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Chapter 1: At First Glance

"I don't want to live like this anymore!"

Throwing her arm back and clenching her fist tightly, she struck the long-haired man on his jaw making a trickle of blood flow down the corner of his lip and down his neck.

"Just let me go! I am nearly a grown woman and I can leave wherever I want, when I want! You have no power over-"

"Don't you ever defy me, you ungrateful little slut!" The yellow-blonde sent a piercing shock of pain across the pink haired girl's face, sending her flying and hitting the wall of the room hard leaving a dent, "If you ever dare attempt to run away again, I will not hesitate to send your pretty lil' ass back out on the streets!" With that being said, the yellow-blonde stormed across her cramped room in the basement and shut the door behind him.

Desperately, the pink haired girl ran towards the door in attempt to prevent him from locking her in but stopped dead in her tracks when she heard the sound of the door being locked from the outside along with the loud click of the master lock. She dropped to the floor, stream of tears flowing freely down her stinging bruised cheeks.

"Please...I don't want to do this anymore...I can't live like this anymore!"

The poor girl had taken too many blows from the man who had still kept her under his roof...who had used her for his own money-making scams as a side job. Finally taking effect, a sharp pain shot through her head and she let herself fall to the cold wooden floor like a rag doll. She lied there for a while, remembering the shattered memories she had left of her parents, her home, her friends... She truly missed them all. The pink haired girl longed to go back home, to hear the shouts of her playful friends, to inhale the strong aroma of the many blossoming flowers in the garden of the main park. Deep down, she had hope to return...but if she remained where she was, she recognized she would never be able to return and have no future. Where she stood now in her life, she simply couldn't escape such a dilemma.

The one memory she wished to bury away forever, was the sight of her fragile father laying in the hospital bed saying his last words to her but was simply cut off as the life from his eyes faded away followed by the continuous beep of the heart monitor, signaling he was gone from the living world. She had lost both parents to a serious case of pneumonia. The sight before her caused the entire world to crumble upon her. The two beings she cherished and loved with all her might, were dead. Only having a run down apartment as their shelter, the pink haired girl returned to their only home and cried herself to sleep every lonely night. Oh how she wished to just run into her mother's arms one more time and listen to her father's encouraging words. Only being 10 years old at the time, she didn't know what to do for the very first time despite the fact she was a complete genius. Everything happened too fast at the moment, it was too much for her to take at such a young age; especially at the stage where only crying was her only solution.

The pink haired girl always wondered how did she ever get herself into this mess in the first place. At first, the man who found her crying in an ally in the middle of a violent thunderstorm had taken her into his mansion was very gentle, kind, and loving. She felt safe under his care. He had taken her miles and miles away from her hometown and was given her very own spacious bedroom and many luxuries she has never owned before. The only person who did not seem to accept her into the family, was 12 year-old Deidara. The little boy despised the pink haired girl and his jealousy grew each time his father grew warm towards Sakura, not paying as much attention to him. Now at the age of 22, Deidara had taken his father's place in his company after he had passed away some years after taking Sakura in. At the time, the yellow-blonde was only 16 and was considered too young to take over his father's company. His mother, however, had departed to another country after divorcing his father and remarrying another man of wealth and Deidara could only blame poor Sakura; accusing her of cursing his family with such tragedies. What struck Sakura more, was the hate Deidare had towards her. Not only had she "cursed" his family, but rejected his growing violent love for her during their teen years. Before his father died, Deidara had simply burned his father's will which clearly stated for his wealth to be split between his son and his daughter; yes he clearly stated Sakura as his daughter.

Even if the kind man had taken her into his own home and referred to her as his daughter, Sakura could say she was completely happy before with her life back in Konoha despite the fact her family was living in poverty. Now that she was a woman at the age of 20, she longed to go out and face the world. Over the years she had grown incredibly strong, physically and mentally, and maintained such confidence even when Deidara would bring her down with his harsh words, beatings and blackmailing. Sakura knew she would be able to escape this. She had decided once she made a bit more cash, she would try to escape this hell hole and return to Konoha.

Her thoughts were interrupted at the sound of the door becoming unlocked and a loud creak as the door swung open. As she felt strong arms lift her up from the ground, and then out the door. Sakura looked up in attempt to identify the face of the man who was carrying her out the door of the mansion and into the backseat of a car, but her vision had begun to slowly blur only then to be engulfed in darkness.

"Kankurou! I'm going to be late for the damn meeting again! Make sure the reports are in order and have them faxed directly to the-"

"I know, I know sis! I got this, relax!"

