yer' followin' him for the same reason, right?" Callan fixated on Treya with an expectant look.

"...we have a contract. But I admit I am also curious why your dragon had my name etched on that list." She crossed her arms under her bust and said.

"Sweet. Oh yeah, Dranigon." He suddenly then turned to Natsu. "Before we take off, there's somthin' I need some help with." He requested.

"My help?" He raised his brow once more.

"There's been a infestation of Vulcan's in the area. They number about eighteen, and I can't find where they holed up." He explained. "So tomorrow, I'm thinkin' if I had you and Treya here, I could finally put an end to those motherfuckers. Every time Ace and Lars have em' cornered, they always use the blizzard here to outrun those two. I managed to kill two, before they went into hiding when you kill em' off. They use the blizzard to mask their escape. Although, being a Ice Dragon Slayer, navigating through low visibility in snow storms is a breeze for me." He proudly self proclaimed.

"Then why haven't you dealt with it?" Treya asked curiously.

"Well, normally it isn't so bad, but every time those chumps start running, the blizzard always seems to cover their escape. I always though it was weird. Gromell taught me how to deal with snow storms, but it was like a damn hurricane when it came to chasing those monkeys." He threw his arms up in frustration.

"Has it always been this bad?" Natsu asked curiously."The weather?"

"The blizzard has just been a part of life for us. Actually, it started around the time I was a kid. Been snowin' and blowin' day in, and day out ever since." He shrugged.

" it wasn't always here?" Natsu seemed interested.

"Well lets see...I'm 19, that was about ten years it hasn't." Callan made a thinking face.

"" Natsu huffed quietly.

"Why ya' ask?" Callan was wondering.

"No reason. I don't suppose you got a lodge for passing tourists around here, do ya?" Natsu asked curiously.

"You can sleep here. One of ya's is gonna sleep on the floor though." Callan forewarned.

"Fine with me." Natsu shrugged.

"I'mma head off to bed then. Cya' in the mornin' Dranigon, Treya." Callan nodded. and suddenly walked across the room, and into another. He opened the door and reached inside, and pulled out a pillow, then tossed it to Natsu. "Nighto'." He saluted with his fingers and closed the door behind him. Leaving Treya and Natsu alone. Natsu looked at the pillow. Then slowly up at the fire, crackling in front of him. As he watched the tip of the flames whip around, he slowly thought back to the day he slaughtered the slavers that destroyed his village. After bringing it up suddenly in the conversation, it had slowly been picking at him. That day was a dark, red, and intense one.


M-monster! This kid-AGh



Kill him! Kill that pink haired-GYAAAH! MY FUCKING HAND!






You son of a bitch! I'll end-NARgh!




I'll burn, every last one of you.

Were you perhaps...a dark mage by any chance?

I admit, you are strong, but these idiots dragged you down, and nearly got you killed.

Making up for your past sins, is more logical than to escape in death!

What's stopping you? I won't resist. And quite frankly, after the things I did to Erza, I should just disappear...

Dude, what the hell? You just pull this crap whenever you feel like it?

I stand by those I believe in. And that's Fairy Tail, and Jellal. I know it may seem strange to you, but that's who I am.

Why do you waste time, acting like you're on the side of good?

Well, I'm glad to see you, but every time you guys come back, it's like you got a dark cloud hanging over you.

You kill anyone who gets in your way, don't you?

To think even a dark mage such as yourself would even be able to fit in wit's inconceivable.




Don't look back, Natsu. Don't be shackled by my demise. If you look would all have been pointless.



Ah, you looked back...




"Natsu Dranigon." Treya suddeny placed her hand on his shoulder. Natsu didn't realize it, but his eye was slowly turning red and getting a bit watery. Treya could sense the build up of tension on him, and tried to snap him out of it.

"Ah, sorry, what is it?" Natsu's returned to normal and turned to her with a tired face.

"You seem troubled." She observed.

