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~Bulma's POV~

I stretched slowly, like a cat, loving the feel of my new silk sheets. This was the first night I had slept in them, and in the nude, just to truly experience the feel of -

"WOMAAAN!!!" came Vegeta's shout from downstairs. I groaned, inwardly and outwardly, pointedly ignoring him and rolling onto my stomach.

"WOOOOMAAAAAAAAAAN!!!!!!!!" he roared, louder than before.

I sighed into my new sheets and pillowcases, feeling comfortable. The feeling didn't last long, though, as I panicked when I heard loud banging up the stairs. I remembered all too late that Mom and Dad had gone away for the weekend on one of their conventions, leaving me alone with. . . Vegeta.

I sat up, grabbing the covers just as he burst into my room.

(I'm going to have to get a Saia-jin proof door and locks one of these days.) I glared at him and then recoiled, gripping the sheets tighter as he came closer.

"Vegeta, stop!" I said, closing my eyes.

Of course he didn't listen; he enjoyed seeing me recoil from him. Even though I wasn't looking, I could tell he was smirking anew from my reaction. He grabbed the sheets and tugged, pulling them off my body.

I shrieked and fell off the opposite edge. Vegeta gasped and covered his face with the sheets when he saw me aw natural, and backed out of the room as I lay with my back on the floor, my calves still on the bed. He mumbled orders I couldn't hear. There was another gasp from him and I pulled my legs off the bed and peeked over the edge. Vegeta was standing against my doorframe, glaring at the wood, apparently cursing it for being in the way.

He saw the top of my head and met my eyes, then he tossed my sheets back onto the bed. He left, shutting the door, as best he could, behind him. In unison we sighed, glad that the ordeal was over.

I got up after counting to thirty as his feet carried him away. (Kami, that was close. I'm going to have to be more careful.)

I stood up and took a quick shower and dressed. My ensemble, simple: thong, bra, tight black jeans, (Damn, I look sexy in these!) and a light blue shirt that said 'Boys Lie' in green glitter, leaving none of my stomach visible. After all, I think Vegeta saw enough of ME today.

I walked downstairs somewhat slowly, taking my merry time. He was at the table, arms crossed on it, head on arms. I decided not to bug him just yet.

I started making breakfast, replaying that morning in my head over and over. His eyes going wide in shock, filled with lust, covering his face, walking backwards and - (WHAT??!!)

I frowned at the scrambled eggs. (Lust? Vegeta? For me? Hah!!) Well - my frown deepened - it's not like it's IMPOSSIBLE, just highly unlikely, really.

I heard a soft chuckling and realized HE had probably gotten over it already. "What, the eggs not listening to you?"

I growled and slapped the spatula down on the counter, my shoulders rising and fists gripping the edge. "No, I'm thinking; if you'd been observing better, you'd notice I wasn't talking."

He laughed at that, making me grip the counter with white knuckles. "You don't think I've been observant enough for today?"

I growled again and spun around. "Laugh all you want, monkey boy, but until you quit screwing around with me, you're making your own breakfast."

Not taking me seriously (Damn him to Hell and back!!) he laughed again. He plastered that smirk on again. "Screwing around with you?" he repeated. My eyes went large and I looked away, whispering curses to myself.

Then Vegeta cleared his throat. I glanced up and saw him point to my left. "Your kitchen's on fire."

I gasped and turned around, leaning for the faucet and lifting one leg for balance. Then I heard him laughing again, just as I realized he was lying yet again!

I growled and stood up straight, continuing with breakfast for us both. Halfway through making it I could have sworn I felt his eyes looking over my body from behind. I ignored this, finished and served to (His Royal Pain In My Ass) and left long before he finished.

Wanting to avoid him the whole day I went to my lab first, grabbed my toolbox and fixed the glitches in the Gravity Room, tightened it, and left only minutes after HE showed up.

I knew this only because I had been crouching to tighten the last bit, and when I turned to put away the tools and get up, I was staring at knees.

I shuddered purposely and got up, avoiding his middle on purpose as well. I said not a word as I walked passed him, only to be stopped by him.

I growled when his hand grabbed my arm. "Are you being my servant then?" he asked in such a soft voice I had the urge to spit in his eye. "I honestly thought you were going to kiss my shoes for a minute."

His hot breath on my cheek only fueled my temper more. "Let go now, Vegeta, before something bad happens to you."

"Like what, woman? Just an. . . example?"

"Like - " Lost for words I looked at him, wondering what to say. (I COULD always threaten to not fix the Gravity Room next time it breaks down. No, that wouldn't work. Dad can fix the Gravity Room too, so that won't work. Or no cooking for a week, but then he might rejoice. Mom could cook; a burnout there. So what do I say?)

He was still smirking, awaiting my answer. Suddenly he leaned closer, and all thoughts save one fled my head. (Oh, shit! Is he going to kiss me?!)

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