Growling aloud, the dark blonde grabbed her work case and ran past the halls like a bullet. She knew that if she attended the meeting late yet again, she would surely get the scold of her life from her baby brother. Especially when she was in charge of holding the files for the conference. Just the thought, she knew she had no energy to put up with his verbal abuses and menacing remarks. Knowing all too well how their little brother, the chief executive officer, would get when one of them arrived either late or close to late on such crucial meetings, she began to run faster.

The dark blonde was never late to any event or conferences. All the work and reports just keep coming in continuously to the point where she struggled to keep the reports up to date and files in order. Not to mention, it always got this hectic before a special event coming up due to Suna's Alliance with Konoha's Cable Corporation. The day of their formed alliance was a day to remember and celebrate having made positive sales and put their ideas together to create more advanced technology and improve the material of their products. Taking a quick glance at her wrist watch, she let out a high-pitched gasp: she had exactly 5 minutes to make the meeting that was being held in the main building of Suna's Electronics & Automobile Corporation. She darted through the doors of the main building and headed for the stairs, not wanting to wait another second waiting for the dragging elevator. Step after step, the dark blonde panted heavily and treated herself to every known swear word she knew of for running in heels. Finally, she made it to the 10th flor of the main building and pushed herself to pick up the pace even further taking another quick glance at her watch: 1 minute. The fancy doors leading into the conference room came to view and once Temari was face to face with the double doors, she took a second to catch her grasp and fix her business clothes neatly. Taking in another deep breath, she opened the doors and entered the vast room. Many pairs of eyes fell upon her and there was a heavy silence. The one pair of eyes Temari was familiar of was piercing through her soul as if to mark her done for by the end of the meeting. Having grown used to his deadly glares, the dark blonde forced a casual smile and took her seat next her baby brother, Gaara.

It seems as if the the members had a headstart without Temari, one of the managers of the second building continued, "and so Explosion Corps Enterprises would like to make a deal with us in making that offer." The man was now done talking and took a seat, his eyes on Temari.

The dark blonde let out a thoughtful sigh and took over from there, "Alright let's get down to business, shall we?"


It was past afternoon and the sun began to slowly sink, its last rays of light gently touching the city. The meeting felt as if it lasted for decades and the redhead was more than relieved it was over. Having completed all of his paper work and online duties, the red-head decided to call it a day and head for his apartment. Today, he must admit, had been a pretty busy day for everyone who worked in the company. During the meeting, Gaara had to fight the urge of simply pummeling one of his own assistant to a pulp when he made an idiotic suggestion about how to improve the sales of the allied companies. To think, who on earth hired such an airhead? Gaara closed his eyes in relaxation at the touch of the sun's last illuminant beams on his skin. It was warm, soothing, and calming...just like his mother's touch... He jumped slightly at the sound of his cell phone ringing abruptly. He let it ring, enraged at whoever the hell was calling and disturbing his peaceful moment. It continued to ring until Gaara answered the call with an annoyed growl in his tone, "What is it."

"Gaara, babe. I was wondering if I can come over today and possibly relieve some of that stress you have on your shoulders from today's meeting," the voluptuous woman purred on the other end of the line. The red-head rolled his eyes and sat back down on his seat, staring at the ceiling. The woman who has chased him constantly was Kira. Not only that, but the woman who would fulfill his sexual desires when he would come home. With just a click of his cell phone she would arrive his apartment already half-naked. No words would be exchanged. Simply undressing one another and not wasting a second in the bedroom. He was disgusted knowing the woman had no morals or self-respect for herself. But he was a man and at the sight of a curvaceous woman before him made his sexual desires tingle.

"Not today, I'm busy."

Kira groaned, "But Gaara-"

"Do I have to repeat myself twice, woman?" The redhead let out a huff and ended the call before the woman on the other line could protest any further. That shows the meaningless relationship the two had.

"Hey, Gaara. Kankurou and I will be waiting in the parking lot. Let's just say, we're treating you to dinner for a job well done today and saving my ass!" the dark blonde had slightly opened the door to Gaara's office and poked her head in.

Gaara snorted, rolling his eyes. He was not in the mood of dealing with his pushy siblings nor was he in any mood to go with them to go eat at some restaurant full of imbeciles.

"We will be waiting~~~" Before the redhead could protest, Temari gave him a thumbs up and closed his door.

The redhead sighed in annoyance as he cleared his desk and turned off his computer. Once having packed up, he did as he was told and found his siblings by his parked pearl black Lamborghini.