"I'm's just.." Natsu slowly paused in mid-sentence. He looked back at the fire and was trying to remember what he was going to say. "'s nothing." Natsu shook his head.

"Is it...related to what happened three years ago?" Treya guessed.

"N-no. It's just..I don't know. Just a lot of stuff happened lately." He sat back and quickly exhaled. "I don't even know why I'm saying this. I guess...I don't know. It's just been awhile before I talked about the sort of things I did. I figured that's as far as a person could sink. I've killed a lot of people, and only a handful of individuals know about it. And when I start talking to my friends in Fairy Tail...I get this feeling that I'm even more of a bad guy. Was I wrong to take revenge, for what those men did to my home?" He asked. "Because I sure as hell don't feel like it." He frowned in a deflated manner.

"The thing about revenge, Natsu dranigon, is you must prepare to see it through to the end. If anything, I see it as karma." Treya bowed her head."They took everything from you, and then, you took everything from them. It was retribution. Payback, if you will. There's no point in justifying something you regret. If you want me to give you a comforting pat on the back..I'm sorry, but even if you had every right, taking something from someone else, whether it be a precious object, or a life, there will always be hint of guilt." She explained to him as he listened. "People may hate you for it, you may even lose people you deeply have affection for from it. But who are they to tell you what is right, or wrong?" Treya said as she maintained eye contact. "Unless they were the ones who had to shoulder the burden of making such a choice. Or they were you and had been put in a similar situation, then they would know what they are shunning you for."

"But what if they are right?" Natsu suggested. "And I've just been pretending to be a 'good' person? I get that killing isn't justified, but I don't think I could forgive those animals, if I had the chance to do it over again." He slowly clenched his fist, as if he were going to grip his blade.

"I have never accepted criticism from a person who only focuses on whats 'right'. That is just naive and foolish. If there truly was a world where we didn't have to worry about being lied to, betrayed, killed, or stolen from, then it is a mere fantasy. You'd best stick with whatever wit you live by. It has made you live through the slavers, Black Rift, a Wizard Saint, and me. And I would never tell you to deny what makes you who you are. You kill by choice. And you don't hide behind a guise of 'Being forced to'. I envy that." Treya sighed and sat closer to him. She faced the fire as well.

"...someone didn't give you a choice, I assume?" Natsu could more or less get what she meant by it.

"Mm. I was six years old, when I first killed someone. He was skimming off a lot of Duella's merchandise. " She recalled. "I stabbed him in the throat, and he bled out and died in the street."

" did it feel?" Natsu asked, his expression hidden, similar to Treya.

"Disgusting." Treya uttered with a revolted tone. "I felt every bit of flesh, and the nicking of the bone from the knife. It was a brief moment that could last forever. It was like holding someone's life in your hand for an instant. Followed by extinguishing their existence. I was terrified. I didn't like it. I hated it, then I hated myself. I felt dirtied. Guilty, even. What I just did was no short of murder. Label me as a killer, an assassin, or whatever. But you see, Natsu Dranigon..." She then formed a thin mirror of crystal that reflected them. Treya, maintaining a blank expression, and Natsu just frowning. Each looking at their own expressions. "Sometimes you must do bad things for good reasons. That's what you must accept first, before drawing the line between 'good' and 'evil'." She concluded and shattered the mirror, making it dissipate in a glittery dust cloud.

"Becoming a necessary evil..." Natsu uttered, which prompted Treya to turn to him with slightly widened eyes. "Teh. Who knows?" He shrugged and smiled.

"..." Treya then suddenly stood up, and began stripping her clothing off. She pulled the skin tight sleeves that were on her arms off. She then unstrapped her slipper-like shoes, then slowly pulled her pants off. Natsu turned away in a fluster, giving her some privacy. Her dark purple underwear revealed as she bent down to take off her pants. She then neatly placed her clothes next to the fire. She then faced Natsu with a blank look. Her white, elegant legs were revealed in a provocative manner. She then undid the knot of the black sash, and tied it to her front, like a bathrobe And she suddenly undid her hair band, making her dark, green hair flutter down to her lower back. "So where will you sleep?" She asked.

