In This Other Life

Stiles doesn't think he could stop pacing in Derek's flat for anything at that moment. He's covered in Scott's blood – and oh god there's so much of it – and he's tried peeling the dried parts off but all he wants is to take a shower and burn off the top twelve layers of his skin but Derek had told him there was no time for that. But honestly all Derek is doing is digging through a trunk full of old books as if there isn't some gruesome creature out there trying to kill them.

Normally, this is where Stiles would start chewing his cuticles to smithereens but he's really not into the taste of blood. He goes through a few aborted gestures before deciding that the only thing he can do is talk to keep himself occupied.

"My dad always told me that this life style was going to be the death of me. Guess he was right. I don't think he counted on it being the death of him. Or Scott. Or Lydia or Isaac. Or – or – or – Cora, oh god, Derek they're gone, they – they're dead, oh fuck, they're dead." Stiles can't stop his mouth from running and he isn't really paying attention as he looks down to see a little bit of vomit – from when Allison's stomach had finally given out at the sight of Lydia filleted open – left on his shoes.

He quickly reaches down and rips off his shoes before noticing the large gap where Boyd's claws had ripping into it in his haste to drag Stiles along to safety – right before being dragged off to be ripped in half himself –and he's quickly removing that as well. He feels his stomach churn as he sees the shirt he's wearing – one of his fathers' old band shirts – and he hates his life.

Suddenly, Derek is in front of him, crouching a bit so Stiles is forced to look at him. One arm is securely holding him up while the other is holding a singed and beaten violet book – tome, really – under the other.

"Stiles, calm down. I'm right here. Breathe." Stiles knows he hasn't stopped crying – doesn't even know when he started – but he nods anyways, taking deep breaths.

"We don't have a lot of time, that thing has to be close behind us." Derek tells him, turning away to shove the couch a table out of the way.

"Then why aren't we leaving?"

"Because," Derek turns around, thumbing through the book, "we're going to trap it."

"Trap it?"

"Yeah. It's a really strong spell that requires a lot of magic, so I…I didn't want you to use it unless you had too." Derek looks down and away from Stiles.

Stiles thinks that if that's the case, Derek must be beating himself up for everything, "Derek, this isn't your fault. We couldn't have known that my magic was gonna make it stronger."

Derek doesn't respond and Stiles runs his hands through his hair – momentarily forgetting about Scott's blood – when his fingers catch something. Stiles pulls it out and holds it up to look at it.

"Oh my god!" He drops it, "It that a molar?"

Derek bends down and tosses it aside, "Nevermind that. Stiles, we have to concentrate." He stands back up and hands the book – open – to Stiles.

Stiles glances at it, confused, to see it's all in ancient Latin.

"Derek, this is in Ancient Latin, I can read it but I don't know what I'm saying. That could fuck it all u-"

"You'll do fine. Make a circle of mountain ash around you and start the spell."

"Then get over here."

"No, Stiles. If it gets here before you're done casting I can buy you a little time."

"Derek, that's suicide! That thing took out Scott and Boyd like they were nothing! You can't – you don't stand a chance!"

"Stiles, do you trust me?"

Stiles stops short. His answer just half a year ago would have been no, that Derek wasn't someone he could trust. But now…now he knows that Derek would do anything for pack.

"Yeah. Yeah, I do." Stiles makes the circle of mountain ash and rests the large book in his cradled arms. He starts reciting the spell, trying desperately to get the pronunciation right, like Lydia taught him.

He's almost done when there's a large crash just outside the large metal doors but Stiles doesn't stop. Even though he's so scared that that thing is going to kill Derek and leave Stiles completely alone in this universe. The brunet jumps when the door goes flying off its rails – nearly hitting Derek – and there in the doorway is the thing that's chasing them.

Stiles doesn't stop chanting when it opens its mouth and speaks as if it had gargled acid some time before, "I'm going to enjoy killing you, faery."

Stiles doesn't even stop when Derek wolfs out – and not even like he's used to, he full on transforms into his Alpha form – and snarls back, "You'll have to go through me first!"

It grins and replies, "With pleasure."

Stiles calls out the last line of the spell, hoping to every god he knows of that it'll work, and looks up just in time to see the creatures arm go through Derek's chest.

"Dere-" He starts but suddenly there's a hard tug in his own chest that nearly topples Stiles over. He feels like he's drowning and, honestly, he's not sure if he wants to fight it if he is.

He sees the creature roar in frustration as Stiles' magic gathers in his chest until there's too much and it all explodes from his ribcage, illuminating the entire room before everything goes black.