"Gaara! Temari and I decided to just take one car! Don't worry our assistants are in charge of driving our cars back to our place."

As if I cared what happens to your car, Gaara wanted to retort but fought the urge of doing so knowing his siblings worked as hard as anyone in the company did today. With a simple nod, the red-head got inside the driver's seat while Kankurou called shotgun. Temari rolled her eyes and sighed as she got in the backseat.


"Man, I'm stuffed!" The tattooed man said, patting his stomach lightly as the three siblings made their way back to the Lamborghini.

Temari turned to her brother, grinning, "That's a surprise. Usually you would complain that you have not had enough to eat."

Gaara chuckled at his sister's statement. He did not mind their presence. Actually, he enjoyed moments like these when they had a chance to gather and go places together. Temari being the oldest, always kept things in order. Especially at the company, when things got hectic she wouldn't let the situation worsen and would work hard to make sure everything was in order and in tact. His older sister had the primary role of the COO which is routinely one of operations management. Temari was responsible for ensuring that business operations are efficient and effective and that the proper management of resources, distribution of goods and services to customers and analysis of queue systems is conducted. Gaara appreciated her work and he knew he had done well in making her the corporate's chief operations officer. Kankurou, however, could sometimes lack a bit of hard work, but when it came down to business he was a nonstop machine continuously giving orders and making sure he managed the financial risks of the corporation. Kankurou was also responsible for financial planning and record-keeping, as well as financial reporting to higher management. Even thought his big brother could be a bit impulsive, Kankurou was a big-picture thinker. You could say, he liked to think outside the box and not be detail-oriented, outspoken and not reserved. He prefered to delegate and not be hands-on, emphasized what gets done and not how things are done, and made collaborative and not unilateral decisions which made him the chief financial officer of the corporation.

Where Gaara stood now, as much as he hated it, he couldn't complain-

"What the-?" Gaara's thoughts were interrupted when a flash of pink came at full speed and before he could move out of the way she crashed right on him, making the both of them fall to the pavement.

Completely outraged, Gaara growled under his breath and felt his temper rise at a dangerous level. He clenched both fists tightly, his knuckles whitenening. His eyes shot up to pierce through the imbecile who decided to run aimlessly with no sense of direction, but his anger lessened as his jade eyes met a frightened pair of beautiful glowing emerald eyes. Still a bit shaken up, Gaara shifted under the pink haired girl who had landed right on top of him and the bag she carried plopped to the side. They held each other's stare, struck by one another's eyes. Never in his life, did Gaara see such beauty and hope just by the look of one's eyes. And her hair; a bright roseatte that caught the street light's glow. The unknown girl moved slightly, making an attempt to get back on her feet. But her trembling body made her arms give out from sustaining her weight and she collapsed lightly on his chest.

"I-I'm sorry." The girl managed to choke out. Althought the girl was shaking, Gaara knew right away it wasn't of fear, but of the lack of energy she had left in her. His eyes slowly scanned the pink haired girl's arms up to her bruises were a multitude of hues, colors that normally should not be on someone's skin. There were garish purple splotches on both sides of her face, roughly the size of a fist, while others that were marked on her arms were more grayish, but still looked just as bad. And they were all over her. It was horrible. This girl...was badly mistreated. His heart clenched and his stomach churned in pure anger, wanting to know who had done this to her and why. The moment was broken until a man from some distance away was yelling.

"Come back here! You better pay for those you little wench!"

The pink haired girl snapped out of Gaara's trance. Her eyes widening, she gasped and abruptly got on her feet, snatched her bag from the floor and took off at full speed. But before she could disappear, Gaara turned to watch her run away. The man with the apron ran around the siblings, continuing his chase after the girl. Once Gaara stood up and dusted off his clothes, a bright red apple sat on the sidewalk where they had landed caught his eye.

"Oh dear, I hope that girl will be alright," Temari said, a sad tone in her voice.

Kankurou turned to his sister and coked his head slightly to one side, "Why do you say that, sis?"

Temari slightly frowned and sighed at her brother's slowness at times, "the poor girl stole the apples out of starvation. Judging from the clothes she was wearing, she's probably homeless," Temari kneeled down to pick the apple up and snorted out loud incredulously after examining it, "2.98 for just one apple? Just what was that man thinking when putting the prices on his products!"

Gaara grimaced at his sister's explanation. Could the girl really be homeless? Or was she just one of those tramps who would disguise themselves as a homeless person just to get easy money? He did not know and he knew it would stay a mystery realizing that was the first and last time he would ever stare into those beautiful glistening emerald eyes again.