"Floor." Natsu swiftly said. He slowly turned back and was relieved she still was covered up. For the most part anyway.

"Are you sure?" She tilted her head.

"Yeah. I feel more calm next to the fire anyway." He said and got up. He took his jacket off, unzipped his vest, took his scarf, and laid it on the floor, and put the pillow on the wooden floor, on a fur pelt that was used as a rug. He slowly sat down and winced slightly. He then let out a breath of relief. His thoughts were going at million miles an hour as he recalled the entire week. He took off his eye patch and put it on his scarf. His scarred, lifeless orb looking into the fire, even though there was no sight. He slightly reached toward the cut, and felt a slight sting. "Still hurts. I wish Heavens Fire could heal this." He laid down and faced the ceiling. He placed his hand on his stomach and just watched the decorated chandelier of horns, and animal skulls. He blinked and blinked. And when he blinked the third time, he shut his eyes and let the darkness settle.


" again." Natsu thought as he idly floated by.

"Yeah, here again." He felt the top of his head bump into someone, and looked up to a female voice, who was wearing a similar outfit to him, except she wore an eye patch on her right eye, and her cargo pants were black. Her vest was zipped up, covering her large bust, and her salmon colored hair was long, and was tied up into a pony tail. She sported a smile, yet a bland look. "Haven't chatted with you for a bit. Don't tell me you forgotten me?" She asked with a slight sarcasm.

"How could I? Besides, you just open your mouth whenever you feel like it. It's not like I can just talk with you whenever I feel like it." He blinked.

"Don't be silly. You can talk with me whenever you want. But we can only see each other when you are asleep." She rubbed the top of his head.

"Tell me, Natsa. What are you again?" Natsu still didn't quite understand the nature of this being inside him.

"I'm...your partner." She smiled. "Venigon figured you needed someone to help with the last of your training. So he put me in charge of it. I'm gonna help you unlock your true power as a Dragon Slayer. Or rather I should say, Dragon Archon." She said the word heavily.

"What is the Dragon Archon?" Natsu asked.

"Right...long ago, back when the Dragon Worshipers of the Gavil were trained by Dragons, they were the fiercest of all Dragon Slayers. They were so powerful, that they could single-handedly kill a Dragon of any kind. These were known as the Prime Dragon Slayers, or as you call them, Lost Dragon Slayers." She explained. "But only being able to stand on the same level as a dragon wasn't enough for these dragon slayers. So they sought out ways to increase their magical power, and physical strength. But no matter how well they mastered their Dragon Slayer magic, it could not go beyond the limit of their dragon."

"I guess that makes sense. No such thing as a dragon that can take on more than one or two, depending on it's sub-species." Natsu agreed with a nod.

"However..." Natsa got around to it, as she cradled his head. "There was one Dragon Slayer that found a way. Whereas the others failed to do, they integrated magic of similar power to their Dragon Slayer Magic, and fused the two together. And when their power came to be, the other Dragon Slayers followed that person, out of acknowledgement. They commanded them with respect. And their followers slayed over a hundred dragons. See as how now human had the upper-hand, the dragons decided to go into hiding, until the Dragon Archon had lived out their life. But by the time the dragons hit the field after a couple hundred years after that, Acnologia appeared. And he killed and bathed in the blood of numerous Dragons, granting him the power of all their elements. Even those on his own side." Natsa sighed.

"Yeah, Venigon told me about him. He used to be human, but he used his Dragon Slayer Magic too much, and he became one." Natsu recalled. "If the guy has all the Dragon elements, that would put him on par with at least Venigon, or Vallith." Natsu compared.