"Phew! That was close." Sakura leaned against the wall in an ally and slid down against it. She happily took out the apple from her pocket and took a big bite, the sweet taste of the succulent, delicious apple tasted almost like heaven and the juice felt so fresh in the pink haired girl's mouth. It has been a couple of days since one of Deidara's "aquaitances," as he referred them to, had brought her back to her home-town.

For the past two days, Sakura tried to remember where her friends lived. The chances of her childhood friends living in the same house as she remembered were very slim, she knew very well that most of them probably did not reside in the same house anymore and could have moved to to another location in the city. But the question was where. Taking another happy bite, Sakura couldn't help but feel ashamed for stealing the apples. Never in her life, had her parents raised her to be this way. Even if they couldn't afford groceries to make dinner, Sakura grew up in a family of pride and strength and self respect. But in situations like these, Sakura had no other choice but to snatch the two apples from the cart and run off. She was starving! The one apple would just do to restore her energy and to give her more strength. Once eating the apple leaving only the core of it, she disposed the remains of the fruit in a near by trash can and excitedly reached in her other pocket to grab the other one. A look of distraught fell upon her face. It didn't take her long to realize she must have dropped it when she bumped into the tall man with the red hair. The red-headed man who had the most strangest yet most beautiful eyes she has even seen in her life. At first, his eyes were steely and cold trying to make her coward under his trance but in a flash his jade eyes had turned soft, gentle, soulful. Despite the lack of his expression on his face, his jade eyes glowed of emotions. Sadly, the pink haired girl knew that was the first and last time she'd ever get to look into those majestic glowing eyes ever again.

Shaking the image of the red-headed man from her head, she stood up and stretched. Sakura made her way to a nearby stairway and sat down. She had no idea what to do next. She swung her bag from her shoulder and rummaged through the things Itachi had packed for her: all of her identification cards, some clothes and a pair of shoes. Her eyebrows raised in curiosity, having discovered a hidden zipper inside on the bottom of the bag. As she unzipped the hidden pocket, her eyes widened in shock: 2 fat wads of cash was left behind...or placed inside. Sakura felt her heart leap in joy and in relief. This would definitely be enough for her to eat for a good 4 months. She quietly thanked Itachi and the heavens above. If it weren't for him, she wouldn't feel free again. After being knocked out by Deidara, Itachi had come to her aid. She figured the man could not handle the way Deidara was treating her and decided to take her out of her misery from the mansion. Once they had arrived, Itachi had given her the bag and before he sped off he said "He will send his men out to bring you back. Do not let him find you." And with that being said, he had driven off. Sakura did not know why he would pull off such a heroic gesture like that, putting his own life and career on the line. The only plausible answer she could come up with was that he could have felt pity towards her, always seeing her in the house miserable and constantly be pushed around by Deidara.

She could somewhat recall the day she had been one of his victims. After contemplating her in utter shame, pity, and anger Itachi simply put the money in her hands and told her to take it; that she did not need to fulfill such grotesque services to win money for herself and for Deidara's side business. Sakura was simply shocked. Nothing else was said and he had walked out of the room. Though, the pink haired girl believed Itachi was unaware of her so-called job. They were scams. Sakura felt horrible, but it was her only option for survival and for the sake of gaining respect from Deidara.

Tch! Survival!? Sakura felt disgusted of herself. Never in the world, would she ever dedicate her time to committing such violent acts. What would her parents think of her? What would her friends say if they ever knew of this? Sure Deidara blackmailed her into being a part of his side business, but she knew she could of fought her way through. But then again, when she stood up for herself the pink haired girl would get the beating of her life. But being the strong woman she had grown to, she did not back down from a fight against Deidara even though in the end he would gravely berate her, claiming how ungrateful she was or how she had brought a curse unto his family, and making it crystal clear how he could send her out on the streets empty handed in the split of a second. There were a couple of times where Sakura had a lover and that lover wanted Sakura to move in with him, but Deidara would immidiately threaten the man's life, and terrorize him away. Never seeing any of them or hearing from them ever again. There was simply no way of escaping Deidara's grasp.

A heavy sigh escaped her lips as she made her way out of the ally. All of that was in the past and will stay in the past. Sakura now held her head high, in hopes that she will build a new life back in her hometown, where she was taken away only to be met by a constant nightmare. She knew she would be starting from scratch, but it sure was hell of a lot better than living under the control of Deidara.

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