"That mad dog is not even worthy of being called a dragon. He's just an arrogant Dragon Slayer, who sees himself as a supreme being." Natsa disagreed. " are right, he does possess enough power to be called the Dragon King." Natsa reluctantly admitted.

"He'd be a great stepping stone to really test my power on." Natsu scoffed.

"If you ever come across him, don't underestimate him. He may be a dragon, but he could wipe the world clean of all life if he wanted. If he wanted to, that is." Natsa forewarned "But, beside the point. The trick to giving you access to Dragon Archon, is to first unlock Dragon Force. I was able to do it for you a couple times, but you're gonna have to trigger it yourself." She placed her hands on both his shoulders.

"How?" Natsu asked.

"I'll show you next time you train." Natsa offered.

"Sounds good to me. Anything that will give me an edge over Vallith is welcomed." Natsu nodded.

"You're doing great partner." She smiled warmly.

"Hm?" Natsu was confused why she smiled.

"Soon you'll finish your training. Then, you can take your revenge." She said with confidence.

"...right..." Natsu agreed. "By the way..." Natsu suddenly asked.

"Hm?" Natsa looked down with curiosity.

"What do you think the connection I have with these other Lost Dragon Slayers means?" He asked for her input. He was drawing a blank at this whole gathering.

"Don't know. But I think you should see how far down that rabbit hole goes." Natsa suggested with a serious face. "When the time comes, having allies like these guys will be very beneficial."

"..we'll see." Natsu sighed. Suddenly a light began piercing through the dark above them.

"Morning already, eh?" Natsa looked up.

"Well, lets see how far this rabbit hole goes." Natsu quoted.

"Mm." Natsa nodded.


Natsu slowly adjusted his eyes, and sat up. He yawned and scratched the back of his head. And turned to see Treya and Callan sitting on the couch, waiting for him.

"Morning, Dranigon." Callan greeted.

"Mmmgh, did I miss anything?" Natsu asked curiously.

"Nah. We just sat down. So, you ready to start the day off with killin' some Vulcans?" He sounded enthusiastic.

"I would like some food, but I think I can manage." Natsu once more and realized his vest was beside him. He got up to stretch, and let out a groan, as the sleepiness left his body. As he did, Callan was surprised by the amount of scarring that was all over his body.

"Damn dude. You look like you've seen better days." He snickered. "Got a few badges of honor?" He asked cuirously.

"I think of them as reminders." Natsu said as he put on his vest to hide his battle scarred body.

"Reminders?" Callan seemed confused.

"To not be naive." He said with a low tone, and grabbed his scarf. As he wrapped his scarf around his neck he continued to converse. "So, where are these overgrown chimps hiding?" He asked.

"We're going to the top of the mountain. I'm sure there is a place where they give us the slip, but I can't tell, because the snow was to deep and the winds are strong." He explained.

"Guess I'll burn us a path through then." He figured. "Hm?" He turned and noticed Treya staring at him. She suddenly, slowly licked her glossy lips in front of him. He was a bit creeped out, yet oddly flushed at that gesture. She had the look of a cat about to pounce on her meal. Natsu could practically read her intention in her cold, dead eyes.

"I just thought of a different way you could pay me back." She suddenly wanted to alter the terms of payment.

"T-Tell me later!" Natsu quickly put his coat on, along with his sandals. He was all too familiar with this line of conversation.

"Do you not wish to hear my suggestion?" Treya tilted her head. "You might find it very beneficial. As. Would. I." She suddenly smiled. Which scared the shit out of Natsu, because she was practically a stone, cold, killer. But her smile just sent shivers down his spine. It seemed unnatural for her. If it was what Natsu was thinking, he might have just created a monster, the moment she drank his blood.

"Dranigon, I think this chick wants to b-" Callan dead panned. Stating the obvious.

"CAN WE JUST GO!?" Natsu urged in distress. Wanting to discontinue this conversation.

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